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Found 571 results

  1. Shawn Driscoll

    Yz250 2002 yz250 Polisport restyle kit

    I have a 2002 yz250 that I put a polisport restyle kit on, now my seat looks like it’s too short, are the newer yz’s seats longer or what’s the go? Any info would be awesome thanks!!
  2. I’ve got this 85 yz 250 with a odd rev problem, it starts and runs fine, good compression but when you Give it wide open throttle in newtral the bike will rev to around 5.5 k rpm like platow for a bit there, once you’ve waited a few seconds there for it to clear itself out until it reaches its max rev whatever it might be 7k rpm even happeneds when the bike is defenetly warmed up after a wide open pull. But it doesn’t bog at idle to 3k. The trotte response when riding seens normal. However i don’t feel that the motor is getting its full potential. Honestly I’m just confused on what’s goin on and i need some help
  3. Last season I purchased a YZ250 from a private seller. I had about 30 minutes of riding when the engine shut off while I was in 4th gear. I started it back up but it didn't sound good and within a few seconds it shut back off. After taking the cylinder head off I saw that the piston head had broken off completely. The crank looked to be damaged a bit as well. Surprisingly, the cylinder did not seem to be scratched at all and the previous owner claimed to have put some type of protective material on it. I am taking it into the shop to get it fixed soon because I don't have knowledge of how to split the cases. I am afraid that shrapnel from the piston head may have gotten into the bottom end. Could this damage other parts of the bike? If anyone has had this type of experience or could know what is damaged in the engine I would greatly appreciated your input! Thanks, Brandon Meharg
  4. katkin7

    Yamaha YZ250 (2001)


    I've only had time for one ride, but so far so good. I've definitely missed two strokes, that's for sure.
  5. Yz325Rider

    Yamaha YZ250 (2005)


  6. cr250rider99

    Yamaha YZ250 (2003)


    Mods include 18 rear wheel, black excel rims,Maxxis tires, Moose bark busters, moose skid plate, renthal o ring chain and sprocket kit, streamline reflex unbreakable levers, jgr graphic kit and seat cover, hot rods crank, wiseco piston, boyeson reeds, tm designworks chain drive guide and guard kit, pro taper bars, turner footpegs, tusk brake and shift levers, hinson clutch plates, and kevlar grips. In love with this bike. The previous owner bought most the parts and this bike I a woods monster.
  7. Hey guys, I'm kinda new to the work of dirt bikes. I recently bought a 1985 Yamaha yz250 2stroke and have been loving it, but my front forks are messed up. They seem to stick when I hit a bump because of the many dings and divets in them from the previous owner. Instead of trying to fix them, I would like to replace them with newer ones. I know someone that is selling the complete front forks from a 2001 yz250, but I wanted to make sure that these would work on my bike before I bought them. Any comments or advise would be most appreciated so please help me out

    Yamaha YZ250 (2007)


    I rode the bike hard while I was a student which meant I did little maintenance which came back to bite me in the ass. Powder coated the frame red to make it stand out. Tell me what you think of the bike!
  9. ihtis

    Yamaha YZ250 (2005)


