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Found 353 results

  1. Hello all, There's been a lot of talk about how to register a dirt bike in states that don't allow it. I just moved to North Carolina and for the first time in my life might be able to afford a bike. I've been dreaming about an XR650R for a long time, but they're not cheap. Plated bikes seem to be more expensive too. So here's my question, has anyone tried to plate a dirt bike by adding all the necessary features and having it inspected as a custom bike? Anyone know of another way I can plate an xr650 in NC? Thanks
  2. Looking for help / advice... Im considering purchasing a 2001 XR650R with less than 1,000 miles on the bike. It is 100% stock and the pics look like it's in near showroom condition. I spoke to the current owner today and have plans to see the bike this weekend. The issue: The owner told me he has not run the bike in two years and the throttle is currently stuck or frozen, so the bike won't start. He believes is a carb issue. I'll have no idea until I see the bike and start breaking it down. What should I consider when evaluating this problem? What should I look at when seeing the bike this weekend? Any help or advice is greatly appreciated!
  3. I just bought a xr650r that has sat up for about 8 years. I cleaned the tank, carb etc.. Got it running and it runs great, but it was hard to start so I checked the valves and they were in need of adjustment which fixed the start issue but.. The bike is uncorked and jetted and while trying to fine tune everything I noticed the issue. Screwing in the fuel screw, the idle doesn't change until a quarter turn from complete stop (all the way in) it idles up just a little and won't die once its screwed in. The bike runs fine, idles and starts great but that little issue is bothering me. I guess I'm asking should I do anything about it and if so what?. It's been a long time since I have had a bike and evidently I've forgotten everything I used to know because Im not sure what the issue is. It's a 2006 650r btw and is in really great condition.
  4. I recently rebuilt my 650R's rear suspension bearings, as at least the upper shock bearing was completely toast and there were several milimeters play noticeable when lifting the swingarm at the rear axle bolt, accompanied by an explicit "clack" noise somewhere in rear suspension. So I replaced all of the bearings (swingarm, linkage, shock and bone) with new ones. I used quality product standardized bearings (because Honda really demands some $$$ for each of the 10 or so bearings) for all pivots except the lower shock bearing, as this is a special size which can only be ordered from Honda (19mm inner diameter). I also replaced the inner shafts/axles as they may have been worn significantly, I didn't/couldn't measure that. Replaced everything, did a quick test afterwards and still felt a lot of play at the rear axle. Maybe 2-3mm. Less than before, but definitely still there and still with a "clack". So I re-rolled the rebuild and found significant play in the lower shock bearing (the OEM Honda!!). I filmed the rotational play around the radial axis of the needle bearing (which should be close to 0 for needle bearings in my understanding), can be seen here: https://streamable.com/sp246l - again, this video was filmed when fully bolted down and with brand new OEM bearing and inner bearing ring. I did some research and found a lot of people saying that some play in rear suspension for the 650R is normal. Now I know why. I also inspected the old inner bearing ring and found significant wear with visible and sensible dents - really doesn't surprise me with that load of play out of the box. Long story short, I turned one of the bearing shafts of the other suspension bearings down to something between 19.05 and 19.1mm (from 20mm, didn't have the tools to measure it more exact) and cut it to length (also pressed in another steel tube to reduce the inner diameter from 12 to 10mm). Definitely was a pain in the ass as the material was brutally hard, I had to go by 1/20mm steps on my mini-lathe. In the end, the result was okay-ish: Now all I had left to do was to reassemble the suspension. My custom inner ring for the lower shock bearing went in stiffly and didn't run as smooth as before, for sure, but still okay for this application. The result can be seen here: https://streamable.com/b85g10 I am pretty satisfied with it, also the play felt when lifting the rear axle is almost gone, no clicking and clacking noticeable. Maybe Honda had a deeper thought regarding the play in this bearing I am not able to understand. But honestly, I just think Honda or their supplier for this custom bearing &%$#@!ed something up. 0.05-0.1mm off in a small sized bearing is not just some fabrication tolerance. Let me know your thoughts to that! Ride on, Graylack 🙂
  5. I dropped my xr today while offroad and broke the rear brake pedal. I'm looking for a folding pedal, any help appreciated.
