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Found 118 results

  1. Hey fans of trials! September 1&2, 2018 in the sunny Northern California Sierra Nevada mountain range marks the date for the 2018 Trial Store AMA-NATC MotoTrials National Series Finale. If you ride trials and want to ride in one the premier trials riding areas in the nation, or if you just want to come out and watch the best trials riders in the nation, then don’t miss this event! It also happens to be rounds 1&2 of the FIM North American Championship Trials followed up by rounds 3&4 in British Columbia. For more information, check out sactopits.org/national as well as mototrials.com For the Canadian round, please see trialsbc.com as well as motorcyclingcanada.ca
  2. This is my first post so hopefully I have this in the right area. So I'm looking to buy a new bike in a few months and can't decide what Beta to buy. I am going between an xtrainer, a 300rr or the 390rs. I know they have slightly different areas that they excel. I am coming from a 1998 xr400 and an xr250. My question is do any of these new bikes I am looking at have good off idle torque, like slow speed tractor torque. Both my xr's could chug along and climb almost anything but they are heavy and getting older. I dabbled in trials for a bit so I really like the low end pull of thoses 2 strokes, but I also have had a few mx bikes that had nothing down low. What are the beta 2 stokes like. Also does the 390 have a pretty low first gear if I go the 4 stroke route. I ride some pretty rough single track in Georgetown ca if anyone is familiar with that. Lots of switch backs and no room to get speed over some of the obstacles. I am more of a technical rider, don't do much high speed stuff so I'm not to worried about the soft suspension of the xtrainer. For backround I am 200 lbs, 6ft, I'm a decent rider but don't race or anything. I have had loads of Japanese bikes and I am wanting to try out a European enduro, this would be my first new bike. Hope the post isn't to long. Thanks
  3. Just bought my first beta! So far (99km,6.1hrs) I have no real complaints. Having been a 450 fuel injection rider I am a little new to jetting and carb tuning. Jetting is stock at this point and it seems to run pretty clean. I ride at 5000-8000ft elevation and summer temps are 70-85deg f. Bike has no hesitation and is very smooth, my only concern is the pipe drool that is running down the silencer and dropping onto the swing arm. Is this normal? I'm running my pre mix at 48:1 synthetic mix (which is a little different than spec at 50:1 but seeing that it is new I wanted to be on the oily side) another question is concerning gearing. Stock is 13-49. I was recommended by the dealer to try12-49 but I don't think I need to go that low. 1st gear is great, but the gap from 1to 2 seems to be a bit too much. I can slip the clutch to help but I wonder if 1-2 teeth more on the rear sprocket would be perfect for this minor gap in gearing. Thanks
  4. Pol Tarres came in 6th in Minas.. I noticed a Beta in there in the gold class in some of the vids . I figured it was him. He's an amazing rider that has transferred over from the trials world to extreme enduro on Beta. He's won some big extreme enduro races already.. Alem I think.. forget now.. but it's fun to see another top rider in the world in with the likes of Cody Webb and Graham Jarvis and so many of the other greats. https://www.facebook.com/tarrespol/
  5. Hi guys , Mounting and dismounting the rear wheel I`ve broken the safety piece in the rear brake . I cannot see the piece in the Beta parts Diagram. It`s ok to ride without this piece ? Thanks
  6. I had been considering for quite a while this preload adjuster, but the price put me off. I saw it listed on Amazon, so threw it on my wish list at $154, free shipping + tax. I received a notice a couple weeks later that price dropped to $146 + tax, so I pulled the trigger and ordered it. I did a little research on best way to pull the shock. I removed muffler, unbolted top of shock, disconnect bottom linkage from frame/shock/swingarm but really only needed to remove at frame and shock, and pulled shock out at area right side of bike near airbox boot. It was tricky but got it in & out through there. Had to use ratchet strap to compress spring to get locking ring back on bottom of shock with Xtrig installed. It really works slick and I’m happy with it! I measured the spring compressed with shock removed & used this as starting point when going back together once Xtrig was installed. For 16 500 RS, I ordered XTRIG 500010800101 Shock Pre-Load Adjuster. Amazon wish list is pretty handy!
