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Found 31 results

  1. Just curious what is commonly used to oil your foam type air fliters? Back in the day we just used regular engine oil and never seemed to have any problems.. I was rebuilding a KFX 400 and bought a Uni clamp on two stage filter. Before I put it on the bike I saw that I had an old can of PJ-1 Foam filter spray on oil,... that stuff was SUPER TACKY and felt like grease... but I went with it and the bike kept loading up and I was having trouble figuring out what was up since it had ran great a few days prior when I had just put the new carb on,... I got to thinking about it and I just pulled the air filter off - whalah! that was it - that stuff was sooooo thick the engine couldn't hardly pull in any air.... I switched to a "Green Filter" and it's running like a champ. Anyway, on my 08 450r I had a new Uni so I just oiled it up with engine oil for the time being... Thanks Rick
  2. I had just redone various things on my 82 xl500r. It does not start with the choke on. Only starts with it off. Below are pictures of my custom air filter setup. It's made from some foam filter from lowes (soaked in motor oil) and a soup can with many holes drilled in it Below is also the spark plug. I'm having trouble determining if it's running fine or running rich, because the lighting greatly changes the color. I think It's running rich. Would that be the foam specifically? or should I mod my soup can to let more air in? Also note, the little inlet at the top of the airbox is cut off. It's just a bigger hole.
  3. So I was recently given a 2002 XR200r got it running but the hose from the airbox to the carb is missing and they are impossible to get anywhere.... So I was thinking to get a cone air filter because its just easer what size do I need and what brand is the best? Ps I have the stock carb.
  4. Hey, new to the forums here, I had a question. So today I picked up a 2016 Rmz250, really clean bike. But when I got home I took off the seat and check the air filter and it was super bad, I don’t have a picture to show but it had a nice thick layer of oily dirt, (by the feel of it I’m assuming it was oiled) the guy I bought it from only owned it for one summer, and I don’t think he did any oil changes or air filters, he claimed 20-30 hours is what he put on, so I’m wondering if he could have done any engine damage from the air filter being that dirty? And possibly the oil to but I don’t confirm that I just know it’s really black This is not my filter but it’s one I found online and this is the closest picture I can find that can compare to it.
  5. Hello all, I recently acquired a 2000 DRZ400E in pretty dam good shape. However it is missing one plastic and I'm assuming an air box cover due to there being a gasket on the air box itself. Is there 2 pieces that cover the air box or just the exterior plastic? It appears via the fiche that it is just one exterior plastic.. (#12 on the fiche) My main question is, if I purchase the Acerbis side panels, is that the air box cover I need? I found a few threads searching for the 3 specialty bolts that attach it but have yet to see a definitive answer regarding the plastic and bolt combo, if there even is any. Attached are some pics of the bike, with no plastics at all, but I am just looking for the air box cover, I have all the others in good condition. Link to plastic kit I'm looking into: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00311VLW6/?coliid=I2DUS6G9JXEQVE&colid=C8DV005XC740&psc=0&ref_=lv_ov_lig_dp_it
  6. So I have an Apollo 125cc dirt bike and I need to replace the air filter. The air filter has a nipple on the end of it but I can’t find a replacement for the air filter. What is the nipple for and do I need it. The nipple leads to the image below then to the engine.
  7. I decided to wash out the foam air filter in my 2017 300 XC-W. There was a small hole worn in the foam. Never saw that before. Obviously I had to throw out the foam and get a new one. The hole was fairly small, maybe 3/16" in diameter. It was located at the very top of the foam, if you place the plastic frame down, the foam looks kinda like a mountain. Right at the peak, there was the hole. Anyone else seen this? Ideas on what caused it? Note, the '17's filter is very different than the one in my 08 250 XC-F. That one has a peg sticking out of the top of the mountain/frame, exactly where this one has a hole. The 17 filter has two pegs, 180 degrees apart at the bottom of the mountain
  8. Hi I recently bought a yz125 and I'm very new to the sport but I'm not very sure on what good air filter maintenance takes. First off I took off my air filter and it looks pretty dirty compared to the clean rim. If it needs to be cleaned what do I use to clean it? I have cleaned air filters before but not on my own so I know a little bit of what to do. Anything helps thanks.
