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Found 69 results

  1. Michael499

    Kawasaki KX250F (2014)


    Solid platform to work with. . Carter and Gary Bailey worked on final suspension settings, which are TCD's handy work. The C4MX modified race motor arrived and is ready for installation. New black plastics await the graphics. The Yosh pipe is on. Rental bars cut to 31.5" are on. Sharp footpegs too. The Braking oversized rotor. Graphics are on their way. Here the initial start up of the C4MX motor at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dJF-VuBRauw
  2. allbadbones

    KTM 520 EXC (2001)


    love it lots of power great ride
  3. N8ster

    Yamaha YZ250X (2016)


    This bike works great! I purchased it in March 2016. It will be used for off-road racing and general play riding. Power comes on hard, right off the idle. Suspension is valved pretty close to where I would like it. Only a few clicks on the forks to make it work. The wide ratio transmission compliments the package well. I thought I would remove the kick stand but it works well and stays in place.
  4. hondacrfinct

    Kawasaki KX450F (2010)


    Smoothest, Fastest, Most Powerful Bike i've ever owned. Currently Race J-Day Offroad and New England MX (450B)
  5. cgschob

    Husaberg FE501 (2014)


    This bike completely changed my opinion about big bore 4 strokes and how well they can perform in the nasty
  6. Sierra_rider

    Beta 300 RR Race Edition (2015)


    It has a very neutral chassis, turns very well but doesn't give much up in stability. The power is very linear and easy to use. If you wan't a hard-hitting 2 stroke, this isn't your bike. Even with the aggressive map switch and the powervalve adjuster turned in, it much more mellow than my Yz. Although the power may not be exciting, it's perfect for gnarly technical terrain. Stock forks were harsh on square-edge obstacles. The Pressure springs(small spring in the top of the fork) are known to be to stiff for most offroad riding. I had them changed out when the forks were revalved. E-start works flawlessly and starts the bike within a couple seconds when cold. Ergo's feel good to me...at 6'1", I was worried that it would feel to small to me, but that's not the case. The rear brake lever is a little low for most people, but I actually prefer it that way and it's adjustable anyway. Brakes themselves feel good, the front in particular is very strong. I don't feel they give up much to the Brembo's on the Ktm's. 40 hour update: replaced the stock rear tire within 20 hours and did the front at about the 35 hour point. I now have a tubliss front and rear, with a new rim in the front because of bad crash I had. In that crash, I also smashed the pipe, split a radiator hose, twisted both radiators, and popped the preload adjusters out of both forks. Beta fixed the forks free of charge, so no complaints there. Separate from that crash, the stock map switch is busted and I blew the fuse for the e-starter, although it blew in extremely wet conditions. The most likely culprit is the horn, it's a pretty common issue that's easy to fix. Also, the stock plastic is extremely brittle and easy to crack.

    Husqvarna TXC 450 (2010)


    Actually a 2009 model. Not a bad machine. Bad bits; radiators are easy to damage, even with 'gaurds'. Suspension is pretty average, stock. Suspension linkage needs greasing more than average due to a bad seal design. A bit heavy, and not real nimble. Good bits; Tons of power, easy to work on. E-start (plus kick) I don't mean to make it sound bad, it's a pretty decent bike, a few small mods and some different tires (pirelli's instead of michelin) and it's starting to work well now. I'm happy with it. With gold valves fitted front and rear, cutting the bars down a bit and setting the front springs a couple of grooves softer, it's turning much better now and doesn't feel quite so big and clumsy. Just need to sort the rider out now
  8. 11 reviews

    The solution for the new generation of sport ATVs that have no rear chain guide or bracket on the stock arm Patent pending aluminum mounting bracket and chain guide bolts to the stock swingarm in just minutes without removing the chain All components are replaceable individually This is a dream setup for MX and sand dune riders who dont need to run a skid plate Available only in black but red, blue and yellow can be special ordered Includes extra roller
  9. Hello Ppl of the moto bike world. I've just bought a CRF450R 2 months ago (my first dirt bike ever), 50+ hours on it. The chain slider didn't last long, I've already changed it once (original OEM) and i can see after 2 days riding that it wont last long.. what chain sliders do you guys recommend ?? I tried to look for some TM designs or Acerbis for my '14 but i couldn't find any.. will the 2012 guides/slider work on the 2014 ?? Here's a pic of the thing being changed. https://www.dropbox.com/sc/vgauy37bcrhhk5g/M6hOT06rUL I ride on sand 3+ hours every weekend, a link to an image of the kind pf places i ride in http://visitabudhabi.ae/DataFolder/Images/Thumbnails/620x413//1_Qasr_Al_Sarab_desertwalk.jpg I can also see that the sprocket has been partially eaten and it needs to be changed, feel free to recommend a size and why because i have no idea if i need a bigger or smaller size for those big ass dunes. although the size I'm using just works fine. thanks
  10. 1 review

    Zero drag patented design Extruded from a special plastic formula for low friction and long life Each roller is engineered to improve drive chain speed and chain tension accuracy Race tested and custom sized for each model 9002 ISO certified sealed racing bearings are installed along with a matching set of stainless steel washers to protect and reinforce the outside bearing seal A specific fit combination of stainless steel or O.E.M. style bolts are included with each roller Unconditional 1-year manufacturers free replacement warranty from date of purchase
  11. 1 review

