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Found 93 results

  1. So long story short i was hill climbing and some dumbass parked his car on the top in the road and i jumped right into it... Tore my MCL and got fitted for a brace yesterday awaiting its arrival now. The guy who fitted me suggested i get a CTI knee brace. He said he didnt like the older cti braces but he really liked their new ones. So are the newer ones comfortable? Are they the best brace (top of the line)? Or is there a better brand? I thought it was cool their made of carbon fiber... But i guess thats just one of their main selling points like anything else carbon fiber i suppose. What do you guys think? I would like to hear your opinions and experiences whether good or bad. Thanks
  2. I mean, do you think they do make sense when you not racing? just trails and tracks recreationally? In what type of accidents they help?
  3. 2 reviews

    PRODUCT DESCRIPTION We had always found the traditional design of bash plates very frustrating when it came to maintenance. They were always difficult to remove for cleaning so the bike was always carrying an extra kilo or two of mud. When it came to oil changes there was always the concern of picking up dirt while feeding the sump plug up through the hole in the bash plate. Our solution was to develop mounting hardware so that the bash plate could be removed with a single bolt. While the design varies from one bike to another, they all feature quality stainless steel brackets.
  4. scott-h-1992

    Fox Air Frame Chest Protector

    0 reviews

    GENERAL INFORMATION FOX champions demanded the most effective full-coverage roost deflector in the world, so they gave them the legendary Airframe: comfortable durable, and stylish. The Airframe uses world-class technology in offering unbeatable coverage in a traditional deflector style. Its tradition lives on. Shock-resistant, Lexan polycarbonate front and rear panels. Lycra-lined Bio-foam with comfort padding. Fully adjustable and removable arm guards. Removable back plate allows rider to wear as chest plate only. Kevlar-reinforced Torsion Hinge with two-piece rear panel. Adjustable shoulder connections for custom fit. The adjustability of the Fox Airframe chest protector makes it easier to fit this chest protector with a neck brace. (Note: Everyone is different and may require slight modification for best fit with a neck brace).
  5. hey all, dont have a dirtbike yet, but am looking vigorously ,anyway i am wanting to do this correctly the first time around, so i am planning on figuring safety gear in on the total budget and was just wondering what is all needed for safety gear, i know a few things like helmet, chest protector, and optionally boots. is there anything special about dirt bike boots or can i just use my steel toe work boots? any way is there anything else that is needed? thanks
  6. cjjeepercreeper

    Atlas Brace Defender

    1 review

    I have never worn body protection, but after a couple crashes last year that left me with bruised ribs I decided I better do something. I considered the soft armor, even tried the Leatt vest, but it all seems like it would be too warm on those long summer rides. I already had an Atlas Neck Brace, so the next logical move was to get body protection from Atlas, too. Their Guardian soft armor looks interesting and not as smothering as some others, but its not available yet, so I opted for the Defender. The Defender is a next generation roost protector, it boasts some features your standard roost protector hasn't had in the past, and the full version also protects your back. It has waterproof padding, is made for use with the Atlas Neck Brace (and looks like it will work well with others) and is configurable in 5 different ways. You can remove the upper back plate and replace it with a clear plastic piece, or you can just remove the upper pads and leave the hard plastic in place. The front has an upper plate that you don't use with an Atlas Neck Brace, but can be added for use without a neck brace or for use with other brands of braces. It is vented quite well, and when moving even seems to accelerate the air through the protector and around your body. As for comfort, well its a hard plastic roost protector that also covers your back, so it's not like wearing a t shirt. The side straps hold it in place reasonably well, but it did have a tendency to ride up on me a little. The elastic straps at the shoulders do a good job of holding the Atlas Neck Brace in place, and the brace fits nicely with the pads going under the armor in the back and into the open area in the front. The GoPro mount that mounts in the middle of the chest is a plus, that POV is much better than a helmet mount if you are inclined to film while riding. All in all, it seems to be a decent product for the money, I found it on sale for under $100. It comes in white or black. PRODUCT INFORMATION WEIGHT 1.65 Lbs (760g) - 2.2 lbs (993g) Depending on configuration PACKAGING DIMENSIONS Depth - 12” (31 cm) Width - 14.5” (37 cm) Height - 4.6” (12 cm) IN THE BOX Defender Hanger GoPro mount Quickstart guide Configuration kit
  7. Man, knee braces [error in title] are expensive. I'm new to the sport and being in the medical field, I've seen first hand what happens after accidents. But the price of these braces is $$$ more than the top-of-the-line knee pad. I'm assuming these braces protect against excessive lateral knee movement, to reduce injury to the ACL, MCL, and meniscus possibly too. But are those more for MX where you're going knee out on turns and impact the hard ruts and rocks? That move is not happening as much as during trail riding, so do trail riders not use them as much? Pros/cons?
  8. Bryan Bosch

