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Found 17 results

  1. So, what length are the DZUS screws/fasteners on the airbox cover? Thanks
  2. I am trying to figure out two things regarding the air intake on my son's 2018 TTR110... 1. How can I protect the air box intake during washing? Looking at the schematic, it appears there is an air intake (part #11) that brings the air in from under the fuel tank. Any suggestions for how to get that intake covered during washing without any disassembly? 2. Regarding the two one-way outflow valves (#14 and #17), I presume I should be able to pinch those open without great effort? I've squeezed them and they seem pretty firmly closed, which leads me to wonder if anything can flow out of them. ...thanks for any suggestions!
  3. Hi guys, new to this forum, I have just purchased an 2003 Rm250 to restore. I have realised it needs a swing arm and air box replacement. My question is: What other year rm250 swing arm and air box also fits the 2003 model. Tia patrick
  4. Hi, I have a Yz125x with a Lectron. The airbox/airboot is rubbing against my boot on the outside (picture 1) and against my rear Schock (picture 2). Bike has about 32hrs as of now. I lifted the subframe before and looked at the wear marks on the airboot. They were visible but it did not create a hole, just slight grey marks. The color on the Schock is also rubbed of at that place. I put tape over it on the airbox but it didn’t last long scince the Schock rubbed it off quite fast. To get things clear this does not bother me at all when riding, I am just scared that it will eventually create a hole that allows my engine to suck dust and seize. Any thoughts on this or ideas on how to fix this issue/prevent that from happening? Thanks in advance!
  5. Hello All, I've Got a Mikuni pumper on the way and the instructions say to cut a 45mm hole to allow more air flow but do not specify where. The air is obviously being drawn in through the top so I'm wondering if cutting a hole in the side could actually hurt the air flow somehow? Should I cut it in the removable side panel and install some kind of mesh to prevent dirt and debris from entering or cut in on the opposite side? Any suggestions from someone who has successfully completed this modification would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  6. Hello all, I recently acquired a 2000 DRZ400E in pretty dam good shape. However it is missing one plastic and I'm assuming an air box cover due to there being a gasket on the air box itself. Is there 2 pieces that cover the air box or just the exterior plastic? It appears via the fiche that it is just one exterior plastic.. (#12 on the fiche) My main question is, if I purchase the Acerbis side panels, is that the air box cover I need? I found a few threads searching for the 3 specialty bolts that attach it but have yet to see a definitive answer regarding the plastic and bolt combo, if there even is any. Attached are some pics of the bike, with no plastics at all, but I am just looking for the air box cover, I have all the others in good condition. Link to plastic kit I'm looking into: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00311VLW6/?coliid=I2DUS6G9JXEQVE&colid=C8DV005XC740&psc=0&ref_=lv_ov_lig_dp_it
  7. Hi, I'd like to turn my UK 2004 DRZ400S back to stock airbox (snorkel) and jets, needle shim position etc When I bought it the PO had fitted a Sigma6 kit and done the 3x3 mod but is doesn't have a tapered needle like the JD and other kits. Took me ages to get it running right, however it still runs rich and I'm fed up of arsing around with it. So I've bought a standard airbox without 3x3 hole, stock exhaust. Q1 The Suzuki manual says this Mukuni BSR36 (29FA) carb should have a 142.5 Main Jet but the Clymer manual say its a 135. In UK everything's from sea level to 1000m. I'm in Sheffield so nothing gets above 500m even in the Peaks (Hills). Any UK owners or anyone else know what the correct jet should be? Q2 Says the original needle is a '5DH36-2nd'. The needle has 5 notches on it. Currently set at 2 clip from bottom. The Suzuki reference says needle is 5DH36-2nd, Does the 2nd bit mean 2nd from top or bottom? Q3 - Does anyone have a detailed photo of the shim order just in case it was assembled wrong. (mine is attached) I know most people on here are going to be horrified I'm taking back to stock but any help on above would be really appreciated. Thanks Timo
  8. My customer purchased a 2013 WR250R with all the mods (header, muffler, airbox, FMF controller) and brought it to me complaining about lazy acceleration and misfires while blipping the throttle. I verified the complaints and experimented with many adjustments to the FMF controller. I wasn't able to produce meaningful results during my adjustments. In a stroke of dumb luck, I noted that the misfire while blipping the throttle only occured while in gear, i.e., with the neutral light OFF. I jumpered the neutral switch to ground and rode the bike - Wow! It was like a different bike. It pulled hard in the mid range and no misfire occurred while blipping the throttle downshifting. My experience is limited to Ducati race engines and I don't know how the neutral switch interacts with the fuel map. Does any of the experts know the answer?? I'd appreciate any feedback or confirmation of the issue from others. I have the same engine performance problem as YZach:
  9. New to Thumper and new to the '08 KLX 450r. I purchased this bike a few months ago. It was showroom condition. Took it to a very reliable mechanic that I've known for years and he said that the bike probably had less than 10 hours on it. Speedo/tach/hour meter computer no longer worked. Previous owner said he bought it from a dealer new in crate 4 years ago (hard to believe I know) and that he was the only one that rode it. Dealer was saving for himself. Probably hiding it from the IRS or something. Previous owner said he was selling it because he never rode it, parts would be hard to come buy, value was dropping because it's not available in the US anymore and he didn't won't to deal with it. If it means anything, he was in his late 50's. I also took it to a local dealer mechanic and he said the same thing my mechanic said. Based on the condition of the bike and what everyone said about it, I couldn't resist and dropped $4,000 on it. Maybe a little to high for a bike that old, but based on the condition, good reviews and how easy it is to work on, I figured it would be a reliable bike that I could trail ride on for a few years. It's a little heavy, especially carrying my fat ass around. I'm 6 ft pushing close to 300 lbs and 47. What are the basic first mods that everyone does, what mods are recommended in conjunction with other mods to get the best performance out of. Seller included a Jd jet kit just never installed it. What brand of mods is the best to get. I realize that I could search here and there through the forums, but just would like a list on one posting. Sorry about that, but thanks for your input and advise in advance.
