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Found 191 results

  1. BennyShotaDoe

    What is causing fuel starvation

    Just rebuilt the carb on my 1980 Suzuki TS250 and when I took it apart I noticed the tab on the float that contacts the needle was bent in a way that would force the needle to close. I think the guy I bought the bike from did this in an attempt to stop gas from running all over his garage when he forgot to shut the pet cock off. The problem is that I wasn't getting gas to run down the fuel line fast enough to run the engine continuously. It usually will run for 4ish miles before it starts to chug and eventually die. So I tried to solve the problem... so I bent the tab flush with the rest of the bracket that holds the floats thinking this would allow the needle to separate from the seat and allow gas flow into the carb breaking the vacuum that is preventing the gas from flowing. However this did not fix the problem completely. I know there is no gas because I have a clear fuel filter installed. I am now wondering if I have an issue with the petcock not allowing gas to flow out or the carb is making a vacuum that won't allow gas to flow down the fuel line and reach the carb. The problem isn't the fuel filter restricting flow because there isn't gas getting into the filter. Also, I don't have a vacuum line attached to my petcock. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  2. Hi gang, I'm new here, my name is Jim. We live in Florida and ride at Croom motorcycle park. We have 3 chinese pit bikes, two kawasaki atv's, and this suzuki 2 stroke I am asking about. I bought this 2001 suzuki jr80 dirt bike for my grandkids. It was missing the carb and when I got it home, I also found it had no compression. My 12 year old grandson diasassembled it under my guidance and the piston rings were missing and the piston is beat up. The head and cylinder look good. I am ordering a suzuki brand piston with gasket set for $95. The carb is $150 for a suzuki brand. I measured the rubber boot on the cylinder that the carb slips into and its 25 mm. I also have 3 chinese pit bikes the kids ride and I have had good luck with them. I bought this bike because they wanted to try a 2 stroke. I found a 28 mm chinese carb for a rm 80 for $25. It is 3 mm bigger though. Do you think I can fit it in the 25 mm boot? Or should I just go with the suzuki $150 carb?
  3. I have a 2006 WR450F that has many mods already done before I purchased however I have an issue which I am trying to determine if it is the "bog" issue. I am running a Rekluse Z-Start Pro, rolling down a single track usually in third gear and approach an obstacle. I throttle on sharply to raise the front end and the engine dies. Can also happen from time to time in first and second gear, but usually always from an idling roll. Is this the "bog"? Just trying to determine if that is the direction I should start my troubleshooting with.
  4. Does anybody in a snowballs chance in hell have a needle for a 1998 kx125 carb? I broke mone and guess what... obsolete. The part number is 0XHHK, or 16009-1982. Any help appreciated
  5. Hey! I'm working on jetting my kx250f for high altitudes - it originated at almost sea level and I live at 8k. I'm on the needle and ran into some confusion upon taking the old needle out. It is almost twice as long as the nedles in the jd kit I have. Do I not have the right needles to replace rhis with or is it ok to switch these out even though they are different lengths? Thanks
  6. farnorthdriver

    Carb fuel removal for long storage??

    A couple times I've had to mothball my bike for almost a year. Each time I drained the fuel from the carb. However, each time upon resurrecting my bike, it ran poorly and upon checking the carb I found the usual culprit, the pilot jet, clogged --despite having drained the fuel bowl. My theory is that even after draining the bowl, there is still fuel in/around the pilot jet and when this fuel is left to dry out it leaves some tiny amount of residue behind that is enough to gum up that incredibly small pilot hole. If I could somehow blow air through all the tiny passages in the carb (ie the pilot jet) after draining the fuel bowl I could eliminate this issue. Does any body know where on the carb I could push air into such that it will blow through the pilot jet and any other small passages? --And this would be with the carb on the bike; if I have to take the carb off or otherwise dismantle it, it would defeat the purpose. I'm looking to do this whole procedure quickly without needing to remove the carb. Thanks.
  7. Having some issues getting my DRZ400SM warmed up. It will cold start great with the choke pulled all the way out. Once the idle drops the bike will stumble a bit and if I push the choke in (to either setting) the bike will die and will then require a fistful of throttle to restart. Once it gets going a bit it idles and runs fine. This is a new issue and began happening after a re-jet. Wondering what I might need to adjust? Should I leave the choke out all the way longer, or do I need to adjust the jetting, or carb? 2006 with Moose/DJ jet kit (stage 2 jets), 3x3, full yosh RS2.
  8. Jamesfalstad

