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Found 10,000 results

  1. I have owned a 98 YZ400 (that ate 3'rd gear),a 2004 WR400 (good bike), a 2007 YZ450 (broke a crank), a 2008 YZ450, and now a 2010 YZ450 that just ate a 5'th gear. I bought another motor that also had a broken 5'th gear. Now a friend has a 2011 YZ450 that has been completely rebuilt because it broke a 5'th gear. Seems to be a pattern! I love the bike, but tearing down transmissions is no fun. I would like to buy another YZF, but have serious doubts about the reliability. Anyone else having 5'th gear problems?
  2. wagz112

    Rebuilt Topend 2006 crf250x

    After being the 3rd owner and a couple of years riding under my belt, the original valves finally went south. After a couple of shim jobs I decided to rebuild the top-end of this bike I've grown to appreciate. I researched a bunch on this site and others and decided on a brand new head 2007 crf250r with Kibble White SS intake and exhaust valves from CRFs Only. I figured for $200 more than a rebuild of my current stock head, it'd be worth the added performance of the '07 R. Additionally, I settled on keeping my stock cylinder that was in good shape with original cross-hatching. I planned on getting a HC piston, like 13.5-1, but couldn't purchase one in time for the build and settled on a new stock '08 crf250R piston. Not sure if the '08 piston is spec at 13.1-1 compression ratio due to decreased volume of the '08 head vs. the '07 head 12.9-1 ratio, but I went with it anyway. Along with the '08 piston, I went with a '08 R cam. Per Rick Ramsey's site information I went with stock '06 crf250x head and cylinder base gaskets for thinner measures in hopes of increased or maintained compression ratios. I also replaced the cam chain and tensioner. I tore down by myself (easy part). Rebuild done by Paul at Powertoys in Montclair, CA, for 3 hours of labor. I was already running 4x4 open air box, FMF Q4 muffler, stock X header, 42 pilot 2 turns out, 158 main, and stock gearing. After a few complete warm-ups and baby runs at no more than 1/3 throttle and complete cool downs, I took her for her first ride yesterday. Nice nice dirt after Thursday's rain at Silver Wood Lake OHV area to SW Arrowhead ! Perhaps it felt so great being a fresh top-end in general, but I am happy with the '07R head and '08 R cam. Maybe a tad bit of lost bottom-end, but coming off the stock '06 California X cam, anything is better! It seemed to stall a bit easier a couple times in slow rocky areas that I hadn't before, but I was still trying to baby the new top-end so not the best momentum. This fresh bike definitely rips and tears up the trails. I can't wait to really open her up next ride! Here's some pics of my tear down, new head from CRFs Only, and yesterday's ride. Let me know what you think or if you have questions on my rebuild. Cheers!
  3. dturk

    Slam Dunk

    Well, after what was a great day out with my buddies I found out first hand how bad the suspension on the CRF is So the day started out well enough, hitting some trails & forrest tracks with my friends on CRFL's, WRR & a KTM. We ended up at a small 'track' with some bumps & jumps, nothing extreme. After a couple of laps on the LRP I decided to have a go on my friends KTM 250 EXC (I think it was an exc). Anyway...WOW...first time in a long time I've ridden a beast like the KTM. Anyway, 20 minutes later I'm back on the LRP doing laps on the track. I'm on the home straight, it was literally my last blast before I was to go home. The straight has some small dips, while going about 70kmh my front end bottomed out and I was on top of the bars, next thing I was thrown off. I hit my chest on the bars and slammed my back on the ground. I was unable to breath for a minute or so making some really dumbass noises anyway...damage done that I've seen so far... - brake pedal bent all the way back (fixed) - right peg dented @ chassis - front fender/light scratched up - throttle/brake cable seems damaged, not checked carefully yet - Gopro casing and mount cracked/snapped I've obviously got some knocks but nothing broken (I think). Video later... so...long story short, the CRF let me down today. Not only did the cheap suspension rear it's ugly face, the weak build came to light (bent chassis). I'm thinking of reasons not to sell...
  4. Hi All, I am relativity new to bike mechanics, and got myself a DR-Z 400. I have some idling problems and got myself a R&D Flex-Jet fuel screw, but can't figure out where the screw to replace is. Can anyone help me out and send a photo of where this would be on my bike, as I don't want to get the wrong screw.....I sound like a total newb, but it's all learning right? Thanks
  5. Rtowne

    Yoshi exhaust question

    It's now been a year since I added my Yoshi exhaust. I was cleaning my bike yesterday and remembered to think about a way put the muffler cover back on the bike. Has anyone figured out a way to make it work.
  6. Not here

