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Found 24 results

  1. Hey Guys - Yesterday while washing her I noticed the reservoir window on the front master cylinder has a bunch of little spider cracks on it. Does anyone know if this is just a plastic cover over a thicker plastic piece or is this the only barrier between the fluid and the outside world? if this is the only barrier it is reasonable to believe its letting small amounts of Air into the reservoir? Also anyone out their have any suggestions for aftermarket caliper and master cylinder?? Figure if the cracks are letting small amounts of AIR in the master then i need to replace it so id rather just upgrade.. I have been trying to up the stopping power of my front brake on my YZ and i'm still not happy with it. I really want rock solid throw you over the bars power with an easy pull but cant seem to find it. I have already upgraded to a oversize rotor, Galfer stainless line w/ CR style conversion, New EBC Pads and fresh fluid from Motul Right now for steep drops or ravines i'm literally having to squeeze the lever as hard as i can to get it to hold tight Any advice is appreciated
  2. canonball.z

    Front Brake Help

    I just bought a 2003 kx250 a few weeks ago. The guy I bought it from said he dropped the bike on it's side, and after that, the front brakes would "act up," but after feeling them, I figured they would just need bled and would be fine. After getting the bike home, I bled the brakes and realized that they weren't just mushy, but they would only grab on for a second before losing pressure, even while holding the lever all the way down. Sometimes they grab a lot harder for a lot longer, but they mostly just squeeze for a quick second. Also, when attempting to bleed the brakes for the third time, I realized that every time I pulled the brake lever, bubbles would rise from the bottom of the reservoir, which I was thinking maybe meant the master cylinder was damaged causing it to pump air into the brake line, but I don't know. I don't really want to take my bike to a shop or to buy a whole new front brake setup, so any help or advice would be appreciated. Thanks! (Edit: I've never dealt with dirt bike brakes, so this is all new to me)
  3. Good evening. Rode in a dual sport event this weekend and on the last leg of the first day's trip (about 15 miles) I was doing about 50 mph the whole way on a paved hilly road on my 2013 WR250R. About a mile before my destination it felt like the bike was powering down (thought maybe fuel injection or throttle issue). Eventually stopped and saw smoke coming from front brake caliper. Loosened the bleed valve and steam came out. I'm guessing that I must have bent the front disk slightly after rear ending someone in a mudhole and the high speed heated up the pads and eventually the brake fluid which expanded the fluid and pressed the pads together forcing the bike to slow down (which felt like a power issue-engine bogging down). I plan to replace the pads, disk and caliper seals (parts #5 below). Are there any other parts I should consider replacing in the caliper? Thanks All.
  4. my rear brake is getting soft during downhill i have changed the fluid and clean the caliper pin but still it gets soft while going on long descents the pad is like almost gone but is till in the clear according to the manual i am going to change pads and am looking for stainless pin's any other thing this could be o its a 2016 te300
  5. Jimmy Pascol

    Rear Brake Help

    So I wanted to increase the rear brake effectiveness on my XT. They're good as they are but could always be better if somebody is laying on the track in your line. Then it hit me like a two-ton heavy thing: Swap the rear brake arm! That's a remedy for touchy brakes that lock up too easily as well as for bikes needing more stopping power. Experiment with different lengths until you find one you like.
  6. When the bike is cold the front brake seems normal, after you ride it and get it hot it seems really tight. Cold it would have like 15mm of travel from free to locking the brake up, warm its like 8mm of travel (guesstimates). I've checked to see if the front brake is dragging and it is not, I'm just worried that's where I'm headed. The front pads are wearing even and the caliper slides nicely on the slid pins. Think bleeding the brakes and getting new fluid would help? Maybe a master going bad? Piston sticking?
  7. so i just bought a 120cc pitter and practiced wheelies for about a week. Im already good at wheelies on my bicycle and can hold a balance point wheelie using rear brake for a solid 30 seconds. but on my pitter i can get up to balance point but my body just wont let me tap my rear brake when i need it. the only reason i dont loop out every time is because i drop the throttle and let engine brake take over. im not always so lucky tho
  8. I was riding the other day and the front brake went out on me. No stopping power at all. The lever pulls all the way to the grip easier than the clutch lever. Replaced the brake fluid, cleaned the master cylinder, and bled the brakes (I think) and can't get it to build any pressure at all. Do i need a master cylinder rebuild kit? seems odd that it quit out of nowhere
  9. Been reading here for years and sure you covered this but can’t find it. I have a 2001 Xr 200 and want to upgrade the front end to disc . Would a 2005 crf 230 complete front work?
  10. Hey all. I may be asking in the wrong place but here it goes anyway. I'm looking for a bracket to allow the stock brakes to operate a 320 mm rotor with the stock caliper. This is for supermoto racing. I've used them on my '04 and '09 but I can't seem to find the part, despite plenty of searching for the MY '17/'18. If anyone has a lead or some information that will help me find it please let me know. Also im looking for the spacer that sets the sprocket out a few MM to use older wheels on the new bikes. I found that these used to be sold but now they are hard to find. If anyone knows a place that still sells them please LMK Thanks in advance.
  11. Sponge1915