    best bike ever ;)
  10. davtaf12


    Hey guys. So I'm looking for another dirt bike. I was wondering if a 450 would be too much power for me? I am 5'9" and I just came off a 2001 YZ 250 2t. I have plenty of experience and have been riding since i was 5. I'm just worried that a 450 would be too much power for me and I won't enjoy it or if a 250f will be kinda boring. Thanks.
  11. On Saturday I went to Thompson Speedway and had a great time with my CBR F3 track bike. This was my first time at the track and I was killing everyone. Some expert group riders came to me and complemented me on how fast I was and they were really impress with my performance, especially given the bike I had. This had me feeling so good about myself, performing so well on a 20 year old bike, that when I got home that evening, I decided I would take my 03 YZ250 2 stroke to Calverton MX track near me in long Island, the next day which was Sunday. I wake up very excited to get on the track. After I load the bike and put all my gear in my car, I start my one hour drive to Calverton. When I get to the track, I have to unload the bike. First thing I noticed that it was more difficult to manage the bike while on dirt instead of concrete. I then put all my gear on and again, more challenge came about because I was struggling to mount the bike with all of the gear and sketchy dirt. Ok, now that I figured that out, it was time to ride the bike. The people at the location showed me the beginners track which they were nut if they thought I was going on that on my first real ride. So I decide to putter around with the bike to get a feel for it. First struggle I had was I could not shift. Ok, so I pull over near my car and bring the shift peg up. Where I wanted it seemed way too high because when I did a mock shift it would hit the chain so I had to leave it lower then I cared to. Now I go through the struggled to get back on the bike to take a second ride. WTF, why cant I tell when the gears are shifting. No jerk, no clunk, no real indication if I was shifting and the freaking gears all sound the same to me. So I run into a group and ask if anyone could take my bike up and down the road to make sure everything was good. A 2T rider jumped on and said the bike ran great and I just had to get used to the shifting since I would not feel it because of my boots. OK so now I understand that I'm the problem not the bike, I putter around some more until I was comfortable going up and down a path in a straight line. So after I felt comfortable, I decide it was time to hit the mini track. Once I get on the rack, the freaking rear kept kicking out from me. I was holding the bars so tight that I knew this is not a good situation to be riding in. Every time I got to a sand section, the rear would really kick out from me and I would have to put my feet down to kick the bike back up. A few riders told me that I had to go through the section fast to avoid the kicking out I was having with the rear. So I listen and bam, down I go in some sandy crap. IDK why the hell I turned the bike off but I do and now I'm stuck. A few guys run to help me like I'm a freaking damsel in distress. After this kid help me pull my bike out (like they had a choice with my blocking the track) I put my tail between my legs and load the bike up to concluded the day. A few guys told me to get rid of the two stroke and get a four stroke which gives you a way smoother power delivery but I hate being defeated so I will learn how to rid this thing. I used to think I was great with throttle control but everything the bike got loose a whisky throttle situation started to take affect. I was able to get the throttle back under control but I never knew that I lacked such a control skill I thought I had. I don't know how I go from one day feeling like I was on top of the world to the next day feeling like I'm probably the worst 2T rider ever born. I plan to book a trip to lost trails in a few weeks so I can get some seat time with the bike. Hopefully by then I will feel comfortable with it and I can start to relax and have some fun.
  12. TheKub

    Yamaha YZ250 (2000)


    itz a 250. need i say more
  13. Juvkam

    Yamaha YZ250 (2006)


    Newly purchased, top end rebuild, New plastic and vinyl
  14. yzrider1

    Yamaha YZ250 (2006)


    Nice bike. Was junk when I bought it but after 3 years its coming around.
  15. yz250474

    is this a problem?

    I just got this bike a week ago and sounds like its making noise at idle that it shouldn't, let me know what you guys think... I'm on my cell phone so I can't post the link, but all you got to do is search youtube for akshooter762 the video is titled yz250 engine noise, its with me turning the crank by hand...I'm trying to upload one now of it running... the guy said he just rebuilt the top end... I'm thinking he noticed the lower rod bearing had up and down play, thru the piston in and sold it. I hope I'm wrong lol
  16. SGTGunner

    $100 restore/rebuild project

    Sunday night i picked up a 1996 YZ250 for $100! It's a bit rough but has potential. The frame, forks, and swing arm all seem to be in good shape and just need some TLC. Everything else pretty much needs to be replaced or rebuilt. I plan to strip it down to the frame this weekend so I can sandblast and repaint the frame, then add parts back on as I rebuild them or get replacements. I'll save the engine for last so that once it's purring the rest will be ready to ride. This will be the first time I've gone this deep into a dirt bike so I'm sure there will be plenty of questions to come. Any tips, tricks and advice is more than welcomed! I only have these two pictures so far but I'll get more this weekend as I dive into it. Ihttp://i66.photobucket.com/albums/h272/13mwz/yz250-2_zps36ayv3kk.jpg http://i66.photobucket.com/albums/h272/13mwz/yz250-1_zpsnsei2dd4.jpg
  17. Ripperben

    Yamaha YZ250 (2001)


    I own and rip a 01 yz250.always looking for people to ride with and find new spots.
  18. Athelite

    Yamaha YZ250 (2005)


    Machine is a beast. EG 295cc kit with full Enzo Factory suspension. 4-Stroke killer from hell.
  19. ThumperTalk

