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Found 38 results

  1. E-ROCK518

    Washington 2014 Klim Gear

    2014 Dakar ITB pants 34-36 2 rides Dakar jersey XL 2 rides Mojave Pants 32-34 2 rides Mojave Jersey XL 2 rides All in great condition, all too big for me. Everything runs big so they might fit larger sizes aswell. Jersey has my number on it but that's what chest protectors are for I'd like to get 100 bucks a set Thanks
  2. The weather here in Canada is turning for the worst but I would like to keep riding through the rain, sleet, hail, and cold until the snow stays on the ground. So im looking for a jacket that is designed to work with the Leatt neck brace. So far I have found 4 that fit the bill, but want to see all the options possible, please post up the jackets that you know of that fit over the Leatt. -Troy Lee Designs Adventure -Leatt W.E.C -Leatt Adventure -Acerbis Desertika
  3. Hey guys, Shopping around for some new body armor and need some suggestions. Im running the fox airframe and some cheap elbow pads right now but want something better. I also run a leatt neck brace. I race, trail ride, desert ride, track practice... so something light but protective would be awesome. I kind of like the leatt 3df airfit, but dont like how it has no rib pads at all. https://goo.gl/8pQppB So i looked at the troy lee 7855, and it seems nice https://goo.gl/jbXaph but i have always liked the thor sentinel; just dont like how it has 0 shoulder padding, obviously id run separate elbow pads https://goo.gl/78uLmt and then i saw the new fox raptor, which seems like the best option if i wanted to go for the hard outer shell, and id run separate elbow pads as well http://goo.gl/V5EFC6 any thoughts? recommendations? reviews? reason i want something new is that i dislocated my shoulder a year ago and i think its because of how the leatt and airframe lock into eachother, it created a lever point right at my shoulder where it came out. oh well live and learn. Thanks!
  4. eyeopenher

