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Found 51 results

  1. michaelg131

    Suzuki DR650S (2015)


    Recently I sold my CRF250L due to taking a new job with a 104 mile daily commute. I again almost purchased the WR250 but I decided if highway comfort, simplicity, and displacement were my prime concerns that the WR would still not fit my needs. Out of the shop I noticed that it was idling too low and stalling quite a bit. The bike easily reached 80mph for my ride home even though at this speed the vibrations were killer. I rode on it untouched for about 2 weeks and practically paid for expedited shipping from seat concepts. My other first impression of the bike was wondering where they had time to go to home depot and replace the seat with a 4x4 post. The other complaints were the rubber mounted stock pegs that made you feel like you would slip off standing up and the cramped peg location in relation to the seat and the bars. I mean it is cramped for me at 5' 8" 29 inch inseam. Where my last bike became far more fun in the woods the DR felt... a bit much to handle. The stock tires earned their reputation of the name of deathwings being far less capable than the GP22's that came stock on the 250L, yes I missed the GP22's. The rear suspension was thankfully significantly better and only required some dampening adjustment. The front suspension comparatively to the 250L was far far far worse. If you were to mix the rear stock suspension of the 250L with the front of the 650 you would have created the most poorly suspended bike conceived by man. After going from my Racetech setup on the 250L back to whatever Suzuki calls suspension I felt a bit cheated. Now here came the real test was a 329 mile back roads ride from Austin to DFW and back. (my preferred motorcycle proving ground) The average speed limit was still 75 posted and same as last time I was glad I invested in my seat concepts low seat. The bike easily plodded along at 70 - 90 mph with little complaint or trouble minus a bit of excess arm pump and vibration in my right hand. In strong cross winds the DR650 was a bit better planted but the front end due I guess to its horrifically poorly designed nature introduced more wobble than the 250L and with tucking down in wind made the ride a bit harrowing. This go around I was shy on cash and spent my first $270 on bars, grips, seat, and peg lowering kit from JNS engineering. (I also sprung for a 16T front sprocket to mitigate vibration at high speed) I could not repeat could not have made any trip over 50 miles on the stock garbage seat without reconstructive surgery on my rear. The massive upside to this bike is the ease of work on it. A valve job for instance is 4 tools and about 3 hours of work and the best part is no shims just an old fashioned tappet adjuster. The other real test was arriving at my old stomping grounds in Decatur TX at rocky ridge. This is where the 650 showed me all of it's additional weight feeling nearly unwieldy with the exception of its lower reach to the ground. My lap times which were 28 minutes modded 32 ish minutes stock on the 250L climbed up to 36 minutes on the 650 with the mixture of nearly unusable front suspension and god awful tires. At the minimum before another dirt trip this bike will have new tires and front springs. Stock for stock on the Street/ Highway the DR650 substantially outperforms the 250L but in the dirt the 250L is a good bit better for the job. As far as modding goes however I think I can achieve near if not better performance from the 650 with less money. Right off the bat for instance front and rear suspension will run about 600 to 700 less than a Racetech setup for the 250L so time will tell if this review flips. I had about $2400 into the 250L and as of this week about $307 into the 650, even if I go all out with suspension, pipe, and pumper carb I would only be out $1300. Food for thought.
  2. Varls1243

    Yamaha YZ250 (2001)


    Bought it in ok condition for $1300, rebuilding it this winter.
  3. Scrubby

    Yamaha YZ250 (2012)


    Very fast and strong dirt bike.
  4. SumoThumper450F

    Yamaha YZ450F (2006)


    After buying this YZ450F I can actually say it is the most fun I have had on a motorcycle in a long long time. I enjoy the raw fun you can have at the twist of the throttle. Coming from a Buell 1125R, it's a huge change but I would do it over the same way 1000 times.
  5. Wesman33

    Kawasaki KX65 (2002)


    Little brother's bike, excellent condition, Kawi kept this bike going through 8 different riders before my brother, needs new top end rebuild but other then that the bike never had a problem except for a broken back fender 2 years ago. Great bike for when i was younger and now for my 4 year old brother Riley
  6. Starvin_Martin

    Honda CRF450R (2007)


    Bought dirt cheap, I'm in the process of fixing it up.
  7. turtlemoto

    Suzuki DR-Z400SM (2008)


    So far I like the bike it is low on power and heavy the weight doesn't bother me though, its fun to throw around and since I mod everything that I own. parts are cheap and have a lot of support and options
  8. 2 reviews

    Color: White Choose either color matched to OEM or optional Works colors Predrilled pieces mount easily to stock Made in Italy
  9. ThumperTalk

    UFO Plastics Front Fender

    9 reviews

    Color: Red Choose either color matched to OEM or optional Works colors Predrilled pieces mount easily to stock Made in Italy
  10. 1 review

