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Found 219 results

  1. Hey guys, so I'm in the market for a new bike. I had a 2004 Honda crf250r, which blew up and is the reason for looking for a new bike. Also, I never took to 4 strokes at all, although I could handle the power of the 250, and I'm trying to stay with two stroke's throttle response and easy maintenance. The riding styles I am in is desert riding, mx tracks, and was told that my girlfriend is going to drag me to the dunes. And with all of that, I need to know what my correct two stroke would be. And I am also 5' 10" and weigh 140. But I'm in the process of bulking so the weight will definitely increase. Thank you all for your time and any responses will be appreciated.
  2. Hey Guys! First time posting on here. I am stumped and do not know what else to do. I have a 2002 RM250 2stroke and cant seem to deliver any power to the bottom end in 1 & 2 gear. The other day I tried to go up a hill (a little crf150 went right up no problem) and my bike sounds like it bogs out and looses all power. The feel of the bike is this.... kickstarts right up.... down to first... twist the throttle and wait for the lag to catch up and then bam! I'm already in the top end. The carb was rebuilt( I keep working on the adjustments), new reeds, checked the power valve, new spark plug... I don't know what else to do. The best way to describe the power loss is this... it feels like the bike is starting out in 3rd gear instead of first. PLEASE HELP!!!! i JUST WANT TO RIDE ALREADY
  3. ThumperTalk

    Suzuki RM250 1988

    0 reviews

    MOTORCYCLE TYPE Moto Cross ENGINE SPECIFICATIONS Displacement (cc): 249 Cylinders: 1 Engine Stroke: 2 Speeds: 1 Speed TRANSMISSION SPECIFICATIONS Number of speeds: 1 Speed Dry Weight (lbs.): 215
  4. ThumperTalk

    Suzuki RM250 1986

    1 review

    MOTORCYCLE TYPE Moto Cross ENGINE SPECIFICATIONS Displacement (cc): 249 Cylinders: 1 Engine Stroke: 2 Speeds: 1 Speed TRANSMISSION SPECIFICATIONS Number of speeds: 1 Speed Dry Weight (lbs.): 215
  5. Colinskee

    Suzuki RM250 (1999)


    Great bike I bought summer of 2016. It had been sitting around for many years before I got it. I've been putting in about 20 plus miles on the trails every weekend and haven't had a single problem with it.
  6. 3262bk

    Suzuki RM250 (2002)


  7. RussB69

    Suzuki RM250 (2008)


    Bought in 2010, I'm the 2nd owner. Done a lot of custom mods. Shaved off over 1KG using Ti and Aluminium bolts as well as custom made auminium spacer and washers.
  8. Inked4Life

    Suzuki RM250 (2001)


    My 3rd RM and my 2nd 01 RM250. 08' RMZ Plastics.
  9. jlaney81

    Suzuki RM250 (2005)


    Super happy with this ride. Stock pipe with FMF silencer, fly wheel weight and rad valve. light, turns really well and good motor. Only compliant is the brakes. Not as good as the KTM's I have ridden the last 8 years.
  10. FullTilt151

    Suzuki RM250 (2004)


    It's like riding an angry bee hive.
  11. Afrothunderkat

    Suzuki RM250 (2003)


    Nothing handles like a zook!
  12. NeedMoreHorsePower

    Suzuki RM250 (2000)


    In the process of a full restoration!
  13. Millvill54

    03 rm 250 build

    I'm looking for a good set of complete wheels for my 2003 rm 250. I have been having alot of trouble finding anything that fits. I have found the kke wheels on ebay but I am skeptical about quality. Any suggestions?
  14. ThumperTalk

    Suzuki RM250 1983

    0 reviews

    MOTORCYCLE TYPE Moto Cross ENGINE SPECIFICATIONS Displacement (cc): 249 Cylinders: 1 Engine Stroke: 2 Speeds: 1 Speed TRANSMISSION SPECIFICATIONS Number of speeds: 1 Speed Dry Weight (lbs.): 215
  15. 2stroke_diehard

    What makes Suzuki's handle so well?