    Kicking the tires

    I've been searching hi en low about tires the price,mileage,on/off road% and I've come to the conclusion that different sizes tires for different bikes changes. So I'm starting this topic about our size tires and our own experience not from someone who knows somebodies friends brothers,uncles,girlfriends,dads tires
  7. hi guys i am in the mood to do some maintenance on my 2012 Kx250F and would like your opinions Would you guys recommend any brands for parts or should i buy genuine? This will be the first rebuild of the bike i plan on doing the piston and cam chain if the big end looks ok people that have oped this bike up before is there anything i should know any surprises or things to double check help greatly appreciated
  8. Hello, and thanks in advanced for your opinions. I'm considering a new bike. But first the stats: female, 5'6" NOT aggressive, do most riding on tight singletrack, never MX. middle aged and riding about 4 years. I'm riding for the scenery, not for the speed. I'm looking for a light bike for trails. I have a wr250f that has been lowered, hydraulic clutch, and different gears. I like how it can lug down low because when I get to a hill I usually stop, then have no momentum. Hey, that's just how I roll..... The wr is heavy. I can pick it up and all, but there is the 'tipping point'. On a really small, low, light bike I can keep the bike from falling in the first place. On the WR I get out of the way when she starts to tip over. I have ridden an '06 yx250f and '12 ktm200xcw. Both are a little big and heavy. The yz125 is about 20 lbs lighter (from specs) so I think with a lowering link, gears, and a FWW it would be manageable enough from a weight perspective. But how would it do on the trails? especailly slow steep stuff? Has anyone ridden a yx125 compared to the other bikes and can comment on woods riding? I've read the 125 has no low end and it really can't get a low end power. But with FWW and gears is can be comparable?
  9. hi im new to the forum and i am running a stock 2005 crf 50f with pro tapers but no engine mods what size carburetor should i be looking for to get a little more pep out of my motor?
  10. Sheldonjace2013

    2006 crf450r kick started being stuck

    Hey again. Got my bike back after the shop doing a cam chain and tensioner on it. I rode it twice now the kick starter gets stuck. I push it down sometimes it comes up 3 quarters of the way sometimes it just stops and I have to fiddle with it then it flicks back up but still not all the way. I also have a automatic decompression lever in the bike. Any ideas why?
  11. captaincanuck

    Handlebar installation help needed

    Ok so, I'm installing my new pro taper se cr high bend handlebars. I'm stuck at a point where I can't quite get the cover that covers the throttle cable on tight without making it so the throttle won't turn back after turning the throttle. Did I screw up with drilling the hole for the throttle tube? Or possibly do I need to put more grease inside of the cover? Anyone getting back to me as soon as possible would be much appreciated.
  12. HELLO I am New to this site and I am using it via my phone So if you could link me to similar topic it would be helpfull RECently I purchased 2007 450x. With 3480km when I received the bike I didn't notice any oil on the front suspension with the disc after a 2 week of owning the bike I noticed oil on that shock and also slight oil on the rear suspension shaft which left a circle around it as the front does when the suspension goes back up I plan to do the front myself I already have the fork seals The bike has "race tech" stickers On the front suspension and on the rear suspension bottle where you refill Any info about that (brand)? As to do the fork seals myself I have been told I may need inner bushings which are $61, what are these for? I have change seals on a xr400 it was simple With these do I need 2 types of fork oil apparently it has a inner and outer ? Also my front and rear suspension does not make my bike sit as high as 3 other ofmy friends 450xs. My front shock Sits under the white fork guard where as my friends bike there's are all aligned evenly. Thankyou please reply here
  13. While inspecting the cylinder of my 09 yz450f, I turned it over upside down and a small piece of metal fell out of one of the coolant jackets. I have never heard of this before and I honestly cant think of what could come apart that would have a piece shaped like this. I just got the bike and found that it had a leaking head gasket, I can tell the cylinder bolts have been out before. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  14. February 26, 2014 – (Motor Sports Newswire) – Husqvarna Motorcycles GmbH is pleased to announce that, with immediate effect, Mr Robert Jonas has been appointed as Head of Motorsport. Responsible for all Husqvarna Motorcycles racing activities, 39-year-old Jonas, who has worked within KTM Motorsport man-agement since 2006, will oversee all motocross, enduro, extreme enduro and Moto3 road racing programs. As a former motocross racer Robert Jonas has been involved in motorcycle racing for much of his life. An Austrian National Motocross Champion in 1998 and 1999, he became a KTM 125cc factory rider in 2000 while also working as a KTM two-stroke test rider. With injury curtailing his racing career, Jonas re-entered KTM in 2005 to work in the road racing department. From 2006 Robert has worked alongside KTM’s Head of Motorsport Pit Beirer. Mr. Stefan Pierer (KTM AG CEO): “Appointing Robert as Husqvarna’s Head of Motorsport sends out a very clear message that Husqvarna is extremely serious about all of its motorsport activities, which are a strategic tool for the continued growth of the brand. He is some-one we trust implicitly and who has the experience and enthusiasm to lead Husqvarna’s growing and vibrant motorsport department. Husqvarna Motorcycles is already achieving racing success, and as the season progresses we want to ensure it continues.” Robert Jonas (Husqvarna Head of Motorsport): “To represent Husqvarna in motorsport is a real honour. I am extremely grateful that Mr. Pierer and Pit Beirer have placed their confidence in me as Husqvarna Motorcycles expand their racing activities around the world. Husqvarna will have a motorsport management and technical support system ready to handle these increasing demands – one that mirrors the hugely successful working practices of KTM motorsport. This really is a very exciting time for both the Husqvarna Motorcycles brand and myself personally.” In 2014 Husqvarna Motorcycles will officially compete in the Motocross World Championship, Enduro and SuperEnduro World Championship and International Extreme Enduro. Husqvarna will also compete in the Mo-to3 class of the FIM Road Racing World Championship.
  15. rdixonjr