    Yamaha YZ250 2012

    9 reviews

    IDENTIFICATION Type: Off-Road Warranty (Months): 1 Revision Status: Carryover ENGINE Displacement (cc): 249 Engine Type: Single-Cylinder Cylinders: 1 Engine Stroke: 2-Stroke Valve Configuration: Reed Valve Carburetion Type: Carburetor TRANSMISSION Transmission Type: Manual Number of Speeds: 5 Primary Drive System: Chain BRAKES Front Brakes: Hydraulic Disc Rear Brakes: Hydraulic Disc TIRES Front Tire(s): Dunlop
  20. looking for a shop to install a wide-ratio transmission in my '94 YZ250 cases NO FRIENDS/CL INDEPENDENT MECHANICS I don't care if "he's the best guy in town!" or "he rebuilt my 1775 CR125 into a podium finishing monster bike!" or if you're so impressed that he works on cars so "he can figure anything out" the last one that took my bike in August, I pre-paid all the parts, he claimed millennium lost the cylinder, stopped responding to calls/texts, skipped town, I stalked his house for weeks, and I was ready to file charges with the police over a stolen bike until I got it back in October (not fully finished). I don't care if he builds bikes for magazines or he's an ex-desert racer, or services bikes for the Krishna-Jehovah-Allah-Buddah race team blah blah blah blah. No friends/independent mechanics. and no, I won't do it. I am a professional bolt stripper and crank mis-aligner...I need the motor to run LA->Vegas without any breakdowns. So far the places on my list are: -inside line moto -tokyo mods other dealers won't touch a bike that old
  21. ThumperTalk

    Yamaha YZ250 1977

    0 reviews

    MOTORCYCLE TYPE Moto Cross ENGINE SPECIFICATIONS Displacement (cc): 249 Cylinders: 1 Engine Stroke: 2 Speeds: 5 Speed TRANSMISSION SPECIFICATIONS Number of speeds: 5 Speed Dry Weight (lbs.): 218
  22. yamaturkey12

    1994 yz250 parts!

    I have a 1994 yz250 that was going to be a project bike, but I am out of money and the will to continue working on it. Most of the parts are in good condition. I will be happy to provide pictures of the part you need. You can contact me here or by text at 478-951-6306 I am still in school so I will respond as soon as I am able to. Thanks.
  23. I picked up a 2007 YZ250 in the late winter and FINALLY have gotten the thing out for a quick ride after taking care of a bunch of maintenance items. A couple of issues I noted...The bike seems to stutter before coming on the pipe, and then once it does, it hits pretty hard... In neutral if you rev it at all it seems to bog at any more than about 1/4 throttle. The carb and jets were completely cleaned when the bike was down being serviced. Secondly, the rear tire seemed to spin excessively (not hook up) while riding through a grass field once on the pipe. Tires are pretty good but not great, running at 15 PSI on both... Stock gearing. The top end was rebuilt using OEM parts, power valve was cleaned, and the muffler packing was changed. Spark plug is a new stock NGK. I'm running Motul 800 2T at 36:1 with 93 octane sunoco. The bike is stock other than a FMF Gnarly pipe. Reeds are stock and were in good shape so I did not replace them. I have not yet checked the timing. The prior owner ran Yamalube 2R at 40:1 and the bike was splooging like crazy. I don't think he was a hard rider - did vet harescrambles He was running a 178 main jet and a 48 pilot with the needle in the #1 (top) position. I decided to drop the main down one position leaner (175) and put the needle back to the stock #2 position (and changed premix brands) in hopes of getting rid of the splooge coming out of the exhaust. Airscrew is at 1 1/8 turns out as set from the prior owner, and I'm using the 48 pilot. I checked the float height when I had the carb apart and it was within spec. I'm thinking maybe I went too lean on the main, but wanted to get some opinions before I go messing with the thing in the wrong direction... I am at about 700ft in elevation and it's about 75 degrees here, moderate to light humidity. Ideas? A couple other notes: I don't think the power valves were EVER cleaned judging from the virgin looking bolt faces (unless the p/o replaced them). They PVs were mostly oily, but otherwise in good shape. Used new gaskets and seals... Also, the muffler packing was absolutely shot and oily. When I took the old packing out, I noticed that the core was probably about 90% blocked with carbon and oil (no, I'm not kidding), which may partly explain the excessive splooge (and loudness). I literally had to take a dental pick and punch out every little hole in the core. I must have got a couple ounces of carbon out of the muffler core that had the thing all clogged up! I have not set up the suspension yet either - 185lb rider with stock springs. That will be next if anyone has some quick pointers... Anyway, I'm happy to be finally riding and just wanted to get some opinions on the jetting and lack of hooking up. Thanks!!
  24. Bought the bike end of December, put 3 rides just testing before sending the suspension off, then purchased hour meter. So I'm adding 3 hrs to the current reading of 25hrs on my meter. Bike ran alright last Saturday, the next day Sunday it started running progressively worse. Specifically the top end wide open throttle performance went away almost completely. It falls on it's face at wide open on the track. Off the track on the stand if you rev it all the way out it makes a sound that goes up and down "Whaaooowhaaooowhaaoo" Sorry didn't take a video. Switching to leaner and richer mains did nothing and the weather and location did not change between days. I tore it down for a new top end and by the looks of the inside of the motor I'm not convinced it was a top end/ worn rings/ compression issue. Give me your thoughts/ experience. Thanks for reading. I'll post pic later this evening.