  9. Today I bought a 02' yz125. For cheap, knowing I'd probably immediately have to work on it. I test ride it for about 5 minutes. When I get home, the air filter was all bad from sitting and it looks like some pieces were sucked into the carb. Do you guys think a simple carb clean will do the trick, or should I just get to rebuilding the whole engine(friend is MMI grad, helps me on weekends). Bike doesn't start after getting home by the way.
  10. This seems like the most basic question but the search feature is still indexing so I couldn't find anything. The bike came with a Twin Air & I just received a brand new Uni, both have a wire cage in them so it doesn't look like I can separate them from the cage to soak/clean them then squeeze out the excess? While I'd prefer to use a soak in liquid then squeeze out the excess for cleaning & oiling it looks like I can use a spray cleaner but how about oil? I'd be concerned about using a spray oil without being able to squeeze out the excess never mind being certain I've got it oiled properly? My KDX & every other dirt bike I've owned has had a simple foam filter with a removable plastic cage so this is new to me.
  11. Hello, my name is Caleb and I am the co-founder of Tony Owens Racing Components, we specialize in reproducing air filter cages and intake accessories for older motocross and trail bikes. We have a line up Yamaha filter cages and are developing a more extensive list of bikes we can make cages for. We can also build custom cages and some air box doors for the older bikes. We are also an authorized DT1 air filter dealer. Our newest cage is for the 1987 YZ250, 1987-1988 YZ125, and 1987-1990 YZ490. if you have an questions please feel to reach out here or email at tonyowensracingcomponents@gmail.com
  12. Looking to get some replacement air filters.. I have seen the Twin Air Power-flow kit, has anyone used it? Right now I am just running a pre oiled twin air filter with a stock twin air housing for the 17' (doesn't have the metal spark screen like the stock housing) and it works well. I was wondering if ya'll had any recommendations for an air filter and housing that you could notice a slight power increase, or anything along those lines. Also, does anyone use the Works Connection ball bearing throttle tube? I have been looking to try one out and wanted some feedback... Lastly, I was hoping to find some wider and longer foot pegs. I am using the WC Titanium footpegs right now, and they are too short and stubby. What have ya'll tried? I am a taller guy (6'0) so I have also wanted to try the footpegs that you can lower 5mm. I think that they are buy faster USA or something! Let me know what yall have liked! Thanks
  13. So i have bought a used bike with only 17 hours on it and is very clean. I went to ride it once with no issues and then washed the bike. After that day the air filter/Air box was making a weird sucking sound with every stroke of the engine. Second issue is when i idle in neutral there is a slight scraping or engaging sound in the bike but it goes away when i pull the clutch in. Also the bike turns off when i go into first gear Plz help ps none of these issues were present the day i got it
  14. All, I just bought a 1982 XT250 project bike. We had one of these in the family in the 90s, so I know the model fairly well already. I guess my plan is just to have a small, simple bike for shorter local trips, and maybe some light trail touring. I do know it has some known weaknesses, i.e. suspension, brakes, 6V electrics, corroding mufflers, and open frame/exposed engine cases. So I am looking for tips regarding big bore/ higher comp pistons, camshaft (Web Cam) stiffer shock, fork springs, 12 V upgrade, and so on. I was also thinking about fabricating a stepped SS headpipe, and use a 1 1/2" inlet Supertrapp IDS2 muffler. I guess the weight saving will be replacing heavy stock parts with lighter parts in alloy etc (Sprocket, handlebar, rear fender reinforcement for tail light etc), and using smaller/ lighter tail light, indicator lights. And also replacing the stock instruments with a digital dash from KOSO, Trailtech etc. Any and all tips are welcome!
