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Found 265 results

  1. The 2016 FMF Glen Helen National was rampage of intense racing, excited fans, and cold beer. It couldn't have gotten better than it did. Star Racing Yamaha swept the podium at the end of the day with Alex Martin taking the overall. Visit www.fmfracing.com for your American Horsepower
  2. Budget FCR swap for DRZ400, a new approach For those owning a DRZ power gains from an FCR swap may seem very attractive, until you consider the cost. The Keihin FCR MX carbs are expensive and used swap kits rarely sell for less than $450 on eBay. Prices for the Thumper talk kit and others are rising as Keihin has had recent price hikes. I talked to Mike at the Power Barn in early October, when I began my search, and he was out of 39mm FCRs. He told me once they were back, prices would be about 35% higher because “Keihin US had a massive price hike earlier this year”. Limited potential of the Mikuni CV36 means that if you want more power from your DRZ, and FCR is a must. If you have already made the 3x3 air box mod this and exhaust are the next logical step for your DRZ. For those looking for power there is another way to solve the problem without spending so much money. Two weeks ago I purchased a Keihin FCR MX version 39mm off eBay for $125. FCR’s without the removable intake are common on 4 stroke racing four-wheelers and dirt bikes. FCRs without the removable intake bell are identical internally to those with the removable intake bell. These can be obtained cheaper than those with the removable bell, hence the reason I was able to get mine for $125 instead of $500+. I did a lot of hunting to get one at this price, but they sell for $200-300 regularly. As an engineer by trade I was able to design an aluminum adapter to make this happen. For those on a budget this is a great option. If anyone wants an adapter to test on their bike, message me and we can work something out. Keihin FCR Basics So that you understand more about Keihin carbs here are a few details. Ø There are 3 body styles to the Keihin FCR: 1. Keihin Slant FCR 2. Keihin MX FCR with removable air boot. This is most commonly adapted to the DRZ400. The reference “air boot” is located on the air box side of the carb. 3. Keihin MX FCR without removable air boot. Not commonly used on DRZ400 but the topic of this discussion. Notice there is no bolt on plastic adapter on the air box side of the carb. Ø These body styles can have 3 option packages. 1. Choke 2. Choke and hot start 3. Choke, hot start, and throttle position sensor (TPS) Ø When trying to find the appropriate FCR you need to inspect for port size. When you hear about 37, 38, 39 or 41mm carbs the referenced measurement is the throat size as measured from the position of the flat slide. See the picture below, this is a 39mm carb. 39mm and 41mm carbs are most commonly adapted to the DRZ. The smaller the bore the more “torquey” the motor will be. Some have used 37 or 38mm carbs and had success. Any perform better than the stock Mikumi. Ø From my research 39mm carbs were available from the factory on some of these models: o 2003-2007 YZ450F o 2000-2009 KTM 525 XC four wheeler o KTM RFS 4 stroke motorcycles 450 and 525 o CRF450X Always ask your seller to take the appropriate measurement. Good reputable sellers will be happy to take your money, for the 5 minutes it takes to check their carb. What you need for an affordable FCR swap Now onto my FCR project. To adapt a FCR with non-removable air boot you need: Item #5, the FCR adapter, is the key component. This lets you take your carburetor without the removable air boot and make it the same overall length of the FCR everyone else uses. The adapter’s air box size matches that of the stock Mikuni carb and attaches well to the air box. On the carburetor side the adapter is slightly oversized (~.007”) for a good fit. I recommend using 3M weather-strip adhesive or RTV silicon to seal the junction. Keihn castings vary slightly and no two carbs measure the exact same, making this necessary. As a side note, I made one of these also from ABS plastic which I actually prefer. Being weaker than aluminum, ABS plastic adapters are a press on fit and you are ready to go (no sealer needed). Thanks to the TT community for jetting suggestions. My DRZ with stock exhaust is running the following jetting configuration. The fit of my carb with this adapter was nearly identical to the last FCR I installed on a friend’s DRZ. Below are more pictures. Please enjoy and share your thoughts. Here is one ABS adapter.
  3. Hey TT, so I recently went through my xr400 and gave it a bit of the ktm style that i'm a big fan of . The idea at the time was to fix it up and sell it while it was still pretty, but with the season coming to an end without any satisfactory offers, it's looking like I'll be keeping the xr through the winter. Recently, however, I've been struck with inspiration to build a scrambler and people seem to like the xr as a base for these. I'm thinking I could offload the aloop kit and plastics to offset a bit of the price and make myself a nice vintage scrambler. Here are a few pictures of my influences. So here are the questions; have any of you guys build a scrambler like this before? If so are there any specific parts that you would recommend? Any to avoid? General thoughts or impressions? If i do end up going through with the build ill be sure to keep the thread updated. Thanks!
