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Found 180 results

  1. voidsstr

    KTM 300 XC-W (2016)


    Awesome bike. Light and powerful. Need to replace the stock silencer tho - very restrictive.
  2. Brian Wilson

    Rekluse Clutch Cover

    4 reviews

    Rekluse offers clutch covers for many models. Constructed of billet aluminum for increased strength and durability, the clutch cover is deeper than stock to allowing a greater volume of oil in the engine. The cover also allows you to use a stock gasket with the z-Start Pro Clutch instead of the provided thicker gasket.
  3. Brian Wilson

    Rekluse EXP Auto-Clutch

    6 reviews

    Rekluse EXP was inspired by our award winning and premier Core EXP system and singles out the revolutionary EXP assembly. Rekluse EXP employs the same race-ready technology and EXP assembly of our premier product; the difference is that it fits into your stock clutch components. Yes it’s true! One can now enjoy the benefits of Rekluse auto-clutch technology while racing or riding at our most affordable price.
  4. DManSparky

    Husqvarna TE310 (2012)


    Great with Rekluse EXPCore2 and Clake SLR left hand rear brake.
  5. huskyrider83

    KTM 300 XC (2013)


    Best bike ever made, this is my fourth 300 KTM xc/mxc, I keep trying others, 2 stroke 4 stroke, KTM, Husky, Kawasaki, Yamaha,ect... and I keep coming back to the KTM 300, its the most versitle and most complete bike made.
  6. ken_cloos

    Husqvarna TC510 (2006)


    Freak'n Awesome...if you can hold on.
  7. pharmd2b

    KTM 350 XC-F (2014)


    The best bike I've road to date. Very light feeling for a 4 stroke and turns very fast. Great smooth/linear power but if you really want it to rip just keep twisting the throttle. The linkage absorbs the breaking and acceleration bumps way better than the old pds and still does great in the woods.
  8. What was your main reason for installing the rekluse in your bike and your experience with it?
  9. Just joined the YZ450F family with the purchase of a 2011. The bike is awesome and is already tricked out with a number of offroad goodies. I'm coming off a 2010 KX450F with a Rekluse CORE EXP auto clutch. The Yamaha has a Rekluse Manual CORE clutch and I'm thinking about getting the CORE EXP Add-on kit for tight, single track riding. Anyone running the anti-stalling add-on kit? If so, what do you think?
  10. iggs

    Yamaha WR450F (2015)


    Today was spent tinkering with the new WR. It's my first ever new bike and its a good opportunity to get to know my way around it It arrived in the week and I messed around working out where everything was and getting a couple of small jobs done I put the Scotts SUB mount in and changed the bars to a low rise bend to keep the position more or less the same. Unfortunately I couldn't complete the job as I didn't have a 32mm spanner or socket This morning I took it out for a break in spin. Out to lahbab and back was a perfect hour Once back at the yard stripped it down to change the tank, put on a new can and finish the job on the Scotts. Thanks to Sam for helping and ensuring I didn't cock anything up So now I have a new 2015 WR450F with 11 litre IMS tank, FMF Powercore Hex slip on and Scots SUB mounted damper. It was time to take it out for a run It feels great. Loving the narrow, small, compact frame. FI is very responsive compared to the carb. I love the feeling straight away. With the pipe on it feels like it is breathing easily and has plenty of legs. It's surprisingly high. I'm maxed out on tip toes when I'm sitting still on it. Scotts will be interesting to tinker with. I'm going to need the bigger know because this one hides under the cut out in the bar pad too much to make adjustment easy Still on the way I have a Rekluse Core EXP 3.0 clutch with a LHRB kit in the parcel plus a spacer to remove the speedo hub sensor. I've also got the Trail Tech Voyager to fit. Plus of course there is the rally kit. I will do a full build thread on this as I think there is some interesting stuff Jobs that need doing: I need to get down to the ATCUAE office to pick up my international licence. I'll complete my entry and pay my money at the same time. Need to get some base suspension settings for the bike with the rally kit on including working out the right spring rate. I believe the kits weigh about 30kg but if course this includes battery, exhaust and front tank which will all be replacing current components on the bike. Getting the suspension set up well is something that I really want to get right. Good suspension is a skill compensator and I want/need art the help I can get on this front
  11. crash220

    Yamaha YZ450FX (2016)


    I love it so far, the tranny is awesome for offroad and the Rekluse makes everything easier!The "hit" off the bottom is abrupt and is a handful in tight single track. This can be taken away through re-mapping or a after market exhaust.
  12. MoparMan1984

