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Found 111 results

  1. MSR Defeats Dehydration IRVINE, CA – July 6, 2016 – (Motor Sports Newswire) – Malcolm Smith Racing’s mission is to ensure that riders have the ability to ride longer in adverse conditions, period. From Malcolm Smith’s first Baja 1000 win in 1967 to Team Ox Motorsports/MSR’s 2016 Baja victory, MSR knows better than anyone what it is like to race in arid conditions and the very real dangers of dehydration. This is the inspiration for 2017 MSR High Performance Hydration Systems. Dangers of dehydration are no joke! “Even minor symptoms such as weakness, dizziness, palpitations (feeling that the heart is jumping or pounding), confusion and fainting are compounded when you are on the pegs charging through a wash tapped out in 6th gear or threading your way through the trees at a GNCC,” says Malcolm Smith Racing brand manager Brent Harden. “Riding on the razor’s edge means you need all your faculties… a little dizziness or the slightest lack of focus can result in disaster in the blink of an eye.” To help prevent dehydration from becoming an issue, MSR has introduced four new high performance Hydro packs. From the bare bones H1 Race System to the top of the line A4 Hydro system, features abound. “We took the best bladders in the business and applied 50 years of off-road racing expertise to create a comprehensive hydration system,” explains Harden. Tested by top pros like Coastal Racing’s Craig DeLong in GNCCs and the Ox Motorsports team in Baja, the systems feature secure 4-point harnesses, hands-free bite valves and some unique high tech materials. Based on the racer feedback, the vented mesh chassis allows for air to flow freely while a proprietary heat deflection foil liner transfers hot spots away from the rider. H1 – Secure Race Harness. Compact 18oz. Bladder Helmet. Hands-Free Bite Valve XC – Secure 4-Point Harness. Medium 2.0 Liter Bladder. Smart Device Pocket A2 – Secure 4-Point Harness. Large 3.0 Liter Bladder. Smart Device Pocket A4 – Secure 4-Point Harness. Large 3.0 Liter Bladder. Large Storage Compartment. Smart Device Pocket Malcolm Smith’s legend lives on! Get more details at: http://msracing.com/paks-and-bags/hydration-packs.html DEALERS: MSR products are available exclusively through Tucker Rocky Distributing ABOUT MALCOLM SMITH RACING “We Are Off-Road” Our products bear the name of the most legendary off-road racer of all time: Malcolm Smith. While being built to perform, to last and to survive harder hits than your ordinary riding apparel, MSR products are also built to be comfortable and stylish. Adhering to the strictest quality and safety standards, MSR believes in bringing products to the off-road community that provide serious protection and reassurance so you can enjoy your passion. Our passion is to ensure that our riders have the ability to ride longer in adverse weather conditions and over difficult terrain with peace of mind about their apparel. Malcolm Smith Racing is your brand and our goal is to offer you the best in off-road apparel and protection equipment. For more information about MSR, visit www.msracing.com
  2. By Sean Goulart, ThumperTalk Sr. Contributing Editor When it comes to off-road motorcycles, there are certain tools that you simply must have and we’ve spent some time talking to riders, racers and manufacturers about just what they are. You might be surprised as to what makes the list of “The 9 Tools Every Off-Road Rider Must Have”. Of course, we’re not saying that this list has the ONLY 9 tools you’ll need; these are the tools our audience felt they “must have”, not “should have”. That said, let’s take a look at our first “must-have” tool. #1 - TIRE REPAIR KIT A complete tire repair kit that can cover both tube-type and tubeless tires is a must-have item. A flat tire will end your day quickly and can be a real disaster if you are far from the trail head. This kit features the ability to repair tube and tubeless tires and also includes tire irons as well as a cool hose from the spark plug to pump up the tire when done. Stop and Go Deluxe Tire Repair Kit - $49.95 MSRP #2 - SPRING PULLER This affordable simple item is rarely used, but when needed - nothing else will do! Riders used to call this an “exhaust spring puller” because it was mainly used for two-stroke pipe springs. But smart mechanics know it can be used for a variety of tasks that other tools just can’t handle; like getting into tight spaces, picking up or “hooking” lost or misplaced items, getting underneath gas tanks, removing cotter pins, and holding items out of the way. You need it because no other tool in your tool box does what it does. This T-handled spring puller from MSR Racing shown here is just one example of this cool tool. MSR Heavy Duty Spring Hook - $9.95 MSRP #3 - LOW PRESSURE TIRE GAUGE Having the right inflation for the terrain and tires you run is extremely important. If you’ve over or under-inflated your tires, you know the drill - incorrect tire pressure brings on a myriad of handling and traction-related woes, not to mention the potential damage to your tires, tubes, and rims. Working with old gas station compressors and $3 air pressure gauges just ain’t gonna cut it. Most gauges read in 2-5 PSI increments and because the scale is so great, the low pressure accuracy is lost. You need a gauge that reads in ½ to 1 PSI increments to get those tires dialed in right. Features