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Found 72 results

  1. ThumperTalk

    MSR Aluminum Shift Lever

    6 reviews

    Forged from high quality aluminum Tougher than stock and a lot less expensive Folding shift tip with knurled gripping surface Fits exactly like O.E.M. part
  2. Thanthos

    Suzuki DR-Z400SM (2015)


    MODS: Yoshimura RS-3 FMF Jet kit 3X3 MOD Acerbis Cyclops Edge II w/ integrated turn signals Flush mount front turn signals shorty levers spiegler braided brake lines Acerbis SM front fender MSR Shift lever Radiator Guard Bash Guard
  3. Bluevapor

    Honda CRF250R (2015)


    So far the bike has been great. It handles well and has been a lot of fun.
  4. Tcsglassworks

    From Stock to...

    Well, i decided to upgrade the 250l with parts. gonna be using this to track the progress from stock. Stock 2014 CRF250L Picture taken: 7/3/13 8/20/13 Installed 2 handlebar speakers powered by a 200w mini amp Sound quality is not bad at all. when i ride next to my buddy who has a harley thats straight piped i can still hear what im listening to. 12/18/13 Plasti dipped the whole bike black. Taped off all graphics, logos and safety stickers took 2 1/2 cans of black. about 4 coats on each section of plastic. followed by 2 coats of glossifier Final product of the plasti dip
  5. Dirtysdad

    Kawasaki KX250F (2015)


    Bike is awesome! Kid loves it. Especially the oversized front brake.(stock). Need to put some Michelin's on her.A Yoshimura slip-on,(we ride in the limited class)and Factory Connection suspension.<br />
  6. Bryan Bosch

    KTM 450 XCR-W (2008)


    This bike rocks because KTM gave it so many letters. The more letters, the more horsepower. So, this thing has like 600 I think. Read my full review here: http://www.thumpertalk.com/reviews/product/42685-ktm-450-xcr-w/
  7. thorns_nz

    Hammerhead Shift lever

    Anyone else running a hammerhead shift lever on there YZ125? Just bought one with he extended tip for my size 13 boots. the product itself looks top notch, and high quality, no complaints there. The problem I am having is actually installing it on the right spline, I want to go lower by 1 spline, but when I do, I cant then get the bolt in as the bottom frame of the bike is in the way. I did consider installing screw partially before putting on, but it makes it tight on the spline, and I dont want to damage the screw of gear selector spline, with the screw part way in, I would need to hit into place with a mallet. Even if i pull the lever up to try rotate the screw hole round, it doesnt allow enough room to access from underneath. Anyone else had this issue? Should I just use a bit of force with the bolt threaded in halfway?
  8. ThumperTalk

    MSR Steel Shift Lever

    8 reviews

    Made from strong, bend resistant steel Less expensive than stock to replace a damaged lever Folding shift tip with knurled gripping surface
  9. ThumperTalk

    IMS Folding Shift Lever

    3 reviews

    Folding Shift Lever by IMS
  10. Yamaharider574

    Yamaha YZ125 (2003)


    love the power of this bike!
  11. 4 reviews

    Hammerhead billet Shifters are made from 6061 Aerospace billet aluminum Folding spring loaded tips are tunable to different boot sizes Adjustable upward and downward with shim placement and fore and aft with optional shift tips Add to the overall length of the shift lever with optional tips
  12. HPilot72

    Honda CRF250L (2014)


    So far, awesome machine! Changing out the 14t sprocket for a 13T makes a huge difference! Stock exhaust dropped 10 lbs off the bike and removing the rear fender/ lic plate assembly for a DRC Edge2 install dropped another 5 lbs and cleaned up the tail end quite nicely. Stock tires are find for light trail riding, but slippery hard pack or muddy conditions really show how a tire that does well on the street, makes for a lackluster woods tire. I have had this bike on technical terrain and the stock suspension has faired well. I am 190 lbs and the rear shock did require some addition of pre-load. Suspension upgrades are on the 'to do' list on down the trail.
  13. My dad always told me to use the clutch every shift because for the reason that the clutch disengages the motor and let's the gear set into place in the next gear. He always says if you don't then you are chipping away a little bit of the gear teeth by not using the clutch because the gears jam and force themselves into place. So I want to know what everyone else thinks about how to shift. And what it does to the transmission and gears shifting both ways. I've always used the clutch until some of my friends said it doesn't matter either way is the same. So the last couple times I've gone riding I haven't used the clutch. I back off the throttle almost all the way or most of the way before I shift without the clutch
  14. BermRider18

    Folding shifter levers/shifters

    Hey all, I noticed on a few youtube videos and noticed it myself that the stock shifter does not fold, obviously this is problematic because if you hit a rock or tree and bend your shifter you can have a hard time getting back home. So i started looking online for some good aftermarket shift levers that fold and i'm having a really hard time finding them for crf250l i don't even thnink they exist. So i hve heard a bunch of rumors and opinion from other people and I don't know what model of bike to buy the shifter from i have heard of using a CRF150R shifter Just wondering wich would fit ? And if you could link a website that ships to Canada and has them it would be greatly appreciated! Thanks