  7. I currently own and ride a 13 300xc. I love the this bike, even if it's not the best bike for the majority of the riding I do. I ride a lot of very tight, very technical, rocky, rooty, trials type stuff as I live very close to probably hundreds of kilometers for trials trails. With that said, I also race some hare scramble and enduro races and am looking to do more this year. On my ktm, when I'm in first because the terrain warrants it, the clutch is almost never fully out. I run a fan because I slip the clutch so much and it causes a lot of heat, so the fan runs almost constantly and yes, I change the oil almost every ride as a result. I also put a bigger sprocket on the back. I have the chance to get a pretty good deal on a new old stock 17 300rr race, but I've never ridden one and have almost no chance that I will be able to without buying this one. With said, I've read as much as I can about them and they seem like a great bike for what I want to do, but I'm worried about the difference in motor and grearing. My KTM with the xc gearing and the 300 red spring, fmf fatty etc.. is a handful for my skill level, but I love riding it. Will I love the Beta? Would I love an xc-w? Anyone with experience, I would really appretiate you input!
  8. Hey all, My name is Jay and i'm new to the forum community but not new to the sport. However I have reached my limit with my expertise and am hoping some of you may be of some help. Without further ado... I've stuck to a track most my life, I.E. Motocross, arena cross and outdoor national style tracks. I've made the difficult decision to leave to tracks to the young guns and ride more single track and trail riding up in the mountains. So i started by selling me Factory SLM racing 2012 Yz450F, yes i cried when he drove off with her. But i looked to greener pastures with hopes to have a KTM 500exc, Beta 500rr-s or a Husqvarna FE501. However, almost a year later and I still don't have a shiny new dirt magnet in my shop. I'm in the final deliberations and have narrowed it between KTM and BETA, with me leaning towards the BETA. This is where you come in. I would like to know the following. Is the Beta service intervals as daunting as the KTM's? Is the cost of parts between the two noticeable? And are the just as readily available? Those that have a 2017 of either bike, How are they holding up? Can I expect this bike to hold up like a 1985 XR250 (An almost impossible feat)? What are any major concerns about either bike? and finally what made you choose one or the other? Thank you for your efforts and advice. I appreciate it.
  9. Hello! I have a Beta rr 350 enduro and i want to rebuild it to a supermoto. The problem is that i cant find any supermoto wheels for it. Do anyone know where i can find a kit wich is made for the bike? /Wille
  10. My wife has had a year of riding now on her KLX140L and has become a good rider. The only problem is she's watched too many Graham Jarvis videos and wants a Gas Gas contact or a Beta Evo Sport. She's leaning heavy towards the Gas Gas with electric start. She's 5'3 so full size enduro bikes are out. Been there and done that, it didn't work. We ride single track and mostly slower technical stuff. She isn't a fast rider already so going slower would be hard to imagine. Any thoughts or advice is greatly appreciated!
  11. Hi, Here is a piston after 80h with a "working" oil pump.Piston and cylinder damage ... No warning lights or something in dashboard, diodes were verified and encapsulated in silicon .. Waranty for this from Beta?...it`s a joke UPDATE: Talked again at Beta dealership and maybe we can agree on some terms .
  12. Hi , I`ve got a 300rr/2017 Beta and it seems that a lot of pressure builds in the cooling system . I have a radiator fan but when riding technical slow stuff the cooling system runs very very hot(or pressure in the system ) and coolant is thrown out .Same track with kato or husky does not run this hot . I`ve read that changing the head gasket(with Ktm gasket) will fix the problem and the high pressure problem will be gone.It is hard to change it ? PS: Does anybody has this https://slavensracing.com/shop/coolant-recovery-tank-by-motion-pro/ mounted ?It will recover the coolant ?
