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  1. I have a 2017 650L... I ended up going with the DG "RST" slip on which I found that it does not fit my factory mid section and there is a ring that comes with it which a helpful member let me know it's purpose was for taking the spark arrestor completely out to run wide open (I haven't done that unless I need to??). I put a FMF Power Up Jet kit into it, used the aftermarket needle and spring positioning the clip on level 3 from the top, smog block off kit, and I "think" I have desnorkled it by using the rubber plug from the smog block off kit into the bottom of the factory air box that I put an aftermarket high flow UNI air filter with the cage in. The Jet kit, I used the bigger jet in the kit which I believe was a 165?? I may be mistaken as it's been a few months. Any how, I ended up changing it out to the larger one as it was running too lean and not getting adequate fuel... Currently, the power loss is terrible comparing it to my last 650L which was a 2006 model and it was twice the power of this one. Now... the license plate bracket is even melting from the pipe and rear fender in that area turning yellowish. The engine skips fairly consistently at this point and very noticeable when holding the throttle consistent at the same speed. It was getting hard to start, so I ended up pulling the spark plug and it was completely black!! Obviously this means it is running rich?? Thinking I need to go back to the 160 main jet?? Also I put in the Amsoil high flow foam air filter and geared down to 14 tooth in the front with the regular XR sprocket. I feel that I am in over my head so to speak with things that I have done and not knowing exactly where to start. The exhaust was DEFINITELY LEAKING at the mid section where the slip on connects. I am tempted to spend more money which I would rather not if possible on purchasing the TM-40 carb, and the full FMF powercore system. I used the exhaust high temp putty and also wrapped it with high temp exhaust wrap but very well could still be seeping out having a portion to do with the skipping. Any suggestion would be so very helpful and appreciated.
  2. I will use this post to share experiences of bike adventure travel in various Patagonian areas. This time a trip from the desert to the mountain range within the province of Chubut. Honda XR Tornado with 5,8 gallon tank. BMW 650 X. and another honda XR tornado. the trip starts from the central desert zone, traveling west, towards the mountain range, forests and lakes.
  3. So I'm picking this up in the morning.... previous owner doesn't know much about it because he called it a "CBR125" but obviously that's incorrect. I've ridden Yamaha my whole life so I know nothing about it, and was curious if the kind folks at TT could help me out with some info on it. Thanks!
  4. Hi all! I've got an issue, one of many when it comes to bikes. I searched throughout all the pages I could find pertaining to my situation and couldn't find very much useful information. So the issue is, the bike has no electric start.... until it's hot enough to melt steel that is. It will bump start first time every time. But I can sit and crank the starter over for ever and it'll never start until the charger is bumped up past 200 amps. Not good. The story so far, Got the bike for 1k cash. Guy said it has no spark and no second gear. This particular guy also only ever rode newer crotch rockets. Brought it home pulled the choke, attached battery charger and she fired right up. Ran like absolute crap, but oh well I figure it's an older bike with only 10k miles so it probably needs a good carb cleaning. Took the carb apart and didn't know I messed something up until way later(didn't tighten down main jet). Oh well she runs well enough if I can get her started. Moved from California to Oklahoma. Eventually found the money to fix 2nd gear, and as I am a certified Honda small engine technician apprentice I figured it would be no big deal. Completely tore down engine to it's roots replaced 2nd, and 5th gear(because 5th gear connects to 2nd on the countershaft) dogs were worn pretty badly on both. The engine looked quite good compared to most others I've seen. Put the engine back together as per the service manual. Did all the right steps including loosening the banjo bolts to test for proper oil pressure. I even tore apart the electric starter to clean the contacts and the brushes and replace the dielectric grease. Adjusted the valves as per the service manual, replaced all gaskets, o-rings, seals, and oil filter. Finally after about a month of waiting on parts and reassembly I get to start her, only she doesn't. Electric start is still giving me the same issues I've always had. So I replaced the Ignition coil, CDI box, and put a new battery in, plus the starter motor rebuild. Nothing. Still cranks forever. I said what the heck and tried to push it slightly down hill and bump start it, and voila... fired right up! Once she gets hot enough and the stator charges the battery enough it'll electric start... sometimes. So I looked towards ignition, used a tool called ignition mate. Pretty awesome tool if you can afford it. Well while cranking the ignition mate reads the spark plug is getting 1-4kw of "spark" every cycle, well it only fires after getting up past 5kw sometimes 6-8kw. And sometimes the ignition would be intermittent as in it wouldn't give any spark at all. I cycle the ignition and it seems to soft reset the bike as it will usually give it back spark. I tested this with the new and old CDI box, the old one would never spark. Ever. So I threw it in the trash. A month later I stil l can't figure it out. Is there something I'm missing? TL;DR Bike won't start using electric start only bump start before and after engine rebuild Electric start works after pushing the starter past about 200 cold cranking amps or when hot.
