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Found 66 results

  1. WRider426

    Yamaha WR426F (2001)


    Motor keeps going strong. Only issue I had was the output shaft splines got stripped, requiring me to split the case. This was probably due to way too many clutch ups haha
  2. Greg Motard

    Honda XR400R (2002)


    Had her for only a few months. Absolutely love the bike! Gets amazing gas milage, around 65-70, and rather spirited riding. Handles great in the turns, very light and predictable
  3. eandy

    Honda CRF250R (2009)


    Rips with the 290 kit
  4. Time Left: 5 days and 17 hours

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    Excel Supermoto wheelset off of my 2013 DRZ400SM. Rims, discs and sprocket in great shape. Only one small scratch on rear rim (see pic). Rear tire is wore (needs to be replaced) but front has about 50% life left. Local pickup in Reno, NV area or I do go to the Sacramento area on occasion and could arrange for meetup.


  5. MarkandtheBRP

    XR400 Aftermarket wheels

    I'm rehabbing my 98 XR400, and I'm looking for new wheel assemblies. RAD has some great looking wheels, but are $$$ ($450+ per wheel) Tusk has some good looking wheels at a better $$ ($270 each), but no XR400 listed. Warp 9 comes in-between at $370 per wheel, and has XR400 listed. From what I can tell... the hubs are universal between a CR250 and XR400 (as far as the RAD/Warp assemblies)? Anyone know about this? And what about axle spacers? Disc mounting? Any help and insight you might have is great! I'm leaning toward the Tusk if they will work, and the reviews I've seen are good. Saving a few hundred dollars there will be spent somewhere else for sure.
  6. boring2

    Husqvarna FE 501 (2016)


    So far so good. beautiful bike..
  7. rifft

    Honda CR125R (1999)


    I LOVE my CR
  8. EDIT "Rear hubs are all the same from 1992 to 2007 125 on up The 125s and 250s got the right hub as of 1990 but the bigger bikes didn't use them till 1992." KTM wheels FIT. I have had people asking me about this for quite some time now so I thought id throw this together. First YES KTM wheels fit. Rear hubs are all the same from 1990 to 2007 125 on up. Only difference is Cush drive or not and rim size. I now have 3 different KTM rear wheels that I run A 17” 18” and 19”. The 18” is from a 1995 LC4. The 19” is actually a tallen hub but its for a 2002 KTM 400. The 17 is from a 2004 4XX (don’t remember). I have take pics of all the different rear wheels on my bike to show. Notice that the 18” and 17” both have the cush drive hub. The spacers rotors and sprockets are all stock KTM. This is a direct bolt up fitment. Do note that the KTM rear rotor is the same size as a 400S/E 220mm. The 18” The 19” The 17”
  9. Fanga Dagen

    Tire Fitment

    I am setting up my bike to do some road riding. I am completely new to tires and would like anyone's thoughts or opinions on the tires I want to put on my bike. I understand that the first number is width, and the second number is the aspect ratio and then the final number is rim size, but I am still not confident in the fitment as the tires I want aren't the stock size. My bike's stock tires are: Front: 80/100x21 Rear: 110/100x18 The tires I want: Front: (Undecided) Rear: Shinko 712 - 110/90x18 If anyone wants to suggest other road tires I am open to anything. Thanks - SLR
  10. hi guys. regarding my last thread, i thought it might be easiest and best to go to a bike shop or a wheel repair specialist and get my spokes tightened. i rang around, spoke to a few different places. unfortunately where i live, there isn't very many wheel specialists around, there are only 2. 1 of them quoted me $120 just for labour and truing the wheel, the other quoted me $60 which was much better, various other bike shops quoted me between $60-$110. ended up taking the wheel in to get trued nonetheless, including the front wheel, he said the wheels had various flat spots in them, at least half the spokes/spoke nipples were seized and wouldn't turn and would need to be replaced, i had a little crack in the rear hub and the wheel would need to be rebuilt basically but would cost a lot, we're talking in the $550+ range including the quality parts, just for 1 wheel. the front wheel also had flat spots that would need to be fixed plus truing and re-lacing, will work out to about $180 odd. he said a 10 year old wheel, he wouldn't recommend spending so much money on anyway and that a 10 year old wheel generally have all these issues from wear and tear/old age. so i told him i would just get new wheels instead. it'd be almost cheaper for me to buy brand new complete wheel sets, that's the option im going with and prefer nonetheless. im wondering what brands are best, or that i should look out for/consider? i know there's Excel, D.I.D. Tusk and Sm Pro which ive been looking at, ive heard Excel is probably the best quality i could get but very expensive, but what do others think of Tusk or SM Pro? or are there any other brands that are really great quality? i don't want to settle for anything too cheap and i want strong quality rims. i do a fair bit of woods riding, over logs, rocks usually do some moderate jumps, etc so i need something that will hold up relatively well.
  11. Wisconsinite762

