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Found 10,000 results

  1. So the other day I pulled the old 2004 YZ250F out after moving to Colorado from Hawaii so... the 1st problem started with ALTITUDE over a 6000 ft difference. I knew i needed jets so i went to the local shop here and they hooked me up. the 2nd problem after i got it all together, and rode around seemed flat at the top end and i started to get cherry pipes. so my dad said valves, you should check to see if its getting enough air. so i pulled it apart myself and start getting my gaps for re-shimming it. the 3rd problem comes along all the valves need adjustment. left exhaust was 0.15mm right exhaust was 0.15mm left intake was 0.00mm (could not get a 0.04mm is smallest feeler gauge i have) center intake was 0.00mm right intake was 0.09 specifications for the maintenance manual exhaust is 0.17mm to 0.22mm intake spec is 0.10mm to 0.15mm so i pull the center intake shim to see what size i need to put in and its 120mm, the smallest shim so im guessing i need new valves??? THIS IS WHERE I NEED YOUR HELP!!!!!!! ????????do i need to get all new valve assembly ( valve, seals, seats, springs, and retainers?) or just some parts ???????what kind of head work does this need before i install new valves??? (valve seat cutting) what shop is good? ????????steel vs titanium? ??????? will any valve work for a yz250f or do i need to get a measurement? since I am going to rebuild the valve train, im going to toss a new ring and piston in also. ?????? brands should i use for ring and piston ? should i send my cylinder off also? thanks for the help in advance
  2. Im trying to replace the clutch side crank seal on my blaster. it seems i cant get the whole old seal off. the seal didnt come of in one, i had to scrap it off. And now i cant fit a seal in there. here are some pics.
  3. ok well im new hear and wanted some advice, i have a 05 660 that is cammed(stage 2) jetted to (50,55,25) i have extended swing arm and i run vp c12. well just recently it started running like shit and wont idle unless i have the idel screw all the way in, wich makes it run like crap all the time, then when i get in to second the thing bogs down and has no get up and go, this problem last all other gears and i dont know what to do? P.S it also has a custom built spectrum intake in it, and after putting the jets in i never adjusted the carb cause im not sure how to do it for my location and cause the pain it is to take this thing apart lol. thanks for the help guys or gals.
  4. I've been off here for a while but getting back into the woods lately. Thought I'd add some Blaster content. I've posted picts of my 2003 KTM 250 SX powered Blaster rocketship: My latest project is another 99 Blaster but with a Vitos big bore kit and 3mm stroker: My son actually put this together for me. It had been sitting for a couple years while I was busy at a new job and working with Search and Rescue. This machine is still in its early days. My son and I have build a few Blasters including a 32hp DT200 powered liquid cooled. This bored and stroked motor makes about the same power as the DT200. We have got more power than this with ported and rechambered aircooled motors so I know there is more potential in this motor. A very successful mod was filling the intake reedbox with epoxy rather than opening it up. The tighter box resulted in cleaner jetting and a wider powerband on the smaller aircooled motors. I strongly believe in making mods one at a time to be able to see what works and what doesn't.
  5. Ok i have this starting issues with my 04 yfz 450 like many others have. i have a high compression piston and its jetted with a hmf pipe. I have replaced the battery twice with higher cranking batterys, replaced the starter, had the valves shimmed, had the carb rebuilt, and The spark plug is new and gives good spark. I also run the quad with my headlights on whenever i bump start it. The issue im having is whenever i completely charge it up and take it out it will fire right up on the first click of the starter but if i shut it off it will not start up again without bump starting it. It sounds like there isn't enough juice pushing the motor over and sounds like the battery is dying but if i put it on the quick charger it says i have a high percentage left on my battery. I was thinking stator, cdi box, or a relay please help its killing my wallet and motivation lol
  6. Has anyone does this yet? I have a 01 wolverine that I've had for 01 year and I just thought about adding a brake light to it. I have a raptor 700 front master cylinder on there since the original crapped out so that's the easy part and then I planned on using a banjo bolt style for the rear since the left hand brake works the rear brake but I wasn't sure about the plug/ tail light section. I'm thinking of using a raptor 350 tail light harness to try to fit with the wolverine square lens. For the wiring I was gonna take a power off that is keyed so it's not always on but wire them in parallel to make it come on when either or switches kick in. What do you guys think or is there a better way?