like longer hoses and bleeder valves are required and the unit shown below has what most off-road mechanics require at an affordable price. Cruz TOOLS TirePro Dial Tire Gauge - $19.95 MSRP #4 - SMALL GRANULARITY TORQUE WRENCH Over tightening bolts on motorcycles is easy due to the small size and relatively low torque values applied. This can do serious damage to your bike especially on bearing related and load bearing items. Things like fork tubes are very vulnerable to damage when not following the specific tightening values as outlined in your shop manual. Many torque wrenches are built for automotive applications and do not offer the granularity needed for low-torque applications. We like to use a specific lower value torque wrench with a ¼” drive to try to avoid ham-fisting expensive assemblies. One such example is the unit shown below, available in ¼”, ⅜” or ½” drive(s). You need this if you care about doing the job right. Bike Master Digital Torque Wrench - $124.95 MSRP #5 - IMPACT DRIVER We’ve all spent time with stripped screws and know what a pain they can be. One old fastener can turn into a day of frustration if the right tool isn’t available to remove it. Although many methods are used to get out these stripped fasteners, the old fashioned impact wrench is our go-to tool for this problem...it pretty much works the first time, and every time. Always replace stripped screws with new units and use a torque wrench to avoid over-tightening. One issue when using impact drivers is missing the tool and smashing your hand, so here’s an impact wrench that uses a newer design for the handle that addresses that, although pretty much any decent unit will get the job done. Note: Many issues with removing fasteners is due to the incorrect driver being used to begin with. Are you SURE that Phillips Head driver is the right tool? To learn more about the Japanese Industrial Standard, or JIS - Click Here Bike Master Professional 1/2in. Drive Impact Driver - $24.95 MSRP #6 - T-HANDLE WRENCHES Every time I visit the pits, I look at what the mechanics use, no matter if it’s the Nationals or a local race. And one items that you always see is the ubiquitous T-handle wrench set. This is a tool than we use a bit more at the track/trail than we do in the garage, but it’s always closeby...and for jobs like taking on/off plastics, quick, low-torque applications; it can’t be beat. T-Handle wrenches are inexpensive, usually have no moving parts and this would be a good example of what’s available out there: Malcolm Smith Racing T-Handle Wrench Set - $46.95 MSRP #7 - QUALITY TIRE IRONS Unless you’re made of cash or have a trust fund, you probably mount your own tires. Needless to say, thIS job is among the least liked, but the show must go on and once you get good at it, well... it still sucks. But one thing that can make it better is having the right set of tools for the task - namely tire irons...and not those short stubby knuckle-busters that came in your OEM tool kit, we’re talking about irons that actually help you get the job done the first time. Once you use these you’ll never look at those stubbies again! One such set are these from Motion Pro and wow are they trick, take a look: MotionPro T-6 Combo Lever Set - $54.99 MSRP #8 - HARDWARE KITS When doing routine maintenance and inspections, lost fasteners are always a problem, and can end your day on the track or trail due to a missing or broken 10 cent screw or bolt. Add to that the fact that many hardware outlets do not carry the correct fasteners for our noble steeds and it all adds up to riders using the wrong item for the application. This can be avoided almost entirely by adding a hardware kit to your tool arsenal. Most off-road motorcycles use the metric standard so we would recommend a kit like this (or larger) to fill most of your hardware needs. Remember that using the right fastener for the job is a safety issue! Motion-Pro Metric Hardware Kit - $14.99 MSRP #9 - CHAIN BREAKER PRESS AND RIVETING TOOL This tool almost didn’t make the list but after discussion, its merits won us over. Changing chains can be a real hassle when they aren’t the perfect length and Murphy’s Law says it’s bound to catch up with you...and when you need to install a chain, shorten a chain or press out a pin, no tool works half as well as the right one. A good chain tool will feature different dies for different size chains and hardened pins for long life. This unit from Motion Pro is just one example of a complete kit. The Motion Pro Chain Breaker Press and Riveting Tool - $89.99 MSRP Thanks for checking out our "9 Tools Every Off-Road Rider Must Have!" article. If you're still hungry for more moto-tips, we've got em'! Just click HERE to browse. Or, if you don't see what you're looking for, use the search function. Hot Topics > SEASON OPENER: Prepping Your Bike for the Highest Performance > SUSPENSION: The Little Things Can Mean BIG Improvements! > STAY WARM! How to Ride Longer Into the Season. Official Launch of the Highly Anticipated Leatt GPX 6.5 Carbon Helmet Sponsored Content View attachment: tube kit_1-1.jpg View attachment: springpuller_2.jpg View attachment: pressure-gauge_3.jpg View attachment: torque-wrench_4.jpg View attachment: impact_driver_5.jpg View attachment: t-handle_6.jpg View attachment: tire_iron_7.jpg View attachment: hardware_8.jpg View attachment: chainbreak_9.jpg View attachment: leatt_6.5_youtube_player.PNG
  3. 1 review