    cold weather gear

    so, i am planning on riding most of the year... i live in new jersey so we get all 4 seasons... i have the icon pdx jacket and love it... the only problem i do have with it, it has NO vents... so its hot in the summer, but when its raining i haven't minded it... now that the weather is 80 during the day and 60 at night, i find myself using my rain jacket as a wind breaker on the chilly ride home.. i know. i am a baby... lol but 60 degrees is not so warm at night doing 60mph... well, at least to me its not... i rode last winter/spring in 40 degree weather.. i had a regular (waffle type) thermals on top and bottom. a t shirt, a long sleeve shirt, my fox titan armor, a hoody sweatshirt over that, then the icon pdx jacket on... now i was comfortable temperature wise but felt a little too bulky... lol i wont be using the armor during the winter this year to cut down on some of the bulk. but would rather wear it if i could... here is my problem... most of my friends all snow board and ski... they are telling my to buy skiing stuff for the winter... its water and wind proof of course.. like the northface 3 jackets in one.. they keep saying that's all i will need... they snowboard at night in 20 degree weather... granted they are not going 60 mph most of the time, but i can believe what the y are saying... is this a route that YOU would consider??? heated gear is an option, but $400 for heated gear is a lot right now for me.. a good jacket can cost $300 though... what do you all do??? layers like i was doing? heated gear worth it? snowboarding attire? i have been looking at some tour master, firstgear, and firstsheer stuff. but mostly for the rain gear, then i would layer under it... does this sound like a logical route??? are my regular waffle type thermals good enough or do i invest in some underarmor type stuff??? after i add everything up, the heated gear seems to fit the bill, but is it diverse enough? the rain gear, thermals, etc... seem to be the most diverse and usable all year then the heated gear... this is my slow season coming up and i have to watch my money... so i want to do this right... and i am hoping that some of you more experienced commuters would have a better idea... like people who have had 50+ bikes kind of experience... lol any help would be greatly appreciated and i am sure this will help others in the process... i hope... i mean, i could be just that dumb and be the only one with this question... i guess i could go and search around about ideas, but i trust you all... we are a diverse bunch of people with a lot of our own ideas about how "it should be"... so lets hear it... oh and to all of you that live where it's warm all year round...
  5. I'm looking for a good place to ride for three days this weekend, preferably mostly single track. Originally was planning on the Naches area just south of Cle Elum, WA, but the temperatures are projected to be in the mid 90s there which is just too hot. Is there any place in WA or OR that typically stays cooler than the rest of the area and would be snow free this time of year? Might just have to go rafting instead.
  6. Ive got the heated jacket liner and gloves from First Gear. (made by Warm and Safe heated gear) I have a duall controller for each. Ive done some searching and it looks like it would be a bad idea to run both at the same.(At full power) Jacket liner 90 watts Gloves 15 watts each I would like to be able to run both at maybe half power for those really cold days. It wont be very often here in eastern NC. I have done the free power mod and have the edge led tail light. Stock headlight and turn signals. I also have battery tenders available at work and home. Id like to install a volt meter to monitor whats going on when riding but have no idea where to install it on the electrcal system. Also what is the minimum reading I can go to without doing any damage. Sorry if this has been covered before but I'm pretty clueless when it comes to electricity and dont want to fry my bike.
  7. 1. You remember when they invented whoops. 2. You remember when the water-truck was a wooden cask hauled behind two musk oxen. Yes, oxen, dammit. 3. You’ve been thwacked by the surgical neoprene strand of a rubber-band start. 4. You well know the difference between a Combat –Wombat, a Pursang and a Cappra. 5. You begged your dad to “forward-mount” your Elsinore ’s rear shocks. 6. Then you begged more for him to “lay ‘em down”. 7. You’re familiar with Skunk-Works and their whole get-up(s). 8. You badly desired a DG radial head for your RM-125. 9. You knew ‘em as Pentons – before they were Katoomers. 10. You recall Team Tamm and L.O.P. 11. You idolized Marty Smith & Bob Hannah 12. You knew Micky Dymond rode a Husky pretty damn well. 13. You were stunned when you heard Gerrit Wolsink was a dentist.(Dentist? Isn’t that a car-body repairman?) 14. You never missed ABC’s Wide World Of Sports. In case they featured Carlsbad . 15. You remember when hot-dogs were the only “health-food” available at the track 16. You dreamt of manhandling a Maico 501 17. You remember JONES goggles and Carrera’s, too. 18. Ake Johnson and Jack Van Velthoven are household names to you. 19. You’ve pulled serious dirt out of your nose two days after a National. 20. You’ve camped at both Mount Morris and Unadilla and lived to tell of it. 21. You wished you’d never bought those Scott plastic boots. But you did. 22. You’ve owned a duckbill visor on your Red Bell Helment. 23. You’ve worn football pads in a motocross race. 24. You’ve worn race-gloves with pieces of tires attached to the fingers. 25. You remember when box-vans were “factory”. 26. You’re making stupid-money selling your old motocross stuff as “vintage” on Ebay. 27. You used to think Heikki Mikkola was the baddest dude on the planet. In fact, part of you thinks he still is……… 28. You’ve pulled the lights and blinkers off an enduro bike to race motocross. 29. You recall seeing Jim Gianatsis’ name over every dirt-bike photo in the ‘70’s 30. Mr. Know-It-All both entertained you and pissed you off. 31. And you know who Lovely Louella is and where Chicken Licks Raceway isn’t. 32. You once asked your dad if you could get a Bel-Ray tattoo. 