    Leatt GPX Pro Lite

    0 reviews

    The all new 2013 Leatt® Pro Lite is the lightest and most comfortable Leatt® yet! Leatt’s top of the line in neck braces, the chassis is made from 100% lightweight Aramid reinforced Carbon fiber. The ventilated chassis and padding plus the all new CoreFlex rear thoracic strut makes this brace a premium safety investment! Invented by motorcycle racer and trauma surgeon, Doctor Chris Leatt, and built around Leatt® Corporation’s patented Alternative Load Path Technology, this brace is CE certified as personal protection. Used and trusted by more world and national motorcycle, ATV, bicycle and snowmobile champions than all other neck braces combined. Leatt’s Pro Lite neck brace is a professional product for riders who take their riding and safety seriously. New, one piece, CoreFlex rear thoracic strut has independently flexing sides for improved comfort and fit New CoreFlex rear thoracic strut has built in fracture point designed to snap off in a severe crash New matte carbon finish New lower rear padding for improved helmet clearance New color coded rear thoracic strut angle wedges for easier angle adjustment New Rear thoracic strut can be set to -5°, 0°, 5°,10°and 15° for the perfect fit Lightweight aramid fiber reinforced carbon fiber matrix chassis. Ventilated chassis and padding on both front and rear. The greatest range of motion of any Leatt-Brace® Side mounted paramedical designed hinges that opens easy both left and right Open celled light weight removable & washable ventilated Velcro-free padding Engineered collarbone cutout to help keep your helmet and brace away from your most fragile bones Unique one piece rear thoracic strut designed to break away in severe impact scenarios Comes with optional harness system with quickrelease buckles On-board rear thoracic angle adjustment CE certified as personal protective Equipment 89/686/eec Replacement parts available Available in size small/medium or large/x-large
  9. Hey all, Been thinking about this post for a fair while now. On May 15th I received some new gear (boots and chest protector) in the mail. I geared up and drove down to my local xc/mx track to try out my new gear. I did not contact my buddies as as was going for an "easy" ride. VERY luckily there was other riders at the track and two of them took me through a new part of the xc track. I would estimate my skill level at basic to medium as I am just getting back to riding at 46. The accident: I was in between the two other guys when I came out of a corner and clipped (that's what I tell my wife and friends) I hit a small try tree that stopped the bike dead. I came off the bike and must have placed my left foot down first as it took all the force. I ended up with class VI tibia plateau fracture of my left leg. After 5 weeks I now know this was a pretty serious fracture. I am laid up for the whole summer. No weight bearing for 3 months. Spirits are good and always have a great attitude, thank god for a great family!!! The IMPORTANT lesson which we all know and I want to re-iterate is under NO reason never ride alone. (Period) For those concerned...the bike is fine . It's driving me crazy that it is dirty and I can't wash it yet . Jeff in Ontario
  10. The first two mods I do on just about every bike I purchase are adding a GPS, and setting up a cable to the battery. The battery cable has two purposes; it can power my Gerbing heated jacket liner, and can be used to charge the battery from a battery tender while in the garage. Here's how I did it on our new CRF250L: First, you need to remove the seat, with the two bolts at the rear. Then the plastics need to come off. If I remember right, it was only one bolt on the plastic under the seat, but then 3 bolts each for the front shrouds. Naked, she looks like this: With the battery easily exposed on the left, it's easy to attach the two sets of cables to the two terminals. I used a few zipties to run the GPS cable up the inside of the frame rail and hold it in place. I also used zipties so the pigtail for the Gerbing lead would peek out right in front of that side frame and stay in place. The GPS mount is a RAM component, attached to the crossbar via the standard u-bolt mount, with a medium arm going to the cradle for the GPS60Cx: Where it is placed from a back view: Front view: Seems to be solid so far, but will be curious how well it will all hold up. Full resolution pics are available up in this gallery.
  11. Im looking to get some body armour and wanted to hear what people recommend? I've been looking at Thor Impact Rig SE and the Leatt adventure but I don't have any mx shops nearby so can't look at them or try them on so I have to go on reviews by other people. I ride a lot of trails and enduro so want something with good all round protection but don't want to get too hot and not too restricting, especially on the arms, Ive been told this can cause arm pump>?? What would you recommend?
  12. Hey guys, Shopping around for some new body armor and need some suggestions. Im running the fox airframe and some cheap elbow pads right now but want something better. I also run a leatt neck brace. I race, trail ride, desert ride, track practice... so something light but protective would be awesome. I kind of like the leatt 3df airfit, but dont like how it has no rib pads at all. https://goo.gl/8pQppB So i looked at the troy lee 7855, and it seems nice https://goo.gl/jbXaph but i have always liked the thor sentinel; just dont like how it has 0 shoulder padding, obviously id run separate elbow pads https://goo.gl/78uLmt and then i saw the new fox raptor, which seems like the best option if i wanted to go for the hard outer shell, and id run separate elbow pads as well http://goo.gl/V5EFC6 any thoughts? recommendations? reviews? reason i want something new is that i dislocated my shoulder a year ago and i think its because of how the leatt and airframe lock into eachother, it created a lever point right at my shoulder where it came out. oh well live and learn. Thanks!
  13. Anyone use the Leatt Fusion 3.0 Adult Chest/Neck protection yet? I dont ride with a neck protector, and have been thinking about getting this one. Any reviews out there? Isaac
  14. ThumperTalk

