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Found 2 results

  1. looking for supermoto guys or girls to brap with. so far theirs 3 of us. looking for a couple more to ride with and get lost and explore with and do fun shit with, no creeps, ass holes, scummy people. keep it real, supermotos, trying to keep it safe and fun and fairly legal and no douchery. theirs a time and place for everything and we dont need tickets and to get screwed up or anything. i sound like a priest or some little bitch saying that but i know alot of shitty people in the world so yea i dont care. 3 of us mid 20s, single and free to ride almost all summer other than work getting in the way of riding. we usually just get lost on back roads, towns, wherever the road takes us and cool places. its cool. so hit me up we would love a couple more cool people to chill with and ride with and do supermoto shit with. warren, morris, sussex county areas, washington, hackettstown, even pburg and stuff we ride wherever pretty much, but those general areas. we go out to pa along the deleware alot and stuff, its fun, alright im done typing, just hit me up, we arent bad dudes. id put pics of our bikes and us up and stuff but i dont have any on my computer so, idk just hit me up....
  2. 2018 ALTA REDSHIFT MXR I own a 2017 Alta Redshift MX. Yesterday Alta Motors had a demo day at Hollister Hills SVRA , south of San Francisco. I got to check out and ride the 2018 Alta Redshift MXR. Below is the review. MXA has never written an Alta review, so I will write one for them. Q: IS THE 2018 ALTA REDSHIFT MXR BETTER THAN THE 2017 ALTA REDSHIFT MX? A: You're damn right it is better. A whopping 20% increase in power, quicker charging, latest and greatest WP suspension, proper MX tires, grippier footpegs. And the most important change is the white plastic. Q: WHAT DID ALTA CHANGE ON THE MX(R) FOR 2018? A: A plenty of things that matter the most. So much that Alta had to introduce the MXR moniker. (1) New battery. Same 5.8KW capacity, but it can now be charged and discharged much quicker. Thanks to this, the bike can now produce 50HP, a whopping 20% increase. Kids, this is 50HP for you. The power and the hit of a 250 2-stroke with the delivery, the traction and control that is superior to that of a 4-stroke, and the holeshot acceleration that is faster the fastest 450. The 147 ft-lbs of torque is greater than in most 2.0L passenger sedans. Additionally, reportedly, the new battery has no thermal issues of the old battery, this is why it is possible to discharge it so much quicker, producing more power. And the re-charging now takes only 1.5 hours from a 240V source. The riding range is the same, but you can now drain that battery faster and charge it faster. (2) AER48 fork. The latest venerable WP air fork replaces the 4CS fork. That saves ~3 lbs. The bike's "fueled" weight is now 259 lbs. (3) The shock. The latest WP shock replaces the older WP shock. It also comes with a new linkage. The result is a ~10% motion ratio change. The new spring itself is probably softer, but the whole rear end is definitely stiffer. Pump up that AER fork and the bike is no longer undersprung. (4) White plastic. Gone is the Suzuki-yellow, we do not want to associate with that manufacturer. Thank you, Alta!!! (5) Footpegs. New less slippery and more grippy footpegs. Q: THE BURNING QUESTION ON THE MIND OF ALL CURRENT ALTA OWNERS: HOW CAN I ADD 20% MORE HP TO MY CURRENT REDSHIFT? A: You need to buy a new battery, flash a new software, and we suspect that's it. However we emailed this question to Alta today and are expecting a confirmation and the pricing details. Q: THE QUESTION ON THE MIND OF ALL FUTURE ALTA OWNERS: IS THIS BIKE A REAL MX BIKE? IT IS COMING TO MY TRACK? A: It is real, and it is coming. And it will beat your current bike weekend after weekend, after weekend. If you can't beat it -- buy it. Q: HOW IS THE POWER? A: Awesome. Instant. Plentiful. Ridiculously easy to control with a twist of the throttle. Say hello to power slides at both low and high speeds, and wheeling over obstacles. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. All my current bikes, with the exception of the classic '05 CRF and '95 CRs, are for sale. Q: HOW IS THE NEW SUSPENSION? A: The demo bike's fork was slightly underinflated compared to the rear, for my liking. But that's a 30-second fix, just do not get an arm pump before the race. The shock is valved very decently from the factory, but it could use more low-speed rebound damping. But I would not have hesitated racing this bike as-is. Q: HOW DOES IT COMPARE TO THE GAS-POWERED BIKES THAT ARE CURRENTLY ON THE MARKER? (1) Weight. It weighs 259 lbs, which is what YZ450F and RM450 weight when topped off with fuel. But, as a rider, you only feel this weight when lifting the bike onto the center stand. On the track, in motion, the bike feels as light as a 250cc 2-stroke. This is due to the lack of the rotating flywheel inertia. (2) Power. As it was said before, the power is awesome. The MXR will beat the 250cc bikes on any track. It will accelerate out of corners faster than the 450cc bikes. Being 10 HP short of the 450cc 4-strokes, it may not climb Mt. Helen as fast as the big bikes. But it will holeshot and will be running up front, and this is half of the victory. (3) Handling. It can turn tighter and cut under any other bike, including the proverbial Suzuki. Perhaps only a 125cc bike could rotate quicker. It is also super easy to place the Redshift anywhere on the track and get it to follow any line desired. Best of