  7. okay guys!!! im having some issues and its really starting to piss me off. it almost seems like my right side cylinder isnt firing. i have good compression and when i first starts up it puffs out your normal two stroke smoke and then it goes away and sometimes it will run like its suppose to but 80% of the time it does. maybe a fuel issue??? im going to check spark and om everything out tonight. everything i have checked so far is good any ideas??
  8. I traded my zero turn that needed some work for a Warrior that needs rebuilt. I traded with my friend and luckily he has all the parts for the rebuild except the crank and gaskets. I'm thinking about building it up and trading it for a nice 250F or 450F but I have a feeling I'm going to fall in love with the Warrior and end up with it and a bike. I'm probably going to mod it a pretty good bit and may black it out. Right now it is white with a red tank cover and all the plastics are in great shape so I'll keep them as a spare if I get black plastics. Anyone know where I can find a blue hood with maybe a scoop? I plan to black it out with blue accents and I think that'll look pretty nice. Are they any good for racing or are there any classes they can even race in? I want to see how I'd do in a race.
  9. I am completely stumped. I am working on an 07 Raptor 350. It has a intermittent spark. However, the spark only shows up occasionally when releasing the start button. It never sparks when cranking. Only occasionally when releasing the start button after attempting to start. I have replaced the stator, swapped CDI's, swapped batteries, swapped ignition coils, checked ground continuity for the CDI and the battery, cleaned the ground for the ignition coil, cleaned all connectors, checked continuity between all wires in the ignition circuit and checked power to the CDI. I have become completely stumped. I have no idea where to go from now. I have found several threads started on google for this same issue but no one ever has a solution. Please help!!!
  10. the banshee will start and run for like ten minutes then it will stall. When I go to start it again it doesn't have any compression. But if I bump start it then it has compression again. I have no way to do a compression test or a way to take it anywhere. Just wondering if this sounds like the TORS, an electrical issue, carb etc?
  11. New to the site and I have picked up a 1998 yz400f for $400 from a buddy which I cannot seem to get to idle. (He couldn't get it to run right either which is how I picked it up so cheap) Have read up some on this issue but I have a few more things to take into account that may help yall to guide me in the right direction. Granted I am coming from 2 strokes and am fairly new to 4 strokes but have good mechanical knowledge. I have taken the Keihin flat cr carb off and completely cleaned it inside and out. All jets have been thoroughly cleaned to the point I could see very good light through them. Nothing was really dirty at all in the carb but cleaned it all anyway. Didn't lose any springs or o rings or the little washer from the idle/mixture screw on the bottom of the carb. I read that this screw should be 1.5 to 2 turns out and I set it at a tiny bit more that 1.5 turns out last night and put the carb back on and the bike fired right off second kick (even without the choke on) but it still will not idle. I have adjusted the black plastic idle screw on the side of the carb and it seems to have no effect whatsoever. Made sure that the tps sensor went back on the same angle it came off. The bike backfires bad on decel and shoots fireballs out the exhaust when it's dark out. Now the thing to take into account which may or may not help you lead me in the right direction with my bike is that ever since I bought this bike it has been missing the hot start button and hoses. All that is there is the hot start housing bolted to the frame. Any and all help will be greatly appreciated.
  12. I have a 05 yz450f and it ceases to scare me. Is there any mods I can make that don't hinder reliability? The engine is completely stock with a Big Gun and a k@n filter. I'm running a 15/46 sprocket combo.
  13. I have a 2000 YZ250 that I plan on racing in my first ever harescramble on March 12. The bike is completely stock, although I am ordering some g2 ergonomics hand guards. It also has works connection from guards. What would you guys recomend for pre race prep (things to check) and any other advice you can give me, thanks.
  14. Hi guys so I heard that I could get good information on Yamaha XT350's over here on this site so I'm gonna give you a try. So recently I purchased a Yamaha XT350 needing lots of TLC, so I've begun the process of rebuilding it and have gotten stuck at the front forks. The valve stems that are supposed to allow the fork to be filled with air are badly damaged and one is missing, I was wondering if anyone knew what the thread size and pattern of the part that screws into the fork was so I can buy replacements, and if someone could recommend me to a place where I could purchase these aftermarket and save money from not having to buy OEM ones. Thanks If it helps my bike is a 1989 Yamaha XT350.
