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Found 174 results

  1. 2 reviews

    Revolutionary new system uses a longer aluminum body and special internal E-glass packing to lower noise output to legal db without sacrificing power Produces an impressive gain in horsepower when compared to OEM Stainless steel intake tube and FIM-approved end cap Completely hand-assembled and -welded for a fit and finish that would rival any Factory Works part Lightweight aluminum mounting brackets Wire-meshed removable spark arrester Modular end caps for tunable power
  2. 6 reviews

    Material: Titanium Designed for optimum performance while still meeting 2012 AMA 2-Meter Max sound requirements Ti-5 Race systems feature titanium construction throughout muffler can, header and mid-pipe, and are available with titanium or carbon fiber endcap T-5 GP systems feature an aluminum canister and high-grade stainless steel mid-pipe, and are available with aluminum endcap Advanced RC-4 resonance chamber to reduce noise output Assymmetrical configuration maximizes packing volume to ensure sustained performance
  3. 3 reviews

    Material: Titanium Top-of-the-line performance and power Tapered headpipe for better overall power from bottom to top end Specially designed mounting bracket for increased strength and durability Internal design reduces noise output; meet 94 dB AMA and FIM sound limits Welded end cap design Ti-4R features titanium construction for extreme light weight Silencer and end cap graphics
  4. ThumperTalk

    Pro Circuit Ti-4 Full System

    3 reviews

    Inspired by the T-4, the Ti-4 system utilizes high-quality grade-two aerospace titanium to provide huge weight savings and unique highlights Advanced design ensures lightning-quick throttle response and faster, stronger response during hard acceleration CNC-machined modular end-cap design provides tunable power, with effortless reshaping to the machines powerband Extensively track- and dyno-tested Silencers include wire-meshed spark arrester that can be removed for closed-course racing Steel Allen head screws make repacking an easy task Exclusive E-glass pillow packing Complete systems come with stainless steel header
  5. Colinorleans

    Honda CR125R (1998)


    great bike to start out on, not so great when you want to fix it due to production only being in 1998/1999
  6. Rango200EC

    Husqvarna CR125 (2002)


    It is a work in progress, but is easy to work on and well made. Parts aren't hard to find either.
  7. Jack98

    Kawasaki KX250 (2000)


    great bike!!
  8. Ethan James Boomhower

    Yamaha WR500 (1993)


    Really fun bike , great in the woods and easy to ride.
  9. twistNshift

    Honda ATC200X (1985)


    I love it,I'm try in to build it as far as I can in performance, I'm using Kimble white valve guides and valves I have an aftermarket Norris 340 cam,cobra header n pipe, I'm trying to find the rare 2 plug TC head for 200x , I want to use vintage 80s performance parts , good used,NOS,and I'm gonna combined new ignition tech........I'll add more with process I just strip her back down to paint I'm gonna take pics from how it sits to a finished minster, YES Nitrous is on the list or a turbo charger........I'll update with painting frame etc etc
  10. Onii-chan

    Honda CR250R (1998)


    Near new bike, excellent condition. Love it Re jetted the bike now and it runs so smoothly now. Having so much fun on it.
  11. Sheppard03

    Kawasaki KLX125 (2003)


    Good for rippin the trails :)
  12. TwoStroker894

    Honda CR250R (2004)


    just did a OEM top end on it at the beginning of the season and it runs great.I plan on having it ported by Eric Gorr for more Low to Mid-Range in February 2014
  13. rifft

    Honda CR125R (1999)


    I LOVE my CR
  14. I got a 02 honda cr250r with full pro circuit exhaust system, boyesen dual stage power reeds, and twin air filter, am running maxima premix 32:1. Before I replaced the reeds it had a hard time idling and trying to get warmed up it always bogged. So i was told to replace the stock reeds and i did. Now it idles and I believe the old reeds use to stick. The bike performs great with the aftermarkets but has a hard time in the low rpms and high rpms. So what I figured I went to the dunes and turned the gas half way and the bike ran like a beast. Could it be my pilot jet to large?
  15. ThumperTalk

    Pro Circuit Linkage Arms

    3 reviews

    The Pro Circuit Link Arm was developed and designed to improve the bikes stability and weight balance front to rear while retaining cornering capabilities They are also more durable and cosmetically appealing than the stock units
  16. ThumperTalk

    Pro Circuit Works Pipe

    14 reviews

    The first Pro Circuit pipe built with bare metal finish, giving it a unique style that sets it apart from all other pipes Durable construction conforms to the natural shape of the motorcycle for exceptional fit and performance Reinforced brackets and stingers prevent cracking, and CNC-machined flange provides precise leak-free fit Distinctive design yields increased horsepower and stronger throttle response throughout the entire rpm range Excellent choice for those who want factory-level high-performance features Features include stamped AKDQ high-quality carbon steel construction Hand-welded and pounded seams Embossed nameplate and CNC-machined exhaust flange
  17. pew05

    Honda TRX400EX Sportrax (2001)


    Bought an old race quad and redid it. Ended up buying new plastics, so there are pics with it yellow, some red, and all red.

    Honda CRF450R (2004)


    Been solid and reliable to me thus far haha
  19. Huckleberry98

    Suzuki RM250 (1991)


    Good bike when they work right lol
  20. Athelite

    Yamaha YZ250 (2005)


    Machine is a beast. EG 295cc kit with full Enzo Factory suspension. 4-Stroke killer from hell.
  21. princie77

    Suzuki RM250 (2003)


    I love this bike! It turns really well and the engine is nice and strong. I can lug it when I need to, or rip it on the pipe.
  22. skorpan777

    Kawasaki KX450F (2014)


    5 star to Kawasakis front and rear damping compered to my KTM 450SXF 2008 reving compared to the KTM 4 stars to the engine only because the short revving caretaritic compered to the longer slower traktor like revving engine on the KTM that i like