33. Your mom ironed on a Champion spark-plug patch to your jean-jacket. 34. You’ve written letters to companies begging for stickers (DC!) 35. You were there when tear-offs were invented. 36. You fondly recall the Wrangler Dash For Cash in Supercross races. 37. You owned at least one “Do It In The Dirt” shirt. 38. You tear up while recalling the sound of the start of a 500 National. 39. You blasted your Zeppelin & Rolling Stones on 8-tracks on the way to the races. 40. In later years, you rode home listening to the Eagles on these revolutionary cassettes.. 41. You witnessed a Supercross in St, Louis & L.A. 42. You saved up forever for that DG water-cooled head and front-plate radiator dealio from DG. 43. You’re familiar with the “Flying W”, WFO and the GYDBT, amongst other terms. 44. You’ve purchased both Bassani and Hooker pipes for your Yamaha DT-250. 45. You installed a white fender-extender on your ’76 YZ-125. Just because. 46. You used to think it nutty to pay a buck- twenny-five for race-gas. 47. You recall MXA magazine having a ROY (Rider Of The Year) that was awarded a truck. 48. You’re familiar with front-falling gates, too. 49. And flag starts. Uh – huh. 50. Some tracks even had traffic-light starts ! Whaaaaa ? 51. You recall the van craze and it’s link to mx. 52. Rex Staten always kind of scared you a bit. 53.. You still think of Mike LaRocco as “ that fast kid from Indiana ” 54. You’ve ridden a bike or two up and into a pick-up truck bed. 55. You’ve also wadded it up performing this stunt. 56. You’ve raced the Open-Class. On a real Open-bike. 57. You remember the Harley –Davidson mx team. 58. You could never afford those FOX-Shox. But you desired them, badly. 59. You remember Bob Hannah’s Open-Bike fan-club at Unadilla. 60. You remember an AMA National in St. Pete , Florida . 61. You thought the Husky chrome tanks were extremely sexy. 62. You were pretty sure the Hodaka transmissions were made of plastic. 63. You always knew that, by the 90’s, Supercross would be live on TV on Saturday nights. 64. You used to bring your girlfriend and her dog to the races. That didn’t last. 65. You recall Cycle News East & West versions. “ We don’t care how the hell they do it in California ” – that was the East version’s battle cry. Odd times, indeed. 66. You knew Can-Am’s had rotary valves and no head gaskets. 67. You knew Ricky’s boss had worked in the sport pretty seriously prior to getting into big-rig management. 68. You not only owned a 175, you actually raced the 175 class ! 69. You still have your JOFA mouthpiece. 70. You called your pants “leathers” – even if they weren’t. 71. You always wore a kidney-belt. You just did. 72. You’ve seen a Maico 490 Sand-Spider shred the knobs off. 73. You knew who “Super-Hunky” was. 74. You’re familiar with terms like “Full-Floater”, “Unitrak”, “Monoshock” and groovy. 75. You remember the DATSUN USGP Of Motocross 76. Debruzer was some kind of handlebar pad endorsed by “De-MAN”, right? 77. Tommy Benolkin’s name rings a bell with you. 78. You knew what product "Electro" manufactured. 79. You were there when Darrell Schultz won Daytona on his Chris Haines prepped CR250. 80. You knew Steve Wise was a motorcycling Mr. Do-It-All. 81. You loved watching Jimmy Ellis at the Atlanta Supercross By Wrangler on his Honda. 82. You liked those Dunlop K190’s, you really did. 83. For many years it was only Metzelers for you though. 84. You did give Trelleborg’s a brief try. 85. And Hi-Point’s Red-Dot tires. (Hannah endorsed !) 86. You were there when Donnie started FMF with a fatty hanging from his lip! 87. You’ve actually left a motocross race in a Ford Pinto towing a 3 rail Holsclaw trailer, by golly. 88. You’ve heard of both Bauers: Willi and Steve. 89. You had subscriptions to Modern Cycle & Popular Cycling. 90. You’ve heard the term “Maico-Breako” a time or two. 91.. You would have given your left buttock for a pair of those “hi-zoot” Simons forks ! 92. You’ve seen white KTM’s with red-frames. 93. You actually owned a bike-cover for your machine at one point. No, really, you did. 94. You always wanted to put a 44mm Mikuni carburetor on something. Anything. 95. You knew Josh Hansen’s dad raced a bit. 96. You bought a roost-boost bottle for your bike. Supposedly it straightened out the powerband or something. 97. You worked that Impact-driver like nobody’s business. No Phillips-stripping for you, my brother. 98. The name Torsten Hallman was familiar to you, just like you knew well the Gunnar-Gasser throttle. Hell, everybody did. 99. You’ve broke more than one chain in a day. And you always carried extra master-links, you had to. 100. You knew, that if you only had five-bucks to get home on, you could get four burgers from Mickey-D’s and five gallons of gas for your Econoline van. True. 101. Back then, a rhythm – section was a drummer and a bass player.
  8. I have a set of skullcandy answer gear and the Jersey is wayyy to small now, it's a 2XL I have an XL thor jersey that fits fine, both of these jerseys are 2010. I really like answer gear but I don't know if they're fit has improved, and I've heard good things about TLD gear but I don't know how the sizing runs with them. Can you guys give me input on how different jereys fit please? (for you normal dudes I need to know what companies tend to be more baggy than others)
  9. I just picked up my first dual sport bike, an 2007 KTM 450 EXC and i am in the market to pickup riding gear so i can start enjoying the bike. I was looking at jackets at the local shop and there was a ton of different styles and wanted to know which style is best for someone looking to partake in trail and off-road riding mostly with the occasional ride down the street to the trails. I tried to throw on my old leather jacket from my sport bike riding days and it was a tad to tight so new gear is in need but i no longer live in a cold climate so i am looking for recommendations for gear in the hotter weather of Florida for dual sport riding.
  10. 21MotoMan