  4. With more and more buzz around here about desert racing, heres the next NHH coming up. Im uber ready to race again, Drinking water starting now!!!!! The last nhh was a little warm, this one will be hotter most likey. Ride/race safe guys and have fun! Newbies wanted time for the bench racing to commence Andrew34, Creme friache > watch out bitches ....................... ...................
  5. Come one come all for madness....chills... spills... the circus!!!! Starting outta silverwood area, miller canyon and 55 miles of pure riding joy including your favorite hits such as... Redonda Ridge.... and many others! I figure if you have 65-70 mile range all good. If not Im plated so if you are we could do some Arrowhead action.. ROCK!
  6. Okay, I got a 08 rmz 250 great running Bike but when I ride for awhile and it gets warmed up I can barley give it any gas and it like over revs. And the bike doesn't go much faster. It's basically like the bike isn't moving near as fast as the bike revs when it does it.
  7. Okay, I got a 08 rmz 250 great running Bike but when I ride for awhile and it gets warmed up I can barley give it any has and it like over revs. And the bike doesn't go much faster. It's basically like the bike isn't moving near as fast as the bike revs when it does it.
  8. http://ktla.com/2014/03/19/dirt-bike-rider-goes-missing-in-santa-clarita/
  9. As much as I wanted to keep it, however, my d/s plans changed, so I wound up selling it. I bought this bike initially to do the 1st 1/2 of the TAT on the eastern side of the USA this coming summer. It's the Perfect bike for those flatter, more open states. But now that we're doing the western side, CO, UT, NV, instead, I don't want to do it on 250L. I have my Husaberg for that. So I sold it. FOr those thinking about selling their 250L, you will be amazed at how quickly this bike sells itself. Mine sold on CL, took less than a week, and for the most part, most buyers were serious about buying mine. I got my asking price for it. Got some left over parts I'm selling, All the parts are practically brand new. Only had them on the bike for 300 miles, or a month. they're listed in my signature below.
  10. The throttle on the 1986 CR500 got stuck WFO yesterday... I realized it about halfway through the wheelie (at first I thought the bike was just finally finding traction). I bounced off my back, to my right temple (I was wearing a neckbrace, thank god), and onto my back again. If the back pain doesn't improve, I'll be going to the ER.
  11. Some mediocre wheelies and incredible landscapes of Blackwood Canyon, Lake Tahoe CA, on a Honda XR600. http://youtu.be/nAGuYcA-vQY
  12. Recently I put together my green sticker 2002 CR250 and took it out for a couple shots out at Hollister with my brother. Still getting the feel for riding after my knee surgery this year so a little rusty but the bike is awesome (minus the TMX carb which I'll be replacing with a Lectron carb shortly) and the pics came out cool. Not totally done with the bike but enough to ride it and enjoy it while the build continues. Let me know what you think and feel free to post your own pics out at Hollister too! Thanks for looking!
  13. Hello, I am just getting started with Dual Sports. I have been into retro Japanese cafe racers and bobbers for a while, and have been riding for about 10 years. I am pretty good mechanically when it comes to working on motorcycles. I just moved to California from the Mass and there is so much trail riding out here it is hard to not get some kind of dual sport. I have been looking at 3 bike DRZ400, WR250R, and KLX250S. I am going to be using this bike in Los Angeles to commute, but none of it will be highway riding. I live about 8 miles from my work. I have a pickup truck that I can bring the bike to riding trials outside the city if they are to far to ride to. I am like 6 feet tall and 185lbs. I want to have a solid bike I can off-road, camp with, and ride on the street. I have read the DRZ is said to be heavy, but I have ridden Harley Fatboys and big ol' Honda CB750s. So I am not uncomfortable moving a bike around. My budget is ideally under 4k and I found this bike. Seems to have all of the normal mods I would do. What do you all think? Good deal? Should I keep looking? Anybody in Souther Cali have a DRZ for sale? http://inlandempire.craigslist.org/mcy/4743704571.html I am excited to get riding! Thank you all for you time, Tony
  14. Hi Moto Crazy Folks! Gary Semic's videos have really helped me, but I need some more in depth help. I don't have the luxury of hitting a jump 30 times before giving it a rip because I don't ride motocross tracks. I see a jump while riding trails and then get a few practice hits and then have to go for it. The bike kicking sideways is still my huge fear and this happens often. A rock, bump, or rut kicking me hard to one side or the other is now under control due to Gary...I simply lean away from these obstacles and I normally fair ok. Weighting one peg too much is not happening. The "slip out affect" is the best way for me to describe this. I find myself wanting to roll off the lip with no throttle so the back won't kick out and then I compensate in the air by hitting the throttle and bringing the nose up. Letting off the throttle makes it very difficult to clear obstacles/gaps to the landing zones. I thought teaching myself to whip might help, but in a whip I let the bike kick to one side and my body stays to the inside...pulling your leg in brings the bike back to the center. However, when you try for a straight air and the bike kicks out your body stays with the bike and not on the inside. Just had a thought...maybe twist your body/legs? I avoid high siding by turning my handlebars into the kick, but when I land it obviously shoots me off to the side and when offroad you don't usually have that luxury/room. My current conclusion is to analyze the take off really closely for any slant, however there doesn't need to be a slant to kick me to the side...unless the slightest slant can make a difference. In the sand this affect is worse, but even on firm dirt this will happen. Critique away please.
