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Found 469 results

  1. Jordan.Brock96

    Honda XR200R (1993)


    Solid and Reliable bike, as long as you treat the bike well. 6 Gears and lots of torque make it perfect for trails. It will carry a 6'0" 230lb guy through the woods without problem or stall.
  2. sxf505spicolli

    KTM 505 SX-F (2008)


    Love it
  3. WIXConA96

    Suzuki RM250 (1996)


    I love this bike in the woods the forks are so plush and its very easy to steer with the rear end
  4. oxfordshire

    Honda CRF250L (2015)


    for the money its just brilliant<br />
  5. First of hello to all! This is my first post but I have lurked for a while as a guest. Now on with the question.... I have a 2001 XR650L I have owned since new but it has beed very neglected the past few years due to life and work....It has been locked up in a sea can for at least 5 years and maybe got out once a year to start and ride down the road when I get by the place. So I deciced to get it out and get the old girl going and go thru every thing and upgrade so I can take it with me on my Jeep travels and ride. My question is what to do with the forks....I have several options... as I am a collector of stuff lol Option 1: revalve and fix up stockers with a brace. option 2: Use the forks and parts off my 2006 crf 450 and part out the rest of the bike. It runs good and is a great bike but I really have no use for it and it prob needs valves and what not done. But im not against using it as I really prefer to ride the 650 the high rev 4 stroke was never my thing prefered my 2 stroke for that. I would use the emig racing clamp setup and pay for it with the sale of the parts. It has a full leo vince exhaust and custom triple clamps on it so sell as well. I got the bike on a trade for money owed. option 3: I have a full frame of a 96 RM125 minus the motor only... It has the big bore forks like a drz400. But havent found any info on a swap or anyone doing it.....Gary at emig said he could build them tho not sure on the cost tho yet I will be used mostly as a trail bike but I ride pretty aggressive. You can see what was already done in my sig..but I plan to do bigger tank, black excel wheels as my rear wheel is toast, and possibly an oil cooler.
  6. PcBuilder14

    Honda CRF250L (2014)


    First bike. Still learning, but I think it's perfect for a beginner like me.
  7. Hey TTalk Suspension Gurus- I know a lot of the awesome crowd here at TTalk are into suspension tuning, and even more want to get into it. Twice a year, Race Tech's founder and author of the Motorcycle Suspension Bible, Paul Thede hosts a week long series of classes teaching the ins and outs of motorcycle suspension. Many of the top tuners got their start learning from Paul, and the classes are tailored to start from the ground up for the new tuner while still providing necessary and up to date info for the experienced tuners. Everyone from minibike dads, race team technicians, to the OEM engineers are often found in these classes. Also, stay tuned to TTalk in the coming weeks as we're working on putting together some details for a giveaway to the loyal TTalk visitors. We appreciate your passion for suspension tuning and are excited to have a lucky forum member join us for the seminars. The nuts and bolts: November 1-2: Suspension Theory Class November 3-4: Shop Skills Class November 5: Trackside Testing Class November 6-7: Advanced Suspension Class More details on each class, pricing, travel info and more can be found here. If you have more questions, feel free to post them here. If you want to sign up or ask questions privately, you may shoot me an email to chris@racetech.com or give our sales staff a call at 951.279.6655. *disclaimer: Sorry if this is a bit spammy - I try to limit posts like this, but felt there would be a lot of members here who would be excited and want to take advantage of this. Hopefully many of you will be excited for the upcoming contest and won't flame me too badly haha!
  8. 1997 xr650l, would like to lower it bout an inch. i don't want to shave the seat and I already made the adjustments to my suspension. I would like to pick one up at the end of today and just curious as I see different models and diff manufactures, was curious if there was an outstanding model or a reasoning for getting one verses the other, thanks for the feedback ahead of time. Cheers, safe riding.
  9. kk21

    Yamaha YZ450F (2016)


    Great bike! Tons of power! Suspension is great. Will need heavier spring rate if you are a larger rider. Experiment with gearing for better feel. GYTR tuner is a great investment. Love it!!
  10. Hiya. I am getting ready to set up my shim stack and install GR-2 gold valves in my 2014 S forks. When I remove the OE stack and valve, there is no base plate between the stack and the body. (at least not the size/style I was expecting) I attached pics of what I think may be the "base plate", but they look more like spacing shims to me. They are larger in diameter and a bit thicker than the smallest stack shims that sit against them. Could someone shed some light on this?
  11. mrport6793

    Suzuki DR-Z400S (2012)


    Love it.
  12. ridinblind

    Honda CRF250L (2014)


    This is my first dirt bike after many years on crotch rockets so Im still learning the dirt ropes but I do love this bike.
  13. I reassembled the linkage bearings on my 2006 yz250f. Removed the old bearings, replaced with new cages, bearings and collars, regreased, now trying to put back together with the kit I bought. On the connecting arm that's shaped like a horseshoe, I'm not sure whether there should be protecting washers that insert into the rubber seals on either side. On the relay arm, there were gold plates as you can see in the attached pictures. So my question is whether there should be gold plates on both pieces instead of just one. Thanks.
  14. slim105

    Suspension HELP!

    I just traded my 93 cr125 for a 96 cr250 and when I jump it as soon as I come off the ground and my forks extend It feels like they bottom out and you can feel it in the handel bars it does not feel right at all you can actually hear it hit or bottom out not shure what its doing....Im thinking there is no fork oil in the forks or my spring is to soft..any help at all will be appreciated.
  15. 2016 onwards sxf rear shock Just wanting to know what the spring inside the rear shock does? Located between the seal head and valving base plate
  16. DEATH_INC.

    Husqvarna TXC 450 (2010)


    Actually a 2009 model. Not a bad machine. Bad bits; radiators are easy to damage, even with 'gaurds'. Suspension is pretty average, stock. Suspension linkage needs greasing more than average due to a bad seal design. A bit heavy, and not real nimble. Good bits; Tons of power, easy to work on. E-start (plus kick) I don't mean to make it sound bad, it's a pretty decent bike, a few small mods and some different tires (pirelli's instead of michelin) and it's starting to work well now. I'm happy with it. With gold valves fitted front and rear, cutting the bars down a bit and setting the front springs a couple of grooves softer, it's turning much better now and doesn't feel quite so big and clumsy. Just need to sort the rider out now
  17. Aussie CRFX Rider

    KTM 500 EXC (2015)


    Great power<br />Light<br />Suspension needs work