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Found 122 results

  1. Babywolf

    Honda XR200R (2002)


    For wife and kids
  2. The Stone

    Honda XR200R (1990)


    This is a great bike! It's not as small and under powered as people say it is... Its also not under-suspended. Im 5'8 and 130lbs and i cant flat foot it. My dad is 6'1 and close to 300lbs!! And this thing hauls him arround effortlessly, I don't know why these things have such a bad rep, but IMO this bike is a great trail bike, loads of low-end torque... not a race bike but it will do close to 80mph, and my bike is bone stock.
  3. Jmechler192

    1993 Honda XR200R bearings kit/list

    Hey guys, I've recently been given a 1993 Honda XR200R. When I received it it was in pieces, the previous owner had broken the clutch basket pressure plate and didn't have the motivation or money to replace it, or put the bike back together. I've already bought a new clutch basket,a new cylinder because there was a deep gash in the old cylinder wall, a new piston, and new cam timing chain guide. I'm almost ready to start putting it all back together, all I need is to get all new bearings (only for the engine) because all the old bearings are shot, and a full gasket kit. My question is, does anybody know of an engine bearing kit that comes with all the bearings for the engine, or can you list out all the bearings and their part numbers needed for the engine? ​Thanks!
  4. F117

    Honda XR200R (1982)


    2013 WORCS vintage/ evolution class champion. See you in 2014
  5. The guys here have been right. I have a new to me 1985 XR200R with the RFVC dual crab setup. I bought this bike as a project and it has been exactly that so far. It would not start when I looked at it and initially bought it. I did ome reading and everyone said Carburetors need to be cleaned and I agree with them. When I removed the carbs from the bike they were full of white looking crap and gunk. I pulled the jests and idle jet as well the floats and cleaned everything really well, I thought anyway. When re-assembled it started right up first kick actually. But it idled very high initially and then would settle back down with in a few seconds to a moderate idle. When it warmed u just a bit it would idle rough then die. It always revved well at high RPM but would really smoke white smoke as well. The compression seemed ok although I did not take readings, the exhaust always puffed like every other bike I ever had. I believed what I was told and that it still must be carburetor's so instead of trusting myself I found a seller on E-Bay with 30 years as a Honda mechanic that had a supposed rebuilt carb for sale. I asked questions and he assured me he knew what he was doing. I bought the rebuilt carb from him and waited. It arrived today in a USPS Envelope wrapped in a scant amount of newspaper. Not a box with paper but an envelope with paper. The packaging was terrible and there where parts missing, the Idle screw adjust knob was just a piece of rubber tubing connected to where the screw is in the bracket as is on my factory original. I cannot tell if the JB Weld is to keep me from getting into the float bowl or they are broken. I sent an e-mail telling him I was not impressed as of receiving this item but hoped that maybe it would run better than it looked. These carbs are a bitch to get off and on of course but I did as he had instructed to get this REBUILT carb on. Once on I connected the gas line with a fuel filter as he had instructed and kicked the bike to life. It started right up and idled better than it had ever done with my cleaned carburetor. It did not smoke anymore and there was no fats idle and dying like with my cleaned carb. The issue I had was when I turned the gas valve on to full like it is supposed to be on the gas tank this carb leaks from somewhere around the float bowl or the gas tube that connects the 2 carbs, cannot really tell. But the bike runs great other than the gas leak which is enough to be a safety hazard I am sure. So I know it is carburetion because this carb runs wonderfully but with the gas leak I do not trust it. As with so many things E-Bay these days I do not trust it, did not trust it even after asking him questions. The problem is the bike runs as it should with this carb except for the gas leak. I hate to take this carb off, even though I know I will have to. Should I make him eat this thing and either keep working on my factory or buy a better rebuilt. I hate being a dick but I am tired of throwing money down the E-Bay drain as well. I have had the original factory carb on and off a few times now, even though I get better at it every time, the learning experience is working..I know that will be the next thing I hear from him is well I damaged the rebuilt carb putting it on. I love this old bike and have sunk a lot of money into it not knowing if it was going to run well. This carb proved it could other than the gas leak so at least I feel better about the rest.
  6. vfrpilot

    Honda XR200R (2002)


    CR125 front forks, XR250 rear shock, 18"rear wheel, front disc brake, Beta front plastics, 218cc, RaceTech front and rear suspension
  7. ThumperTalk

    Honda XR200R 1988

    3 reviews

    MOTORCYCLE TYPE Enduro ENGINE SPECIFICATIONS Displacement (cc): 195 Cylinders: 1 Engine Stroke: 2 Speeds: 6 TRANSMISSION SPECIFICATIONS Number of speeds: 6 Dry Weight (lbs.): 222
  8. ThumperTalk