  6. Hey y’all, very new to site and my XR650r. I’m having trouble selecting rectifier/regulator for stock stator. I would like to add a battery for my signals and a phone charger that’s it. I think I can get away with this setup with the stock stator because I usually don’t ride at night and I figure I can put battery tender on every night to keep battery fresh. Any help with this will be appreciated so please chime in.
  7. Hi there, Im new to the XRR community and I would like to do a Dc conversion. Im looking at the Ricky Stator kit and im wondering if i can use a battery other than the one included in the kit? Also does anyone know if this kit would output enough to power heated grips and a heated vest? Thanks for any input.
  8. 2002 XR650R water cooled. 25,000 miles all street. Richened the main jet and needle position. Last four weeks bike has backfired LOUDLY coming off the throttle, runs great. Last two weeks bike is getting harder to start and easier to kick through, runs great. Present day-Bike will not kick start. Bike bump starts fine, still runs great. Bike shows between zero and 30 psi compression. Squirting oil in cylinder does not improve compression. Plug no longer has that look of a perfect burn. Now black & sooty. Compression lever cable loose and fully closed when not actuated. Her name is Samantha.
  9. I've had my XR650R for about 6 months now. I rode the bike for a bit when I got it but put it away for the winter. It never really had trouble starting before I put it away. Lately I've been having this issue recently where the kickstarter is stopping mid-kick. Its preventing me from kicking the bike over and starting it. The best way to describe it is that it feels like its hitting another TDC when I kick it through. Its happening on probably 9/10 kicks. I originally thought it was a faulty autodecomp so I've replaced the camshaft with a known working camshaft. I was able to kick through it once and start it but after I shut it off and tried to restart it again, the issue came back. I've double check the valve clearances and they're within spec. I've got new gas, new spark plug, new oil, new coolant in the bike. I've searched around and I cant really find anybody else with this issue. https://thumpertalk.com/forums/topic/1276459-xr650r-false-tdc-and-almost-broken-foot/#comments This thread is the closest experience someone else has had to mine. His issue seemed to resolve after redoing the valve clearance. Can anybody help or relate?
  10. hey guys, when replacing your clutch on the XRR, how do the aftermarket options compare to OEM for feel and durability. XRO has a barnett ‘dirt digger’ clutch specific for the XRR. fwiw my brp is opened up with a HC stage 1, HRC piston, tm42, full T4 + airbox mods. whats the best replacement? thanks in advance!
  11. I couldn't find but one post about the stand and it was 14 years old. Does anyone know Hondas logic on such a short stand? I'm probably going to weld an extension on. WTH?! It's at least 2 inches short and so is my kickstand. Seriously though, there is no way that bike will stand on anything but asphalt or concrete and even then 3/4 of the bikes weight is on the stand. And god forbid you forget to turn off your petcock, even then you end up draining half the bowl.
  12. I have a MSD 4217 ignition go in my XRX. I want to see if anyone here has installed one and if there are any thing I should know about the install. It has been programed already by someone who has one on there XRX. Any info would be great. Thanks .
  13. i have the old style FMF powercore 4 silencer with powerbomb headers. would their be much difference in power/delivery if i switched to the XROnly race exhaust system. (not bothered about noise where i live) Uncorked. Edelbrock. Stage1 Hotcam. HRC piston
  14. Working on a friends bike he cant find his manual, anyone tell me torque specs for clutch cover bolts and for the clutch bolts, thanks
  15. I have installed a C-Fab electric starter on my XR650R. It turns over the bike great but won't start. I have been told that I need a programmable CDI unit to get it to start. Was told some XR650R don't need them but some do. Something about retarding the timing for cranking. Anyone know anything about this and where to get the right CDI unit. was told that MSD made one but I can't find it.