  15. Just picked up a timberwolf 250, little rough but good for the kids to bomb around on. Anyway the previous owners rebuilt the rear end but I noticed the rear axle has close to a 1/2" in side to side movement. Axle nuts are tight. Anybody have any knowledge on this bike or this issue? I'm thinking maybe they left out a spacer on the rebuild? Any help would be much appreciated.
  16. I am looking into buying a banshee 350 before summer starts. Only if I can't find a KX500 first. Anyway what are some pointers on buying one. This would be my first quad I would ever buy. Any work like rebuilds, top ends, etc I can all do myself. Generally I look at prices for rebuilds like crankshafts, rods, cylinders, top ends, etc. And from what I have seen crankshafts are really expensive. About $600+ CAD, but I have found cylinders and pistons for maybe only $300 CAD which seems way to cheap. looking at the photos they look to have been sleeved. Are these genuine Yamaha cylinders? Anyway any pointers on what they go for, things that go bad often, etc. Thanks for any help. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Yamaha-Banshee-350-Stock-Bore-Cylinders-Pistons-Top-End-Engine-Rebuild-Kit-/112107050724?hash=item1a1a19d6e4:g:oVMAAOSwOyJX4c2F&vxp=mtr
  17. So I bought a brand new yz450f last night started playing with it today got excited to connect my phone to it and see what the new tuner app is all about, but when I reoved the number plate the WiFi module wasn’t there called the dealer they said Yamaha is supposed to put those in, called Yamaha but customer service isn’t opened on the weekend, is the dealer blowing smoke and just forgot to install it and threw it away with the crate? Or did Yamaha really forget to put it in at the factory? Has anyone else had this problem? Any info would be appreciated
  18. Hey guys, So I have a cracked front fender on my 02 Wr250f and all I can find are blue front fenders only and the problem is I want to change all the plastics with possibly a different color like black. If you guys know if any YZ model’s plastics or any other models would fit on my WR that would be great.
  19. Hey all, I have been waiting for this day for quite a while. I am finally able to fix my bike, i've been in debt for some time but the day has come Now i have a question, when I got my bike checked out at the shop, i was told i could rebuild my crank with any rod and bearings from 1986-2000. I am going to purchase an entire new hot rods crank instead. Am i able to order any crank from 1986-2000 for my bike? Mine is a 1987. I just want to make sure I am getting the correct part before I spend the money! Appreciate any replies or help. Thanks!!
  20. Recently got a 2001 yz125. I knew the bike wasn't running properly but I got it cheap. Everything work good except when I shift it into first and start to let out the clutch it dies. 0- full throttle is will bog out and die. The bike idles good in nuetral and in first as long as the clutch is pulled in. I cleaned the carb, new air filter and fuel. Any ideas?
  21. As the title suggests, I've been debating the idea of throwing in a high compression piston. It will bump the compression in my 2014 KTM 350 XC-F from 13.5:1 to 14:1. First and foremost my main question is, because I live under 1000 ft and usually run 97 octane REC gas, will I have to change the fuel I run or not? Also, will I have to change out the cams to aftermarket and re-time the whole motor and ignition? I guess I really don't know what to expect so any advice will definitely help! Attached below is a photo of the bike I plan on putting it in.
  22. I have a 2006 ttr 125l, my rear shock leaks oil so I ordered a new shock, I was wondering if anyone can tell me how to do this or link me some kind of video, I cant find a good one for this bike, and do you know if an 06 ttr 125 has a compression rebound cylinder, and how do I take off the rear shock if it has this,?
  23. I was replacing the water pump seals on my 2002 yz85, when I noticed that underneath the kickstart gear there was a hole going into the transmission. The hole was about 1 cm big but it still concerns me. Is that supposed to be there? I noticed my bikes been running as if it has an air leak, could this be the cause? I haven’t noticed any oil loss at all. I haven’t had any problems besides an air leak somewhere causing it to run lean. Could this hole affect how the bike runs? Could it cause any problems? If so, can it be fixed with something like JB Weld or would it need a whole new case? Or is that hole supposed to be there and I’m just being an idiot?
  24. Basically I have a 2001 ttr125 and the side panels are all scratched up. I need a decal set to go over them so it looks good. The only problem is I cannot find a set of decals for the white side panels of a ttr125 anywhere. I need your guys help, can you help me find some decals or stickers to put over them? I can post pictures tomorrow. Any ideas would help a lot!
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