    Chain Guide pads offer improved and quiet chain performance. Features Powerlip top to keep chain in line with less noise. Self-lube oil in material lowers drag and chain plate wear. Aluminum bushing is installed for durability and light weight.
  12. 1 review

    Front chain slider is designed for maximum long term wear life for Baja endurance and Europeon Rallye races 100% Oil impegnated for virturally zero friction and chain drag and is designed with a new shape and thickness to minimize chain torque effect on the suspension 2 stage noise suppression design comes with extra replacement dampening pads to lower chain slap sound and protect the arm This is the ultimate front chain slider for performace and long term durability UV protected Unconditonal 1-year free manufacturers replacement warranty in the USA
  13. Cpcmx34

    Kawasaki KX250F (2013)


    Love this beast. It is a 2014.
  14. Michael499

    Kawasaki KX250F (2013)


    The 2013 KX250fs have been very reliable. Aside from wheel & spoke and chain guide issues, the bikes have held up well to hours of use.
  15. yama21

    Yamaha YZ250 (2002)


    Great 2 stroke, With some modifications, an awesome trail machine. Parts Added: FMF Gnarly FMF Turbine core 2 13 OZ Flywheel weight from Steahly offroad G2 ergo Throttle 13/52 Gearing (switching to 13/50 when chain wears) Applied Racing Triple Clamp Protaper contour mini low bend Moose Racing Aluminum handguards and shields Moose competition levers Renthal full waffle grips Maxxis Desert IT rear/ Maxxis SI Front Grabber Seat handle Wiseco Piston Racetech Rear spring Factory connection fork springs Moose fork skins Motion pro fork bleeders Trail Tech Endurance II system Rekluse Z-start Pro Parts From P/O: Devol skid plate Pipe guard Boyesen Rad Valve Boyesen Ignition cover
  16. OldMechanik

    Suzuki RM250 (2003)


    This Suzuki turns like mad, runs strong and feels light, but stalls, has a grabby clutch and a shitty carb. With a FWW and aftermarket clutch it would be a great bike even with the poor carburation.
  17. sheikyurbouti

    Husqvarna TE 300 (2017)


    2stroke 300s are a separate class and enjoy a colorul history of being "almost perfect". The 2017 TE300 is no exception. There was a lot of worry about how the new suspension would perform since in past years components didn't perform up to expectations until after an expensive re-valve - adding to the already premium cost of the bike. The new Xplor forks and DCC link shock work very well with stock settings - and no one has reported (yet) how they perform AFTER break-in. The jetting sucks. You'll get close with the selection shipped with the bike, closer with jets you'll buy but jdjetting.com has a kit that works LIKE THE OEM SHOULD and will save you the owner/tuner much effort. 5 stars minus 1 for rich jetting and incorrect selection to get you there.
  18. 8 reviews

    TM Designworks Full Coverage Skid Plate http://www.tmdesignworks.com/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=325 I purchased the TMD full coverage skid plate for my 2007 Yz250. I do most of my riding in the woods with many stumps, logs and rocks. I wanted to try this plate for the plastic construction and the possible sound reduction. When I opened the box, the first thing I noticed was the weight of the part, or lack thereof! It is very lightweight, much less than the typical aluminum skid plate. TMD claims the full weight is 1.2 pounds. Next, you'll notice the feel of the plastic. TMD has a proprietary oil impregnation construction method that allows the plastic to lube itself. It is also very strong. The plastic is about 3/16" thick, yet still flexible. I was able to bend it around and it still returned to it's original shape. Try that with an aluminum skid plate! When it came to installation, TMD was very thoughtful in it's design. In the rear, there is a "lip" that locks the back into place without having to clamp it down. On the front, TMD added a plastic "T" bar that fit between the frame rails and engine, and allowed easy attachment to the plate. For both front and rear mounts, TMD uses very course thread Torx screws, and they even included the Torx bit! This made installation simple, without having to worry about stripping the threads in the plastic. For added security, TMD utilized a Z channel clamp that clamped the middle of the plate to the frame. Instead of the typical extruded aluminum mounts found on other plates, TMD's design allowed the Z clamps to rotate in place easily, and tightened with countersunk allen screws. The hole for the oil drain was spot on. I was able to remove the drain bolt and drain the engine without making a mess. It is clear TMD did thier homework with the size and postition of the hole. Big props for that! Ride Report I am happy to report that after a very rocky and log riddled race, and a handful of rides later, the plate is still looking good as new. Getting over rocks and logs takes less effort than with an aluminum plate, as the plastic has far less friction. The biggest, and to me the most beneficial advantage to the TMD skid plate, was the amount of sound reduction. With aluminum plates, the sound easily bounces off and returns up to make the sound of the engine more noticable. Not so with the TMD plate. The sound was greatly reduced, thanks to the physical properties of plastic. With some skid plate foam, sound could be almost completely stopped from the bottom of the engine. Mud also seemed to be less willing to stick to it, compared to a typical aluminum plate, which is a big bonus in keeping the weight off during your rides. Overall, with the combination of construction, hardware, performance, colors and options and customer service that TM Designworks provides, I have to give this product a 10 out of 10 rating. I really could find no faults with this product. TMD stands behind thier product with a one year warranty on all parts.