    I have yet to ride a Suzuki, but I always hear people raving about the handling and turning of these bikes. I've looked at the offset, trail, and caster angle of RM's compared to other brands. Nothing really stands out as the smoking gun. I'm guessing it has more to do with weight distribution, chassis design, and the rear linkage. I only ask this because I'm looking to purchase a used 250 2-stroke either an RM250 (01-08) or YZ250 (02-04). I ride a small track with lots of turns and jumps right out of corners. Which seems like a perfect fit for the RM. Wondering what years of RM250 to consider I know the 04-08 are very good. I have about $2000 to spend and I could pick up an 06 if I find the right seller.
  16. YO! Picked up a pair of fox comp 5's @ chaparral Motorsports for $150 and decided "Why not just dye boots to the color I want" Well, I did that! I am now a proud owner of pruple and black fox comp 5's! The only ones in existence to my knowledge, and the first to dye moto boots as google yielded NOTHING. It worked great and cost around $10 in rit dye. I may go another round to make them darker but heres some pics! I thgink they match my bike pretty well!
  17. lcrowder

    Suzuki RM250 (1995)


    Frame-off rebuild and restoration. Everything gone-through and just finished the break-in. FAST FAST FAST thanks to the motor work done at Matt's Cycles in Coxsackie, NY.
  18. 2StrokeCruiser

    Top end rebuild issue

    Hi all, so I finally got my 97 rm250 up and running, and got a title from my local pd and dmv for it. The bike was pretty rough when i got it, but I've done allot of work to it and it is on pretty good shape now. Things were going too well... So i got the cylinder re-sleeved to stock specs, new stock bore pistion rings ect. I completely took the powervalve out, cleaned the assy and fixed a few broken bits. Cleaned the carb, checked my jets, float, needle. Everything was great. Sounds good right? So I put it all back together and fire it up. It took about 10 kicks to get started, which I did completely drain the carb so i would expect it too. I had the rad cap off so i could watch my fluid and be sure all was good, after about 1 minute of it idling i shut it down, and put my cap back on. Tried firing it back up and it wasnt having any of it. About 30 kicks, it was just blowing gas out of the carb lines. Check compression, still good, so i pulled the header off to take a look into the cylinder, no signs of blowback, but it was as wet as a river in there! Clearly premix not crank oil . So i pulled my carb off and checked it out, drained the floats and inspected needle, float and jets. Put it back on aaaand still nothing. I'm at a loss here, any help? As a side note, It has fresh 91 oct. 32:1 premix, it was jetted for it anyway, the reeds were good, I inspected them well. Fresh plug, (its just a Ngk from napa, but my manual says it takes a $60 platinum plug???) compression is good, seals are all good, EVERYTHING was torqued and set to clymer spec, I have a good snap-on torque wrench that i had tested for accuracy before using on this project, it was .6 of a ft.lb off spec, so not an issue. All crushwashers were replaced. I'm at wits end here, I've done one heat cycle, I'm gonna go do the second any help would be appreciated.
  19. 3262bk

    2 Stroke Maintence

    Hello I just purchased my first 250 2 stroke and am fairly new to the 2 stroke world as i have previously had a kx250f. So I was curious as to what all maintenance i should do on a rm250 besides top end rebuilds.
  20. ThumperTalk

    Suzuki RM250 1980

    1 review

    MOTORCYCLE TYPE Moto Cross ENGINE SPECIFICATIONS Displacement (cc): 249 Cylinders: 1 Engine Stroke: 2 Speeds: 1 Speed TRANSMISSION SPECIFICATIONS Number of speeds: 1 Speed Dry Weight (lbs.): 215
  21. lotten454

    Suzuki RM250 (2004)


    Bikes ridden to compare to- 06 YZ250, 01 YZ250, 00 YZ250, 2001 CR 250 The bike handles great! Good low end power, great mid-high end power! I bought this bike used and have put a solid 40 hours on it on the track with no issues whatsoever.
  22. jarrod51

    Suzuki RM250 (2001)


    2001 RM 250 With FMF Gnarly pipe Pro-Lite Piston, Pro Taper Bars and a Tall Seat.
  23. Kpoulz328

    Suzuki RM250 (2004)


    great bike