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Found 42 results

  1. Location: Spain - Although I travel to the US often. Dirtbike prices aren't that much different. Weight: 210 pounds/95kg - Have lost 110 pounds/50kg (Random but I feel happy about it since I weighed over 320 pounds) Height: 6 feet 4/2 meters Riding experience: I'm 18 now but used to ride at 10 with a mini Dirt bike. Haven't got a lot of experience and kind of forgot the clutch system but I'm sure I'll pick it up straight away. Was so fun. Riding Area: Mainly around Mud/Mud jumps and Forests. Budget: Would like to spend less than 2k$
  2. Hello there, people. (Please note I am 15 years old) A few years ago, one of my fathers' friends gave him an old "Pit Bike". It would run, but stalls almost instantly, needs new rear brake linkage, new front rim, adjusted throttle tension... but other than that it's great! I've looked all over the internet to try to find the manufacturer, but to no avail. The closest I could get (appearance wise) was a Kawasaki KX60, which makes buying new parts difficult. I replaced the air filter, fuel tank, spark plug, and fixed the throttle cable. Now, I'm on the task of cleaning the carburetor. My father is a mechanic in the Coast Guard and could probably tell me exactly what's wrong just by looking at the bike himself, but he wants me to figure everything out on my own, which can be frustrating, which is my reason for being here. I have cleaned the float bowl, disassembled the float... mechanism that stops the fuel from flooding the carb and cleaned it, making sure it was put back exactly how it was, and after a few more times ripping the bike apart, it started. Well... I guess you could say it IDLED... for about 25 seconds before going max throttle and dying. (I did not touch the bike) I've been troubleshooting the possible problems, as well as learning about the fuel jets, which I think I found, but I don't want to mess up the bike beyond repair, without buying all new parts. After attempting to fiddle with the AIR / FUEL screws on the carb, the bike gave promising results, before dying, and not starting again. I have spent countless hours researching what to do and fiddling with the bike trying to at least get it back to idling, but with no success. Again, I have no information on the bike so if you need photos, I will add them. If anyone could possibly help at all, please leave suggestions and/or helpful tips... I'm just kinda lost. Thank you, all.
  3. Alright so i recently had my bike apart for changing shims for about a month due to lack of time but after I put everything back together correctly(I'm fairly certain I did) it would not start so I checked timing etc and it's all correct so I started bumping it and whenever it did finally start if it was below 4000-5000 rpms it would just die any advice on what to check or try would be greatly appreciated!! (always maintained very well with oil, filters, air filters, cleaning after every ride, etc not just a pos I throw around)
  4. 2010 yz250f Alright, I was riding and I noticed that when I pulled in the clutch the bike still wanted to move. So I looked it up and found out that it could be your clutch basket or that it could be the cable needs adjusted. So I spent an hour adjusting the cable all different ways just to find out the the problem still occured. So I bought a whole new clutch with low hours used on ebay after I saw that my basket had some decently bad grooves and some nasty plates. Well I get it all installed and it seems as if the push rod is not going to Its full extent but I may be wrong. My cable like I said may need to be adjusted again because I bought a new one after I replaced everything. So guys, what are some signs that I need to buy a new push rod? Are they a pain in the ass? Should I just have my mechanic do it for I was thinking $100?
  5. _Cloudy_

    KX250F Lowering

    Hi, I have just bought a kx250f, 2013 with a freshly rebuilt 2016 motor in it, this is my first time on these forums, anyways, I have also bought a lowering link to drop it 4 inches on the arse, I was wondering if anyone knows how much I should drop the forks? I havent put the lowering link on yet. Thanks.
  6. Griffdogdean