  5. I just got my 83 Honda XR350 rebuilt by a local shop as it was burning oil heavily. I was doing some research into my bike and have learned that these bikes are especially lean out of the factory. Would I be able to richen using the mixture screw on the carb? Or would i need to rejet completely? Has anyone had any horror stories from not rejetting the lean bike? Thanks
  6. 2003 XR100. Installed new FMF exhaust, new carb (OEM size) with 105 main and 40 pilot, and UNI pod filter. Started up first kick and will idle but won't rev up. I referenced the jetting chart on BBR website. Confirmed choke is off. Bike idles smooth and will rev if teisting the throttle slowly, but nothing if twisting the throttle fast. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks in advance,
  7. Hello all, There's been a lot of talk about how to register a dirt bike in states that don't allow it. I just moved to North Carolina and for the first time in my life might be able to afford a bike. I've been dreaming about an XR650R for a long time, but they're not cheap. Plated bikes seem to be more expensive too. So here's my question, has anyone tried to plate a dirt bike by adding all the necessary features and having it inspected as a custom bike? Anyone know of another way I can plate an xr650 in NC? Thanks
  8. Team TT: I’m refurbishing my 1984 XL350R. In the process of taking the carbs off, this insulator carb crumbled in my hands. I can’t find a replacement on eBay, bike bandit & the usual suspects. Two questions... Does anyone know of a work-around? Also, I see a lot of insulator carbs for XR/XL250’s. Anyone know if these will fit? I grabbed a photo from the internet to show the part. Any help would be appreciated.
  9. Hi all, I am new to this forum and didn't find a page for XR500's so I figured this page will be the closest thing. Let me know if there is a different forum to which I should be posting. I recently acquired a 1984 XR500R for $200. The bike wasn't running and definitely wasn't in the best of shape. Covered in grime, no compression, etc... Anyways I am completely overhauling the bike. New paint, new parts, engine rebuild, everything. However, I have never attempted a complete engine rebuild. I figure an older bike like this would be a good start to learning my way around engines and a fun side project for me. I just wanted to get people's opinions. Should I attempt the entire rebuild myself? What all would that require? Or if I want the bike to actually run again, am I better off just having a shop rebuild it?? The guy I bought the bike from obviously neglected it after it lost compression. He claims he was riding it on the highway and the compression blew out as he was riding. Told me it only needs a gasket job and it will run strong again. Any hints or tips would be really appreciated! I love this community and really want to be apart of it! (And yes the bike is in terrible shape in the picture I posted, I will post updated pictures of what I have accomplished so far soon)
  10. Did my search, couldnt find a post like this... If there is one, please admins, remove this one. ? So what you did to her today? ? And in my first post, i did a hole to be able to adjust the headlight, sometimes when i ride with weight besides myself the light gets too hi, and cars get mad at me... So with the holes, now im able to adjust light height in a breeze. Ideas are welcome ?️
  11. Picked up a partially disassembled '83 XR350R Was wondering if anyone had any insight to specific quirks of these bikes. I have a '85 XR600R so I am used to tuning the dual carbs already and messing with valve lash. Came with XRs Only Exhaust (not pictured) and I have 98% of the parts I need to reassemble it. I think it needs rewired. There is not a voltage regulator on it currently. Also I have some spare parts for 83-85 XR350R's that came with this bike that I will list in case anyone wants to buy em cheap.
