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Found 30 results

  1. ThumperTalk

    Honda XR200 1982

    0 reviews

    MOTORCYCLE TYPE Enduro ENGINE SPECIFICATIONS Displacement (cc): 195 Cylinders: 1 Engine Stroke: 2 Speeds: 6 TRANSMISSION SPECIFICATIONS Number of speeds: 6 Dry Weight (lbs.): 222
  2. I don't know how similar the crf230f cam is to the ones like the xr200... But their used to be a buttload of cam profiles back in the day for the xr200 engines... All the way from mild ... To cut the head for clearance to swing BIG lobes... If memory serves me.... And it usually doesn't... When I had last setup a stroker xr212 engine for my wife... We had tried a lot of cams... But I believe the one we liked best in the woods was one with duration in the 240s @ .040" or so.... So... What I like personally is 3 things... Wicked throttle response... Loads of TORQUE... And a solid bottom end with strong midrange... I would rather have a strong engine that would pull more gearing earlier in the curve... Instead of revving to get power... Will go stock bore initially... And will likely never build over 250cc at any point... Moderate duration with good lift and a decent amount of overlap has been a happy place on lots of my own rides.. Welcoming any and all info you guys have... Reports.. specs... Opinions ... Pricing...
  3. I've searched through the forum and have poked around on the Internet, but I can't seem to find the correct size valve guide reamer. The manual says the valve guide I.D. should be 5.475 - 5.485 mm (0.2156 - 0.2159 in). Every tool vendor I got during a search either didn't have something that small or the the sizes they do have misses these dimensions (too big or too small). Does anyone have any suggestions where I could find the right size valve guide reamer? Going to try a local older Honda shop to see if they have the right tools.
  4. 83xr200Michigan

    Honda XR200 (1983)


    great bike, 50 tooth sprocket pops the front end up in 1-3 gear. the 6 speed rocks! starts like a Honda every time. 1st kick!
  5. twagner44

    2002 XR200 Seized

    The unthinkable has happened! My son managed to find a way to seize his little brother's XR200. I thought those bikes were completely bullet proof. He was just riding along and it stalled out on him like it ran out of gas. He put it on reserve and tried to bump start it but the engine wouldn't turn over. I started tearing it apart last night and found that when I got the valve cover off the engine turned over just fine with the rockers not touching the valves. I stopped there (much relieved knowing its not a piston or bottom-end problem) when I realized the engine has to be out of the bike in order to get the valve cover and head all the way off. I'm going to continue digging into it tonight, but wondering if anyone else has seen this problem. Could one of the valves be frozen? What might have caused this? It feels like there is at least some lubrication on the rockers, but I guess if oil wasn't getting up there it could have created the problem. Is oil supposed to get up there?? Any thoughts (from previous experience!) are appreciated.
  6. I picked up a 99 Xr200r as a complete bike, but in pieces, for $250. I have big Street Tracker dreams with no mechanical/modification experience to back it up.... I plan to learn how the engine works by building it with the box of legos it came with. Then learn how to weld to modify the sub-frame. Replace wheels, seat, tank, fenders, airbox, electrical ect....... let the madness begin!
  7. Hey guys, So last year a splurged and got a $1300 rebuilt XR200 without even having a place to ride. So far I have some farms to ride on, and of course the neighborhood streets My goals for this year are, 1. Get it running right. It might just be a simple carb adjustment, but it runs choppy in mid range. Full throttle and idle are good, but mid range and it almost sputters. 2. Get it street legal, know of any good kits? I'm overtaxed and under appreciated in maryland, anybody know of good riding spots around here? The pics are attached, and I linked a vid of it running mainly so any bike gear heads could analyze the noise its making from the front end. The guy I bought it from said it always made that noise, and it still runs great. My guess is valves or.. tranny? I'm a vehicle gear head, this will be my first adventure into motor bikes.
  8. ThumperTalk

    Honda XR200 1984

    1 review

    MOTORCYCLE TYPE Enduro ENGINE SPECIFICATIONS Displacement (cc): 195 Cylinders: 1 Engine Stroke: 2 Speeds: 6 TRANSMISSION SPECIFICATIONS Number of speeds: 6 Dry Weight (lbs.): 222
  9. StevetheSnake

    Honda XR200 (1980)


    XR80 frame with XR200 motor
  10. Been reading here for years and sure you covered this but can’t find it. I have a 2001 Xr 200 and want to upgrade the front end to disc . Would a 2005 crf 230 complete front work?
  11. Want good suspension and real good tractor factor on hills
  12. DominickT

    White XR 200

    Hey I was just wondering what years the XR 200 was white. Im pretty sure that it was in the 90s. but what years exactly?
  13. im new to thumper talk and have a few older dirtbikes and motorcycles layiing around and one that id really like to get going is my 1980 honda xr200. ive had ideas from cruising on the web and figured i want to make it into something really badass and unique.. any ideas what i should make it into? cut, chop, weld, fabricate? or even remove engine and shove into a smaller frame. picture is its current state
  14. 83xr200Michigan