  16. I'm looking to ditch my stock forks. What are my options that will still work with my stock front wheel hub?
  17. I’m struggling to find the right tuning guy to setup my xr650r. It’s been fairly heavily modified by the previous owner I.e. edelbrook cab, ignition module, cams, high compression piston etc and most ‘tuning companies’ I’ve talked to seem to deal with road bikes only. Any suggestions?
  18. okay...yet another fitment issue! so my mechanic has installed the TT fan on the bike and of course the right side radiator brace (works connection) will not fit. thise fit on the rear side of the radiators. if i get a pair of radiator guards that mount on the front, will any of them work? was thinking to go w the unabikers...i have an IMS 3.2 as well. any thoughts??
  19. What are the best used Dual Sport models to convert into a scrambler style? Looking for 400-650cc, decent Highway Speed (cruise around 65-70 mph), Low Maintance, good MPG, can handle long distance rides (150 mile day ride), Very Good on fire roads, decent single track, can handle occasional sand and rocks no problem, lighter weight, Currently deciding between: drz400 and 650, KLR650, XR400R 600R and 650R,
  20. hey guys, hoping somebody can point me in the right direction. i have a drz edge 2 led tail light thats going on the bike soon. with that said, im looking for a bright durable plug-n-play led light to fit in the stock housing on the rear fender for extra brake light visibity. since i have the drz edge, its no problem if it functions only as a brake light. also, what are sone good led turn signals?? again looking for durable bright lights and i dont care if they are super tiny or anything. any recommendations?? ive searched around and couple places i found that sell these are no longer in business thanks again!! *i should add that i have the full baja designs dual sport kit installed
  21. Purchased new graphics, there’s a mesh on the left side after market number plate which leads to the airbox. The new graphics would cover this mesh. Will the graphics affect air flow and performance if placed over this mesh?
  22. Stock carb overflow problems had me perplexed over the weekend. 16mm float height triple checked, float valve tip is like new, polished tank, new filter, new lines, and cleaned every piece thrice. I know these are notorious for overflowing but it’s never been a problem since I adjusted the float height. This weekend I found a chrome flake about 5mm in diameter up inside the float valve seat. It’s chrome not aluminum. Sorry no pix. I ate it. Removing it cured the overflow but WTH? I’m meticulous when working on fuel systems but mistakes are inevitable. Still... is this symptomatic of a part failure? The valve is chrome but hasn’t shed there’s no way it got passed the fuel filter. I believe the slide is chromed. I haven’t fully inspected that yet but no way In hell a flake that size sneaks into the bowl. Has anybody seen this before?
  23. Riding the first two legs of BDR-MA (backcountry discovery routes, midatlantic, licensed bike required) on 26 and 27 Sep with a buddy. Staying in hotels in Damascus, Newport, and Roanoke. Me on my XR650R and a friend on he DRZ400. Riding Hatfield McCoy trails (Pocahontas, Pinnacle, and Indian Ridge) on October 10 and 11 with several friends and daughter. Not sure if we are tent-, trailer-, or cabin camping, or where - shopping for that right now. Please let me know if you are already riding these areas so we can meet up, or if you'd like to join us.
  24. What do you guys think? Ok to fix wrist pin and continue on adventure. Got a buddy that’s taking off to Grand Canyon and we’re kinda at deadline for working on it. New wrist pin and clips, think it’ll hold? Here’s some pics. My thoughts are yes and just re nikasil and replace piston when he gets back or when piston hrs are up.
  25. I see two options on the XRs Only site and not sure which one I need. Bought the bike a couple months back and going through some of the upgrades and fixes already done to the bike. Trail Tech Vector was installed and speedo cable was left behind, zip tied under the bars. I'd love to just remove the cable and clean things up a bit. I love spending money, but I'd rather save the $10 for some beers if I can. Any reason I can't just go for the cheaper option here? https://www.xrsonly.com/xrs-only-speedo-drive-replacement-kit-honda-xr400r-xr600r-xr650l-xr650r https://www.xrsonly.com/xrs-only-quick-change-front-wheel-spacer-speedo-drive-replacement-honda-xr650r
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