  12. Can anyone provide some insight on an xr650l in the dunes , I got a trip coming up to go to sand mountain later this month, main question is what paddle number count to run, 8 or 10? I keep reading an 8 is good for a 450 and bigger bikes
  13. My son has a 1988 Honda XR200R that he's been working on and it's awesome! He got it starting in one kick and has just been able to go enjoy it when, BAM, rear shock goes bad. I've searched and searched to no avail to find a replacement. So now I'm hoping I can get some help here. I'm either looking for one for sale, maybe a crossover shock that would fit, or any advice that can lead us to a replacement. All help appreciated. Thank you.
  14. I own a 1983 Honda XR200 and it has the dual rear shocks and I can't ride on modern day tracks without risking them to break or bottom out on jumps, I want to know who can help me about putting a Single rear modern coil spring shock in by fabricating the frame and swing arm to correctly fit. I want to mod into a single rear shock instead of current duals, HELP ME OUT!
  15. I have a very low hour XR 250 (1987) that the shifting has become increasingly difficult / notchy. Seems to be worse when bike is hot / warm but is still difficult when cold. Rode 50 miles of single track and fire roads last night and couldn't shift very well from 2nd to 3rd, 3rd to 4th, etc... It seemed very 'hard' to shift and was notchy. The only consistent way to get bike to shift on the way back was to 'HEEL SHIFT' on the way up for gears 3 through 6. I know this is not right. My 1978 RM 100 shifted better than this (so I know something is very wrong). Although I'm not very mechanically inclined, I have ridden a few older model Hondas and each shifted very well...... Bike seemed to downshift 'okay' but was still notchy. I did have a hard time finding neutral at the end of ride yesterday when I was done- that was a first. I have changed the oil every 2-4 hours of use since I've had it. Oil and filter just changed 2 days ago when getting bike ready for the season. Oil lever is correct and check the exact way as in the Service Manual description. The previous owner who was a Honda guy through and through and used Rotella oil- told me to do same. I used that oil last year but changed to the Honda GN4 when I noticed shifting being a bit hard on the last ride in the previous Fall. Probably not an oil issue (I guess..) but just wanted to try that first. I have had no crashes/ falls to damage the bike / shift lever. A possibly related issue? is that my clutch doesn't seem to be functioning right... The motor only engages when clutch is 3/4 out (away) from the grip. I did a separate post on this but wanted to mention in case it is helpful. Thanks for any useful input. I do have a service manual but don't have a mechanical background. I'd like to see if I can have a reasonable chance to fix first. The local Honda shop where I am is not very helpful and they charge alot of $$$$$ to do almost nothing. I took my bike there once and they scratched the shit out of my rear hub and scratched my swing arm when they put my new rear tire on (you get the idea..). I also recognize that the bike is 31 yrs old..... Not being used much maybe caused some issues? Thanks in advance for help and information.
  16. Many many wonder if these little XR pit bikes have rev limiters, im one of those people wanting to know. I have a little 2002 Honda XR80, and I simply wanna know if it has a rev limiter obviously. I would hold it wide for a second, but im scared of blowing the bike up haha, ive decided to do it and it's very weird. This may sound really stupid to say, but I swear I hear a "limiter" hit some times, other times there just won't be a limiter, if you can help me out with this, it'd be much appreciated.
  17. Recently got a barn XR400 which only needed carb work for 650$. My mindset is either keep or flip the bike. Already got new plastics and other parts off ebay. About 1k into the thumper right now. I have a clean xt225 which I have enjoyed but honestly want a bit more power. The suspension (strange feeling in back mostly) and brakes definitely need to be looked at for one. It also takes a million kicks to get the thing going (which from what ive seen is pretty normal) Asides from the brakes and suspension, my other concern is the wiring. It seems the previous owner put a baja designs kit on the bike. He had the Baja kit designs tail lamp which was not only ratted out but also had snipped wires. The front light doesnt work (i think its just a bulb). With the new tail plastic i also ordered a new tail lamp. Im not experienced with wiring, suspension or brakes really. (ive mostly worked on bikes that had carb problems) Is it worth spending the money to go get it fixed at a shop? Im trying to keep the whole price of the bike under 2500$ when im done, which im trying to make it a brand new bike. As i see it, i wanted a wr250r or a drz400, but i figured the XR400 would be right between the two (lower weight than DR and more power than WR) am i wrong for keeping this bike for that reason? Thanks for help btw
  18. I was wondering how would I go about converting a KLR650's single exhaust tip into dual twin tips for under 200$ (example picture below). Is there a pre made system already made?, are there converters and other pipes pieces I can put together to build it?, or is something I have create entirely on my own by cutting and bending pipes? thanks
  19. I have read the old threads on changing the gear ratios on a XR 400, They claim it is possible to use the gears out of a EX 400, at least 1st gear. However I could not find where anyone had actually done this. Has anyone ever made the switch with the EX 400 1st gear into a XR 400.
