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  1. 87 xr600 twin carb, recently rebuilt engine: new piston +.75, new rings, rebore to suit. New stem seals. Tested head with fuel in the ports (to test valve to head seal on each valve - no leakage. New head gasket Thoroughly cleaned carbs and set them up as per manual. Fresh fuel I can stand on the kickstart on compression stroke - so hopefully valves etc ok, valve timing marks on either side of camwheel very close to level on the marks against head Hasn't run since rebuild. It will pop/bang on demand- ie kick it over and it will backfire/pop/bang not kick, kick, kick, kick then a random pop. Does anybody recognise whats wrong? PLEEEEAAASE! thanks in advance people
  2. Need some help from the gurus. Engine is being rebuilt. Currently, there's a JE 100.5mm piston installed. On disassembly, it was discovered that the wrist pin, which I'm assuming is the stock oem pin, appears to be about 5mm or so too short, as in it doesn't extend all the way out to the circlips. Shouldn't there be a longer pin for the oversized piston? Does anyone know the proper dimensions for this pin? I believe the stock one is 945-2500. Thanks in advance, and sorry if it's a dumb question.
  3. Hi All, This isolation has given me heaps of time to work on this project that has been on the back burner. Bike is a 89/90 XR600R, a bit worse for wear, but it was running when I got it. Last week I kicked it over to my surprise, but the engine would cut out under the tiniest bit of throttle. Ok, cool. Pilot screw adjustment, easy. I took the carb off and gave it a once over, everything seems to be in order, other than the choke being sticky. Float looks good, level is 14.5mm. Fuel getting in there, not overflowing. I put the carb back on, and now for the life of me I cannot get this thing to start. I've gone in increments of 1/8th of a turn in and out from neutral on the pilot screw, nothing. It just gives a little rumble and doesn't catch. Is there something obvious that I'm missing? I've read through a lot of threads, and they each go down their own rabbit hole. Compression/spark/electrical... I know it was running before i fiddled with the carb, so I don't want to start changing more and more and really start to chase my tail. Hoping to get this thing running before the apocalypse really kicks off! Thanks for any help, will keep trawling old threads...
  4. I had just redone various things on my 82 xl500r. It does not start with the choke on. Only starts with it off. Below are pictures of my custom air filter setup. It's made from some foam filter from lowes (soaked in motor oil) and a soup can with many holes drilled in it Below is also the spark plug. I'm having trouble determining if it's running fine or running rich, because the lighting greatly changes the color. I think It's running rich. Would that be the foam specifically? or should I mod my soup can to let more air in? Also note, the little inlet at the top of the airbox is cut off. It's just a bigger hole.
  5. I have an 82 xl500r that I bought. It ran when I bought it. I did a few things to it over the winter and now, maintenance stuff -opened and cleaned the carb -put in an air filter (didn't have one before) -adjusted valves -adjusted decompressor -changed oil -re-threaded spark plug hole (was cross threaded) Now it wont start. Battery is fully charged. Only other bit of information I can give is when i'm kicking it over, I can hear air leaking out. Not sure if it did this before, not sure if its the decompressor at work. I can't really hear or feel exactly where its coming from. Could my decompressor not be adjusted correctly? I thought it might be air coming out of the spark plug hole since I rethreaded it, but I feel nothing around it and I'm still able to tighten it down pretty good. Any thoughts or things that I should check/adjust would be great. Sorry for being a noob I don't know what else to try. Thanks
  6. Hi guys, I have a 1992 XR600R that doesn't want to start. I just got the bike and I don't know anything about it. Never seen running. That said, the bike is very clean, looks very loked after from the outside.... The first time I tried to start it, after few kicks I used the decompressor press on inch and kick but nothing. SINCE then, I can continuously kick and it never requires the decompressor; it's like there is no compression anymore. Still haven't managed to start the bike. THERE is SPARK, I have replaced the spark plug. With the help of a borescope I looked inside the cylinder and the piston seems ok, at least it's not crushed. I have opened the valve covers and I can see the rockers moving. So, I am guessing (I am not a mechanic) either a valve stuck open or piston rings stuck. I have removed the exhaust headers and I could see/feel the valves going up and down. I will have to do the same test on the intake side later on... I really don't want to open the engine. I have tried to squirt a bit of petrol through the spark plug hole and try to start (with the spark plug back in obviously) and I could hear a bang; some smoke came out of the air filter. Maybe it was a silly move; it usually works with 2T. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!