    Rear brake drag

    Just bought me a 01' yz426 rear Brake pads like new but fluid low. So I add DOT4 Just to the low line now the Rear brakes drag. Is there a way to adjust? Help much appreciated
  12. TheLastByte

    Stainless brake lines

    What brand brake lines are you running on your bikes, and what length lines should I buy front and rear?
  13. So this is a question i have been wondering about for a while. I have seen on youtube many people blow their 125/250s up flying down the highway and let off the gas(coast) and not use the clutch. So my question is, is it harmful to engine brake a 2 stroke while woods riding? Might seem weird but i need an answer. I trail ride and ride some technical stuff on a TTR230. A lot of it's tight and open straight away's into corners and up and down steep hills (So i won't really be getting into higher gears, rpms as say you would like on an mx track). Say i am flying through the woods down a straightaway into a corner, i only use my front and back brakes, no clutch, is that bad for the engine? Also going down a hill, locking up the back wheel, feathering the clutch, is that bad for the engine? The questions i asked above may be stupid but if someone with some experience riding woods on a 2stroke could fill me in, i would definitely appreciate it. thanks TT!
  14. Hello! I added a front disc guard to my bike, and I'm looking for the recommended torque setting for the brake caliper bolts (Brembo). The screw for the front wheel spindle apparently requires 35 nM. Wondering about the other bolt directly in line with this spindle that affixes the caliper to the left front fork. Thanks for your help. -Mike
  15. Hey TT! So I have been having problems with the rear brake on my 2006 S; it will work immediately after bleeding the system but loses stopping power after a few pumps of the brake pedal. Just today I rebuilt the rear master cylinder (replaced all seals and cleaned the all parts with brake cleaner), but the problem persisted even after that, the brake worked for the first few applications and then lost almost all of its power. It seems that air is getting into the system somewhere and I can say without a reasonable doubt that it isn't the master cylinder since I've just rebuilt it. What is the next most likely place air is getting in? The lines are quite dirty and I'd guess they've never been replaced since the bike was made (06) Should I start there? It's a good excuse to with to steel braided lines haha! The reservoir is also looks a bit corroded and warped at the top where the reservoir cap goes on, so it's possible there isn't a good seal there.
  16. its a 2007 xcf 250. I rebuilt the front caliper after seeing how horrible the rear was. Prior to this the front brake worked perfectly fine. But this bike was used and very neglected. I rebuilt the caliper, reassembled everything as it was, filled the reservoir with fluid, and began the bleeding process. I began just pumping the brake, holding it, opening the bleed screw on the caliper then closing it, and repeating this. I probably refilled the reservoir a dozen times or so forcing fluid through the system. Never built pressure though. So then i tried back bleeding it. I forced fluid in from the caliper and pushed it back through the system. initially i got a &%$#@! ton of bubbles and air. But it still wouldnt build pressure. Again, i repeated this so many times i probably had to drain the reservoir 5 or 6 times. I still can't get pressure in the brake. there are no leaks anywhere. The pistons aren't even moving. I have no idea what else to do now. It worked fine before any of this and i don't get why i suddenly can't get the air out. Spent 3 hours bleeding the system and got no where.
  17. 2004 WR250F Doing some catchup work, rebuilt forks, new seals n bushings, new front tire. I got down to the last item: replace the oiled up brake pads, and I couldn't get the cover screw out so I could remove the pad pin. Grrrr. So I hit it with PB Blaster, .....nothing. Cleaned it and hit it with heat, ....nothing. So now the flat blade slot is starting to get wallowed out and the screwdriver is slipping off. Im thinking about welding on a sacrifice screwdriver and using a wrench on that..... or drilling it out. Recommendations appreciated. Never had problems with that cover screw before.
  18. Ethan Owens

