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Found 19 results

  1. I have a klx 140 G and have been riding for close to two years now. I usually go out once a week after work with my husband when its not too cold or snowing out. Since we live in Michigan, our season is not super long. I am not brand spanking new, but I would not classify myself as a proficient rider yet. The most technical trails I have encountered were out in Montrose Colorado and some single tracks up in Norther Michigan. I have not mastered wheeling over logs yet so when I come to down trees that are too big to just blurp over, I end up going around them. We are thinking about going out to Idaho with my father in law to ride trails out there. Does anyone know of any good trails for beginner riders?
  2. Polaris1000XP

    450 or 250 4 stroke

    Hey I've been looking at a Kawasaki KX450F lately, but I'm wondering if a 450cc is too much for me. I have a bit experience from dirt biking, but the problem is the gap. I have a 125cc 4 stroke "Chinese" bike that goes 70-80 Kilometers max. Used it everywhere, so I know how to use a dirt bike, but I'm not sure if it's really stupid to go from that garbage to a 450. A lot of power compare to mine. I'm not gonna ride much on tracks, but more on dirt roads and a bit in the forest. I'm 5,8 ft ish tall. Thank you for your time
  3. Hello, and sorry if this is long winded I just need to make sure I cover everything. Been pretty interested in the whole idea of motocross for about a year or so now and I've saved up around £2000 to get my first bike. I've had a look at this bike, and it seems pretty good. http://m.funbikes.co.uk/M2R_Racing_Warrior_J1_250cc_2118_96cm_Dirt_Bike(4755).aspx But to be honest I'm not generally sure what to look for. Long story short I just need a suitably sized bike (I'm 17, 180cm tall). Which will perform well (I live in Essex which isn't exactly very rough terrain), and will last me a fairly long time with moderate use. If anyone could recommend me a bike which would be better value than the one above then please do. I just want something which is reliable, will be good to ride, is upgradeable and will last me a good amount of time with proper maintenance. I can go higher than £2000 so if that's necessary let me know. Overall just recommend me a reasonably priced bike which fits the above criteria. Also lastly, as far as I know there are no licences needed to own or ride a dirt bike (as long as they are kept off the road and are strictly only used on off road and non-public areas). If anyone is familiar with UK law could they let me know if there are any further licences needed. Google didn't exactly help me. Many Thanks Everyone!
  4. Location: Spain - Although I travel to the US often. Dirtbike prices aren't that much different. Weight: 210 pounds/95kg - Have lost 110 pounds/50kg (Random but I feel happy about it since I weighed over 320 pounds) Height: 6 feet 4/2 meters Riding experience: I'm 18 now but used to ride at 10 with a mini Dirt bike. Haven't got a lot of experience and kind of forgot the clutch system but I'm sure I'll pick it up straight away. Was so fun. Riding Area: Mainly around Mud/Mud jumps and Forests. Budget: Would like to spend less than 2k$
  5. Hi guys. I am interested in starting dirtbiking. I have cousins and other relatives who dirt bike and I am moving to an area where it is common to do it. I have ridden four wheelers before and enjoy driving high performance go karts. I am about 4 10 and am torn between a yz85 and an xr100 for a first bike. I wanted a xr100 but my cousin suggested a yz85. I will do both trail and eventually track once I build up some skill. I want a bike that I won't grow out of in 3 months. I am open to other suggestions.
  6. Hi everyone! I am totally new to riding but have been encouraged by numerous friends and coworkers to look into getting a dual-sport motorcycle. I've loved motorcycles since I was little so I'm very excited about this! However, since I am such a newb I need as much advice as I can get so I came here. I would like a smaller bike (around 250cc) since I am 5'4" and 120 lbs and I feel that with the research I've done so far that size would fit me best. I would also need a shorter bike since I am obviously on the shorter side. I would mainly be using the bike off-road and would like to be able to carry some gear with me for camping. However, I would also like to be able to use it on occasional commutes to work (about 20 miles one-way). In other words, I want a bike that can handle off-roading well but also one that can get me at least to 55 mph for highway commuting. Obviously I'd like to stay on the cheaper end of things so I don't freak out over dropping it or crashing but I'm willing to spend a little extra to get the right bike. A coworker suggested the Yamaha TW200 but it seems like more of a dirt bike than a dual sport (not that I mind, it just doesn't seem to have everything I want). Any advice is greatly appreciated!
  7. I’ve been obsessed with dirt bikes since i was a kid but have never been lucky enough to own one but here in the near future when i have the money i would like to buy my first bike. I’m tall and skinny (6’8” , 150 lbs) so i would like a bigger bike. I’m wondering what you guys think is the best bike to learn on. Also i originally wanted a 250 2 stroke but then heard for beginner adults to look for 2 stroke 125 or a 4 stroke 250 is there any validity to this? Thanks
  8. Robert Kuhl