    Honda XR200R 1998

    0 reviews

    MOTORCYCLE TYPE Enduro ENGINE SPECIFICATIONS Displacement (cc): 199 Cylinders: 1 Engine Stroke: 2 Speeds: 6 TRANSMISSION SPECIFICATIONS Number of speeds: 6 Dry Weight (lbs.): 222

    Honda XR200R (1993)


    What a gem the little XR200 is. Enough power to cruise 50MPH with a torque that flat as Kansas and super easy to manage, extremely light and nimble for the super tight slow technical stuff, stupid simple in design, ease of maintenance. Its not a bike for going fast, suspension is dated, its power is adequate for fun spirited trail riding, effortless to ride with essentially zero rider fatigue even after an entire weekend of non stop riding. My favorite trail cruiser.
  10. Limewire323

    Honda XR200R (2002)


    I have had this bike for 4 years it is my first and only bake so far. I enjoy riding it and have had tons of great adventures on it.
  11. DerrickH

    Honda XR200R (1985)


    This is a very capable trail bike. Easy to ride and long travel in the suspension. I'm the 3rd owner.
  12. ThumperTalk

    Honda XR200R 1995

    1 review

    MOTORCYCLE TYPE Enduro ENGINE SPECIFICATIONS Displacement (cc): 195 Cylinders: 1 Engine Stroke: 4 Speeds: 6 TRANSMISSION SPECIFICATIONS Number of speeds: 6 Dry Weight (lbs.): 222
  13. svtcobraguy

    Honda XR200R (1999)


    Great little trail bike!
  14. ThumperTalk

    Honda XR200R 2000

    6 reviews

    MOTORCYCLE TYPE Moto Cross ENGINE SPECIFICATIONS Displacement (cc): 195 Cylinders: 1 Engine Stroke: 4 Speeds: 6 Speed TRANSMISSION SPECIFICATIONS Number of speeds: 6 Speed Dry Weight (lbs.): 223
  15. XRay250

    Honda XR200R (1985)


    Gone to join a private collection, this classic will enjoy a full makeover from its new owner and be with its cousins, a 185, 250 and 350 from the same year. I gave the problematic RFVC motor a new head and an oil cooler and it ran very well for me, great little woods bike, made way for the CRF much to my daughters disappointment...
  16. ThumperTalk

    Honda XR200R 1981

    1 review

    MOTORCYCLE TYPE Enduro ENGINE SPECIFICATIONS Displacement (cc): 195 Cylinders: 1 Engine Stroke: 2 Speeds: 6 TRANSMISSION SPECIFICATIONS Number of speeds: 6 Dry Weight (lbs.): 222
  17. ThumperTalk

    Honda XR200R 1990

    5 reviews

    MOTORCYCLE TYPE Enduro ENGINE SPECIFICATIONS Displacement (cc): 195 Cylinders: 1 Engine Stroke: 2 Speeds: 6 TRANSMISSION SPECIFICATIONS Number of speeds: 6 Dry Weight (lbs.): 222
  18. Rooves

    Honda XR200R (2002)


    Just got it, but so far, so good.
  19. Yamiha

    Top Speed of an XR200

    I have a '01 XR200 and i was wondering it anyone could give me a top speed for it. Where i live its more 2 lane highways and things so i cant find a good straight to run it with a car in. Thanks Payton

    XR 200 rear shock?

    My dad is planing on selling his 02 XR 200, but it's in need of a rear shock. I was told that these shocks arn't servicable, so we priced a new one out. The dealers asking over $400 for a new one. So my question is, what other bikes have a rear shock that will work on his 200? Thanks.
  21. joethumper

    Honda XR200R (2002)


    J-day hill
  22. melias24

    Honda XR200R (2002)


    So, another bargain!!! An XR200r that i got for $1, yep $1.....Anyway i'm fixing it up to do trails, riding home-made MX tracks and bashing around the farm! Dad and I are going to touch it up with paint, (handle bars, exhaust has already had a re-coat, handlebars and maybe some of the body) and we need to buy a new seat for it. I have given it 3 star's as i haven't riden it yet and it needs a new selector in the gearbox. I will share the project once it's done!!
  23. shiftyred78

    Honda XR200R (2000)


    top bike love it
  24. So I have a 2000 xr200r and I have an offer to trade for a 1996 cr125 rebuilt topend, fmf silencer, bigger jets, new brake pads, bars, etc. should I trade? I'm mostly going to be doing trail riding..
  25. highflying23

    Honda XR200R (2001)


    This is my first dirt bike and so far I'm satisfied with it.