    Bouta light my bike on fire

    (At this point my front brake is strong, could do endos) So my front tire pops, I take the wheel off. Take it to a shop, they fix it, I bring it back, put it on the bike, disc slides in without issues, but now my front brake is so weak, and it comes to the handle bar quite easily. So I try to bleed them out, but can’t get them any better than what they were already at when I put the wheel back on. But they were perfect before? So why? It can’t be my pads, this is pissing me off. 06 rmz450
  19. Neal Hendes

    1991 250 xr braking system

    Hello, I have an xr250R and need to replace to front braking system in its entirety. Im UK based and im finding it hard to get hold of what I need. Is anyone able to point me in the right direction?
  20. JT_A_CRF

    No Pressure in front brake

    Hey guys, so I got my bike back from my mechanic a few days ago and then he left to California with another one of his riders for a month or so, and he rebuilt the motor...but forgot to bleed my front brake lol. SO, I've been messing with this thing for about a week now and a one broken banjo bolt, one seized bleed port bolt and a master cylinder rebuild later I am back to where we started. We have been using the traditional squeeze and open then close the bleed port to try and grab some of the air on the way out but that hasn't been working. We also tried bleeding it at the banjo bolts with no avail. I work as a mechanic at a bike shop so i typically know what I'm doing with this type of stuff but this has me stumped. I think what i need to do next is to completely drain the whole system and use a syringe or something to fill it from the bottom up, but I'd like to avoid that if possible. If anyone knows anything that i may have missed please let me know! Thanks -JT
  21. Radebell

    Rear brake not working

    My rear brake does not even stop my rear tire from the slight rotation while in neutral, revving the bike. I have replaced the brake fluid with the DOT 4 (suggested Suzuki brake fluid), bleed the line countless times, and still to no avail, absolutely no brake. So I believe the problem lies in the caliper piston? Has anyone ever experienced a bad piston?
  22. Supermotofool

    DRZ400S VS DRZ400SM

    Now that I am rebuilding my 2001 DRZ400S due to a crash.. I want to be sure that when it happens again the bike will not be completely totaled. I cannot find any axle sliders for it because it does not have hollow axles. The only thing I have been able to find are engine guards that mount to the frame so I will for sure be getting those. So I just have questions on how to get axle sliders mounted on my bike, and I also will probably be getting a handbrake sometime in the near future. Would I be better off just swapping to an SM swingarm? I wish there was a document listing all the spec differences between the SM and S models. Any help would be great. Best regards.
  23. 2016CRF250Lover

    13 thooth sproket change

    Hello Everyone, I Am trying to change my sprocket from a 14 tooth to a 13 tooth on my 2016 CRF250L to get a little more low end power since I ride about 80/20 dirt/road. I have watched some YouTube videos and I see it shouldn't be that hard. I was wondering though, Will I have loosen the back tire/chain tensioner? It looks to me like I could just take of the OEM sprocket off the chain and put the new one on but that's not what I'm seeing online. (Please do note I'm only changing the front sprocket). If anyone has a good/clear directions of how to do this change I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks! ALSO since I'm making a post anyway. Does anyone else's brakes sort off squeak/grind after riding a lot off road? It seems like dirt may have gotten in front brake. The brakes only have 350 miles on them so I know there not bad. Any info helps!!!
  24. As I was inspecting my new-to-me bike that I just purchased, I noticed there is a grove on the back side of my front brake rotor that goes completely around it, and you can feel it with your finger nail. I have noticed some poor performance, but I figured it was because of the new pads that the previous owner installed just before I bought it hadn't seated yet. However, I've ridden a couple times and it doesn't seem to get much better, if any better at all. Is that enough to explain why when I pull in the brake as hard as I can, it only slows me down a little, instead of going into a stoppie and over the bars (as I wish it would)? Should I look into buying a brand new rotor? I have no pictures of it, I'll try to post some when I can.