    Knee Braces

    Looking to make the investment on a pair of knee braces. Many choices out there .... I have read many many reviews, forums, individual testing, videos, etc ... I am leaning toward the POD K8's & Leatt ... I was hoping to get some input from you guys who have them, what they like/dislike, if they would switch to another, blah blah blah ... Thanks ahead of time ...
  11. incendiaryrain

    Clothes smell like exhaust?

    Hey guys. I have a '94 xr650l with a mikuni carb and supertrapp exhaust and every time I go for a ride I have to wash my clothes cause I smell like exhaust really bad. Is there anything I can do it prevent that? It's really annoying... thanks in advance!
  12. Muaythaicameron

    Best camelbak?

    Looking to get a camelbak for a scramble this month. Anyone have any suggestions of which to buy? I don't need a huge backpack with the ability to carry tools or anything.
  13. OdieOMoto

    SM Riding Gear?

    Hey there everybody! Im new to the forums and really new to the supermoto world. Coming from Harleys, Ive always been fine with just boots, jeans, gloves, helmet, and leather jacket and never thought I needed more. Now, 2 weeks into riding my newly acquired 2013 DRZ400sm Ive already looped it and I got scrapped up pretty good. Not bad mind you but just enough for me to step back and go huh...that kinda sucked. So my question is what kind of gear are you warriors of the road rocking on the supermotos (helmet, jacket, gloves, pads, pants, etc..)? I bought a cheap Bilt mesh jacket with the CE pads and crap in it however it only helped my wrists and elbows a little bit. It got tore up worse then I think it should have. Everything else Ive been using is what I normally wear on my Harley. Any feedback would be much appreciated! Thanks you gentlesirs and gentlemams! -Odie
  14. What kind of predilection do you wear while ice riding? What do you think are the essentials that everyone who is ice riding should wear. Thanks
  15. Enduro Chris