  7. Hi again Thumpertalk community! So I've been trying to dig up some info online because I've seen many pictures of 83-86 Honda XL600R's and it seems like NONE have this little black cylinder part that my bike has (1985 Honda XL600R). I've attached pictures of both sides of this part and it's location on the bike. I also found a manual but not for my exact model year so I'm not sure if it differs. I live in California, which is notorious for 1000% smog regulation overkill but I don't know where this bike originally came from. I'll be removing the gas tank soon for some revival maintenance, once I do, I'll try to trace all of those hoses. Anyone seen this thing before? (the one with the orange tube between the carbs and crank case)
  8. Auto-Decompressor Question - 1995 XR600R (Single Carb model) I'm perplexed how the auto decompressor system works - is the fact that the first several kicks are compression-free, indicative that my system is working as it should? The previous owner removed the manual decompressor cable - so that is not operational, but apparently the auto decompressor is operational. For the first 4 or 5 kicks my bike has no compression. Then apparently the decompressor disengages and on that 6th kick, there is full compression for a couple strokes, then back to no compression. The bike starts very well - in just a few kicks, runs super well, and has amazing power. The lack of any compression for four or five initial kicks though confounds me. I experimented and found that if I loosen the right side exhaust valve so that it is apparently appropriately gapped to the top of the decompressor mechanism instead of the top of the cam lobe, I get full compression on every kick, but the apparent valve lash makes an awful racket - so obviously I know I need to keep the valve adjusted in relation to the camshaft lobe. Other possibly related conditions: 1) When riding, I notice a minor occasional misfire - which makes me wonder if the auto decompress is intermittently engaging during riding. I don't think its a bad seating exhaust valve, due to the aforementioned valve adjustment test. 2) I've taken the head cover and cam off and noticed the cam lobe contact surface for the exhaust valve rocker arm next to the auto decompression assembly has had scoring.
  9. So I recently acquired this 1986 xr600r in non-running condition on the good ol' craigslist. I managed to get it running (it helps when a decade's worth of varnish is cleaned from the carbs) and she purrs like a kitten. It's titled and street legal here in Washington. I'm just trying to pin down a fair value for the bike, so any input or comment is appreciated. Thanks.
  10. Hi, I am rebuilding my old 83 Xl600R finally thanks to being locked down at home! I am in the process of ordering some bits i need. Can anyone tell me what jets i should be looking at for an altitude of around 900M. Or do i just go with ordering the same jets that are in the bike now? Also does anyone have a recommendation for an aftermarket small air filter i can use on this?. I am stripping out the old air cleaner and changing the look a bit.