  13. OK here goes... Picked up an 04 200 EXC few months back, needed some work to say the least, wont go into detail of all the things i've fixed on the bike just the current and most present issue I cant seem to fix... it is smoking IE blue smoke/lots of splooge to the point that at the end of a few hour's ride, it's out the tail pipe, running down the back and dripping onto the swing arm/rear break caliper and blue smoking quite a bit. When I first got it, it smoked more and smelled like shit. So first things first went to the carb, I live on the Oregon coast (elevation/temp reference) it's old dirty/stained but inside looks good, came with jetting pilot-45, main-178 needle: no idea what brand guessing stock in the 3rd clip, adjusted the float height due to it leaking gas when bike was upright no tilt with the gas on, Bought JD jet kit and running pilot-45, Main-185 and Needle is blue 3rd clip (JD's recommend specs for my bike @ my attitude). I have also replaced my Inner crankcase seal twice (First time I thought I messed up the O-ring so redid to make sure). I've rebuilt the top end/new piston (same thing) cleaned the PV, NOTE HERE that the PV has some issues, it seems to work fine but the screw that goes on top of the cylinder, down into the PV/flap would not come out preventing me from removing the flap to clean it, however it move's/ function's correctly, and has minimum clearance on both sides. One of the PV cover bolts that also works at the exhaust spring holder, was over torqued at some point (impact driver prob), or a result in a hard impact, the hole the bolt goes into is flailed/jared open a bit, not bad, not in the way of any function/ PV Gearing/hinge, it is not needed for that area to be air tight as their is also a breather that goes out of the PV so will not result in an "air leak" or loss in Top end PSI.... anyway... it's still smoking.... quite a bit.. now the bike itself rides fine I feel, the carb does puke gas when tilted over slightly/ hard to start (kick start) after flooded (like all bikes tho) I don't have any stalling/low idle issues outside of user error on clutch control. Honestly outside of it smoking as much as it does I would think nothing is wrong with it.. I have also tried raising the needle Clip to 2nd clip and it changed nothing at all, not even feel of the bike/response and have a new Spark plug I have yet to put on the bike. I have also "compromised" the crankcase Gasket (new one in the mail) while I was putting the Crankcase back on but that should do nothing with the exhaust just a little gear oil leak not relevant but throwing it out there. So I am at a loss... I've been toying with the idea of getting a Lectron carb... However... would hate to drop $400~$500 and the issue still persist, if it's a jetting/carb/float issue that would fix it and improve MPH/fuel consumption Or something with the PV? but I don't see the PV causing that much smoke/sploogee... I've ridden the bike normally/hard and nothing's happened but I don't want to keep pushing it and possibly clip the bike. Any ideas? "Oh help me 2 stroke community you're my only hope"
  14. Hey all, im shopping for my first two stroke. I’m a woods rider and I’ve found what looks like a great deal on an 250 sx. Changes in bike thus far are lower gearing on chain and softer spring on shock, bark busters and handlebar risers. I will certainly need an xc gas tank and probably work on forks. Anything else I can/should do to make this single track worthy?
  15. PlusOnePerformance and afterhourscycle.com are hosting a Michigan trail ride May 6 at the Ambrose Lake trail in mid-Michigan. All Beta riders are welcome, and if you have to bring your KTM-riding buddies along, so be it All you need are the Michigan ORV/trail tags and a spark arrestor - handguards are recommended but not required. The trail has a decent mix of loam and sand, with a very few rocks and some roots. My bikes will have Michelin Starcross 5 softs mounted ... you can pick your own treads, but that's a good start. There are north and south loops from the trail head, and if we have distinctly different talent pools we'll split and head in opposite directions, then meet back at the trailhead for lunch and head out again. I'll edit this post with further details.
  16. Hoping some Canadian Beta owners can help me out. I just bought a used 2014 Beta 250RR from one of the bigger, established, mutli-brand dealerships in Edmonton. Drove three hours each way to get it. Bike's in beautiful condition - looks almost new for $3k less. I get home, unload the bike, take it for a quick and somewhat precarious ride up and down my alley through the snow and ice, then introduce it to its new home and close the garage door. Once in the house, first thing I do after saying hello to my dog is call my insurance company. Liability insurance for the bike is a requirement here when riding on public land, and for just under $300 a year, it also provides theft and fire coverage. The insurance company tells me the vin doesn't exist in Canada, and that they can't insure it. So I call up the dealership, and one of their people says its likely that the bike has never been registered in Canada before, that there's a process of doing so, and if I call them back during the work week, they can give me a hand with that. To me, this is absolutely bizarre. Hoping its not a lot of extra work, and it better not cost me a single extra penny. The lack of liability coverage is not a big deal right now - riding season is at least two months away still. But I now have a somewhat costly piece of machinery sitting in my garage that, unlike the nearly as costly downhill mountain bikes its sitting amongst, isn't covered by my home insurance policy. I'm thinking the Beta may spend a few nights in my living room until this gets sorted. Anyone else experience this, on either a new or used Beta?
