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Found 93 results

  1. I'm recently back to riding a dirt bike after 4-5 years taking care of 2 babies. My gear was 7-8 years old when I sold my stuff, so that would make it 12-13 years old now. I decided to buy everything new, so I went with the knee brace, boots, chest protector, elbows, neck brace, helmet, kidney belt.... Everything is a lot more intrusive than what I used to have. I feel completely disconnected from the bike and limited in my movements. It's hard to flex my ankles to shift or brake, as the entire legs feel like it's made of concrete. For the guys that ride with their full gear, did it take time to get used to it? I'll post a video where my ribs and left knee take a beating after a fall. My rear wheel hits the second bump when I was in the air which put me off balance. This is the kind of stuff that never bothered me, easy to recover, but I couldn't with the gear on. Maybe I'll try to ditch the elbows and shoulder part of the chest protector and look for small knee protectors...
  2. Bryan.711

    Kawasaki KX250F (2012)


    Great first bike. Purchased second hand from dealership. It was raced and needed a new top end after my first season. Engine was amazing after that, easiest bike to start and was much stronger than stock.
  3. spinner455

    Leatt gpx pro

    Hi, was just wondering if anyone would be able to tell me if the leatt gpx pro carbon medium would fit someone that is 6'3 215lbs thinking about buying one online
  4. I am kinda on the fence since I've heard some horror stories about leatts. The tail that is supposed to break off went Into the guy's spine and paralyzed him. I know of another that the brace broke his collar bone. Is there any brace without this kind of reputation?
  5. Chris Edwards

    Stunt bars

    Hey guys, Im wondering if any one is using stunt bars or wheelie bars over the rear fender and if so how do u like them or not like them. I'm thinking about using some for trail riding for fender and muffler protection, just wanted some thoughts. Thanks
  6. What do you guys do when you trail ride alone, my dad wants me to carry a phone but i can't with my jersey and rants and don't want a backpack.. i thought about a hydration pack and putting it in that but i don't have a chest protector, and most hook to that right? I don't like the bulk though either... any solutions?
  7. 2 reviews

    PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Case savers provide protection for your engine casing in the event the chain breaks or derails. Our case savers are machined from billet aluminium and are designed so that the original sprocket cover can be refitted if required.
  8. mtdirtbag

    Hydration/tool pack

    I would like to replace my Camelbak with a unit that allows carrying tools at the same time. I have always attached my hydration units to my chest protector and have a tool belt on at the same time which creates a sore back after a long trail ride. If you have one, I would appreciate your comments on the same (likes, dislikes, whatever). TIA Tom
  9. After looking into proper and effective safety gear, I'm still not seeing the benefit of a chest protector. I see riders and pictures of riders with and without them. Are they helpful or is it more of a "the more protected I feel, the harder I'll push/faster I'll go" feeling kind of thing?
  10. Bryan Bosch

    NEW! Pod K8 Ultimate Knee Protection System

    K8 I ULTIMATE ADAPTIVE PERFORMANCE Light weight, pre-preg carbon fiber frames combine with the Human Motion hinge system and modular components allow you to create your own custom knee brace. The brace adapts to a variety of activities and sports though the ability to easily add or remove the impact panels as needed. Superior multi-sport performance 630 grams Ideal for multi-sport applications Removable Impact Panel KNEE PROTECTION REDEFINED POD® ligament knee braces set new standards in user Comfort and Confidence™, POD products fit precisely, stay in position and move so naturally that it won't feel like you are wearing a knee brace. A POD brace supports your knee by creating an alternate load path to the knee joint that distributes forces away from your ligaments towards more robust parts of the leg. Many of the world's leading athletes choose POD to reinforce their knees without compromise while thousands of amateur athletes rely on POD to stay active. HUMAN MOTION® The intensity of modern sport places the human knee at significant risk which is why POD developed our own Synthetic Ligaments™ to reduce the strain on yours. Only POD HUMAN MOTION provides support on demand without compromising performance. It has never been easier to protect your knees. All POD knee braces use proprietary Synthetic Ligaments™ to reinforce the knee's complex range of motion and are easily replaced by the end user after exposure to significant forces or extended use. Adjustable extension stops are easily inserted to provide progressive control from 0 to 25 degrees. INDICATIONS FOR USE ACL, MCL, LCL, PCL, rotational and combined instabilities Athletes of all skill levels and intensities Low to high contact / impact activities EFFECTS Protects against hyperextension Provides stability (collateral stabilization) Defined range of motion Relieves fatigue $399.95 MSRP for left or right, $799.95 pair. Sold by authorized WPS dealers.
  11. I tired of trashing my knees. Im in the market for some knee pads. What are some good ones that wont break the bank?
  12. I know it's late to start looking at these products, but I would like to have them when I can start riding again. So last Saturday night 7/26 I broke my elbow at a race. A week ago 7/29 I had surgery. I now have a plate and 6 screws holding my elbow together. I'm hoping to get back on the bike in 2 months or so. I want the best of the best for elbow braces. I'm 16 years old, 5'10" and 155 lbs. I would appreciate honest reviews of products that you guys have tested and put to use. Thank you!
  13. Bryan Bosch