  11. I had my rear brake shoes replaced and when I put it back together the tire free spins only when the lever is compressed I'm not quiete sure how to set them to where they would work properly
  12. Morning folks. At least for some. so I need some help in trouble shooting a 91 XR600 that smokes when it starts. Typical blue oil smoke. There have been times when I start and no smoke appears and then it comes back after a minutes. I’ve had one time where it calmed down a little at idle, but hit the throttle and it puffs pretty good. Pulled the plug and it sure looks like slick oil coating to me and doesn’t smell like gas. Before you give me the typical things to check for, here is what has been done new top end. Ran great for the first few months of running it and then the bike was parked. Started it up a while back and it was smoking. Changed the head gasket and valve seals, leak down test shows good compression and maintains it. So that should eliminate rings as an issue and honestly it should eliminate gaskets, valves, seals, also. I am just stumped on how oil would be getting in there. I’ve torn it down twice and on the last one replaced seals again and did a leak test on the valves with the head off the bike I’m really stumped. It’s a great bike but I can’t figure it out. it did sit, and the FCR carb is giving me some starting fits but that wouldn’t give me blue smoke. And I’m damn near positive it’s blue and not black. I will need to clean the carb, but don’t think that’s it any suggestions in a positive direction would be appreciated Thanks jay
  13. I saw this on Instagram yesterday and I thought I would pass it along for you XR600R fans. Johnny Campbell posted the attached picture and the following text describing his 1998 Baja 1000 winning XR600R bike. Bonus - Listen to his Whiskey Throttle Show/Podcast interview for more behind the scenes HRC XR600R info. "The 1998 SCORE Baja 1000 @scoreinternational was one of my favorite races. Santo Tomas to La Paz 1062 miles. I partnered with the Rally General @jimmy_lewis_ . I rode the first 120 miles, Jimmy gave me a break for 60 miles, then rode another 440 or so miles before handing it to Jimmy for the final 500 plus mile night section from San Ignacio to La Paz with no break! Paul Ostbo, was my prerun partner. Cowboy Marvin drove chase. Jimmy preran and surfed with Dave Donatoni. The bike was the epitome of XR600R Days as it would be the last Baja 1000 I would race the old air-cooled XR(‘99 we debuted the all new XR650R). I built the race bike myself @honda_racing_us in the product evaluation shop #7, Building 500 which doubled as our “backdoor” Offroad racing shop back then. Basically stock XR600R-but very polished. Stock header, stock Carb, Aftermarket slip-on muffler. We had a “skunk-works” HGA 200watt factory stator to power two 100watt cibie-super Oscar lights for night section. The special details about the engine was I would use drilled/hollowed gears, magnesium ignition and clutch covers, aluminum cylinder with Nikisil liner, all these parts were from a 1988 XR600R and made the engine 2 pounds lighter! A” skunk works” HGA 4 speed trans (no first gear) for durability, an Eric Crippa ported head, HRC power-up kit camshaft and stock piston and crank. Jimmy and I won at a finish time of 18hrs 58mins for an average speed of 56.38mph! The “Ironman” Ivan Stewart was second overall with a time of 19:08 ave speed 55.9 in his Factory TRD single seat trophy truck. #xr600 #ridered #hondahistory #BruceOarmy #acerbisusa"
  14. Hey guys, My 2nd and 3rd goes sounded different when riding, almost strained sounding. So I split my case and found my 2nd gears on both of counter and main shaft were definitely chewed up. The third gear on my main shaft had some damage, but counter shaft 3rd gear seems fine. I had a question when it comes to both of my fourth gears, one of the dogs is lightly chipped and the teeth on the main shaft 4th gear have some small markings. I attached pictures and videos of these gears and was wondering if I could get away with not replacing them, a little sort on money at the moment. Here's a video of the teeth. Thanks!!! https://drive.google.com/file/d/1KdrCz9v1mRvreObr6kN5YUkKpG1tp-xq/view?usp=sharing
  15. Wanting to get ride of the De-comp lever and run a CRF Purch with hot start but the stock cable would be roughly 2" too short. Has anyone done this and if so what model bike uses a longer cable?
  16. Hell all. New member here. Figured after a few years of navigating the TT forums i would make an account, for input on my current situation. I just got a 98 XR600R from my father who last rode it maybe 6 years ago. About 3 years ago i was told i could have the bike if i got it running. I took the bike and cleaned the carb, tried kicking it over and nothing. After a good carb cleaning, got it to run but not very well. Found an issue with the auto decompression system. I removed the asm from the cam and had the hole filled. After that it ran better but still not good. I then took it to the shop i work at and tore it down to the piston. Not realizing before, choke plate broke off and found itseay inside the cylinder and did some head damage. After finding this i boxed it up and havent touched it until recently. Got the bike out, inspected everything and found only damage to the head, light marking. Cleaned it up and slapped everything back together and cannot get the bike to run at all, and when it does, its gutless. Checked timing several times, cam is good. Its off a half tooth either direction. I do have the cam in the right orientation, not 180 out. When it does run its noisy, like super loose valves. Couldnt ever figure out the cause. I decided to out money into this bike and got the following, new cam chain, new coil and plug, new hot cam stage one, new hot shot cdi box, new ricky stator 200w stator, kibble white titanium spring kit, 100mm 10.5 to 1 JE piston and XRs only new carb kit, the non pumper. I decided to overhaul the bike to get it running, then as winter comes tear it all apart and clean up the frame and other parts. Im looking for any input for people who built there bikes with performance parts as these and there experiences in doing so. And just looking for general guidance along the way, helping restore and build a classic. Pictures if interest.