    EVS Burly Elbow Guard

    4 reviews

    Burly elbow protection that stays in place. > Compression sleeve adds comfort while reducing slip. > Strapless fit system greatly reduces arm pump. > Molded foam liner with outer hard plastic cup. > Sold as a pair.
  15. eyeopenher

    cold weather gear

    so, i am planning on riding most of the year... i live in new jersey so we get all 4 seasons... i have the icon pdx jacket and love it... the only problem i do have with it, it has NO vents... so its hot in the summer, but when its raining i haven't minded it... now that the weather is 80 during the day and 60 at night, i find myself using my rain jacket as a wind breaker on the chilly ride home.. i know. i am a baby... lol but 60 degrees is not so warm at night doing 60mph... well, at least to me its not... i rode last winter/spring in 40 degree weather.. i had a regular (waffle type) thermals on top and bottom. a t shirt, a long sleeve shirt, my fox titan armor, a hoody sweatshirt over that, then the icon pdx jacket on... now i was comfortable temperature wise but felt a little too bulky... lol i wont be using the armor during the winter this year to cut down on some of the bulk. but would rather wear it if i could... here is my problem... most of my friends all snow board and ski... they are telling my to buy skiing stuff for the winter... its water and wind proof of course.. like the northface 3 jackets in one.. they keep saying that's all i will need... they snowboard at night in 20 degree weather... granted they are not going 60 mph most of the time, but i can believe what the y are saying... is this a route that YOU would consider??? heated gear is an option, but $400 for heated gear is a lot right now for me.. a good jacket can cost $300 though... what do you all do??? layers like i was doing? heated gear worth it? snowboarding attire? i have been looking at some tour master, firstgear, and firstsheer stuff. but mostly for the rain gear, then i would layer under it... does this sound like a logical route??? are my regular waffle type thermals good enough or do i invest in some underarmor type stuff??? after i add everything up, the heated gear seems to fit the bill, but is it diverse enough? the rain gear, thermals, etc... seem to be the most diverse and usable all year then the heated gear... this is my slow season coming up and i have to watch my money... so i want to do this right... and i am hoping that some of you more experienced commuters would have a better idea... like people who have had 50+ bikes kind of experience... lol any help would be greatly appreciated and i am sure this will help others in the process... i hope... i mean, i could be just that dumb and be the only one with this question... i guess i could go and search around about ideas, but i trust you all... we are a diverse bunch of people with a lot of our own ideas about how "it should be"... so lets hear it... oh and to all of you that live where it's warm all year round...
  16. kxrider651

