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Found 13 results

  1. Been having issues with my new to me 2012 wr250f. One day the bike will run fine and the next it has issues. A few time when I went to hit the start button I would get a clicking noise and it wouldn’t start. It would start with the kick starter but not run right. Was having these issues so I put in a new battery and bike ran fine for a whole day. Next day I go to ride it around the block and as soon as I get back to my house the rpms drop and it starts to bog down. When you give it gas it doesnt respond and bogs. While this is is happening the red light on the battery button is flashing and blinking like its going to cut out. Electrical issue? Help please... Fresh oil change, air filter cleaned, new battery, stock exhaust, no mods that I know of.
  2. I just bought a 2000 wr 250f and I noticed the headlight is too bright and blimds oncoming cars. There is no high beam/low beam option I can't even turn the light off. The only thing I could think of is to turn the headlight down but I don't think I can. Could you please share your thoughts?
  3. Hello TT. I'm strongly considering purchasing a 2018 wr250f. A few questions: 1. Are they still corking/uncorking these bikes depending on where you buy it? I'm purchasing this bike in Canada, if that makes a difference. 2. I noticed with the 2018 model there has been a '15% power increase' - so are people still installing the gytr competition ecu kit? And is the gytr power tuner still of use? 3. If the comp kit and power tuner are still a thing for this year of the wr250f. Has anyone been able to get their dealers to throw it in with the bike? Cheers. - Ryan
  4. Tyler Stonehouse

    Wr 250f

    Is $6000 Australian a good price for a wr 250f 2015 model with 5250kms and a few minor scratches? Also how long do bike usually last without having to anything major done to them?
  5. Hello all, This spring I bought a new '16 wr250f, I absolutely love the bike. Funnest dirtbike I've had yet. The one thing I've been noticing is that I'm having some discomfort, specifically when standing up in the "attack position", I feel like I'm a little too hunched over due to my height. I'm 6'4 and 205lbs. After doing some research I purchased some renthal rc high handlebars.... Idiotic me made the mistake of purchasing them in 7/8 size to save money... I learned today while attempting to install my new bars that the WR250F comes stock with "fat bars". So my new handles bars did not bit. After comparing the two sets of bars it didn't look like I was going to gain much height with the new bars anyway. Has anyone else swapped bars on this generation of the WR250F of done over modifications to help with comfort for tall riders?
  6. I’m sure there are questions about this already, but I am in a hurry to buy a set of Warp 9 supermoto rims for my 2009 Wr250F. However, the rims came off of a 2009 Yz450F and I’m not sure if the hubs will fit on my Wr. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!
  7. Devan Ruel

    02 WR250f plastics

    Hey guys, So I have a cracked front fender on my 02 Wr250f and all I can find are blue front fenders only and the problem is I want to change all the plastics with possibly a different color like black. If you guys know if any YZ model’s plastics or any other models would fit on my WR that would be great.
  8. I’m sure there are questions about this already, but I am in a hurry to buy a set of Warp 9 supermoto rims for my 2009 Wr250F. However, the rims came off of a 2009 Yz450F and I’m not sure if the hubs will fit on my Wr. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!
  9. Hello everyone, I did my first oil change on my 16 wr250f today... Minus snapping both heads off the oil filter cap (now resolved... Lol) while attempting to use my fancy new torque wrench - all went well! So I did an oil + filter change, and added the required 850ml of 10w40 Kawasaki (I know I know, all I has on hand) synthetic oil. After getting everything back together and tightened up I started Tammy the Yammy up, letting her warm for approximately 5 mins or so in my garage. Everything sealed tight, no oil leak.... But to my surprise, a little bit of coolant came out of the overflow tube. Just a little squirt. I chalked this up to me letting the bike overheat while idling in my garage on this 22C day. After warming the bike up (it was on its kickstand), I stood the bike up straight - the oil window was just barely above the lower line ('a' line according to the manual). I rode the bike for approximately 20km after. Everything looked good, no more coolant spills and no oil looks. Upon returning home, I checked the oil window again - still at the same level. According to section 3-16 of the manual, the level should be higher, in between the upper and lower line.... What should I do in this case? When I drained the bike, I realllly drained it... Like, with the oil filter out, I leaned the bike way to that side getting all the last drops (bit of OCD I think lol). I definitely added the 850ml the manual says it requires. Thanks for taking the time to read this! Cheers, Ryan
  10. Benbenbenbenbenben

    '03 XR250 wheels for '03 WRF250?

    Hi anyone. Been trawling the site for a few hours but can't seem to find the info I need. My mate's got a 2003 honda XR250 with a spare set of wheels, and I'm looking for a spare set for my 2003 yamaha WRF250. I can machine spacers to fit, but does anyone know the axle dimensions? My friend doesn't live nearby so can't do a quick 'wheels off check'. I'm hoping to find that the axle OD is the same and all I need is new spacers. I tried looking for bearing sizes for both but struggling tbh. Can anyone help with dimensions for either / both? Thanks in advance 👍👍👍
  11. So my little bro wants to go from four wheelers to bikes, I don't really know how the skills translate, he would prefer 4 stroke but he isn't to opposed to 2 smokers, I was thinking he should be ok on a 250f or 125 smoker, he has a raptor 350 been riding for about a year, I let him ride my old 230 he seemed like he was doing fine, would a 250f or 125 smoker be to much for him he thinks it would i think he will be fine though, what would you guys recommend?
  12. Do these bikes have a speedometer and/or hour meter form the factory?
  13. Hi guys Got a 2004 wr250f after a few rides the battery died. That's ok i didn't know how old the battery was, got a new battery and checked to make sure it was charging. Unfortunately it's not charging. Ive changed the rec/reg still not charging. The headlight doesn't work and I've checked for AC voltage and I'm only getting 1.4v nothing there. I've checked the resistance from the AC magneto - yellow wire to ground = 0.4ohm and white to ground = 0.1ohm Thinking out might be the AC magneto but I'd like to hear any suggestions before i go down that path of buying a new one. Cheers