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Found 22 results

  1. Hi I'm looking to get one of those Yamaha or Honda bikes with the wide wheels does anyone know what I should look for
  2. I just got my 2008 Honda 420 es and in neutral it is making a grinding, rattling noise that increases in volume with increased RPM seems to run really smooth other wise . Runs and drives great and shifts fine which makes me believe that the transmission and Top end of the motor must be functioning properly. If anyone has any ideas of what it may be or if you have had a similar problem please help me out. Thanks
  3. firstplacephoto

    underage riding certification in Mass.

    My Grandson wants to learn to ride a dirtbike. He is 15 and never showed much interest til now. Mass. has an online,then a classroom course you have to take. Do you have to bring atv or dirtbike to 2nd part of training? FAQ's in info section mention skills test,and dont know what is involved. He is a newbie and I can teach him to ride,but no idea what the Ma. liberals have decided to include in training course,except to make money again,and not give us any riding areas for our taxes.
  4. Levi Bauer

    Spark arrestor

    I took my spark arrestor off a 2014 z400, am I risking starting a forest fire?
  5. Randy Sorensen

    YFZ450 stroker kit question

    I am currently rebuilding my yfz450. I decided to buy the hot rods 500cc stroker kit. I was wondering what jets I need to run. It has full fmf exhaust, uni filter, riding at 800ft. Above sea level. I currently have a ncqv needle on hand along with 170 through 180 main jets, and 45 through 55 slow jets. I don't want to do the trial and error thing for two weeks, what should I start with?
  6. A young man was killed Saturday morning in Buena Vista while participating in a competition with its cuadratrack. The incident occurred at approximately 10:00 , as reported close to the family of the victim people. The deceased is identified as an athlete José Miguel Barrientos Vaca Diez, who is the son of a renowned Santa Cruz singer.
  7. About a year and a half ago, we bought a used 2004 Arctic Cat 400 4x4 Automatic to take as a pit vehicle to races. Didn't want to spend too much on this and also wanted something to tinker with. The previous owner said he couldn't get it started and suspected it needed a new battery. The old air filter had also disintegrated and parts had been sucked into the carburetor. I cleaned the carburetor and replaced the battery and air filter and it started up and ran decently. Now that it was running we found that the carburetor leaked like crazy down onto the starter motor. It seemed to be leaking from the accelerator pump cover. I ordered a carburetor rebuild kit and accelerator pump rebuild kid. Replaced the pilot jet, main jet, leak jet, float bowl gasket, and even went ahead and replaced the bladder in the throttle slide, just in case. I also got new gas lines, petcock, and cleaned out the gas tank. After all of that, it still leaked from the accelerator pump cover, even with the engine off and the petcock in the on position. I then took the carb apart again, sprayed all the jets and passages with carb cleaner and compressed air (without any rubber gaskets or bladders in, of course) and adjusted the float. I also replaced the plastic choke assembly that screws into the carburetor. The threads were slightly stripped and it didn't seem to be seating in the carb very well. Put it back together and it stopped leaking, but now it runs like crap. It has okay throttle response with just a little bit of gas, but about mid to wide open throttle it will die. If I gradually apply the throttle all the way open, it will rev out, but quick throttle blips and it dies. Once it is warmed up, I can take it around the yard, but after about 90 seconds, it backfires on deceleration and dies. Let it sit for a few seconds, start it up and it will run fine for another 90 seconds, then backfire on deceleration and die. I have replaced the starter motor (electric start stopped working and only responded to pull-start). Electric start works fine now. Today I replaced the ignition coil and spark plug. I had read on arcticchat.com that someone else had similar issues and replacing the coil solved their problem. It has not solved mine, though after replacing the coil, it ran well for about 2.5 minutes before backfiring on deceleration and dying. I have no clue where to go from here. It is a Keihin CVK. I have always had good luck getting help on thumpertalk in the dirt bike sections, so I thought maybe someone could help me with this!
  8. Today we’re going to be talking a little bit about automotive suspensions and how they work to smoothen the ride of your car. There are mainly three purposes of the automotive suspension system. First, they support the weight of the vehicle. Second, they maintain accurate tire contact with the ground. And third, they absorb any shock that you get through the road when you hit a bump. Most modern vehicles come with an independent front suspension. Which means if one wheel hits a bump it does not disturb the other wheel. Nowadays, people use Coil Spring to support the majority of weight in the car. As it has a really good characteristics for absorbing any bumps as you go up and down on the road. However Springs aren’t very good at dissipating that energy. In fact that’s why you have the shock absorber. Which is there to smoothen out the ride and make sure the tire maintains contact with the road. In modern passenger vehicles the two most popular suspensions are McPherson strut and double wishbone style of suspension. The main advantage of the McPherson strut suspension is that it’s really cheap and simple that’s why a lot of manufacturers are moving towards this design. The double wishbone design allows the wheel to stay perpendicular to the body as it navigates a corner or as it goes over a bump. And that maintains good tire contact patch no matter where the wheel is situated. Another advantage of this design is that it can be made adjustable where you can control the position of upper control arms ball Joints. Click to Know More About Ball Joints and other Suspension Components
  9. PDXSmitty