    Beginner KTM

    Hello to all: I recently got my dirt bike and started a youtube channel to show my progress. These are my first videos:
  9. Jordan Ricketts

    65, 85, or trail bike

    A family friend has a son of 9 and weighs approximately 95 lbs. He has some experience but not a lot, and not so good. A 65 just seemed a little small, but an 85 seems too powerful. Preferably want to stick MX only. What would be a good bike for him?
  10. Omer Aviani

    2stroke KTM sx150 or sx125 ???

    Hey so I’ve decided I want to move up from my crf150rb to a new 2 stroke and one problem I’ve had is deciding whether if I should get the ktm 150 or 125 and which is better for me I’ve listed my size and experience below and I’d love if you’d help me with my decision I’m 15 yrs old weight around 140 and 5’8 not much 2 stroke experience it will take time to get used to I’ve been riding for around 2.5 years now and I want a bike that’ll have good low end top end so I can learn and get used to the bike and I want to pick the best one for me either then sx125 or sx150 leave your opinions below thanks!
  11. Soo I need some advice from you guys . I have been a quad rider for some years now and I'm trying to figure out if I should make a move to dirt bikes. I've rode my chinese pit bike a couple of times but the thing sucks for trail riding . I've also rode a KX 80 a couple of times and that's where the things start to go bad . I don't know how to corner soo I just ride it on straight trail , I don't know if its my throttle control (the lack of it) but the thing has a demon on it (you can moke me for being scared of a little 80) but once I twist throttle the thing lifts the front wheel and I hang on for dear life . It scares me being not being in control . I only have like a mouth per year to ride because I only ride on holidays , would this be enough to quickly learn the basics to ride a dirt bike , or should I just continue on quads ?
  12. Cameron Moakler

    4 Stroke Beginners Bike

    Hi, Im 15 years old and 110 lbs. Im looking to buy a dirt bike as i have ridden quads/ATVs since I was 8. Budget isnt really an issue just looking for suggestions I hate the power delivery of a two stroke as i have ridden my friends KTM SX 125, and i definitely prefer the sound of a four stroke! Looking for a 125 or 150, whichever you guys think is best for me Thanks!
  13. DiamondBenz