    Wisconsinite762 Mod Thread

    Nearly finished writing this post yesterday but I lost it all, and didn't have time redo it then, so here is a slightly shorter version Here are some pictures of the day I brought my 2007 DR-Z400S home, originally a Kentucky bike. Blue is the fastest color, don't let anybody tell you otherwise! The previous owner didn't really mess with the bike too much. The exhaust end cap was gutted and there were 3 separate 1/2 inch holes drilled into the air box (and left the shavings in the bottom of the air box ), thats the worst of it though. The PO also installed TT case savers, skid plate, radiator guards, side stand switch delete, Acerbis hand guards, and lowering links. Mods I have done: Trail Tech Vapor 3x3 mod w/ JD Jet Kit and Extended Fuel Screw DRC Short Replacement Levers MCCT Raptor Petcock UFO SM Front Fender Mods that will be done as soon as the weather warms up to above freezing: FCR39 Warp 9 SM Wheels w/ Continental Conti Force SM Tires E cams E header DRC Edge Tail Light Teaser Pic
  12. So I replaced my wheel bearings on my exc200 because the old ones were shot. After one ride I noticed a load of metal filled grease around the spacers again and the wheel had had movement. Gone again. I replaced them again and after one ride same thing. This time I took it to a shop in case I'd been doing something wrong (I don't think so, been using a blowtorch, freezer and bearing driver method) bought new spacers and a new spindle because the old one had a bit of wear. Just put the wheel on and it still moves from side to side before even riding it. It probably moved last rime I replaced the bearings hence they went after one ride. What do you think.. hub need replacing? Thanks
  13. Chubs604

    Rim / Spoke Colors

    Hey everyone I am ordering my set of Knobbys for my DRZ400sm from warp 9, and am putting some thought into what color combos i would like or would look best. My drz400sm is 2014 black model, with black hand guards and gold fork, and i put a gold shift lever on yesterday. I also have a full set of White plastics I can throw on whenever, or mix them up if i wanted So I got a choice for the color the rim, spokes, spoke nipples, and the center piece that holds the sprocket and rotor (sorry for my lack of vocab) . My current 17' supermoto tires are black rims with silver spokes, but i am also going to change the color of these very soon as im going to get them powder coated. Am the moment im thinking Gold rim black spokes for the SM set and White rim black spokes for the knobby set, but Im not 100% set on that and am turning to you guys for some input on what color combos you think would be best or look sweet. Happy riding folks!
  14. I'm thinking on buying tusk rims that are complete black with blue hubs for my 14 yz450f my question is are they good rims because Rocky Mountain are selling them cheap. Has or is anyone using them and how do you like them?
  15. James Riseborough

    Suzuki RMZ250 (2007)


    fun bike very well balanced and light. Plenty of power too with revs to the moon.
  16. Dhuey92

    Honda CRF450R (2013)


    Amazing bike. First FI bike, not missing the carb one bit. Clean manageable power. Had some flame out issues when I first got it, but after adding a Yoshi exhaust and getting the ECU remapped by Toyko mods that issue is gone. Ditched the Dunlops MX51s and went with MX32s and couldn't be happier. Love it so much I had to go all out making it a one of a kind. Tore it completely apart and got the frame, swingarm, skid plate, rad braces, and triple clamps anodized black.
  17. MotoX88294

    Honda CRF150RB Expert (2007)


    Awesome mini motocross bike! Honda Needs to fuel inject this bike.
  18. Ok so I have the dumbest idea/question yet. 1) What are the differences between front and rear hubs when nothing is bolted on to them? 2) Can you use a rear hub, wheel, and tire on the front? 3) Do I have brain damage for asking these questions? -SLR
  19. Scooterman386

    Honda CRF250L (2014)


    Got to admit this is one hot ride, Even tho it's not as fast or great off road to it's rival's. It's Worth the least but looks and performs GREAT! Not a great off road bike but on road, Dragging knee all day!
  20. tmeyer37

    Yamaha YZ450F (2006)


    Best bike I have ever ridden, more power than you can use, light (for a 450), reliable, handles great in a straight line and turns like its on rails. Perfect woods bike with a few mods.
  21. rider119

    green or gold rims?

    I'd like to see some pics of some kx's with green or gold rims, anyone have any? Want to do something different than black as everyone has black rims. Just not sure what would look good. Green rims with some white plastic and clean simple graphics?
  22. randomtask

    Honda CRF250R (2011)


    Smooth power, predictable handling, all round a great bike.