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Found 642 results

  1. i baught almost every street tire on the market for our bikes, but just got my 1st set of dirt tires, kenda trakmaster 2's.. and im not familiar lifespans on dirt tires and need some advice they seem to be wearing crazy fast..after 20miles. 24psi cold..im not sure if its normal wear or not to see the knobs chewed off on the front side of the knob about 2-3mm already.. what is a long lasting rear tire that has agressive knobby tread?? (i do not want a shinko244 or similar tread)
  2. 146Kawi

    Tire Size

    i have a 2014 KX450F..... The tire sizes are 80/100-21 and 120/80-19 and i was wondering if i could go up to 90/100-21 and 120-90-19 or would that be to big to run on the bike... Thanks
  3. trail riding. nothing extreme. I recently picked up a 2002 cr250, very low hours. Has original Dunlops, manufactured in August 2001. the front tire has some cracks on a section of the left side wall, and three cracks on an area between the knobbies on the right side of the tire. The rear has no cracks at all. Knobbies on both tires still in excellent condition. front (Dunlop Sports K490G): rear (Dunlop Sports K695):
  4. I am looking to buy new tires for my KTM 300. Riding conditions are mostly hard packed dirt/ rocky with occasional mud (California trails). I want the best all around tire and have narrowed my choice down to the "Pirelli MT16" for the rear. My two size choices are 110/100 18 and 120/100 18. What size would work best for my riding conditions? Also what I need some recommendations for the front tire.
  5. Hey guys. I have a 2015 YZ125 and it's standing on a 5 gallon bucket. The rare tire is off the ground and the front tire is not completely off but I'm sure there isn't much weight on it.. How do I get both tires off the ground? Does it matter that the front tire is completely off or what?
  6. Hey guys. I got DNA rims about eight years ago. The original bearings lasted quite a while. I bought a cheap ten pack off eBay and they were junk. Wheels wobbled left and right after two weeks. So I bought brand name bearings. Same thing. Been a month and the front barely spins and the rear feels very wobbly. Where does a guy buy high quality bearings that will last???
  7. Ok, lets hear everyones opinions on the Dunlop MX 51 front. With reasons for likes and dislikes. Not just they suck, or their the best.
  8. epicadventur

    Going Tubeless?

    Hey guys and gals, just wondering if anyone has tryed running no tubes. I see Chapparel sells a kit...or at least used to. I am also into mountain biking and running no tubes is lighter, you can runs your tiers with lower pressure for better traction. Just curious of any experience with moto.
  9. For those of you who remember, does the new tread pattern on the michelin front tire S12 XC, work as well or better as the older style Michelin S12 front tire?
  10. jbird710

    DNA Extreme Wheel Set

    3 reviews

    DNA - MX Wheel Set - Honda CR/CRF250/450 '02-12 - Custom [TRC-8453] Wheel Bearings Included Complete Wheel Set Choose your hub and rim colors! Laced and Trued in USA Includes Bearings, Seals & Spacers Accepts stock Sprocket and Discs Optional Sprocket & Discs (Mounting hardware not included, but available in this category of the Online Store) Honda CR250, CRF250, CRF450 '02-12 Front 21 x 1.60 Rear 19 x 2.15 or 18 x 2.15
  11. I posted previously regarding whether Omara wore out JMart or JMart is unravelling after parting ways with Omara. I noticed in moto 2 of RedBud and Southwick, JMart went down after tucking a wheel, didn't get injured, but niether time did he make an express effort to get back to the bike, lift it up, and get on his way. Is the guy appearing totally discouraged to you or is it just me? His late moto charges haven't been there and he hasn't really been on rails really since 14. I have posted this because I genuinely like him. He was of a single mind, win or nothing but now he just is not the same guy. I don't buy that the lights field is deeper. It is deeper, but that was not an obsticle for him before nor is it something Coop would allow to get in his head. Btw, are we seeing Savatgy unravelling too? He got to the forefront of the lights and it is like he just tightened up and is so afraid to lose that he is making mental error after mental error. It is really kinda sad to watch Thoughts?
  12. Hey guys I ride a lot of rocky trails & some coal hills once in a while (aswell as a variety of dirt & mud along the way). I have a set of STI MXC's on the front is holding up well but the rear is pretty shot already after only 3-4 rides. Another few rides and its ready for a new one. Was wondering if theres something that I might get a few more rides out of? Want to try some different tires to see what I like best. What would you guys recommend for my type of trails? 110/90-19 if it matters.
  13. billybaru13

    Wheel spacers

    I am getting sick of buying new wheel spacers every year for my X. Has anyone here tried something like this, that has the steel piece pressed on where the wheel bearing seal rubs? https://www.thumpertalk.com/shop/MSR-Wheel-Spacer-Kit-11-1015-1-p4118835.html
  14. I own an 08 yz 250f and am considering running the nuetech tubeless tire system, I was just curious about anybody running then and what they think? Are they reliable, easy to install worth the money? What do ya think? Any info is appreciated!!
  15. GVDRZ400SM

    Good tire for the supermoto?