    Northern Oregon ATV riders needed

    Hello! We do market research and need a group of ATV enthusiasts in the Northern part of Oregon to give us opinions and feedback on ATV riding and ATV gear. WE ARE NOT SELLING ANYTHING!!!!! This is pure market research and there is compensation for participating. Anyone interested please reply and/or pass along to any other riders you know that may be interested. Thanks! mikes@sasquatchagency.com
  10. All-new flagship RANGER® XP 1000 features 100-plus owner-inspired innovations and industry-leading 82-horsepower ProStar® engine World’s first and only intelligent off-road suspension system, available exclusively on RZR® XP Turbo DYNAMIX™ Edition Limited-edition, military-inspired GENERAL 1000 EPS with more durability and performance than ever before MINNEAPOLIS, MN – July 26, 2017 – (Motor Sports Newswire) – Polaris (NYSE: PII), the worldwide leader in off-road vehicles, today announced its 2018 model-year lineup, including an industry-first technology that will revolutionize the off-road riding experience. The company continues to set the industry standard for innovation, bringing intuitive, rider-centric solutions to customers across its lineup. Whether reinventing the ATV category, elevating connectivity for off-road enthusiasts with RIDE COMMAND® or being the industry’s No.1-selling utility side-by-side for nearly a decade, Polaris Off-Road Vehicles is synonymous with off-road adventure and passion, in both work and play. The Future of Ride and Handling is Here Fueled by relentless innovation over its 10-year history, Polaris RZR recreational side-by-sides deliver the ultimate combination of power, suspension and agility, dominating every type of off-road terrain. New for model year 2018, Polaris introduces an industry-first innovation – RZR DYNAMIX Active Suspension. Available exclusively on the RZR XP Turbo DYNAMIX Edition (MSRP $25,999 U.S.), DYNAMIX is the world’s first and only intelligent off-road suspension system, designed to eliminate compromise and deliver the best ride at every moment, regardless of terrain. With seven vehicle inputs that make adjustments 200 times per second, DYNAMIX is the only off-road suspension that continuously tunes on the fly, giving off-road enthusiasts more comfort and more confidence while cornering, braking, accelerating, and even while mid-air. Seamlessly integrated into Polaris’ RIDE COMMAND system, DYNAMIX also comes standard with a rear camera and simple-touch controls. More Rugged. More Refined. Polaris RANGER, the industry’s No.1-selling utility side-by-side lineup, introduces the all-new, flagship RANGER XP 1000 (MSRP $16,999 U.S.) for model year 2018. The newest RANGER has more than 100 owner-inspired innovations, making it the hardest working, smoothest riding RANGER ever – the ultimate vehicle for hunters, farmers, homeowners and recreation enthusiasts. In addition to industry-leading features like an 82-horsepower ProStar® engine, 2,500 lbs. (1,134 kgs) of towing capacity, and 11 in. (27.9 cm.) of suspension travel for an even smoother ride, the RANGER XP 1000 features a completely redesigned exterior and interior, taking finish, function and attention to detail to the next level. Rec/Utility In just 18 months since its launch the Polaris GENERAL® has become the best-selling crossover side-by-side on the market. With class-leading performance and payload built for hauling, the GENERAL is proven to be the most-versatile recreational utility vehicle ever built. New for model year 2018, Polaris gives customers more durability, more performance and more GENERAL models to choose from, including the GENERAL 1000 EPS Limited Edition (MSRP $18,999 U.S.) featuring custom military-themed graphics on Matte Sagebrush Green automotive-style paint, and cut-and-sew leather-like custom seats. ATV Polaris Sportsman®, the No. 1-selling brand of automatic 4×4 ATVs, delivers several improvements for model-year 2018, driven by customer and dealer input to enhance the performance riders expect and the dependability they count on. Improvements include a more durable driveline, new side panels for a more comfortable and cooler ride, and an improved digital display. Polaris ACE®, the single-seat sit-in vehicle that redefined the off-road experience, offers for model-year 2018 several new enhancements to its lineup based on customer feedback, catering to a variety of adrenaline junkies, from first-time users to hard-core riders, including the all-new ACE 570 EPS (MSRP $8,999 U.S.). Polaris continues to be No. 1 in powersports for a reason, with innovation and industry-exclusive, rider-centric solutions by customer feedback. More information about Polaris’ Off-Road Vehicles and Polaris Engineered Accessories can be found online at Polaris.com. Polaris reserves the right to change specifications at any time without incurring obligations.
  11. YungCharmander

    Best Sport Atv?