  20. Hey all So I picked up a 1985 Honda XL350R last week. Pretty fine bike all in all. When I was disassembling the fuel system to get the old gas out and clean the carb the wonderful carb insulator, manifold whatever you'd care to call it turned to dust. Did some research and found that there are none available. Nothing used or new so I figured I'd make one myself. Found grantiago's thread and figured I'd give it a try. Picked up 6 inches of aluminum tube as close to the carburator diameter as possible. Ordered some intake hoses to clamp it all together. So far I'm into this repair for $30. Cut the 6 inch length in half(ish) measured the carb angle to be about 20 degrees matched that by cutting 10 degrees off the end of each piece. Shortened them down to where I think the intake hoses will grab and leave enough room to get the carb back on the bike when the dust settles. Here's where it's at so far. Also this is by no means perfect. I whipped this rig up while I was at work for a quick fix. I wouldn't mind making a nicer version later on. To be continued when I find someone with a tig welder!
  21. So I've confronted with a problem, I'm looking for a larger fuel tank for a Yamaha TTR-250. I know the Acerbis 20L tanks are a option but the ones for Honda XR-650 can be used and their someone who sells a mounting kit for them. Which is great but would a 20L Acerbis TTR-250 Tank fit straight on using what's provided in box. Or would I need to fabricate mounts. Which is what I'm trying to avoid. If the TTR-250 Tank requires fabrication, I'll go for the XR's Tank and the kit. There's just a miscommunication, on EBay the item just says mounting included but it earlier states you need to make mounts. Does anyone have experience?
  22. I am running conventional 20W40 oil in my bike, is this too heavy? Should I switch to synthetic oil? Thanks
  23. After a tire size mishap, the XR650 is back up and running again! The 17" wheels completely transform this thing! Honestly, before I put these on I was almost regretting trading in my R6 for it but now I couldn't be happier. I didn't get to push it too hard because of the brand new rubber but from the short ride I took I can tell this thing is gonna be a monster! I jumped on a set of Warp 9 elites I sniped off ebay and put a set of Metzeler M5 Sportec tires on it . The oversized rotor makes this thing stop on a dime. It takes some getting used to, the brakes are ALOT more sensitive. It doesn't take much lever pull to make the front end dive fast. Overall, I would definitely recommend this to anyone considering supermotoing their XR! The only problem left to solve is rigging up a speedometer to it. I put a phone mount on the bars with a GPS Speedo app that has an odometer so I can still track mileage but I'd like to have a permanent mount Speedo on it. I know alot of people run the Trail tech but there's not that much left in the budget at the moment.
  24. New here so if I am not in the correct place please point me in the correct direction.. Anyone ever have a NC motorcycle title revoked? I have an XR400 (that was titled, registered and plated in KS) that I purchased in KS about 4 years back. Transferred the title and registered it in NC (nothing on the title about off road only). It has been plated, inspected and ridden in NC for the last 4+ years. I get a letter in the mail that says my title has been cancelled and ordered to surrender my title. I called DMV and inquired. They said the bike was not road worthy. I explained that it has been registered, insured, plated on the NC roads for the last 4+ years. Inspected each year by NC certified inspection station. They said I must surrender the title. I asked on what grounds because it was just inspected and passed. I was told by the lady on the phone "Because I said so". Anyone experience similar. Help!!!!
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