  17. Hey guys/girls, I'm looking at buying a new KTM and don't want to spend the money without riding one first. I'm on the fence between the 250 and 300xc models. I race c class in local hare scrambles and will be racing my first GNCC (Camp Coker) in a few weeks (I'm pretty slow btw). I love casual trail riding as well. My current bike is an 09 200xc. My riding buddy has a 2020 300 husky and It is an absolute dream to ride, but at 170lbs wet I'm not sure I wouldn't be just as happy with a 250 and have less felt weight in the single tracks. I'm always looking for new people to ride with and would enjoy meeting up with someone at a local compound. We have a pretty awesome private 6mile loop in Sumter, SC also. Its tough to spend 10k on something without giving it a test ride... Hit me up if anyone's interested, KTM or not!!
  18. Hello everyone i just wanted to share my experience and new found love for Beta Motorcycles. I chose Beta through a demo ride. I know it sounds corny, but I went to prove that the KtM 150 was better. Boy was I wrong. It was love at first ride. I was blown away by the riding experience and customer service. I ended up going with the BYOB offering due to the discounts and being a stickler for customization. I pre ordered with the Steve Holcomb replica graphics and seat cover, TM designs full skid plate, beta shark fin disk guard, and ARC folding levers. I purchased my 200rr through GDM Motorsports in Murfreesboro TN. They were amazing to work with, if anyone is interested. I only have about an hr on the bike, just trying to break it in. I can tell already, what a perfect choice I have made. I’m coming off a 2010 CRF250r that I spent way too much money converting to a woods bike, lol. What a night and day difference between these two bikes I have an 18” tublis for the rear that I’ll install this week. I also put my old flex bars on with some new G2 Ergonimics Prius hand guards. I wanted to try a flag style hand guard to help keep weight down. We’ll see how long they last if I break my fingers hitting a tree. Lol. I’m having a slight issue with the brake line coming off the master cylinder hitting the flex bar bolt. With all of the electrical components attached to the bars, it doesn’t leave much real estate. Anyway, something I’m working on correcting I hope you enjoy this pics and tabling above. Lol.
  19. Has anyone found a source for custom complete wheels for Evo models? Dubya, and Warp9 don't offer anything. Jitsie offers one style, and BeatUSA offers one style.. looking to build a set with blue rim, red hub, and black spokes. Even a company that offers these parts would be helpful.
  20. New bash plate out for Beta bikes. $104 Made of 4 mm 5754 aluminum Hand Tig Welded Mounting really fast on the original mounting points of the OEM plastic part (only 3 screws) Hole to drain oil Neoprene 3 mm to avoid vibrations Water pump and covers are very well protected
  21. Did a search but couldn't find a match.. Have a pair of Sachs OCs on my beta. Changed the oil about a month ago and had no issues. Put in about 500ml per fork, left a 130mm air gap, put them back on. Rides lovely and plush. Tracks well. Then last week, halfway through a ride, I noticed they just got harsher. Was getting more vibrations through the bars, she wasn't soaking up the smaller hits, and the plush feeling was gone. I examined them after getting home.and noticed that the front fork sag is sitting lower than normal. Replaced the oil again. Same as last time. 5w, about 500ml ± per fork, and 130mm gap. Put her back together, set all my clickers .. and she's still sagging lower than normal at the front, and feels harsh to ride. It's like as if the initial sag is lower, but once on the bike I only have half the available suspension travel. The seals aren't leaking. I measured the amount of oil I removed from each fork and it was the same as what I'd put in. The oil removed from the left fork looked fresh enough, but from the right it looked darker and had had a harder time. Was replaced maybe 10 hrs previously. 2 pics below showing front sag on / after previous rides. I use the top of the plastic fork guard to measure sag against the sticker on the upper stanchion. Then the pic in the garage taken yesterday clearly shows the sag is about an inch lower than it should be. Top of plastic fork protector reaching higher up on the sticker.. Any ideas? something inside broken? Everything inside looked ok, but I'm not a suspension expert so looked ok to me doesn't mean a lot.
  22. Anyone using a Scott steering stabilizer or similar product ? I would like to hear your opinion on them. Where are good places to purchase them ?
  23. From the album: George Hosselkus

    ruining the ridge
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