    Honda XR650L (2014)


    Tall but is better than me on the trail. I have so many mods planned for this thing when it's out of warranty
  16. Mxdude91

    07 450 No Power

    Rebuilt the top end 15 hrs ago and recently checked valve clearances(piston and rings,valve seals,cam chain,gaskets,valve adjustment)Runs great been changing oil/filter every 3 rides. I just adjusted the clutch cable and replaced the air filter,changed oil(did not ride it yet since doing this) Here is what i belive caused my issue,I started it first kick starts right up wtih the choke on and then pretty much hit the rev limter and cut it right back off.I regret doing that.i know it was not wise but who hasnt done something stupid while drinking. So i go to ride it the next day and it has absolutely no power,no wierd noises,bike sounds the same when you give it gas but doesnt really effect my speed I pulled the engine out and "inspected" engine timing,valve clearance,spark plug,top of the piston but not the rings,valve springs,valve seals,valves dont look bent,engine oil was good and filter clean(everything is looking okay). Im looking for some advise at what to look at next?Any help is greatly appriciated thanks
  17. Bobbly

    Honda CRF250L (2014)


    Only Photo's I have at the moment I was taking a photo's o the seat cover. I made it to stop the stock seat from becoming grubby.
  18. mossman77

    Engine Rebuild Parts List

    I'll be helping my brother-in-law rebuild the motor on his 2004 250R in the next couple weeks. I need to send him a list of parts to order in the next day or so. We will be shipping the head off to have it professionally rebuilt and I will be doing everything else. I was thinking of getting a Hot Rods bottom end kit, Wiseco piston kit, and OEM timing chain and tensioner. Is there anything else I should replace (e.g. timing chain guide)? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. BTW, the bike still runs, but the valves are zeroed out, so it definitely needs a top end. We figure it's a good idea to do the bottom end at the same time considering how old the bike is.
  19. tokempole

    Honda XR650L (2012)


    A bit heavy as im finding out, but after stepping off my ninja this is the most fun i've ever had on two wheels.
  20. roadtrash252

    Beta 300 RR (2014)


    Anything less than the best is a felony.
  21. Mckay

    Beta 520 RS (2013)


    Dam nice so far, does everything I want it too out of the box.
  22. SlowMotion

    Suzuki DR-Z400 (2003)


  23. Old Goat Ninja

    L vs X

    Just curious, how many of you have or had dirt bikes? I have my L set up pretty dang good, but lately it's been strictly my dirt bike. Been kinda sorta wondering if I'd be better off with a CRF250X. On paper, stock vs stock, the X is almost 70lbs lighter. That's a lot when you're picking up a fallen bike it trying to keep a bike from falling lol. The X has roughly 10 more HP too. Anyways, anyone happen to have both and can compare? Or have similar dirt bikes and compare? I've never ridden a pure dirt bike before. I've never wanted one before, but now I kind of do. Kind of. I do pretty good on my L too. The extra height isn't a problem. I'm 6'3", and I could use the extra ground clearance. I got stuck on a boulder yesterday.
  24. To be fair, it's not really my bike, it belongs to friend. Obviously I need to clear up the space for other projects. Which brings me to my question: what is the intended length of the rear shock. The one 'equiped' seems to be a showa off a 250 (???), and the previous owner/abuser 'fabricated' a couple of plates to alter the mounting position -- about 2 inches lower than the eyelets on the frame. I figured that the guy was just a total idiot (my usually conclusion before thinking), and that the only reason for lowering the mount was to allow clearance for the remote resevoir hose. On this showa, the hose port is on the side, and there are clearance issues with the subframe. I have a vague intention of relocating the hose mounting hole (tap new, bury old), so that I can mount the top end of the shock as god intended. But then I thought maybe the dood/doodette had a reason. Perhaps the stock cr125 shock is longer than the current showa ? <<< QUESTION, ignore text above if in hurry >>> : what is the length of 1986 cr125 rear shock, eye center to eye center? thanks! O
  25. I was going to buy an fmf powercore 4 but the i found a DG slip-on exhaust for almost $100 dollars cheaper. Will this fit on a Yamaha TTR125?