  15. Hey, I am currently running a 26mm carb with a 40mm air intake (i am not sure if this is the correct term, i mean the part where the air filter meets the carb). The carb is absolutely shit and I am thinking of getting a Molkt 26mm with a 45mm air intake. Do I have to change my main jet? Thanks in advance
  16. No Toil Industries has partnered up with ThumperTalk to bring you giveaways on their unique dirt bike & atv maintenance & care products!😍 Up for grabs is 5 product bundles, each worth over $200.00 💰 consisting of: (1) No Toil pre-oiled air filter (1) No Toil extreme conditions air filter (1) No Toil Super-Flo kit* (2) No Toil air filter maintenance kits (1) No Toil air box cleaner (1) No Toil bike wash kit (1) No Toil chain lube No Toil is the ONLY completely biodegradable & non-toxic air filter treatment. 🌎 Its tacky plant-based filter oil locks in dirt and is only released with No Toil's proprietary filter cleaner powder. It cannot be washed away with water or harsh solvents. #ditchthesolvent To enter for your chance to win, login using the giveaway widget below. It can take a few seconds to load, but if for some reason it doesn't, tap HERE. Also, you are NOT required to have a Facebook account to enter, only a valid email address. Login with your email OR Facebook to be automatically entered, then check out the optional bonus entry options that increase your chances of winning! Enter the No Toil Industries Product Bundle Giveaways! No Toil's air filter maintenance system is easy-to-use, biodegradable & non-toxic. Ready-to-ride, pre-loaded with No Toil air filter oil. Ride extreme conditions? The No Toil Extreme air filter is up to task. No Toils' Super-Flo air filter kit is ideal for 4T riders looking for max HP & throttle response. Everything you need to get your airbox and exhaust squeaky clean. No Toil loves air filter maintenance, but believes your chain is important too! Hey, that's it. The giveaway entry widget is up there ☝️
  17. So I traded a pretty nice AR15 for a bike. The bike I originally got was an 08 kx450f. It was a nice bike. Much like the 07 kx450f I used to own. But I had the bike maybe 1 month and decided I'd rather have a 2 stroke. So I sold the bike, and picked up an 04 CR250. I'm pretty happy with it. Very clean, mostly stock bike. Right now I am going through it to make sure it jetted and running right. Its been maybe 8 years since I was on one of them. I grew up with them and I was a teenager the last time I cleaned an air filter on a 2 stroke. I have a k&n cleaner/oil combo kit I got from autozone. I used to use this when cleaning the yz450f quad I had years back, but that quad had a k&n filter, and perhaps this won't work on my bike? The filter on my bike is a Twin Air filter though I'm not sure if this is stock or not.
  18. I have a 2019 crf250 with 13 hours on it with an oem Honda filter. Everytime I put a clean filter in and go ride, oil keeps puddling up inside. I replaced the stock filter that came with the bike with a new oem Honda filter and the same thing keeps happening. I’ve even tried to apply very little oil (literally hardly any) after cleaning and it still somehow gets puddled up in airbox. Checked engine oil level to make sure it wasn’t over and getting some sort of blowback but that does not appear to be the issue. Anybody else notice anything like this??
  19. Just wondering about what air filters we can buy for Betas and the prices and quality etc. I know there’s cheap and expensive and in between. I think I have twin air now and I bought a cheap off brand that I didn’t use that I got off ebay. Just wondering what everyone is using.
  20. Hi guys, I was cleaning my air filter just now and found dust in the air filter boot where the plastics link here is the attached photo. When i cleaned it with a rag it was black dust there. Is it normal to have a little bit dust there? Doesnt seem that it came through the filter but the seal seems to be properly sealed too. Not sure what to do. Any input would be greatly appreciated.
  21. Hey, just curious what you guys use for getting the oil out of air filters? I've been trying kerosene and oxi clean but there is still oil in the filter? I use the bell ray foam stuff, and it's like it's stuck in there, I don't wanna buy the actual brand name cleaners because they are a bit expensive.