    GENERAL INFORMATION TUF Velocity Stack is an alloy tube that needs to be installed in the throttle body of the Fuel Injection system. The light weight alloy tube is specially designed and developed to adjust flow so that the engine gets improved bottom power at part openings, plus better and smoother throttle response without re-mapping the ECU.
  11. ThumperTalk

    UFO Plastics Enduro Rear Fender

    3 reviews

    Color: Orange Choose either color matched to OEM or optional Works colors Predrilled pieces mount easily to stock Made in Italy
  12. ThumperTalk

    UFO Plastics Complete Body Kit

    9 reviews

    Color: Black Replace all your plastic at once Colors match stock bike colors Predrilled pieces mount easily to stock Includes front and rear fender, radiator cover and side panels Made in Italy
  13. ThumperTalk

    UFO Plastics Fork Protectors

    2 reviews

    Color: White Choose either color matched to OEM or optional Works colors Predrilled pieces mount easily to stock Fork tube protectors sold in pairs Made in Italy
  14. gomarshoif

    Honda XR200R (1983)


    Excellent trail bike. low end torque and low gear allow for easy hill and mountain climbing. Lower seat height great for smaller riders. Weight to power ratio is perfect.
  15. ThumperTalk

    UFO Plastics Frame Guard

    1 review

    Color: Blue Choose either color matched to OEM or optional Works colors Predrilled pieces mount easily to stock Fork tube protectors sold in pairs Made in Italy
  16. MrMuffins

    Honda CR125R (1996)


    Screaming top end, original plastics. Definitely the fastest, but not the most reliable (I've had bad luck with her).
  17. ThumperTalk

    UFO Plastics Rear Shock Mud Plate

    1 review

    Color: Black Choose either color matched to OEM or optional Works colors Predrilled pieces mount easily to stock Made in Italy
  18. 3 reviews

    Color: Black Choose either color matched to OEM or optional Works colors Predrilled pieces mount easily to stock Made in Italy
  19. Denver Mike

    Honda CRF450R (2004)


    Its a 10 year old motocross bike, with very low hours. Perfect for an Enduro conversion. This bike astounds me. One day I'm riding MX on a track, the next I'm riding in the desert on single track. Its unstoppable, and just so easy and forgiving. I love this bike.
  20. kicknw1ng

    New Plastics On A Old Bike

    I have a 1989yz250wr which is the same as a yz250 besides the wide ratio transmission , i was wondering if there are any newer plastics that will fit right on or with little modification so i can give my bike and updated look, main things are the front and rear fenders but would also like to see what else could be changed. here are some pics of what model my bike is the pics are not my bike though i just got them off google for an example.
  21. DEATH_INC.

    Husqvarna TXC 450 (2010)


    Actually a 2009 model. Not a bad machine. Bad bits; radiators are easy to damage, even with 'gaurds'. Suspension is pretty average, stock. Suspension linkage needs greasing more than average due to a bad seal design. A bit heavy, and not real nimble. Good bits; Tons of power, easy to work on. E-start (plus kick) I don't mean to make it sound bad, it's a pretty decent bike, a few small mods and some different tires (pirelli's instead of michelin) and it's starting to work well now. I'm happy with it. With gold valves fitted front and rear, cutting the bars down a bit and setting the front springs a couple of grooves softer, it's turning much better now and doesn't feel quite so big and clumsy. Just need to sort the rider out now
  22. 1 review

    DESCRIPTION IDEAS: UFO is on a roll as of late. Instead of just making replacement plastic parts for stock motocross bikes, UFO has begun to use their plastic molding prowess for good. UFO hit pay dirt with their YZ125/250 two-stroke restyle kits. These kits turned the ancient and aged YZ plastic into a modern version of the 2013 YZ250F plastic. Now, with the CRF450 single-side exhaust side panel, they are answering another demand. Kudos to UFO. PERFORMANCE: When you remove the stock CRF450 twice pipes, the bike gets lighter and sleeker, but it still has the bulging side panel hanging out in the breeze on the left side of the bike. The bulge is like a vacant lot in a ritzy neighborhood. It’s an eyesore. The UFO side panel replaces the stock left-side CRF panel and is tucked in, flatter and very attractive. We had no complaints about the look, fit or feel of the UFO parts. It was all good. The panels come in white, red or black. ADDED BONUS: Although the UFO single-sided side panel will work with any brand of aftermarket CRF single exhaust, if you buy an FMF single-sided 2013?2014 CRF450 exhaust pipe, they throw in the UFO side panel for free. FITMENT: The UFO side panel will work on any of the latest-generation twin-pipe CRFs. That list includes the 2013 and 2014 CRF450 and the 2014 CRF250.