    Honda XR200 (1983)


    great bike, 50 tooth sprocket pops the front end up in 1-3 gear. the 6 speed rocks! starts like a Honda every time. 1st kick!
  15. ThumperTalk

    Honda XR200 1981

    0 reviews

    MOTORCYCLE TYPE Enduro ENGINE SPECIFICATIONS Displacement (cc): 195 Cylinders: 1 Engine Stroke: 2 Speeds: 6 TRANSMISSION SPECIFICATIONS Number of speeds: 6 Dry Weight (lbs.): 222
  16. ThumperTalk

    Honda XR200 1983

    1 review

    MOTORCYCLE TYPE Enduro ENGINE SPECIFICATIONS Displacement (cc): 195 Cylinders: 1 Engine Stroke: 2 Speeds: 6 TRANSMISSION SPECIFICATIONS Number of speeds: 6 Dry Weight (lbs.): 222
  17. Why do people think old bikes arent competitive anymore? Both of my bikes are a 98. Ones a yz400f and the other is a xr200. When i tell people that they think that i must be slow and cant be competive bc the bike is old. Then you tell them its all rider and they just laugh. Anyone think this on here and if you do why. I know a profesional vintage enduro racer and he can keep up and usually beat people on NEW bikes and hes on bikes from the 80s and also uses a xr200 and runs people down on 450s in the woods.
  18. Dustin Henke

    Need help identifying engine head

    Hey guys, I bought this head off eBay because it was listed as xr100r head. I made the mistake of buying it while drunk and didn't realize until months later (when I had time to reassemble my xr100) that in the box was the wrong head. I need help figuring out what engine this head is actually for and so I can properly get rid of it without screwing somebody else over. If anyone is interested in buying I'll sell it decently cheap. The valves seem to be in good condition, the gasket surface for the jug isnt perfect but it's definitely usable, and the valve cover gasket surface is near perfect. Please help me identify this head!!!
  19. Dylanelias

    Xr200 12/1 compression hp

    I have a 1983 xr200 I added a 12/1 compression piston into with a mild cam 30mm mikuni carb and a crf 230 exhaust with a white brothers exhaust, what do you guys think my house should be now, it also has a 2008 cr250 front forks with disc brake and 96xr250 rear end with disc brakes and I welded on tabs on the swing arm to still run dual shocks
  20. xr.riding

    Xr200 rear tire

    Hey I'm in need of a back tire for my xr200 the one on it now couldn't get grip on a bed of nails lol but I just wanted to see what kind of tire you guys would suggest I trail ride on different terrain like mud rock hard pack dirt an occasionally black top I need something that will hook up good but also last riding on black top which I don't do alot so thanks
  21. We seem have a few riders out there that are actually racing Honda XR200 and XR200Rs'. Thought is would be interesting to start a thread for them to tell about their up coming races and the race results! Tell us all about it, type of race, terrain, funny looks, comments, etc, etc...............! Anybody interested................??? Old School Al
  22. Sebastien

    Cylinder boring Question

    Hey, I love engines and have been working on them but have never had much to do with cylinder re-boring and what not. So i am restoring/remodelling a 1985 Honda xr200r the bottom end is already redone and i`m trying to find cylinders, so i found a .75 oversize which is supposedly measured at 66.84mm (bigger than my current 66.5ish one) and i plan on bringing it in with my cylinder and just telling my local mechanics shop to bore the cylinder to fit my piston. My problem is that i cant find rings for this specific piston, so i was wondering, what size rings do i need, and can i just buy any wiseco/other brand piston rings that have the right dimensions? Any helpfull input would be great, Thanks
  23. dstoner25

    Honda XR200 (1980)


    one of the best projects i just picked up.
  24. parkinsc

    '84-'85 4 valve Xr200

    Our motocross racing club has a new 200cc aircooled 4 stroke class and I was thinking of dropping a 4 valve Xr200 in a Cr125 chassis. Is the 4 valve potentially any faster than the 2 valve? Why did Honda drop it? I'd like to think that it was too expensive for the intended use. Did seem like a dumb idea from a business point of view. Is it just a sleeved down Xr250? Is it much heavier than a 2 valve? Did they have issues? In this low power class hosepower is king, although everyone is complaining about how bad the Xr200's handle on a MX track.
  25. Hello, new member here. I bought a 1983 XR200 at Mid Ohio this past weekend and love it. However, after riding it around for a day it suddenly wouldn't start. Sounded like no spark so I pulled the plug and it was black and a little oily (or gas from too much kicking/throttle/choke,etc.). Tried to dry it, put a lighter in to burn off the oil from the ceramic, rubbed it up a bit and then re-inserted. Yay! It started again. So my question, I imagine this is due to running rich. How do you adjust that on this carb? What other problems might this be a symptom of? Also, as a new owner, what other things should I watch for on this model? Does anyone have a PDF service manual I can download? What common MODS should I consider? Thank you!