  22. Okay so I'm new to this forum as well as dirt bikes in general so I could use some help. So I bought a basically brand new 2014 crf230 a few weeks ago and I've been having some issues with it. It absolutely refuses to idle, it starts right up but if you don't constantly give it throttle it'll die in about 5 seconds. The choke on, choke off, or half choke it makes no difference it still won't run. I've messed with the idle screw some but unless it's turned enough to were the bike literally moves it's idling so hard it still won't stay running. So I'm pretty sure that's not a fix. I've looked around on the internet a lot and from that it seems it might be that the air filter is dirty and or the jetting is clogged up. So I've taken the air filter out and am in the process of cleaning that but I have no idea what the jetting is or how to fix that/clean that. So is the air filter and the jetting most likely the problem or if not what else could it be? If those are the problem(s) what do I do about the jetting part then? How do you clean that or even get to it to clean it? A lot of people seem to suggest changing the stock jetting but I don't know what that means or how to do it so any advice on that? This is my first experience with a dirt bike and to be honest it's really starting to ruin the whole thing for me and is just making me want nothing to do with them. I just want to fix my bike, I've had it for almost 3 weeks now and haven't even been able to ride it for more than a few minutes the one time. So I really would appreciate some help on all this.
  23. Just ran across a K&N air filter for my 1988 Yamaha XT600. Has anyone used them, looks easy enough to install but performance vs cost...is there a real benefit? K&N YA 6084 ($79) - https://www.knfilters.com/search/product.aspx?prod=YA-6084 Yamaha 34L-14451-00-00 & 34L-14461-00-00 ($54) - https://www.bikebandit.com/oem-parts/1988-yamaha-xt600-xt600u-air-filter/o/m146730sch134203 Thx, JW
  24. Hopefully I will not have to make any more posts after this but I have questions about the 04 wr snorkel. Before it's suggested yes I did read the free mod guide on super Moto junkie and he shows the snorkel being removed but does not explain or show how. I tried removing the two bolts on top and the battery but it still doesn't even budge after that, is it molded in place? Also what is deemed as a clean or dirty air filter? I don't know what is supposed to be normal, upon looking at mine there was a good amount of thick black grease that I wiped out so I have no idea how long this one has been used or last cleaned. I bought a no toil filter to replace the current one since I just did a rebuild and why not have a clean one in there. But if someone can enlighten me on details it would be much appreciated.
  25. Hello all, hope you can help and I'm hoping that this is simple, I have a 2009 DRZ400sm; I just passed 18,000 Km on her. I bought her at 12,000 Km. The 6,000 Km I put on her have been mainly commuting miles (12 miles into work/12 miles home). She has always run really well; no problems with her. I decided to do a 18,000 Km service on her. I changed the coolant. I replaced the oil filter and changed the oil. I replaced the spark plug (that was the first time I have ever replaced an spark plug). The spark plug I removed seemed fine and in good condition. I started her up and briefly ran her after the spark plug change to check I had a good connection. She ran fine. But I only ran her for a few minutes. I didn't ride her. Like a fool I threw away the old spark plug. Finally I removed, inspected, cleaned, and re-oiled the air filter (this was also the first time I have replaced an air filter). Whilst the air filter was drying I gave the bike a right good clean and a wash. I put the air filter back on and started her up and she didn't seem to be running as well. I felt like I need to keep the choke out for longer than previously and that she needed a bit of throttle to keep idling. If I left her unattended she would cut out. I also felt that the exhaust was a bit more smokey. I spoke with a friend and he suggested that I had over-oiled the air filter and was starving her. I removed the air filter and started her, but it didn't help. It also seemed like she was getting rougher. The idle was getting poorer and the she was taking more starter cranks to get her going. I flattened the battery a number of times at this point playing around with her. I removed the spark plug and checked the gap which was within tolerance. I replace the plug and there was no change. She started poorly, ran rough and would cut out. Smokey exhaust. I left here alone for the night. The next day I tried again she was worse. Hard to start. Needed full choke. She would cut out with zero choke. Smokey exhaust. There were even few flames firing out of her. This is still with air filter removed. And that is as far as I have got. I'm worried about what I have done. I don't want to ride her the 12 miles to the Mechanic's place because I'm not sure if I will make it or if I am doing her harm . I've been reading the forums, but I fell I lacking knowledge to understand the solution. My gut feeling is that the combustion is poor for some reason. Is there any other diagnostics people might recommend, anything else I can check. Could I be unlucky and have a bad spark-plug. Have I damaged something -nothing felt like it went wrong when I was replacing the spark-plug. If I could just ride it to the mechanics I would be happy. Regards, hope you can help, Fat Robert
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