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Found 62 results

  1. as anyone that rides an xcf knows we are 100% dependent on our batteries. My XCF is street legal with a light kit. But I need to add a fan as the bike is a Pizza Oven in the woods. My question, I have 70W to play with as I upgraded the stator. Can I run my additional loads (lights/fan) off the battery terminals and still expect the battery to keep charge? Or do I need to wire in a separately derived system?
  2. Im having a strange problem and need some help. I have a 2016 ktm xc-f 350 that keeps blowing the 10 amp starter relay fuse. About a month ago i was riding, I stopped and turned the bike off, went to restart it and got absolutely nothing. I bump started it and rode it back to the truck (bike ran just fine). Blown starter relay fuse. The bike starts up just fine with a new fuse. I figured out it only blows just about when I hit my rev limiter. I tried a new voltage regulator and it still did it, although my old voltage regualtor isnt charging the battery very well, so its probably going out. Now the weird part. I was going to take it in to the shop, so i took out my shorai battery so they wouldnt get picky about the warranty, and put the old lithium ion battery back in (battery had sit about 3 months so it wasnt 100%.). After i put it in, the bike had no issues. Stopped blowing fuses. I even swapped the batteries around twice to double check and it was the battery. After that i sent the shorai battery in and waited a week to hear what they had to say. In the meantime i went riding. All was well for over an hour, then i went to restart the bike at one point: nothing. Blowing the starter relay fuse again. I can put one in and it will blow right about when i hit the rev limiter just like before. I just heard from shorai yesterday and their battery tested out good, no issues, like a new battery. I have no lights or anything and have checked for shorts but cant find anything. The only thing ive done to the bike is 52 tooth sprocket and a throttle tamer. What the hell is going on. I will take it in if i need to but figured i would try this out first. Thanks!
  3. Hi, It's been forever since I've posted on this forum. I have my 2003 DRZ up and running again and I have one issue that I can't seem to solve for. It loves to kill batteries. I've probably gone through 5-6 YUSA batteries and now 4 Tusk Lithium Ion batteries. RM/ATV replaced the 2 LiON batteries I've bought with new ones and those have now both failed (2 originals, 2 replacements). Bike is on a battery tender for LioN batteries. My son rode my bike Sat, put it back on the tender with the key on off and the bike was completely dead Sunday. I've always kept a tender on it and that doesn't seem to help. Any advice? I assume it's the bike and it needs some kind of main power switch to stop the drain but it seems odd the lithim batteries would completely die so quick. None of the 4 have been able to be brought back to life after it dies. Thanks for any tips!
  4. I got a 50watt lighting coil for my 2000 Cr250. Can I run an 18w led light bar and integrated led blinkers/taillight/brake light without a battery? I understand I have to convert the AC to DC with a regulator/rectifier but can I do this without a battery? Also what reg/rectifier should I get?
  5. Hey Thumpers! Spring is here, and we have got a Mega Spring Sale coming up! From our Micro-starts, Power Storage devices to our Powersport Batteries, & YES, even our new range of Automotive Batteries with Wireless Built-In Jump-Starting are on sale! Check out our website- https://antigravitybatteries.com/ Use Coupon Code: "SS30" for All Micro-starts & Energy Storage Devices; "SS25" for All Powersport Batteries; "SS15" for All Automotive Batteries. Spring Sale- Thursday, March 19th to Sunday, March 22nd. Follow us on Instagram- https://www.instagram.com/antigravitybatteries/ & Facebook- https://www.facebook.com/AntigravityBatteries/
  6. Hey Thumpers! Just wanted to be sure to let you all know about the great specials we'll be running this weekend. Whether you're on the hunt for a new battery for your quad, UTV, bike or maybe even your car or if you've been looking to get a Micro-Start jump starter for a little added security we've got you covered. Coupon codes listed below. As always thanks for being great customers and have a great weekend of riding!
  7. Hey guys, so I have been doing some work on a project I am working on and have recently put it back together and took it for a test ride. To start the bike I only used a battery but since I did not have a place to keep the battery (XR400 Frame) I did not keep it wired in the system. From what I have found out this may have caused my starting issue I now have (No spark). The bike is getting fuel and the battery is fully charged. So my guess is that from running without a battery I may have shorted out some of the electrical components though I am not sure which ones to check first and how to check them. I know I should check the stator, regulator/rectifier, and the CDI but I am not sure if one would be a better place to start over the others...my theory is to start with the cheap fixes first but it would be great to just figure it out first and then just replace what needs to be replaced. Any help is appreciated!