    I'm looking for the best reliable atv for trail riding, the main thing I'm looking for is extremely low maintinance and I'm looking for the sport style atv, not the utility styled atvs. Don't really care about engine size just care that the quad fits me at 6'1, and won't get boring. Also looking for good reliability along with the low maintinance.
  12. Hello, new to the forums and been wanting to join for awhile. Anyways, down to the problem. I have a brand new 2018 Honda Recon and everytime I get it into the high RPM's it always seems to backfire. Not sure if this is a good thing or bad, but I used to ride a dirt bike and it rarely backfired. Just curious, maybe its not a big deal either way I'd like to know. P.S I didn't really know where to post this, forgive me if it belongs somewhere else.
  13. badpeter

    Algonquin West ATV trails

    Hello all, Recently, browsing crown land on MNR, I found a great (like, really great) network of trails next to Algonquin. After some digging, i found out it belongs to Alg west ATV club that maintains them (they have a website and all). My question is, are dirt bikes allowed there? if a club maintains trails on crown land, can they restrict its use by anything other than ATVs? it is not "their" land after all. There s no mention about anything related to dirt bikes on their site. I don't mind paying a fee or whatnot, just not sure how it all works. The response i got from the club is very ambiguous so maybe ATV people know the specifics... Thanks!
  14. zbird


    My work closed down due to snow for the second time in 3 years today post some pics if you had as much fun in the snow as I did
  15. PLEASE SIGN, it will only take a minute! And share it on facebook/twitter/etc. Already passed 7500 signatures, lets make it to 10,000! https://www.change.org/p/charles-baker-to-open-and-maintain-more-public-atv-dirtbike-trails-in-ma
  16. michaelchristie207

    Best bike/quad for trails and mud

    Hey I'm 14 and am looking to buy a new quad/bike. I am selling my yz85 currently I'll tell you what bikes I have owned/ rode crf50-xr80-yz144-yz85 kfx50-yamaha blaster-raptor80 and I've riden Polaris 500's and they seem pretty sweet . The riding near my house is, a bog, single track, power lines, mud and sand. I feel like a atv would be better for mud and the rooty trails but I love the 75+ mph speed from bike and being able to jump/throw them around. Some bikes/ quad I've been looking at, keep in mind I have about 1500-2000 crf250x all brand 250f's raptor 700 400ex 300ex another blaster? Please help me with suggestions. I'm 120 and 5'5 and I feel comfortable on a 250f I've riden a few. Thanks
  17. sdwoodly

    Yamaha Banshee No Spark

    I recently swapped frames on a banshee. I have a 2002 banshee and now that I have everything moved over to the "new" frame I'm no longer getting a spark when I try to start it. Actually, when I ground my body to something on the frame I get a spark (it shocked the hell out of my uncle). Otherwise, I get nothing. I've replaced the wiring harness to no avail. The original has this model #: 3GG 82590 20. The one I replaced it with is 5FK 82590 00. The harnesses look similar but some connectors don't plug in. I've gone online and took the advice of someone who said to plug the orange and black wires to coil and I grounded the coil mount to the cylinder head. I moved the coil ground to a clean spot on the frame, disconnected the voltage regulator, disconnected the TORS all to no avail. Again, the only time I get a spark is when I ground my body to the frame. Any suggestions? I've spliced my new wiring harness in a few places so am going to buy a new one if needed.
  18. Hey guys, I bought an 07 Yamaha yfz450 off Craigslist with the bottom end seized. I am rebuilding this using the big bore kit, making it 500 cc. I have full exhaust, open lid, and I'm at 835 ft above sea level. What do I need to get for jetting on the carb? The carb is all stock.
  19. Just rebuilt a 400ex and found out, once I took the outer clutch basket off, that the springs on the backside of it are loose and can move freely inside the hub assembly itself. This, to the best of my knowledge, isn't normal but what might this cause in regard to clutch issues? Is it still useable or should I find a replacement? These are the little springs I am talking about.
  20. I want to start racing hare scrambles next year but I need some start knowledge before I do so. I will either be on a YFZ 450r or a TRX 450r. I get that hare scrambles start from a dead engine but how do I actually start the quad and get going like what gear should I start the quad in and that kind of stuff if you could help me it would be greatly appreciated. Also how do you use the clutch in the corners for a better drive in the corners?