    MSR Bike Layover Stand The MSR Layover Stand makes balancing your bike on its side a breeze thanks to the specially designed grip cradle. Whether you need to lean the bike over to simply clean those hard to reach places or are doing a quick clutch swap between motos, the MSR Layover Stand is sure to provide a solid work platform. Features: > Constructed from lightweight aluminum and stainless steel > Adjusts from 13” to 19” with 7 height adjustments > Cradles the grip to eliminate damaging valuable components > Great for washing under the bike, changing the clutch, or skid plate installs
  4. 2 reviews

    The MSR 41Hundred Series Sprocket is the hardest, longest lasting sprocket in the world today. Made of 4100 series chromoly which is a blend of chromium and molybdenum along with manganese and nickel. It is extremely tough and wear resistant. Added to that they are heat treated to add extra hardness to the metal, through and through, not just on the surface, using the quench & tempered method. This is the same process used on the highest quality tools. A quality rear sprocket needs the best materials but it also needs the best manufacturing processes. The 41Hundred is cut by a Mazak Fiber Laser to a much finer degree of precision than most other cutting methods. The teeth themselves are shaped into a special double “U” shape that allows the chain to roll easier on and off for maximum horsepower transmission. Lastly the sprocket is nickel/chrome plated to help prevent corrosion and then laser etched. In the past you had to choose between a sprocket that was long lasting or lightweight. The 41Hundred is made from such a tough material that we can cut away far more excess material than other steel sprockets making it the lightest chromoly sprocket in the world. How light? A modern motocross bike’s rear wheel weighs just 2% more with our 41Hundred sprocket on it compared to having the lightest aluminum sprocket attached. And that aluminum sprocket wears out 3 to 4 times faster than our 41Hundred chromoly sprocket. • Lightest chromoly sprocket • Lasts 3 to 4 times longer than aluminum • Precision laser cut • 250,000 PSI tensile strength vs 90,000 in 7075 alum. • Average 50 tooth sprocket weighs just 1.3 pounds (590 grams) • One year guarantee against excessive wear • Made in USA http://www.msrhp.com/41hundred-series-sprockets/
  5. 8 reviews

    Made from strong, bend resistant steel Less expensive than stock to replace a damaged lever Folding shift tip with knurled gripping surface
  6. 1 review

    ThumperTalk Tested! If you have a bike, chances are you need a loading ramp. Not everyone has a full sized pickup to store a typical 6'+ long ramp, so sometimes smaller can be better. A folding ramp can certainly help. • Folds in half for space saving • “Louver” style track allows for better traction • High-quality aircraft grade aluminum • Lightweight, weighs only 18 lbs. • Heavy duty steel hinge • Rubber coating on both steel tongues • Incorporated tongue pin helps keep ramp in place on tail gate • Handy carry handle and secure latch • 400 lbs. maximum load capacity • Overall length = 89.5”, overall width = 6.5”
  7. 10 reviews

    Enduro style for most models Broad area of protection Aircraft-quality aluminum material Tranny oil drain plug access hole
  8. 3 reviews

    Best protection available against damage to rear disc rotors Made of quality, thick aluminum for strength and light weight 1 model fits most bikes Easy, bolt-on installation (except KX/KLX must be welded)
  9. 1 review

    Color: Blue Built from high-carbon steel and coated with super-tough epoxy paint Complete with crossbar pad and plastic end caps Expanded variety of bends and colors
  10. 2 reviews

    Choose from 3 positions according to your clutch pull and riding style: Top position for increased cable pull Middle position, same as standard lever assembly Bottom position provides an easier pull (325% less effort) Cable adjuster is an anodized pivoting regulator, easy to adjust and eliminates cable drag in all positions Vulcanized, exclusive silicon rubber grip for improved control in all weather conditions Needle bearing for free lever movement
  11. 1 review

    Fork Bleeder by MSR
  12. 6 reviews

    High strength aluminum design to protect your hands from trees and other elements Top-quality metric mounting hardware included
  13. 1 review

    Kickstands now feature a hard black oxide coating per mil-A-8625 type Coating hardness of HRC 60-70 gives wear resistance of case hardened steel while maintaining the weight of aluminum Light and tough, with cold forged 7075 aluminum stands and CrMo pivot plates; there is no stronger kickstand on the market Custom designed with quick bolt-on installation using O.E.M. mounting points
  14. 0 comments

    It's simple old school reliability. Once you learn how to start it, it never stops on you.
  15. 0 comments

    If it had a six speed it would be perfect. Other than that I love it!
  16. 0 comments

    This is my first dirt bike after many years on crotch rockets so Im still learning the dirt ropes but I do love this bike.
  17. 0 comments

    Picked up the bike for free missing tank, exhaust, handlebars, and carb. Put it back together and never looked back!
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