  15. Looking for other supermoto riders in our area. We are located in West Central New Jersey. Warren County, Hunterdon County, the Lehigh Valley/East Central Pennsylvania. Here is our FB page, join us... https://www.facebook.com/groups/wcnjsupermoto/
  16. Looking like we officially get &%$#@!ed in the ass by the Marines. Thanks you &%$#@!. http://cook.house.gov/sites/cook.house.gov/files/wysiwyg_uploaded/Final%20JV%20Map_2.pdf
  17. Anyone TT'rs been to Walker in the last few days that can provide a condition report. Thanks
  18. Shoodong

    Where to ride

    Were's some of your guy's favorite places to ride near loundoun county VA. Im like 40 minuets away from D.C. If that helps i don't want to travel more than an hour and 15 minuets away from my house. Any were you ride doesn't have to be a track or trails somewhere in a park, just if like these power line roads in a certain spot tell me i need a different place to ride other then my friends places. Thanks in advance
  19. If you are a regular track rider, how do you rate Pala Vet Track in the following criteria: Compared to other tracks you've ridden, (please name them when comparing)... 1. Difficulty (overall) 2. Techincality (features) 3. Speed (If you time yourself, what is your best time on current track or if past, include date) 4. Whoops (easy, hard, long, short, uneven, regular...etc...) 5 Fun Factor (overall) 6. Your riding level (beginner, novice, intermediate, amature (class C,B,A), pro...)
  20. Just curious how its been latley-besides dusty with no rain latley! Supposed to get some rain tues&wed. So it should be good. Hows the rangers been? finally registered the YZ so not to worried,just curious if their out in force stopping everyone all day long. Im heading there next saturday,first time on trails in such a long-time, I'm excited to go... even to cow! Lmao I'm going solo tho,so just gotta pay attention ¬ ride faster than my angels can fly! If anyone else going next sat,maybe we can meet up.
  21. http://bmmspark.com/ This is a great place to ride I went a month ago and have been every weekend since they have a ton of trails of all difficulties well marked I hardly see any other groups of riders when I am on the trails once I am out on the trails it is like it is my own personal trail system they have a nice parking area that you can camp at if you want they have a food wagon, restrooms and showers as well as a small selection of gear and parts that are surprisingly well priced they are friendly and as helpful as can be it is one of those places where you feel like one of the gang from the moment your there in case you can not tell I am hook on the place it does not hurt that it is only 15 miles from my house to. you can find me there most every weekend PM me we can hit a few trails.
  22. Looking to come down to Chappie Shasta OHV weekend after next to escape the rain from northwest (coming from Eugene, Oregon)..just wondering if anyone had any tips on good trails for bikes (gnarlier the better). Did some research and found trail 7 and 11 as possible fun single track candidates!? I did find some info talking about some newer trails that may or may not be on the map? We will be using GPS so coordinates would work also.. Also, we are going to camp for the weekend, wheres the best place to camp? From my research it looks like if you come from out of state with a valid OHV sticker you're covered in California and don't need to purchase any additional permits\stickers etc? If it's simply NOT raining the weather will be perfect for us... Thanks
  23. Does anyone know where all the single track trails are at at wind rock? I know where about 15 miles of it is on the north side. Is there any more out l
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