    HELP Predator 212 Engine Wont Start

    Hey everyone, I have a small Azusa Minibike kit that I put a Harbor Freight Predator 212cc engine on and I'm having some issues with the engine. I had taken some components off it after hearing some strange noises now the rip cord locks up solid when you go to pull it to start the engine. It is not seized up because when the spark plug is removed it can turn 100% freely. You literally lift the bike up when trying to pull on it, it's completely locked up. Any ideas or has anyone had this/ a similar issue? Let me know, Kind Regards GriffDog
  7. Hi, my boyfriend is a passionate bike racer and his birthday is on this August. When I asked him what gift he wanted for his birthday, he told me that I could gift him anything. I think he would be pleased if I gifted him anything that is related to bikes. Last month, he met with an accident and he fell down from the bike. Luckily, his life was saved. He was left with some bruises on his face. That too could have been avoided if he used any sort of safety measures. He already has a helmet, but he is lazy to wear it. When I discussed this with my best friend, she asked me to purchase custom mouthguards from Mississauga and gift him on his birthday. I think it is a good idea. Is there anybody over here who has used mouthguards before? Was it cost-worthy? Can it be worn while riding bikes?
  8. Let's see the earliest picture you guys have on a dirt bike! Here's mine. Little Honda 50.
  9. Hello all, Aaaand... it's time for my very very first thread! I've been dirt-riding for a little over a year now, and I've been riding mostly single trails, fireroads - woods riding in general. Nothing very fancy or extreme. I own a '06 KTM 250 EXC. Lately, a few of my friends/people i used to go riding with have been reaaaally busy, so i end up riding the local (mostly DYI) mx tracks near my house. It's been really fun and helped me evolve quite a bit, but my bike (250 2t) seems to be quite a handful for me in the track (too much power and I'm a realtively small guy 5'8 150lbs). I'm not sure if it is because it is set up differently and not for track (sluggish suspension, wider transmission), but I am sure that the kick I get from the sheer power of the thing is keeping me behind. It is very tiring and a bit difficult to tame. Considering that this will be the case from now on for 80% of the time, I've been thinking about trading my bike for a 250 4t or 125/150 2t MX bike. I know MX bikes are snappier than enduro bikes, so that's why I'm thinking about stepping down a notch power-wise. Would the difference be night n day? would a 250 4t or a 125/150 2t bike be more manageable and help me improve as far as track riding is concerned? As for the other 20% of the times, will I still be able to do those woods/trail rides with almost the same ease on an 125/150 mx bike? Thanks in advance, DK
  10. Hey everyone, going out on a limb here to see if anyone rides in my area. I live in Longmont, CO, north of Denver, and am looking to get my first bike and learn to ride. I am 28 and have ridden ATVs, motorcycles, mountain bikes, but never dirt bikes but am anxious to learn. First things first, I am looking for a bike to learn on. I am 6' and close to 250 so a little bike probably wouldn't work but any recommendations? I am not looking for anything new until I learn to ride and figure out what exactly I would be looking for. I don't need anything street legal as I plan to ride tracks/closed areas and hopefully in the mountains. Is there any other reason to have a street legal bike I'm missing? I would be looking to spend somewhere in the $1000-$3000 range as I expect that's what a descent, old, reliable, bike might run? Also, if there is anyone in the area that is looking for someone else to ride with that doesn't mind giving some tips let me know!
  11. I just did a top end on an rm 125, the bike would stay running before I did the swap, now I can't get the bike to idle properly. It starts first kick and will idle for a minute but won't stay running without some throttle, also struggles whenever you click into gear. I'm running 32:1, adjusting the idle and air screws didn't help much, my float was good and I cleaned all my jets. Not sure what to try, any advice is appreciated. Thanks.
  12. ShortyOnA636