    Kawasaki KLX450R (2008)


    This bike is a rocket ship! The only issue I've had was that it came from the factory so corked up. Also, the cost of maintenance and upgrades are a tad on the pricey side but that's all four strokes now days. After setting it up to your liking, I can't imagine you not riding this machine with smile on your face.
  13. Brian Wilson

    Rekluse Core Manual Clutch

    2 reviews

    Rekluse Core Manual – Forget everything about billet aluminum clutches and enter the Rekluse World of Performance™. Our Core Manual clutch is packed with engineering innovation. Not just another CNC copy of stock clutch components, our clutch is engineered from the ground up for maximum performance and durability to meet and exceed the needs of the most demanding racers.
  14. fbennett12

    Washington Which Rekluse?

    Going to a Rekluse for 2013 NMA offroad series...can't decide which one...Core Exp 2.0 or Z-start pro? Not sure there is huge difference in these two so just wanted a few opinions...This is for a KTM 450 xc-w BTW...Thanks for the help!
  15. jskidmore

    Honda CRF250X (2013)


    I found the stock setup was great for me getting back into riding, but got bored quickly. Yeah I have thrown a few thousand dollars into it (Body parts, Rekluse EXP core 3.0, FMF megabomb / Q4 can, JD kit, and suspension), and I must say it is quite the trailblazer my friends. I like my bike, period. My avatar is before I installed my Rekluse, will update soon.
  16. TillamookTrailJunkie

    Yamaha YZ250X (2017)


    Best bike I've ever ridden hands down!!! Nothing bad to say other than it needs a tank and a skid plate to complete it as an "off road" bike but that's about it!
  17. 26 reviews

    Rekluse z-Start Pro – Our best selling product that has been raced, abused and relied on by tens of thousands of riders in more types of riding and racing world-wide than any other Rekluse product. First introduced in 2005, z-Start Pro was the first Auto-Clutch to give the rider manual clutch lever override capability and defined the ultimate in tunability to suit each rider’s preferences and riding conditions. Well known in the offroad racing world as bullet proof and the tamer of the nastiest terrain imaginable.
  18. In moto 2 of yesterdays race Dungey went down. He picks up the bike and it's obvious that it's still in gear. He grabs the clutch, which had been rolled up to the top of the bar. He's holding the clutch in and with his right hand starts pounding on the perch to roll it back down to where it belongs. After about the 3rd hit the lever pops out, but the bike doesn't move. He pulls in the clutch, pulls back on the bars, gives some throttle and lets the clutch out, spins the back end around and away he goes. Is a rekluse even legal for racing?
  19. susco64

    Honda CRF450R (2016)


    Best CRF450R of the 5 that I've owned. Suspension revalved, all my goodies from my 13 added, and this bike is very comfortable.
  20. csmithe

    Honda CRF250X (2005)


    Purchased for $2500 this spring and replaced piston and rings and new Kibblewhite SS valves. It already had all of the usual modifications done ..JD Jetting, 4x4 airbox, pipe mod, Rekluse clutch. Added lowering link and Maxxis Tires. <br />Absolutely love this bike in the tight single track I ride in Eastern Oregon.
  21. JustTakeItEasy

    KTM 450 SX-F (2013)


    Street legal in AZ, this 450SXF. Started with trail ready, kept going to full street legal. Easy to get plated in AZ. Pain in the ass and expensive to do all this on MX bike, but mad fun to have the 450SXF on the trails, open desert and bush. TBT suspension Rekluse Auto Core EXP Fastaway System3 Overbar Steering Stabilizer Fasst Flexx bars Baja Designs Squadron Pro LED Headlight Rear LED tail kit from EXC with (exc rear fender swap) 70 watt upgraded stator Promoto Billet black kickstand Trailtech Striker digi gauge Seat Concepts low seat Moose Racing front fender dual sport pack Moose Racing rear render velcro cylinder pack Doubltake fold down mirror ProMotoB Billet rear rack - black Fastway linkage protection TrailTech radiator fan kit Bulletproof radiator guards Bulletproof chain guide/swingarm guards Ricochet skidplate FMF muffler Black Excel rims Cycra handguards Orange Anodized unbreakable levers OdiLock grips DirtTricks sprockets and Did gold series chain Warp 9 adjustable rear brake pedal with flexx Warp 9 gear selector with flexx Fastway Adventure footpegs Tm designworks chain guide Padiator - rear brake radiator