    What are you guys running and happy with ? I Was gonna get pilot powers but they're all out right now everywhere I look in a 150/60. And don't have a ETA on them either . I was thinking of trying out the continental conti-motion sport touring . I'm looking for some good reliable grip on the roads , so I can rip some twisties confidently .. What you guys running?
  16. What do you think of this Arctic Cat on A71B Black Mamba's Raceline Wheels on Arisun Tires?!
  17. cookiemonsterMoA

    Tube keeps spinning

    Ever since I started using a trials tire my valve stem does no stay straight. I have tried 2 rim locks and it still happens.. What can I do to get the tube from moving? This never happened when I used knobbies.
  18. 2006SilveradoZ71

    Wheel balancing

    Got my stock wheels balanced yesterday at the local honda dealership and the tech had to use 6oz of weight to get the rear balanced!!!!! Anyone ever used that much? It rides WAYYYY better needless to say. So should I be worried?
  19. epicadventur

    Trailside Flat Repair

    Morning everyone, Could have posted this in the general forum, but always enjoy talking to my fellow DRZ'ers. Was riding yesterday offroad on very rocky terrain. All went well, but was thinking if I flatted, what would I do. I carry the tools necessary to actually pull my tires off of the bike as well as a patch kit, a small can of WD40 to lube the bead and a small pump. My question was, how would I support the bike to actually get the tire off? If I could find a downed tree or a large rock that I could get the bike over and have it rest on it, that might work. But a downed tree/rock may not always be available or accessable. It would seem very awkward to lay the bike on its side to do it. Anybody have any other ides or Macgyver-isms that work to support the bike? Thanks
  20. rtbo

    Rim Flat Spot

    Unloaded the bike Sat. night and noticed had a rear flat tire and a pretty large flat spot on the rim. Anyone ever try to pound one out? Don"t want to crack the rim but wondered if it was worth a try?
  21. planetwister

    My tubeless conversion experience..

    Decided to try and tackle sealing the spokes and installing a standard valve stem to be tubeless! It's interesting.. Watched a little how-to a guy did on supermoto junkie.. Tried to take as many pics as I could. First dismount tire, remove tube and rubber spoke protector strip, clean and blow out spokes where silicone will be applied. Drill out valve stem hole to fit automotive style valve stem, ended up using a 7/16 drill bit. Forgot to get a pic of it but put silicone inside and around valve stem nut? (I guess that's what you call it) wrapped gorilla tape down the middle and on both sides. Mounted tire, aired up and I previously had a screw go threw the tire so I fixed that. Now tire is sitting there making little noises.. Did notice a little silicone seeping out of spoke nut, hoping it seals and doesn't leak! Crossing fingers. If its good then ill do the front
  22. I am using this method to stud my tires. Cost me under $40 to make them. I don't even know if I am going to like winter riding so if they don't last then no big deal.
  23. SnootleMX

    Buckled Wheels???

    Ok, wheels. Every bike has em, and i bet most bikes have a slight buckle in them too. it's the easiest thing to overcome, just a bit boring but hey. first off, mount a pen on your forks pointing at your rim, and spin the wheel a few times. This will leave a pen mark on the parts of the wheel that are buckled so you can stop spinning it all day and trying to catch the wheel at the buckle. Next, take your spoke wrench (a spanner really won't do much - trust me). All you need to do is loosen the side where the buckle is, and tighten the oposite side in effect "pulling" the wheel back into place. this will in effect put tension back on the other side so your spokes aren't loose. EASY!! You only need turn the spoke nipples at max 1 turn at a time and alternate between about 4 - 6 spokes (2-3 on each side). After some patience, and a few cups of tea, you'll have a nice straight wheel ready to go out and bend again. Lovely
  24. BannerUp