    EVS Revo 5 Roost Guard

    3 reviews

    EVS Revolution 5 Under Deflector The Revo 5 is a perfect choice for riders who are looking for chest protector type protection in an under-the-jersey option. Features: > Molded cross-link bio-foam interior serves as a shock absorbing barrier > Large molded back plate provides complete spine and back roost protection > 1 piece molded polycarbonate front and back plates provide the highest possible impact, abrasion and puncture protection > Fully adjustable fit to provide protection for riders of all sizes
  14. I know that there are tons of forums about Atlas braces and chest protectors, but I'd like to wear a chest protector under my jersey instead of over it and still wear my Atlas. So does anybody else have experience with doing that or knows for a fact what protector will work like that?
  15. Bryan Bosch

    Leatt Chest Protector PRO

    2 reviews

    Quick Overview Leatt®’s top of the line chest protector. The Chest Protector PRO has been designed to integrate perfectly with all Leatt neck braces although it works equally well without a neck brace. Exclusive BraceOn™ elastic strap system attaches the protector to the Leatt® brace yet provides independent movement of body, brace and chest protector. Redesigned for 2013 using Leatt’s 3DF foam this protector is now the lightest outside worn chest protector (with shoulder and upper arm guards) to pass the two highest levels of CE, front and rear, impact protection. Product Description Leatt®’s top of the line chest protector. The Chest Protector PRO has been designed to integrate perfectly with all Leatt neck braces although it works equally well without a neck brace. Exclusive BraceOn™ elastic strap system attaches the protector to the Leatt® brace yet provides independent movement of body, brace and chest protector. Redesigned for 2013 using Leatt’s 3DF foam this protector is now the lightest outside worn chest protector (with shoulder and upper arm guards) to pass the two highest levels of CE, front and rear, impact protection. • The back of protector meets the highest impact CE approval, CE EN 1621-2, Level 2 • Chest protector impact tested and CE certified to prEN 1621-3 level 2 • Extremely high impact testing results achieved by use of Leatt’s new 3DF foam in front and back • Unbelievably light for all that protection at only 2.6 pounds (1150 grams) • Close fitting allows for over or under the jersey use • Made with High Density Poly Ethylene (HDPE) hard shell outer shield and washable biofoam • 7 front and rear venting slots help keep rider cool helps keep rider cool • Adjuster bolts allow for different length both front and back for personalized fit • Front and rear removable plates allow brace to fit close to body • Adjustable arm and chest straps for great fit • Removable shoulder and upper arm guards • Fits riders from 54 to 109kgs (120-240 pounds.)
  16. I am wondering if there is a decent under jersey ptrotection system without having to go a size up? (I am already a 2xl)
  17. Sabeen

    Dr Mark / Neck Braces

    Dr Mark, what is your take on neck braces & which ones are good which ones are not? Note: I don't care what others opinions on the subject are, or that you own a Leatt & it saved you 10 times over, I just want to know what the doc thinks. Please save your stories of salvation for another thread & go elsewhere to bash each other about this subject.
  18. today we were on a 12person sm ride from 707 lake- legget - fort bragg - orr springs rd.ukiah - back to 707 lake well about 1.5 hrs from home, we just relaunched the ride after a quick break.. we were in 2 groups.. i was in the rear group, making my way to the front of the group..then i tried to catch the front group.. i do not know these roads at all.. i was doing 75mph..i dropped it into 4th. added lots front and some break..slowed to 60mph.added a little more rear break..it immediately locked up.. still slowing down i fly off the road at about 50mph.. i flew off the road..the rear tire hit something, n it bucked up & spun crazily ejecting me and throwing me down the hill id like to thank my rhok jeans, ce lvl 1 knees and hips.. alpinestars t-ast mesh jacket,, upgraded all armor with ce lvl 2 forcefield shoulders, back, elbows. held airstream 2 gloves hjc cl-17 helmet honestly my left butt cheek is killlllling me right now..but nothing is broke. and i was able to ride home 1.5 hours after the crash!!! so im really happy about the outcome!
  19. Finally wore out my EVS Burly elbow guards: http://www.thumpertalk.com/reviews/product/7343-evs-burly-elbow-guard/ So, on the hunt for something new. I could always get another pair, but wait... there's always something new/better, right? Looking for the following benefits: 1. stays in place. 2. doesn't squeeze my forearms too much. 3. straps that dig in or create pressure points. 4. breathes as much as possible (I live in central florida). 5. good coverage of both the elbow and forearm. Price is pretty much irrelevant. What do you LOVE that fits my needs? Basic protection is fine. The Burly's did a great job for a number of years.
  20. Lemme preface this by saying I can get this brace at a VERY good price, and need to order it tonight to ensure its here by Friday so I can wear it at practice sat...for the race sunday. So, with that said, if I buy one...its going to be this one...Trying to avoid this being another neck brace debate of any sort, lol. Getting back into a lot more track riding, and racing this weekend for first time in a long time. So, I figured I would spring for one at this point. Before, when just trail riding...i didnt do so. I am just wondering if anyone has one... 1) do you know if it works with any chest protector, or only the "pro lite"? 2) do you like it? 3) did sizing seem to be pretty good... i fit in the middle of the L/XL sizing, so I can't see how it could possibly be wrong unless the Leatt sizing chart is WAY off. Tryin to find stuff about these, but I am not seeing a whole lot on google, or searching here that answered those too well if at all. Thanks. Edit: I think the valor looks similar to the zenith, which those would fit beneath chest protectors. So...im just gonna try it with my Thor for now, can get the other one later...just not in time for this weekend. Also, decided to give it a shot. Btw, these things are hard to find user reviews on...so maybe ill write one up when I get it, and use it this weekend.
  21. Just thought I'd share this in case someone else is having trouble finding a chest protector. For the last few years I've been trying many different chest protectors, but could never find one that fit. I'm tall but skinny. (5' 10", 110lbs)......I first started with a Youth thor quadrant, which fit okay but wasn't long enough. It didn't go far enough down my ribs and also didn't fit well with my Leatt. Next I went to a Leatt Adventure Lite. This fit okay, but not good. Still loose up in the shoulder area. I used it for a season and got rid of it. This past season I used a EVS under jersey R4....I have zero complaints on this. It fit very well and was confortable under the jersey. But, I just didn't have the same sense of safety in that as I did in my others. Big rocks still didn't feel good hitting you in the chest with it on. So, I just got myself an adult (S/M) Fox Proframe LC on Black Friday for $49! I just got it in today and it fits really nice, especially with my Leatt. I really wish I would have found this a few years back. So if anyone has the same type of build as me and cannot find a chest protector they're happy with, give the Fox Proframe a shot. I remember making a few threads on my issue and nobody really had an answer (other than the EVS R4).
  22. OZ DRZ