    2007 CRF450R Wont Start

    Hey guys maybe you can help me out here. I have an 07 CRF450R just recently rebuilt the whole bike. Bottom end, bearings, top end, valves (changed to Kibblewhite SS valves and springs), cam chain, and clutch. Bike does have a bigger flywheel to run lights on it with the stator that came with it since it is running in supermoto trim and is street legal, all in good shape still. Carb is also clean and everything is in good shape, had to put a new hot start in there and a choke. Valve clarence is in spec maybe a little on the looser side (possible could effect it from starting?). Gas is also new and not old gas. First time starting it started up in 2 or 3 kicks (don't remember exactly lol) but it started up fine no resistance sounded great only problem was I didn't have the cam chain tensioner tightened down causing the bike to go out of timing and shut off after idle for a bit. No biggie just put it back into the timing marks and put it all back together again. After that it did start up 1st kick but I ended up killing it because I wasn't going to ride it or anything just wanted to see if it starts up. Although it stared it was hard to kick as in took a lot of weight and effort way more then the first start up. Tried to getting it running again next morning and no luck. Kick start takes most of my weight and a lot of force. Looked around online for similar problems people said timing by one tooth most likely. Ended up doing timing again and now it kicks though easy and less effort I got it to start but it would not idle for more then a few seconds. Been trying to start it up and I still have had no luck 100 kicks later with breaks in between lol. Was hoping to get some other thoughts on my situation seeing that I'm just mentally exhausted at this point and my leg is 100 times stronger lol. Maybe it could be timing still and I over looked it after doing it and looking over it so many times? Could the valves being a bit loose be the problem even though it was fine initial first start up? Also was wondering maybe the auto decomp could be bad? Any way to check that? Swear I have undone the valve cover so much I'm pro at putting the two front screws in lmao had the bike for over a year now as well. Sorry for a long post but any input to help me get this running again would be nice. Thank you in advance.
  13. I really want to get into dirt bike racing. Any advice? I'm 15 years old and a girl. Is it mostly guys? Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks
  14. Hey guys I want to see your bikes! If ya think its nice post it below please only post if its yours Max. images is 5 per bike. This is my 2017 Yamaha 250f (I also have a crf150r but its not the nicest looking as its an 08 with silver rims ):
  15. Please subscribe to my YouTube channel! Edit By Ryan Hegler with Intensity Videography of Ryan Hegler and Nick Mohar riding the St. Anthony Sand dunes in Idaho during the 2017 Solar eclipse. intensity.videography@gmail.com https://www.instagram.com/intensityvideography/ https://www.facebook.com/IntensityVideography/
  16. Hey guys, I know the sign of a bad bearing in your wheel is if it kinda has any play if I'm correct? I replaced my back wheel bearings and didn't worry about the front ones. I know this may just be a suspension problem but when I land from a wheelie or jump it is really stiff. Way more stiff then I've ever felt. It just feels like the wheel is stiff. Any ideas? I've already messed with tire pressure.
  17. Help! I bought a SDG pit bike couple weekends ago. Carb was leaking, so I bought a new one on ebay. Still trying to get the bike started and running with it, but that's a different issue. My main issue now is, the kick start locks up and feels like its skipping, thus not allowing me to crank the engine to start the bike. Anyone know whats wrong? I'm assuming something is striped or broken....but I cant find any solid research and im not entirely sure what bike I have. I am going to pull the right cover off the engine to see if I can tell whats wrong, but i find it weird I can find any info on the engine, or the parts. The ad that I bought it off of said SDG 125. It has a clutch and 4 gears. see photos attached. Any help or redirection to existing posts is greatly appreciated.
  18. Hi All. I have just finished getting my YZ 250 F road legal here in the UK and so I thought I would make a post about it in the hope that it makes someone elses life that little bit easier should they need to do it. There are lots of posts about this on the net but most are outdated already. I will lay this out in steps for ease. These are the steps in which I did it. At this point I will assume you already have a bike and you want to know what to do next. 1. Contact the bike manufacturer. - Yamaha - Kawasaki - Suzuki - Honda - KTM - Give them a call Contact the above bike manufacturer and tell them you have purchased a bike and would like a 'Certificate of Newness'. Each manufactuer charges different money, foe example Yamaha charged me £45 and it took 3 weeks to arrive and my friend has a Kawasaki and they charged him £42 and it arrived the following week. 2. MOT - You can only do this once you have the above certificate in your hand Now after ringing around various MOT bays it become quite clear that this is a bit of grey area. Each testing bay had their own idea on how a "daytime MOT" should be done. These are the things you will need to look out for; - Road legal tyres - They cannot say "not for road use" and should ideallly have an "E" number of some sort on them. - A Horn - Every single testing bay I called required a horn. You can get a strap on horn from eBay for about £20 - Rear Brake Light - Some testing bays told me I needed a rear brake light. In the end I didn't need 1 for my MOT but I fitted one afterwards using a Total Loss System*. - Speedo - I did not need on but if you do get asked for one then you can download a speedo on your phone and attach that to your bike. * For the total loss system I replaced the bango nuts for bango brake switches, added a cheap rear number plate holder with light and added a 10 battery holder pack under the seat then wired it up. If they ask for this then remember it does not have to run off the bike so don't worry about fitting heavy duty stators etc. Each MOT tester is different so phone around and find the easiest way of doing it. 3. NOVA Declaration Now at this point you should have an MOT certificate and a certificate of newness. Before you go any further, check your certificate of newness and if it states that the bike has been added to the NOVA database then you can move onto the next step. If not, then your bike has to be added to the NOVA database. You must do thi, I cannot stress that enough. If you do not have a NOVA reference on your certificate then follow the steps below; - HMRC NOVA - Go to this site. Register or login - DeeperBlue NOVA Walkthrough - This guy, Deeperblue, has a step by step guide on YouTube. Follow this and you should have the bike added easily. It is worth noting that the HMRC will want to see a copy of the reciept for the bike(my friend made me one on a bit of paper as I got it from him) and your certificate of newness. 4. V55/5 At this point you should have been accepted by NOVA, have your valid MOT and your certificate of newness. - Order your V55/5 form here - DeeperBlue V55/5 Walkthrough - This guy, Deeperblue, has a step by step guide on YouTube. Follow this and you should have the form filled in and sent easily. You will need to send a £55 registration fee and money for 1 years tax. You can check the current tax bracket for your bike at https://www.gov.uk/vehicle-tax-rate-tables/other-vehicle-tax-rates Send off all required documents with the above V55/5 along with your cheque or postal order for your tax and registration. 5. Complete If all went well you should have all your documents back in the post along with your new motorbike log book. Now all you need to do is get a number plate made up, get some insurance and have some fun on your bike. If I can help by answering any questions then I gladly will. Big big thank you to DeeperBlue for his help with the videos. Mods/Admins, I hope this post is OK in these forums. There is so much stuff on the internet which is not clear so I wanted to help with that.
  19. TheAirborneCheese

