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Found 36 results

  1. Same brand, same "Swiss stainless steel" filters but 5x price http://www.partzilla.com/parts/detail/aftermarket/XP-4717808.html http://www.partzilla.com/parts/detail/aftermarket/XP-4717807.html Any idea ?? I would like to go on with SS oilfilters which I use on my prev. bike. I don't think I will have any problem. It is easy to keep&clean 1 filter instead of buying a new one on each oil change. I change it ~3000km (~1800 miles). And oil filtres are a little expensive around here. And any SS oil filter suggestion?
  2. Hi everyone. Hoping to get some feedback on others' experiences with no toil air filter oil. Here's the scoop. I've used Bel-Ray air filter oil since I was taught how to prep an air filter years ago. Since that day, I've had four bikes over the course of the last 8 years and have never had a bike blow up or have any dirt get past the filter, no matter the conditions. A few months back, I spent some time riding out in Ohio where a friend of mine mentioned that he had great luck with using the biodegradable no toil air filter oil and grease and that it made cleaning filters boatloads easier. I figured I would give it a shot and after the first use I was hooked because of how easy cleaning filters became (no toil powder and warm water). After using it on my '11 CRF450 filters for several months, I was very satisfied and even did some recommending of my own on the stuff. I decided to part ways with the 450 and bought a brand new '14 YZ250 when I came home to Massachusetts. Well, my YZ didn't last more than 4.7 hours before she blew and low and behold, sand got past the filter and had some fun in the cylinder. So my question is, has anyone else had problems with the biodegradable no toil filter oil that I'm mentioning? In my own opinion, I'm thinking that the hard packed Ohio dirt made for great air filter results upon my initial experiences with the product, but the fine sand of the tracks here in MA had something else in store for putting the oil to the test. Since my bike blew and I've sought out every opinion I can from other riders, I'm getting "Oh yeah that no toil stuff is junk" and I'm wondering if others can attest to that. I know some may say "well maybe you didn't grease enough or oil enough" or "maybe the oil settled to the bottom of the filter cause it sat" but I can assure you the filter (which was done the day of my ride) was oiled and greased just as well as any filter I've done over the last 8 years. Just looking to hear others' results! Thanks in advance! (This is the result. 4.7 hours.... this hurts)
  3. ThumperTalk

    Filtron Factory Flow Filter

    1 review

    Paper element oil filtration Exceed OEM specifications Sold in two pack
  4. ThumperTalk

    MSR Stainless Oil Filter

    1 review

    High performance O.E.M. upgrade Micronic filter cloth filters out particles down to 35 microns and still allows maximum flow Flow rate and filtering rate stays consistent at high temperature Durable stainless steel construction is washable and reusable May be used with conventional and synthetic oils
  5. Hey guys, so I came across this http://pages.ebay.com/motors/link/?nav=item.view&id=110497104375&alt=web My question is simply this: Has anyone used these, and are they any good? Cheers

    Oil change

    Is it alright to change the oil then let it sit for a bit? Today is the only time I can change it and I won't be riding until 2 weeks from now. Thanks
  7. LucidMayhem

    Dual Star Cleanable Oil Filter

    1 review

    The CLEANABLE Oil Filter is made from laser cut, medical grade, Stainless Steel Micronic Filter Cloth to provide unmatched protection against oil contamination and resultant engine damage. Superior Filtration The CLEANABLE Stainless Steel Micronic Oil Filter is far superior to any paper filter you can buy. It filters to 35 microns absolute. This means no particle larger than 35 microns will pass through the CLEANABLE Oil Filter. Paper filters are rated at 15 to 80 microns average, meaning a paper filter will pass particles many times larger. What are Microns? A micron is one thousandth of a millimeter. That’s about .00003937 inches. CLEANABLE Oil Filter mesh will not pass any particle larger than 35 microns The average human hair is 140 microns thick Cleanable and Reusable The CLEANABLE Stainless Steel Micronic Oil Filter should last the life of your machine. Simply remove, rinse in clean solvent and replace. Monitor wear of internal engine components by inspecting the particles trapped by the CLEANABLE Oil Filter. Avoid catastrophic failures by detecting problems early. Consistent Flow under all conditions CLEANABLE Stainless Steel Micronic Oil Filters perform equally well from cold start-up through extreme heat without loss of protection. A one-inch square of our stainless steel micronic filter material will flow 1.9 gallons of 90 weight oil per minute at only 1 PSI pump pressure (70 degrees F). (Typical filter size is 14 sq. in.). Standard paper filters do not flow well when the oil is cold, often causing the bypass valve to open allowing unfiltered oil to enter the engine. Unaffected by Water, Heat & Pressure The CLEANABLE Micronic Stainless Steel Oil Filter is capable of withstanding extremely high pressure and flow rates. The Stainless Steel Micronic Filter Cloth is also unaffected by water, unlike standard paper filter material which swells in the presence of water, closing off filter pores and reducing flow. Proven Technology This high-tech filter technology is widely used in all types of Auto Racing and the Aerospace industry.
  8. dochawken

    Reuseable oil filter

    So I bought this damn thing...and really like it...perhaps the placebo effect...but the bike is noticeably more quiet, not as much oil pump chatter when first started...so far I think it worth the coin.
  9. ThumperTalk

    Twin Air Oil Filter

    1 review

    The brand you trust for air filters now brings you high-quality oil filters Made with the best paper filtering materials available coupled with the latest in production technologies to provide maximum protection, performance and value
  10. ssmaro

    Shavings in oil filter.

    I just recently bought a 06 Honda 450 off of a relative. I've been changing the oil filter every three rides to keep fresh oil in the motor. The very first oil change I used a paper filter from Honda. The filter seemed clean of any shavings when I replaced it. The second oil change I used a stainless filter from MSR. When I changed out the stainless filter I found multiple shavings gathered up in a small circular shape. As far as I know the bike doesn't have very many hours on it. 70-100 hours. Is seeing shaving in your filter a sign of something wrong? or did I just get a lot of wear and tear from a fresh motor on that particular ride?
  11. Drewster2020

    2004 yz250f oil change

    Going to do an oil change tommorow. Just making sure. There is only 1 oil, correct? There are also 2 drain spots? Here's a question not related to the oil change but I opened my oil fill and I couldn't see tbat much oil, where does it all go? Back I to the frame resivore? 1993 Kawasaki kx125 2004 Yamaha yz250f
  12. ManFug

    ProCycle Oil Filter Magnet

    1 review

    GENERAL INFORMATION Easy to install! Attaches to base of standard oil filter This powerful six point magnet traps abrasive hard metal particles down to 1 micron. Standard oil filters only trap particles down to 20 microns, leaving behind the most harmful particles to circulate through your engine Reduce wear, and significantly increase your engine life!
  13. Raysaw

    Non genuine oil filter

    Anyone use oil filters other th a new genuine kawasaki. I can buy a three pack for the same price as one genuine. Obviously wouldn't buy if inferior though. Thoughts appreciated.
  14. 2 reviews

    Swiss made stainless steel micronic filter cloth Clean and reuse Filters particles as small as 35 microns Exceeds all OEM specifications
  15. 2 reviews

    These reusable oil filters are made from laser cut, medical grade, 304 stainless steel micronic filter cloth In addition to filtering down to 35 microns, this high-tech filter technology maintains consistent flow under all conditions including extreme heat (up to 600), the presence of water and cold start-ups Will save the average user hundreds of dollars and valuable time by simply using this one filter for the life of your motorcycle
  16. 2 reviews

    Swiss made stainless steel micronic filter cloth Clean and re-use Filters particles as small as 35 microns Exceeds all O.E.M. specifications