    Atlas vs Leatt

    Who out there has tried/owned both the Atlas neck brace and the Leatt club 2 or 3? Which one offers more protection? The Leatt's thoratic piece sits on your spine while the Atlas has 2 pieces to each side of your spine. And the Leatt doesnt touch your collar bone, but it looks like the Atlas does. Which would you say I should buy. Im not worried about pricing.
  17. I have searched long and hard for elbow pads that don't slide down my forearms but have had no luck finding them. I've had the same ones for years that I strap so tightly that they leave crease marks and raised skin lines for 30 minutes after removing them.. In the past I've hurt myself pretty badly not having elbow pads, and they have saved me pretty well (blew a corner in a race, I ran into a cactus tree, was glad I had them even though I still looked like Hellraiser). Any suggestions??
  18. 2 reviews

    PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Case savers provide protection for your engine casing in the event the chain breaks or derails. Our case savers are machined from billet aluminium and are designed so that the original sprocket cover can be refitted if required.
  19. Bryan Bosch

    EVS Revo 5 Roost Guard

    3 reviews

    EVS Revolution 5 Under Deflector The Revo 5 is a perfect choice for riders who are looking for chest protector type protection in an under-the-jersey option. Features: > Molded cross-link bio-foam interior serves as a shock absorbing barrier > Large molded back plate provides complete spine and back roost protection > 1 piece molded polycarbonate front and back plates provide the highest possible impact, abrasion and puncture protection > Fully adjustable fit to provide protection for riders of all sizes
  20. What do you guys do when you trail ride alone, my dad wants me to carry a phone but i can't with my jersey and rants and don't want a backpack.. i thought about a hydration pack and putting it in that but i don't have a chest protector, and most hook to that right? I don't like the bulk though either... any solutions?
  21. I'm recently back to riding a dirt bike after 4-5 years taking care of 2 babies. My gear was 7-8 years old when I sold my stuff, so that would make it 12-13 years old now. I decided to buy everything new, so I went with the knee brace, boots, chest protector, elbows, neck brace, helmet, kidney belt.... Everything is a lot more intrusive than what I used to have. I feel completely disconnected from the bike and limited in my movements. It's hard to flex my ankles to shift or brake, as the entire legs feel like it's made of concrete. For the guys that ride with their full gear, did it take time to get used to it? I'll post a video where my ribs and left knee take a beating after a fall. My rear wheel hits the second bump when I was in the air which put me off balance. This is the kind of stuff that never bothered me, easy to recover, but I couldn't with the gear on. Maybe I'll try to ditch the elbows and shoulder part of the chest protector and look for small knee protectors...
  22. I am kinda on the fence since I've heard some horror stories about leatts. The tail that is supposed to break off went Into the guy's spine and paralyzed him. I know of another that the brace broke his collar bone. Is there any brace without this kind of reputation?
  23. I know that there are tons of forums about Atlas braces and chest protectors, but I'd like to wear a chest protector under my jersey instead of over it and still wear my Atlas. So does anybody else have experience with doing that or knows for a fact what protector will work like that?
  24. spinner455

    Leatt gpx pro

    Hi, was just wondering if anyone would be able to tell me if the leatt gpx pro carbon medium would fit someone that is 6'3 215lbs thinking about buying one online
  25. I know it's late to start looking at these products, but I would like to have them when I can start riding again. So last Saturday night 7/26 I broke my elbow at a race. A week ago 7/29 I had surgery. I now have a plate and 6 screws holding my elbow together. I'm hoping to get back on the bike in 2 months or so. I want the best of the best for elbow braces. I'm 16 years old, 5'10" and 155 lbs. I would appreciate honest reviews of products that you guys have tested and put to use. Thank you!