    Chicago area riders... help

    Hi everyone... are there any Chicago areas riders that can help with getting into riding dirt please??? Where are the tracks? Private? Outdoor? Indoor? Even people to ride with? I have about 2 months to decide if it’s worth getting a dirt bike or go with a motard or something. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  14. This year at the age of 35, I start Dirt-Bike . My start was with a 2011 yz450f . i trained 2 or 3 time per week in the deep sands or the woods. getting better give me confidence to think about riding on track. my first experience on the MX track was a disaster, i have done the first lap and barely could corner correctly and stall the bike 3 time and a bad jump and .... then i rest for 30 min and 2nd lap(run) was not better either. my thought : Okej, i just simply cant . But i keep training for the next 2 months in the sands and woods + 1 month ago i sold my YZ and bought a 2013 CRF450F . the difference was obvious, immediately found CRF an easy bike to ride and fell comfortable on it ( except the &%$#@!ing clutch ). 2 weeks ago i was on MX track with my friends , and i was surprised . i could drive easily compare to my YZ and do the cornering and jumps , or do 12 laps in my last run and the best part was that i enjoined so much and had a good feeling. During the week i was talking about it with my friend and conclude its mostly the CRF (70% ) and my improved riding skills(30%). Today we went to the Track, and deep down i had stress that i might &%$#@!ed up on a powerful bike like KX or YZ . Fortunately my friend let me to try his bike ( 2014 kx450f ) , and i was shoked on the bike .... !!!!!!!!!! i felt good from the first touch of the gas to the last corner . Damn it was me as a rider which had the most improvement rather than the bike effect on my riding. of course, CRF good handeling and drivability helped me to gain my confident + i have no reason to blame the bike and I worked on my driving skill . I am a YZ fan and still Love YAMAHA brand... i will put more hours on my CRF before moving to a 2016 YZ450F(I already decided what to buy ) .
  15. Wow, trials is hard to get started in. Impossible to find a good, solid used trials bike unless you are in the secret club of folks who already have a trials bike. Most dealers can't spell trials. So I bought a used Beta Rev-3. Its impossible to ride. It takes a Superman™ kick to turn the bike over. I can ride maybe 5 minutes and my legs are screaming. I get completely worn out, heart racing and sweat pouring off my head and body. It looks like a small and light enduro bike. I can ride enduro bikes. I can ride street bikes. I've raced bikes. But I can't ride my trials bike. And after 40 years, I have to buy a 3/4 helmet? I got one of the first Bell Star helmets in town, and every helmet I've bought since has been full face. I was told: "that enduro helmet will melt your brain" when I tried at a vintage trials event. I brought along my old enduro boots, they are so worn that they have no support. Just what you need for trials, right? Nope, the hard sole has zero traction on rocks, roots and mud, I kept falling down while walking the sections. How do you get started? Will it ever be easier? How can I ride enough to go from impossibly terrible to just really bad if I can't manage to ride the bike more than 5 minutes at a time? Are all you guys just born as Toni Bou?
  16. I really want to get into dirt bike racing. Any advice? I'm 15 years old and a girl. Is it mostly guys? Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks
  17. I am helping a friend look for his first bike. He's new to riding and about 6'3". I was considering the crf230 and the ttr230. In terms of size they are just a bit smaller than my crf250r but the speed and power wise they a more tuned for beginners. Any comments suggestions?
  18. Hey guys... going to Gorman in a few days to weeks with a friend who is fairly new with dirt bikes... we stop at the Alkilk campground, and sometimes Edison. But we can always go to a different campground if we drive there. Which trails are the best for a complete beginner? Like something that isn't too sandy, and not too rocky. Small hills and holes are okay, straight roads are preferred. Also where is the practice track? I'll be riding my YZ 125, and he'll be riding my other YZ 125. Thanks.
  19. Hi, I am 13 years old and I am trying to decide what bike I want to get (two stroke of course). I'm 5'2 - 5'3 tall, and I weigh 125lbs. I'm a beginner at this, meaning this is my first bike but, I have ridden a dirt bike a few times. My choices are the yz85, cr85, kx85, kx100, sx85, and the sx105 (Yamaha, Honda, Kawasaki, or Ktm). I am not interested in the rm because I just don't like it. It seems like a cheap crappy (sorry if I offended you) and it doesn't seem to have the speed and power that I want ( at least that's how people describe it to be). So please don't include it in. I am going to buy a used bike on Craigslist or somewhere because this is my first year and I'm not the richest of families (in case that helps.) Right now, I'm confused about which bike to get because they're all good brands. I want to be fast on the track (obviously) and I want to be aggressive. Which bike will fit that role? Can some also explain what top end and bottom end power is and what it helps with when you are listing a bike? Can you include the pro and con of it? I'm also not sure if an 85 is the right size for me, as I want to grow into a bike and have it last me. Maybe I should get a 125, if is so, which one (again, no Suzuki rm)? I'm going to a dealership to sit on some and try some (not too sure about trying some) Saturday but I just want thoughts about this. I don't know ANYONE with a dirt bike so the internet is my only friend here so I am really counting on you. My mom doesn't know anything about dirt bikes or the sport so I have to really look at this stuff myself. If you have any tips, please leave some as they will be helpful for me or any other onlookers in the same situation as I am in.