    How to fix Enduro and MX Clothing

    My ortheses rubbed a hole into the knee area of my Enduro Freestyle pants. Here is how to fix this the fast and easy way.. Tools required: - Scissors - Hot Glue Gun - Hot Air Gun (preferably temperature controlled) Materials required: - Old polyester clothing (e.g. old motorcycle pants) Here is a video showing the procedure (link) Step 1. Cut a piece of fabric out of the old pant (with about the size of the area to be patched). Step 2. See if it fits the area to be patched. Step 3. Using the Hot Glue Gun apply a thin layer of Hot Glue on the patch. The thinner the better.. Step 4. Heat it using the Heat Gun. First find the right temperature to melt the glue but not the patch.. Step 5. Apply the patch with some pressure. Be careful not to burn your fingers.. Step 6. Heat the patched area using the Hot Air Gun. Apply some pressure to the patch afterwards. Step 7. Apply a very thin coat of glue around the edges of the patch using the Hot Glue Gun. The thinner the better.. Step 8. Heat the sealed edges of the patch using the Hot Air Gun. Let the glue soak into the fabric. Step 9. Let everything cool down and check the seal. The patch should be as flexible as the original fabric.. Congratulations. You´re done. Now enjoy and go riding.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jfTIlg01V9I
  16. http://www.motosport.com/dirtbike/Klim-2014-Adventure-Rally-Jacket So can anyone tell me if the addition of a hydration system and a few other bits is worth over a grand.......thats $1000 MORE than a sweet $500 model from the same manufacturer? I get that it has more stuff, but a grand?$?$?$?$$$$$$$$$$$$$ Anyone here try this $1500 jacket and want to admit it?
  17. This is something I've wondered for along time and I want some peoples opinions. Why do peoples mx gear not match their bike?? Like with a honda you get red gear and a Suzuki you get yellow gear. I just wanna hear why people don't match their bikes or I'm just the weird one that matches my gear with my bike. Let me know what y'all think!
  18. Does anyone have any experience riding off road, tough trails, etc, with a riding jacket on? Thinking about trying it for inclement weather, but not sure how they hold up? I have a lightly armored Joe Rocket I was going to throw on over standard plastic body armor and give it a go this weekend. Forecast is for a lot of rain, and I thought it might help? Am I just setting myself up for a sweaty mess, and snagging on tree's? Probably. Just wondered if others had tried it. I have numerous cheap old textile riding jackets hanging around, so no big loss if something happens to one. If it works ok, I would buy a dedicated trail jacket, like the one from Moose, for example.
  19. Klim(said Klime as in Lime). Yeah, yippee. Whatever Over-priced crap or good stuff? Or a few really good items and the rest is overpriced, over hyped, oh-daddy-I-have-to-have-Klim-because-it's-the-latest-thing stuff or it costs a lot so people might think I'm rich or cool? Or it's for those old guys that really have money and a dumb enough to buy it. Or, damn this stuff really IS good?
  20. This has been brought up in past threads but maybe there are newer gear and ideas on what to wear and be prepared.. i know some locally just ride with less on.. I've seen guys and girls riding without even riding with a jersey sometimes.. thats a little too extreme for me but the heat is unbearable sometimes..and i can understand their choice. So what are your gear choices to start.. I know some wear downhill full faced mountain bike helmets for instance.. lighter and vented.
  21. Anytime I ride offroad, I wear my Camelback to help stay hydrated. And when it gets hot out, I fill my Camelback with ice cubes before I put water in it. I've tried freezing the bladder when its full prior to going riding, but that has not always worked as well as I would like, as it sometimes doesn't melt quickly enough. A full load of ice cubes seems to last quite well and the cold water it provides seems much more refreshing than water that's warm.
  22. Betarocker

    OffRoad Erzberg 2015

    Interesting finish.
  23. Any good? http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B003EROK8Y?keywords=nitrile%20shop%20gloves&qid=1457994988&ref_=sr_1_13&s=automotive&sr=1-13 Recommendations?
  24. Had a hit hare scramble last weekend and I was using a camel back from Walmart, and I ran out of water the first lap and left me without anything for the rest of the race, so I've decided to get a good quality one, your opinion on which one?
  25. MDMoto

    Help! My hands are COLD!

    Hey guys! Winter is coming, along with the cold. Late autumn weather is already making my hands go numb, especially at night, and that's WITH three pairs of gloves (two liners and thick leather winter gloves). This is my first year EVER with a street legal motorcycle. I got a brand new 2014 drz400sm in late June of this year, been riding almost every day since (just turned over 7000 miles), and I don't plan on stopping now on the count of a little cold weather. That being said, this is my first winter with my bike. I have pretty much all areas covered as far as warmth...except for my hands. I have Acerbis rally pro hand guards, but those just do not offer much wind protection. Im trying to devise a way to somehow extend the wind protection of my hand guards, something cheap, easy, and effective, but also not horribly unattractive. I just got finished trying to fabricate something out of sheet metal, but it went absolutely horribly, I wont go into details, but it was bad. Im usually fairly good at making things like this, but this just has me stumped. Does anyone have any ideas? Maybe some pictures or recommendations of what you do to keep wind off your hands? I've seen something called Knuckle Warmers online which looked cool but was $100, little pricey.