  10. So i have bought a used bike with only 17 hours on it and is very clean. I went to ride it once with no issues and then washed the bike. After that day the air filter/Air box was making a weird sucking sound with every stroke of the engine. Second issue is when i idle in neutral there is a slight scraping or engaging sound in the bike but it goes away when i pull the clutch in. Also the bike turns off when i go into first gear Plz help ps none of these issues were present the day i got it
  11. Hi, I'm pretty new to the forum but I made an account cause I saw some old threads from 5-10 years ago about this topic. Hopefully I'm not breaking any rules and this is all in the right place. Does anyone know any current vendors where you can buy those 1/4 turn DZUS fasteners for your airbox (with the D ring, 21mm?) I can only find up to 17 or 19mm online and all the thumpertalk threads pretty much end with the people getting refferred to a guy named Sundog. I'm not sure how to contact them or if they even have any left after all these years but if anyone knows how to procure these I would be pretty grateful. I tried calling a dealership to see if they could order them from a distributor and every hardware/motorcycle/and automotive store in my city. either they had never heard of the part or they didn't have it/couldn't get it. Is my only option just to poke at those washers and hope I don't break the teeth off removing them?
  12. G'day all from a land down under. My name's Jordan and I have got myself a 2016 cef250l with 1000km on it. I have actually owned the bike for 2 years but due to injury haven't been able to ride it. However the time has come for me to get on the damn thing. So I go for my license in 1 week so I have only been doing some short trips down the street into the bush and playing around on the dirt. First impression. Bit of a slug compared to my old race 250. So after two rides I have drilled out the factory snorkel to 40mm and put in a 90° 40mm PVC pipe into it. Also ordered a K&N air filter and hacked the living S$%t out of the exhaust ( taken out the arestor / cat ) and re welded the muffler back together. Sounds better and seems to have a bit better low down pulling power. What is want to know is if my bike is running way to lean? Thought you guys and girls would be the people to ask. Cheers
  13. Hi I have just bought this old smoker to do up and was thinking about installing the newer plastics I.e 2007 does anyone have any info about the airbox?? Does it need to be melted into shape? Replaced or cut. bike has been stood for a long time it’s been in the family for years and the picture is of when it was being used also any info on how they ride and handle or any faults will be much appreciated. I am only 5”2 and am worried this will be a bit too big for me is there any way of lowering?? I will shave the seat down and re cover but is there any other way of making it smaller???
  14. My yz is making a sort of thumping noise from the air box. The engine noise is fine when you’re close to the pipe but if you are closer to the air box it sounds really weird. I checked the reeds and they seem pretty good. Help?
  15. Hey I have a crf250x 2005 I was riding today in top gear flat out and when I slowed down blue smoke just poured out the exsaughst then I happened to open the air box lid and saw it has what looked like engine oil in it then took out air filter and noticed that there was splatters of engine oil on the inside and that and the channel that goes to the carby had engine oil all over it. Also bike got a top end rebuild 15 hours ago The engine still runs good and sounds normal why would this be happening on a resonabley fresh engine
  16. Hola, just picked up a CRF - fired up about it. Opened up the airbox and found Exhibit A (below).... disassembled and cleaned everything up. This phatty screen looks restrictive as hell, even after being cleaned. Going to soak it a bit more and air blow it out. But have a hunch cutting that screen out may open things up a bit. I will never let the box get that dirty - so I'm not that concerned about dirt getting past the filter, but what's your reaction from people who own it. I'm not doing anything as of yet, but really interested in who has cut it out and what jet did you toss in to compensate? Thanks - I'll post some "after" pics.
  17. I just sealed up my exhaust today with silicon sealant. However, when I turn the engine over slowly and hit the compression stroke (mid part of the kickstart cycle) I hear a quick hiss noise. It sounds like air being released somewhere. Is this the carburetor pumping air into the motor or do I have an air leak somewhere? It's really confusing and worrying me. It only happens while the exhaust is plugged. P.S I can't hear it when the bike is running it only occurs at this point while turning the bike over.
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