  8. I want to start off by thanking all of you in advance for reading and responding to this post. I had my bike 2012 XR650L out about 3 weeks ago but I had to put a booster pack on the battery to get it to fire up. I then rode it a couple hours and parked it. Went back out after a few hours of rest and same thing very week battery. Put booster on. Fired right up. Now today same thing I had to put booster on cause battery was weak. So do you all think I just need a new battery if so what do your all recommend? or is something else going wrong? I could take the battery and get tested but wanted to just check with you all first. Thanks so much. Here is a pic of my battery.
  9. Unfortunately today I messed up my 1995 650l, I bought some engine degreaser and some wire scrubbers at advanced auto. When I came back I stupidly powerwashed my bike and degreased it like an ape trying to get it to look good as new. I didn't cover the exhaust or carb or battery or anything. Probably an idiotic thing to do but it is my first bike (first couple days with it) and I am learning. I also added some 10w-40 castrol motor oil to top it off cause I saw it had a small leak and the oil was half of full. Anyway, when I started the bike smoke or probably steam came off the front of the bike I took it around the block it felt sluggish. I let it sit and it died. I tried to start it with the choke but it only would fire up a small amount before dying. Now it wont start at all and before I washed it it fired up no problem. The lights come on and the engine turns over fine so Idk if it electrical or not. What should I do? Could it be the oil? Did I cause a short? Do I have to take off the carb and dry it out? Is it the spark plug? Battery? Any advice on where I should look would be very appreciated, please be kind its my first post and like I said i am a newbie.
  10. Hi guys, I just bought and installed an Antigravity AT-7 battery for my KTM xc-f 450 (i added lights). It turned over for a bit, but couldn't start. Now it won't crank at all. I wondered if I need to change terminals. There are two sets on the battery. Which one should I use. If you can help, I'd really appreciate it. THX in advance!!
  11. Hey Thumpers, Looking for a new better battery option to power you RV or Toy Hauler? We have a couple of great options in our new Deep Cycle models and we'll be running our Spring Sale starting the Friday and running through the weekend. Please feel free to check them out and as always, please reach out to us with any questions at all. Best regards, Chad (chad@antigravitybatteries.com) www.antigravitybatteries.com
  12. Hello all, I have a 2006 TTR-125. The previous owner did not have a battery installed, so I bought one and installed it. (I bought a good one, Energizer, and the voltage and everything met factory specs) The bike started right up with the button and everything. The battery powered the bike for about two days of riding, with a light hooked up too. Now the battery is dead. I turn my bike off every time I am not riding it. Now, after riding it for about 6 hours fairly hard, the battery still has no charge. (It has enough charge to power the light, maybe for now, but not to turn the bike over) Why is the motor not charging the battery? What are some of the most common things I should check first? I should note that I know a decent amount about how to maintain, work on, and fix bikes, but when it comes to electrical stuff I have no clue. So it could be a very easy fix, like a wire not hooked up, or something to do with the ground wire. I am really lost when it comes to this stuff. Thanks in advance for all your help!
  13. Hello! I am removing an old enduro/street legal kit for my 1997 XR400 and upgrading to LED blinkers and an LED front light - i want to keep the stock rear fender with the brake light/two filament bulb because it works. I am doing this with a Baja Designs Squadron Pro MC LED Race headlight, the Baja designs REC/REG and fuse, Tusk LED/Harness/blinker kit, and a 12V AGM battery. Here is my modified wiring diagram - with the Stock diagram for reference. Was hoping some of you wiring gurus (or XR guys) would look over my drawing and see if you can find any issues or have suggestions before I start cutting things up. :) Thanks!
  14. Just got my 1972 Honda XL250 back up and running after a fresh cylinder, piston and rings. I replaced the intake gasket and have a new Chinese 1979 carb all hooked up. Bike usually starts first kick when cold but after I run it a little bit it will either shut down when getting low RPMs when taking off (like I stalled it but it just wants to die), or ill turn it off and go to kick it over 20 seconds later but it wont have it unless its been sitting a couple minutes or so. Choke or no choke, i usually take the plug out and its dry then put it back in and it fires right up. Carb issue? I have another little carb without a return cable but I like using the new one I bought because it has a return cable. I tried turning the carb air/fuel mixture screw a turn or two in both directions and running it like that but no difference, really. I did die on a mountain and took the plug out the other day and it seemed to maybe have a weak looking spark but it was sunny out and I wasnt sure. have at me!