    Virginia Motocross Tracks

    I live in northwest Virginia (Charlottesville area) about an hour south of DC, I am not aware of any tracks in the area that are either public (or private but allow people to ride with permission). Does anyone know of any good tracks in my area? - Airborne
  20. I got into a small heated discussion with one of my coworkers the other day and i am still bugged by the conversation. Id like a little insight on the subject so feel free to share your opinion, concerns, comments or rambles. So i live in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. I just recently got into motorized riding and have been riding mountain biking for a few years now. I am outdoors as much as time allows. I care about the environment around me and do my best to clean up trails and keep nature as natural as possible. That said......My coworker is an intense Mountain biker. The discussion came about because i asked if she knew how to access a trail system near her house. She then attacked me verbally saying that us motorized riders don't respect trails, or we widen them, or we are just &%$#@!.(granted, we can all be &%$#@! or bitches if we want) I was a bit taken back by her accusations when all i did was ask a simple question. Now to her point if the trails were or are muddy and wet then i would indeed be destroying trails. But i wasn't planning on riding the trails, just wanted to figure out how to access them for when they do open in a week or so. Okay, all that being said my response to her was "I pay taxes, registration fees, my bike is insured, i have health insurance and i have to pay to use the trails on my bike. You however ride the same trails, motor ways and do damage to trails just like i do but do not pay ANY fees." SOOOO i guess my post is to ask a question to the community: Should mountain bikers be required to have a sticker to ride trails? Should they have to register their bike if riding on the road? Should us dirt bikers be allowed to ride mountain bike trails since we actually pay to use trails and roads?(I know, not very realistic) Have you ever had any troubles with a pedal biker on your dirt bike?
  21. I'm looking for a pit bike, budget around $600. Im not to worried about a chinnese brand im worried about size, I've been looking at a ssr 125 (either semi and manual), I'm 6'1 about 165lbs. I just wanna know if i'd be able to ride it pretty comfortably, obviously wont be as comfortable as a 250. let me know anything you got. Thanks
  22. Hey guys! Thinking about getting a husky TE 250 to start. Finally found a good offer for a 2010 TC husky turned to TE (was cross, now is road-legal). This guy wants 2000 dollars. No e-start. My question is: is the TC a good bike for enduro? Is it good in the woods/trails? What about in General, is it a good bike? Would you buy it? Thanks!