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Found 20 results

  1. 04 honda crf70 when I start it , it makes a loud clicking noise ( maby kickstart gear) then it grinds in every gear and wont move , I've pulled the side cover off , took the clutch apart . Everything looks just fine . Other than that the motor runs good just wont move and makes noise
  2. Long time reader, first time poster here...but even with all the accumulated knowledge I couldn't find anything that tackles my exact problem. Hope you guys can help me out. So, a couple months ago I bought a used 2013 250l with 12k miles. Already had the full FMF kit on and was riding super smooth. It's my first bike and I wanted something to learn to wrench on, too. Did an oil change after I got it (Castrol full synth), all went well for over 1000 miles now...till last week. Changed the rear tire and instantly noticed something was wrong. Here are the symptoms: -Metallic "clunking" noise in low rpms in gear (all gears) -power cutting out for a split second when going over rocks and little bumps -stuttering when going up a steep hill in 2nd (off road)...if I just send it, I hear a super loud "clonk" and the whole back is rattling Everything is fine in neutral or when I pull the clutch, bolts are tight, chain is tight (that was my first suspicion, but I took the front sprocket off cause I thought it might have been a bit loose or something). Also, riding on tarmac I don't notice any of this...just on rough fire roads and the like. The shifting itself is butter smooth btw. So I figured my new rear tire and the better traction unearthed something or maybe just coincidence... If any of you has an idea please help a newbie out. A short video, running in 6th gear
  3. AKMX982

    RM125 Motor

    Hey everyone, new to the forum but no stranger to it. Picked up an 01 RM125 chassis the other day for $60, missing the motor and the wheels. Anyone happen to have a spare bottom end or complete laying around your willing to part with? hubs as well, stock. Thank you.
  4. The first month I got the bike I had about 5 false neutrals in the top 3 gears due to my inexperience but I haven't had any for over a year except for recently I had 2 and this really bad one when I had been in gear for almost a mile and it slip out sending the rpms to 10k before crash down to 5k with a loud noise. I am thinking of replacing the gears in my transmission. Should I just take it apart and see which ones a worn or replace them all (about $120)? If I do replace them all the only ones that could be worn from false neutrals are parts 4, 6, 7, 9, 10, 12, 14, 16, 17, and 19 from HondaPartsHouse? Is there anything else I should replace if I am replacing all of those gears like the main or counter shaft? Thank you in advance
  5. Only 7 hours on the bike and the transmission is locked. Also the bike wont go into neutral no matter how many times you try. Has anybody else heard of this. I was convinced that everyone seemed to be really happy with their beta and I can't believe this already happened. Video on YouTube
  6. So I was riding my dirt bike and everything was working fine but then I went to shift into third gear and I couldn't shift, i could shift it back into first gear but it was very hard, and when I shift into first gear, my shift lever gets stuck down, same with shifting up into second, it gets stuck in the up position. If you need a better explanation I can give it, I have the motor out right now, just don't know where to start looking
  7. I have a Yamaha ttr 125, first gear is short and not fun if im riding on the road or flat dirt. I only use it when I'm on a rocky little hill, is starting in second gear bad for my bike at all?
  8. SellYour4Stroke

    Tranny oil Poll on FB.

    Rather than debate, i just took a simple poll in a couple fb groups. I found it pretty interesting that both groups used basically the same oils the most and that Rotella was so prominent. A general 2 stroke group and a YZ250 group. Figured id just share for general interest.
  9. Rebuilt my 2015 ktm 250 sx, new crank,piston,bearings,seals,etc. Test rode and it has 1st gear and fifth gear but 2nd,3rd,and 4th is like it's in neutral. Any thoughts before I tear it down again? I'm wondering if it's the shift drum because I kept both shafts in the same sequence when I removed.
  10. Edward Purdon

    525 06 525 blown gear?

    Hey gents! I recently bought a 2006 ktm 525exc, fixed the wiring issues and have registered it. Upon first ride I notice it has blown 4th gear... I can still shift into 5th and 6th without issues. Without splitting my case (I want to order parts first if possible), what do you think is damaged? I.e. if someone else has blown a gear what was your experience? Thanks in advance!
  11. MavXR

    XR 400 Trans ratio

    I have read the old threads on changing the gear ratios on a XR 400, They claim it is possible to use the gears out of a EX 400, at least 1st gear. However I could not find where anyone had actually done this. Has anyone ever made the switch with the EX 400 1st gear into a XR 400.
  12. Ryallzie