  15. Howdy Thumpers, Antigravity Batteries would like to wish all of you a Happy and Safe 4th of July! Coupon Valid from July 3rd to July 5th! 30% off on our Energy storage devices (Coupon Code: J30) 30% off on our Micro-Start Jump Starters (Coupon Code: J30) 25% off on our PowerSport Batteries (Coupon Code: J25) 15% off on our Automotive Batteries (Coupon Code: J15) DON'T MISS THE OFFER FOLKS and BE SURE TO CHECK OUR WEBSITE! https://antigravitybatteries.com/
  16. Hello, I went to start my 2019 yz 250f today (electric start) today and the bike did not start or even try to i rode the bike on sunday and it was perfectly fine so i am not sure what the issue is and im wondering if anyone has any fixes. i started the bike (popstart) and went onto the yamaha app and it showed the battery was going from 14v to 13 to 12 back to 14 but once the bike is shut off the battery wont even crank. any info will help thanks.
  17. I have left the key in the ON position too many times. I'm on my third lithium battery (haven't actually bought the 3rd yet). First time the dealer warranted the battery (even thought i'm sure it was my fault for leaving key on). 2nd time I bought an Anti-Gravity ATZ-7 RE-START. (three months ago, not cheap). The concept of the restart is that if you drain it down, it will cut out and save some energy that can be accessed after pressing button on battery. That seemed like the best solution, however, since I can't seem to stop leaving key on (no advice for that needed; I can't overcome it), I found out the re-start function doesn't have enough energy to start bike. Not all bad, because at least the battery is not drained to the point of damaging...bump start (not easy) and all good. However, even with the advanced circuits etc, I killed my expensive re-start by accident by shorting battery (ground touched positive for the shortest amount of time known to man). No big spark just a tiny little spark that turned my fully charged battery into something I can only get 3 volts from now...I assume it is dead. Two questions: 1. Does anyone know FOR SURE if a lead acid (sealed) battery can be used? If so, which model/brand etc (there are a million sizes and most are too tall to fit) 2. Does anyone know if there is a solution for these bikes after 2016 that can eliminate the possibility of killing the battery from leaving the key on? I've included a link to a previous discussion about key eliminator but that topic is 2016 and i've googled to see that it is not likely applicable to 2017+ (it seemed like the solution was to just remove a jumper, no parts needed). Loved the idea but I don't think it applies to models after 2016. https://thumpertalk.com/forums/topic/1091689-interesting-keyswitch-trick/ Thanks in advance for any help. First time poster, please be kind.
  18. hi, i just bought a new ktm 300xc 2017, and wondering how to maintain and keep charged and fresh the included lithium ion battery. I was used to plug a trickle charger from motomaster in my bike, but it says on the box, for charging lead acid and gel batteries... any advices? thanks!
  19. I have a noco battery tender with a lithium ion mode, do you think it's best to charge these batteries with that? Can these batteries be charged with a regular charger? My dealer said it can only be charged with a lithium ion capable charger.
  20. XR400EX

    400EX Battery

    I have a 400ex that I am looking to get a battery for and I am wondering what batteries out there would last the best and are the most reliable...I am interested in the antigravity batteries because of the size and weight reductions and since this is a somewhat custom build...those would be most ideal for this application..but does anyone know of other good reputable batteries or have experience with these antigravity batteries?
  21. Hey Thumpers, if you by chance missed our Black Friday deals we'll be having a Last Chance Christmas sale for those of you still looking for those last minute gifts (or maybe a little something for yourself) Sale runs from 12/10-12/14 with coupon code XMAS15 antigravitybatteries.com As always, please feel free to reach out with any questions you might have. Best regards, Chad (chad@antigravitybatteries.com
  22. Hey Thumpers, just wanted to share this with those of you who might like a better look inside the world of Antigravity Batteries Best regards, Chad (chad@antigravitybatteries.com)
  23. I have a 2008 WR250F dirtbike. My speedometer is very messed up along with something else electrical. First off, when I turn the key (I wired in a key ignition) the speedometer does not light up, the taillight doesn't work, and the headlight doesn't work. They only turn on when I kick it as my electric start doesn't work either. Then when I start to ride the speedometer reads anywhere from 100-189mph. Even when Im standing still, if I rev it up the speed will go up. Also I have gone through 2 AGM batteries in 4 months because they keep shorting out. Does anyone have any ideas on what is happening and how to fix it??? I need to sell it so I need to get this figured out. ***BTW I know that the problem does not stem from the new ignition I wired in because when those wires touch it blows the right fuse under the seat, happened to me when I was putting it in and that fuse is still good so no problems there.***
  24. I just got got a 18 EXC-F 450 six Days about a month ago, already have 200miles of singletrack/Enduro on her. Can someone, anyone please explain the electrical system as it relates to powering auxiliary devices, (flood lights, heated grips, etc) How much wattage is available? How much wattage can I use without impacting the battery? Does the system switch from battery to stator after engine starts? dont be afraid to get technical, i can take it.
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