all, it does exactly as it is told and never does any weird unexpected kicks or tricks that happen due to a sudden rear wheel spin. (4) Ergonomics. Both the standing and the sitting positions good and feel right. The bike is on the narrow side. Some people like narrow bikes, but I like something a bit fatter between my lags. The "radiator shrouds" are a little bulging, and I hope Alta redesigns them in future models to make them flow with the seat and the frame a little better. The footpegs are located a little lower than on other bikes. On one hand, this creates more cockpit room. On the other, get used to riding properly on the balls of your feet with the toes in, else your toes can get banged up or hooked onto things. The footpegs are interchangeable with the YZ250F/YZ450F footpegs. (5) Bodywork. The plastic is made by Acerbis. The front fender and front number place have the same shape as the '09 CRF. There are a few dubious molded-in nuts in various plastic parts. Never over-tighten the screws that do into those nuts. Use medium or low-strength Loctite instead. Best of all, the Redshift boasts a no-tools air filter replacement. Just kidding! (6) Brakes. They are Brembo brakes, exact same as on all KTMs and Huskys. Q: WHAT ARE THE WORST ATTRIBUTES OF THE REDSHIFT, AND CAN THEY BE FIXED? A: There are a few small things. (1) Rear brake. The rear brake is too touchy. Having no flywheel inertia is equivalent to braking with the clutch pulled in. The solutions are several. The simplest one is to buy an add-on Rear Brake Return Spring made by Fasst Company. It makes the rear brake pedal easier to feel, and also makes it harder to lock up the rear wheel. Another solutions is to add a Left Hand Rear Brake (LHRB). Alta is working on this product, stay tuned. (2) Mud collector. A lot of mud gets collected under the motor. It is not easy to get to, even with a pressure washer. The solution is to use a skid plate. SXS makes one. Alta also makes one, which it installs on the EX models. Or you can cut your own MX skid plate from a sheet of plastic and attach it with a couple of bolts and zip ties. This will be not for protection but to keep the mud out. Q: IT IS WORTH UPGRADING OR TRADING UP FROM THE 2017 MX TO THE 2018 MXR? A: Probably. But you mileage may vary. The new MSRP prices are $10,495 for the 2018 MX and $11,995 for the MXR models. If you need more power and must recharge the battery quicker, then yes. However, the riding range is the same. I would not do it for the suspension, as it is likely to also need a revalve, eventually. Although the MXR suspension is race-ready from the factory, so you do not have to mess with it right away. Additionally, if you shelled out $15K for the 2017 model (you know who you are!), then you can surely spend a little more. Q: HOW DOES THE ALTA REDSHIFT COMPARE TO THE KTM FREERIDE E? A: Are you kidding? The Freeride is a 20hp moped with a cheap short travel suspension. No contest. Q: WHY WOULD ANYONE WANT AN ELECTRIC BIKE? A: It is fast. It is almost maintenance free. But the biggest reason is that it is so much fun! It might be painful to hear, but the Redshift is more fun that any 2-stroke. An instant response, always 'on the pipe', always in the right gear, no clutching, no starting, no stalling. It is quiet enough to ride in your backyard every day after work. In fact, this is what I am going to start doing. Q: DOESN'T IT SOUND LIKE AN RC CAR? THE 2-STROKE AND THUMPERS SOUND BETTER. A: It does sound a bit like an RC car. But listening to the sound of the rear tire throwing roost beats the crap out of BRA-A-A-AP. Q: WHAT DID WE HATE? (1) Rear brake. Buy a Fasst Rear Brake Return Spring and install it right away. You will need the KTM Brembo model. (2) Molded-in nuts. You will start hating them the first time you over-tighten one. Therefore, finger tighten those bolts and use a drop of Loctite to keep them in. (3) No noise. A quiet bike can be very good, until you need to get around someone at the track. You have to get too close or yell for them to notice you. I think Alta needs to sell an air horn as an option. Q: WHAT DID WE LIKE? A: The like list is: (1) Power. It is awesome, instant, plentiful, easily controllable. (2) Traction. In the 1st or 2nd mode, I climbed such hills that I was afraid to look at. (3) Handling. This is perhaps the best handling big bike ever made. (4) No noise. Yes, the no-noise made both the hate and the like list. No noise can be very good as well. (5) The sound. Hearing the rear tire slide, hook up, or throw roost is amazing. Q: WHAT DO WE REALLY THINK? A: The Alta Redshift MXR is definitely the most fun and the most radical new bike of the millennium. It is going to be popular. It is already competitive. Some people are curious. Some are ignoring it. Some are hating. The AMA is afraid of it, they probably want to ignore or dismiss it. But it is coming, whether they want it or not, and it is coming fast! We will still keep and never sell the gas-powered bikes that we love. We will still take them out to the track and make noise and roost dirt. But when the time comes to change oil, filters, adjust the valve clearances, or rebuild the top end, it is very likely that we will just roll out the electric one out of the garage and ride it instead. And then keep riding it, and riding it. Never underestimate the power of the lazy, or the size of the wallet of the guy who wants to holeshot and be the fastest on the track, or the determination of the guy who wants to have the most fun. The future of electric dirt bikes is looking very bright.