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Found 157 results

  1. ridecrazy11

    Suzuki DR-Z400E (2001)


    My first "dual sport" I've usually just had motocross bikes but I need "Transportation" ;) And the "E" is licensed so I got a great BANG for the buck
  2. soeyesays

    Suzuki DR-Z400S (2013)


    I only have so much money to go around. I'll be spending it on functional equipment and preventative maintenance first(clearly pointed out in E. Marquez's outstanding FAQ section).
  3. rebelionshot

    Honda CR125R (2001)


    01 CR125R New top end & Bottom end, needs fork seals, aftermarket Acerbis plastics, Effex grip seat,FMF gold fatty, FMF powercore2 shorty, 13/52 sprocket
  4. 1 review

    PRODUCT DESCRIPTION One Industries Techno Grip Seat Cover For Kawasaki Motocross Bikes. Part Of The One Industries Moto And Mtb Gear & Graphics Collection. The Largest Space Of Contact Between A Rider And Their Bike Is Between Their Legs. A Motocross Riders Connection With Their Seat Cover Is Crucial As To How Well They Are Able To Control Their Bike. The One Industries Highly Refined And Durable Seat Cover For Kawasaki Off Road Motorcycles Keeps The Riders In Place While Maximizing Their Control.
  5. Yellowstuff

    Yamaha YZ250F (2007)


    Handles good. Comfortable. Feels like it could use more grunt in the bottom end.
  6. Crfonefiddy

    Honda CRF150RB Expert (2009)


    Compared to all of the other 85 2 strokes, this thing is a rocket. The one thing that i don't like is the bottom end power. The bike just wants to not go when in the bottom end, but when i rev it in the top end it really goes.
  7. parrish80

    Suzuki DR-Z400SM (2009)


    This bike rocks. Extremely fun. Extremely reliable.
  8. PWM

    Honda CRF250L (2015)


    Just picked it up today, August 7, 2015. I had the shop install a FMF Power Core 4 pipe and FMF Programer before I picked it up. It runs well but I only put 40 miles on it. So far so good.
  9. 2 reviews

    Introducing the TC-4. The first specifically designed seat cover kit for todays 4-strokes. After months of R and D, FX has designed a seat cover kit with never before used seat technology. The TC-4 comes with all new Dura-Grip material that has integrated embossed top seat ribs that keep you positioned on the seat where you need to be. The TC-4 features original color matched rear panel, raised OEM logos and interlock stitching for long lasting wear. Heavy-duty traction control material Integrated contoured grip ridges OEM color-matched
  10. Well folks, as some of you might already know, I've spent some time and money getting my KX250 woods-worthy, and manageable for my short stature (light forks and shock springs, hand guards, smaller front sprocket, skid plate, shaved seat, etc). I did my new top end exactly 2 weeks ago. And then it happened: I found out my buddy was selling his low hour 2009 XC 200 2T. And I'll be the first to say that I never thought I'd own a KTM. I grew up in 70's America, falling in love with Hemi super stock cars. Brute force, in your face. Just like my KX. But the XC is just so... gentlemanly. Nimble, light, refined. Truly enjoyable to ride (I've never been on any KTM before) Honestly, I would compare the feel more to my trials bike than a MX bike. The odd thing is that on paper, the KTM has exactly 1 more horsepower than my KX. But it doesn't feel it. I kept waiting for the hang-on-oh-my-God assault like my KX delivers, but it's not there. I know the delivery is intentionally moved to the lower end for these XC's. And it does wake up with a deliberate twist of the throttle. But it's just missing...something. I intentionally didn't post in the KTM section because I didn't want the KTM pompous elite telling me what a "real bike" feels like. Anyone here have a similar experience? Don't get me wrong, in 10 minutes I was in love with the bike and committed to buying it. But I'm hoping that the strong points of the XC will get stronger as I ride and will overshadow my occasional need for an adrenaline fix, instead of me getting more bored with it. And fwiw, I ride strictly woods, trails, enduro. I love technical stuff (as if the trials bike didn't clue you in). And please guys, keep the sarcasm and elitist comments out. I'm truly looking for experiences you've had, if similar. Don't make me come over there!
  11. yankeekid51

    Guts Racing Seat Foam

    2 reviews

    PRODUCT DETAILS Manufactured by Guts Racing. This replacement TALL seat foam is their medium density foam. Excellent for riders you want the seat taller to minimize fatigue from transitioning from a sitting to a standing position. Quality injected seat foam. Available for some model years in stock or 1 inch taller than stock height. Also soft, medium or hard firmness for some models.
  12. CrashySmashyKyle

    Moose Racing Adventure Seat

    1 review

    > Rugged micro-fiber suede top cover provides rider comfort and confidence. > Side gripper panes keep you aboard during aggressive maneuvering. > Smooth marine-grade vinyl with debossed Moose Racing logo. > Comes with strap kit that enables you to confidently secure cargo to the pillion section of your seat.
  13. michaelg131

    Coleman ATV Seat Pad

    2 reviews

    PRODUCT DETAILS Soft-molded foam adds extra cushion Covers existing rips and tears and stops them from growing bigger Three quick release buckles easily secure protector to the seat
  14. So yesterday i was a little bored and had to rebuild the spedo/headlight unit on my bike, and as the liquid nails was drying i saw the stock seat in a box off to the side. being 5'6" and 135# i know i'd almost never use it opposed to my gel seat, so i decided to "shave off some foam. Anyone who was wondering about doing this mod and worrying about it coming out bad, dont, i took 20 mins with a razor and a stapler and had it done in no time: well hee it is stock and before i got to hacking And i tried to pull out some staples, but i really didnt wanna fuss with that. and i figured since ill be taking out material that would yield more seat-cover-overlap, so i'd have plenty to staple if i just cut it off: once the seat cover was off i roughly sketched a 2-2 1/2 mark as to how deep i'd go. i then made a cut out to the back and one up towaeds the tank tapering until it evened out with the stock seat. i tried to peel and cut, peel and cut for about a minute, but well that way sucked and wasnt very efficent, so i started to just cut straight down to my depth line in 1-2" segments and then would just cut that piece out and so on the whole way down: I continued until it was done... crappy but done. i was going to try to smooth it out, but taking small chuncks out of there with a dull razor is not easy. you just rip it. so since i wasnt gunna use the seat anyway i decided to go ahead and cover it. to cover it i put one staple on each end in the center to ensure i didnt put it on crooked. then i did 3 or 2 staples towards the center from one side to the other. with 2 inches of foam missing from the middle you really have to pull hard to suck it down. i finally got it done, and notcied that i shoulda smoothed out where the cut part meets the stock part, but oh well, i'd be easy to re-do. anyway i dont think its too bad for a short guy and 20 minutes... oh and be sure when you staple it back down you push real hard and squarely with your stapler or it wont work.... pull fabrick, hold it in place with stapler, and squeeze if you try to hold tension with your hand and staple behind it, it usually dosent work out too well and yes there is about a 1/2 inch gap between the seat and fabric in the middle of the bend...
  15. Bryan.711

    Kawasaki KX250F (2012)


    Great first bike. Purchased second hand from dealership. It was raced and needed a new top end after my first season. Engine was amazing after that, easiest bike to start and was much stronger than stock.