    2011 300 EXC Shifting Issues

    While riding last weekend and started having shifting issues with my 2011 KTM 300 EXC. I've 'Googled' the 💩 out of the issues but haven't found someone with exact same problem and or with a fix. I have tried the Ryan Despaws fix suggestion from Youtube for issue 2 ,as it was nice and simple while shift shaft was out for inspection, but no luck. As I'm having these 2 issues I feel they might be related and after all my research am leaning towards a shifting fork issue. Thing is I'm no mechanic so before I split the engine cases I'm hoping others may have had a similar experience and found a solution. Any advise would be greatly appreciated. Issue 1: Shift Shaft Freeplay (for want of a better term). As per video below (hope link works) the shift shaft moves freely in and out of the engine and can move far enough in to jam completely on the outside of the shift star. I removed the shift shaft and nothing is out of place, broken or appears damaged. Issue 2: When downshifting on my last ride it would stick or not shift until the revs were low/mid. Not long after I had issues upshifting the same as downshifting but also where it would change but the gear lever appeared slack (not centred). I removed the clutch side in the hopes of finding something simple and 't have to split engine cases but nothing stands out. While I realise the engine running, oil, load, etc, makes changing easier the video below demonstrates almost exactly the issue I was having under load, whether at speed or stationary.
  13. Christoffer Brandel

    Is this right? (Transmission video)

    Hey TT! Just wondering if anyone could check this video out and see if it looks ok? I just put new bearings in entire engine yesterday, put the crank in the morning and now I am working on putting the transmission back together. Would be great if anyone with knowledge can look at the video and check if something is wrong before I put the halfes together. VIDEO CLICK ME I summon you @2 STROKE YZ DOC .
  14. Michael Woodcock

    Gear shifter failure stuck in 2nd gear

    When riding the dizzer the other day, i shifter mid corner into 2nd. The gear change was more firm than other ones, bu it went into gear very fast. The problem is it got stuck in 2nd. I shut the bike off, i dont have an operational clutch switch, so i had no choice but to get a ride home. The gear lever won't even move up, it can move down but i can not get it to stay in neutral. As soon as the pressure is off the lever its back in 2nd. Tried all the roadside techniques like rocking the bike and this amd that and the other thing. The problem is this was my spare mitor from craigslist. I was rebuilding my motor very slowly, waiting on further funds. I love to do things right. I'm debating just taking right hand case cover off to check the shifter assembly, or pulling the engine. One possibly contributing factor is slightly higher than desired clutch drag, like the clutch plates are slightly warped.
  15. brianbenson

    Transmission Issue

    2003 KTM 65SX - 2 stroke Engine runs great - complete overhaul, new bearing, piston, crankshaft, etc. The bike always had an issue achieving neutral. The clue is instead of a 1/2 click up, it is usually a 1/2 click down to reach neutral, which is odd but. All gears are functional, and smooth to achieve, except neutral. The issue with the bike is neutral. When starting or idling, after neutral found, the bike starts and runs. Then, randomly, it will shift itself into gear. When I bought this project bike, the clutch was not operational and they were bump starting it and running it without a clutch. Again, when I had it completely torn down, it runs through the gears. It makes sense the locking lever somehow is seizing up and not "locking" the shift drum into place. But, that may be wishful thinking and something may be awry in the transmission - hence the issue getting to neutral. Thoughts appreciated.
  16. Time Left: 23 days and 6 hours

    • FOR SALE
    • Used - Good

    Stock expansion chamber, no major dents or cracks - $120 Transmission with shift forks, dowels, and shift drum - $300 Clutch cover - $35 Flywheel/stator cover, brand new never used - $22 Hammerhead Designs Front and Rear Blue Brake Master Cylinder Covers - $25 All prices include US shipping. Email mjwilcox4490@gmail.com for more info.


    Powder Springs, Georgia - US

  17. So I need to change (or just top up for now) my transmission oil and there's no motorcycle shops near me. I've read a lot of threads about ATF the F, but it looks like none of the spares shop stock it. Can I use AFT DX ii instead of type F until I find type F The owners manual recommends 4 stroke 10W-30 , if I can't use the ATF DX II, can I use normal car 10W-30. Please help, want to ride tomorrow
  18. While looking over my transmission shifts forks, gears, etc., the only thing I saw was some strange pitting on the face of some of the gears (only on 1). What are your thoughts, some kind of material defect? Has around 350 hours on it, and everything else looks good. My buddy says to change it. It looks like it's 3rd Gear 5TJ-17131-20-00
  19. Moto Mangi

    Lost 4th gear

    So yesterday my 4th gear in my 2006 with 9000 miles stopped working. It won't let me shift from 3 to 4, I have to shift twice to get to fifth gear. Then when I down shift from fifth to forth it goes into 4th for a couple of seconds and automatically down shifts to third. Every other gear works just fine, no noise or grinding. Anyone else experience this?
  20. Hello, I disassembled my engine to replace piston, bearings and seals and relied on my manuals too much. I didn't take a photo of the 3 shift fork positions and believe I have them installed properly but cannot find anything to guide me. Anyone familiar enough that can glance at the photos and let me know if they look correct? Photo angle is from the bottom of the engine, one of the forks has an L on it so it's obviously the left side when facing the engine bottom angle. I'm working on the other half of the engine in the meantime, hoping to get a tip to help me feel better so I can reassemble and take her for a spin!