    EVS RS8 Knee Brace

    0 reviews

    EVS has designed a one of a kind patented hinge knee brace that is easy to customize your setting for your flexion preferences. The EVS RS-8 Knee Brace is lightweight and incredibly comfortable with its well ventilated construction that allows for the air to flow through when you are turning up the heat. The EVS RS-8 is made so you can bend your leg and walk with no problem and it also keeps your knee cap safely covered. Go with the brand that you know and trust will protect you. Go with the EVS RS-8 Knee brace. Light weight durable construction. Totaltrack patella protection. Quick release buckle system Anatomically correct hinge. Breathable, removeable, washable liner. Conforms to all leg contours. Pair includes: 1 left knee brace and 1 right knee brace of the same size. For proper knee brace fit and size measure 8" above the knee and 8" below the knee 10"-12" below - 15"-17" above = Small 12"-14" below - 18"-20" above = Medium 14.5"-16" below - 20.5"-23" above = Large 16.5"-18" below - 23.5"-26" above = X-Large
  23. 1 review

    Thor Force XP Knee Guards. I think we are all aware just how important our protective riding gear is. I consider knee protection to be at the top of the list, especially after many surgeries. Skimping on this one was not in the equation….We all shop for the best we can afford and sometimes pick the one that just meets our minimum standards, Ya know that one will work ok….and just may. I found many different brands and styles to choose from but decided on this one for many reasons……for the record I am an avid trail rider and do not race. My rating are based on a 5 star rating. 1 being poor and 5 being excellent Fit and Comfort. 5 stars I find the Force XP very comfortable, they hug the knee and shin well and fit in the upper portion of the MX boot without issue or discomfort. Inner padding is soft and ample with a space between it and the shell, designed to absorb impacts. The retention straps are of perfect design if you ask me, nice wide elastic upper and lower wraps coupled with extra quick release straps. Function. 5 stars I like the double hinge design at the knee, ( the guard is a 3 piece design) it allows great flexibility at the joint and works very well with minimum restriction. Another strong point is the retention system, two large elastic wrap systems that do not dig into your leg and a second upper and lower strap that is adjustable. Once you set it to your liking the strap latches on with a quick connect that does NOT come loose. There is plenty of venting to keep you cool on those hot days without sacrificing protection. Protection. 5 stars The Force XP offers great knee, thy and shin protection without being bulky. The plastic is thick and yet flexible and restricts twisting of the knee, it almost feels like a brace even though it is not advertized as one. My Conclusion. If you are looking for mid priced knees pads in the $100 range that are comfortable, durable and most importantly offer a great level of protection this is the one. Two seasons into them they have held up well and show no cracks in the plastic or signs of fatigue. Highly recommended…..
  24. Hey guys I would like to share my testimony. At all cost protect your knees s i am older now I sold my 95 rm250 because both my knees were shot. I had my right knee scoped and was heading for a left knee replacement my riding days was over but 4 months ago had that new chicken fat gel injected In both knees and now im feeling great and looking to buy a another rm250..man do I miss the smell of a 2stroke..