    Tire Selection Guide

    You've installed new springs to accomodate your weight and riding style, adjusted the preload, and spent three weekends out in the rocks and roots getting the compression and rebound dampening just right, then your buddy says you've got the wrong tires. Hey, maybe he's right. What good are all those performance and handling mods if the rubber that puts them on the trail isn't getting the job done? Choosing the "right" tire, however, is complicated by the number of brands, models and styles -- it's enough to boggle your mind. In the old days, tires were like ice cream, they came in three flavors: street, knobby or trials. Today, there's alot more than 31 flavors, and trying to simplify your decision by visiting a tire-talk forum is like tuning into a "Church of Tires" broadcast. But there are criteria for making the right choice. Here's a four-step process for finding a new pair of shoes for your bike and riding style. It won't eliminate some trial-and-error, but will help minimize poor choices: Step 1 => Understand the General Rules of Thumb... • Knobbies provide more traction and are less prone to flats than street tires in off-road terrain; • But some DOT approved dual sport tires work quite well in off-road situations; • Trials tires provide more traction than knobbies on just about everything; • But most feel wishy-washy on paved or hard-packed roads unless you pump them up; • The more technical a trail becomes, the more a trials tire will out perform a knobby. • Tires with soft rubber provide more traction but do not wear as well as hard-rubber tires; • Wide tires provide more traction and straight-line stability than narrow tires, but less steering precision; Step 2 => Understand the "Knobby Vs Trials" Rules of Thumb... Most off-road bikes work best with knobbies, but some riders have mounted one of the modern radial-ply trials-type tires for superior handling in certain conditions. The more technical a trail becomes, for example, the more a trials tire will out perform a knobby. With more power getting to the ground, a stock 250 can feel like a 300, and that's good news! It's controversial, of course, and perhaps always will be, but here are some things to consider when you're looking for a new set of shoes... • Knobbies get their "bite" by digging into the ground and pushing; • Trials tires gets traction by wrapping itself around the rocks and roots and rolling over them; • On slippery surfaces, such as dry weeds, wet rocks and pebbled roads, a trials tire flattens out more than a knobby to give you a better bite -- the more "technical" a trail becomes, the more a trials tire will out perform a knobby. • Trials tires do not, therefore, break loose as easily or as predictably as a knobby, so you probably would not choose one for sliding around corners or for any situation where you need some wheel spin • But a rear trials tire will break loose in a more predictable and controlled way with a trials tire on the front, because the front will remain more firmly planted while you're swinging the rear through a turn • You should adjust your suspension to be stiffer for a trials tire than you would for a knobby • Since trials tires flatten out more than knobbies, they give the rider more "cone effect" in turns. Take a paper cup -- small at the bottom and large at the top. Toss it on the ground, and give it a kick. See? • Knobbies have a stiffer sidewall, and therefore provide more protection against flats due to a slashed sidewall than do trials type tires • But you can minimize "pinch" flats in a trials tire by installing a tubeless trials tire (which has a stiffer sidewall than the tube models) with a heavy duty tube, such as the 4 mil Bridgestone Ultra Heavy Duty tube • You can use as little as 6-9 pounds for maximum traction, but 10 lbs is recommended to minimize flats • Trials tires are easier to mount than a knobby, but the bead comes off the rim quickly with a flat -- you won't be riding back to camp on a flat trials tire, so be prepared to replace the air by one method or another. • Keep a close eye on your spokes -- the more flexible sidewalls on a trials tires seems to put more forces on the rim and accelerate loosening of spokes. • Keep a close eye on the valve stem. Install the tube so the stem leans forward slightly when at the bottom position. If you notice it leaning backward, your tire is slipping on the rim. Try a wider rim lock or insert a small strip of inner tube between the bead and rim at the rim-lock location. • Trials tires do not handle big whoops as well as knobbies do, and some are "squirmy" on paved or hard-packed roads, so they're not the best choice for desert or dual sport events with easy trails and occasional highway riding. • The trials tire with the best wear has the best traction but the worst side knobs and the least overall knobby feel... Step 3 => Compare the Rules with the Characteristics of Specific Tires... Visit the websites of off-road tire manufacturers and browse through the different models they offer. Check out the fitment guide at each website for your bike, model and year -- sometimes those guys at the factory really do know what they are talking about. Most tire sites provide a picture of each tire with a brief description of its intended use, but Michelin makes it even easier by providing a chart for each of its tires. Here's the chart for one of their enduro tires... DUNLOP... http://www.dunlopmot...com/default.asp MAXXIS... http://www.maxxis.co...orcycleATV.aspx MICHELIN... http://two-wheels.michelin.com/ PIRELLI... http://www.pirellity...le/default.page And here's a chart to help you understand those designations on the sidewall of the tire... Step 4 => Visit Tire-Talk Forum and Read the Rider Reviews... AMERICAN MOTORCYLE ASSN => http://www.amadirect...rresc/tires.asp THUMPERTALK => http://www.thumperta...splay.php?f=233 WEB BIKE WORLD => http://www.webbikewo...s/tire-data.htm