  17. I've had my xr600r running for about a good month now, been taking it to local parks and pushing it a little harder. I do know these bikes have a decomp thingy on the cam as an anti kickback thing, i also know that you don't need the manual decomp but i got one anyways since i had more uses for it than starting the bike. However my bike makes this really bad sound at and a little above idle, it sounds an awful lot like a locomotive moving down a train track, i know its not my valve seat or valve adjustments, checked chose. Whenever i hear this really loud sound i see that little thing that the decomp cable goes to twitch.Some people say this is normal but even if it is, its still not a great sound and i would like to get rid of possibly. I have been wondering if switching to a different cam other than stock would eliminate the sound. I know, I know i lose the auto decompression but i barely use it anyway, and i have been looking to beef up my motor a little bit after my buddies CRF250R gave me a run for money. Would using a different cam eliminate this noise or am i chasing a ghost? Thanks in advance (Noise got worst with more use)
  18. Hey guys, I realize there is a lot of the jetting topic and I see what others are generally doing. I was just looking for advice on whether I should switch up my jets or keep them where they are at I bought my 96 xr600r a couple years ago and use it to put around to work and back once in a while...the previous owner had swapped in a fcr-MX (which I believe is from a Yamaha 250f if that matters). I have been invited to do a dessert ride in a month so I'm getting the bike tuned up. Today I took apart the carb to clean out the slow jet since the choke wasn't working (choke now works proper) and noted my jetting was different than recommended on this site. The bike runs pretty well with the exception of some missing when cruising at lower throttle application(near 1/8 throttle) (pilot jet too lean??) Main: 175 Pilot: 48 - fuel screw 2.5 turns out Slow: 72 Leak: 60 I lube at sea level in so cal....ride will be at about 2000 ft elev, so not much different. Should I screw with the jetting? Or leave it be for the ride since it seems to be running ok? Also any input on the low throttle missing would be appreciated. Thank you!
  19. I have a 1987 Honda XR600R with very few miles. One owner and have heard that there may be a conversion kit and or, implanting the motor from a Honda XR600L with electric start into the frame of my 87 XR600R. I'm looking for opinions of value with accuracy.
  20. Hey all! 96xr600r!! Yo, past year ibwent to ride one day and no spark. Bummer. I put in a new stator because I thought it tested bad. Guess what, still no spark. And I went about testing some other stuff, but I'm not sure that I made a correct diagnosis. Lts start with the stator. Testing it from its red / black wire to ground should have been something like 300 ohms but I tested at 90. Only thing is, the new one does the same thing. So I guess my question is, what do they mean by ground? Because I tested between that stator wire and the engine for ground. Is this the correct procedure? And ignition coil test. It tested as being open. But the troubleshooting guide I saw said to test the blue / yellow wire and I think the green? Anyway, looking at my ignition coil , the 2 wires that make contact are green and black / white. Should I be testing the black white wire and not the blue yellow? Anything else I should look into? If this text wasn't really coherent, please let me know
  21. Hey I have a xr600 that was ticking in my top end so I brought it to a friend to get the valves adjusted but felt he did them wrong because the ticking continued Nd louder this time..so I took all 4 valve caps off to adjust my self after watching vids on how to adjust my valves but when I went to take off the decompression side valve my screw Nd nut was missing, does anybody know the exact location or where to start looking for the screw Nd nut inside my engine without having to tear the whole motor?
  22. Looking for 93-2000 Honda XR600R left fork leg lower P/N 51520-MN1-013. Would consider complete left fork leg for same bike.
  23. just wondering if theres anyone who knows a thing or two about this bike as seen in the pictures. im trying to find out what the specs on the wheels are. i know they are KTC80 tires on Excel rims. does anybody know the size though of both the rims and tires? also would like to know what the widest KTC 80 tires would be to fit on stock xr600 rims? any help highly appreciated!! cheers
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