    Carb throttle issue

    I'm having an issue with my 2004 yz250f with a Keinhin carb. Throttle response is normal, no hiccups. But when I let off the engine doesn't rev all the way down and the bike continues to pull. (Ex I can let put the clutch with no throttle and the bike will start going) eventually it revs back down but it takes a while. Carb has correct jets with air mixture screw at factory spec. Throttle snaps back once released, I pulled the cover where my cables go into the carb and everything is clean in there. What am I missing? Its not stuck wide open, closer to right above regular idle. It'll push me about 10 mph in 1st
  9. Honeydoman

    2002 jr 50 Help Needed!

    Hi everyone new to this forum as well as being new to working on 2 stroke dirtbikes. I recently purchased a 2002 JR 50 for my son for Christmas, I have been tinkering with it to get it running good before christmas morning and now I'm in a time crunch with some much needed info. I have replaced the carb because the original was giving me fits and bike was constantly flooding, after new carb it fires and runs. I hooked the lines back up how they were when i recieved it but just found out it was incorrect. I had a line that I assume was the overflow line to the crank breather! Which being a diesel tech i know is no bueno. But the old carb only had one small line that was orginally hooked up there now the new carb has 2 small lines coming off? Im sure 1 is the overflow but I'm not sure what the other one is for I can post pics for reference anything would help. Thanks
  10. I was replacing my float needle and took the carb out and placed it on work bench. Replaced the float needle and found this spring????? Can you help me figure out where this goes??? BTW The spring is very stiff Thanks!!!!!
  11. the carb on my 03 yz450f is a keihin mx fcr 39. I know that the old pwk models had a gasket in the body that was not to be removed or soaked because it would ruin the gasket. Should I not soak the body of the fcr 39 in something like berryman? also is the thing underneath the needle valve (the place the valve sits in) suppose to come out? it looks like there is a new one in my kit but i cant get the old one out
  12. On my 04 yz450f I picked up a few weeks ago. I've noticed when I'm in fourth gear hitting the highest of the gear I get a lobe or slight cut out of my engine. I've been a heavy equipment mechanic for most of my life, I'm new to dirt bikes, is this what floating the valves feels like? Do I need to jet it? Carb adjustments? I typically ride from 6500ft to 8000ft elevation. Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  13. hi everyone. I picked up a 01 yz125 about 6 months ago it has been running great under full throttle. Engine is completely rebuilt with under 15 hours on it and all new gaskets as well. It has been a bit rich and would sputter under half throttle sometimes. I run the bike 40:1 with belray h1r. Tt has a fmf gold series fatty with stock jetting. Had a 360 or 380 main i believe and a 35 pilot. I leaned out the needle to the maximum and helped a bit but not enough. I ordered a JD jetting kit to end this richness entirely and from the directions i was advised to use the 430 main jet being that i ride from 0-3000ft elevation. I installed the new needle and the 430 main jet and clearly that is richer than it was before and now it cannot even hit powerband its getting suffocated by all the excess fuel. I have no idea why. A 01 yz125 with the JD needle and 430 main and 35 pilot should be straight rippin. Additionally, the bike should have never of been rich with a 360 or 380 main its hard for me to read the exact number. I spoke with a tech from JD jetting and his suspicion was a float issue. When i bought the bike the previous owner said there is occasional float bowl sticking. I am unsure if from it being stuck is why there is so much fuel going into the engine and holding it back. The tech at JD jetting told me that could be the problem being that a 430 main, 35 pilot and the JD needle should have no issues what so ever in my 01 yz125. What do you guys think i should try? should i just go for a carb rebuild and that could potentially stop the float bowl sticking. Would love some advice thanks everyone.
  14. D Punched

    XR200R running rich

    my 96 xr200r has is running rich also has an uneven idle it idles up and down and take a good 5 to 10 seconds to idle down from riding. It has a run tong Keihin knock off it starts first kick but runs rich and breaks up mid range Ive adjusted the float and its helped a little but but im not sue what else to try i cant tell if the main needle says 195 or 105 if it is a 195 i know its to big and that's why im running rich i have a k and n air filter with stock exhaust and the snorkel piece removed from the air box i just did a timing chain replacement on it and bottom and top sprocket tensioner ext made sure timing is correct and valves are in spec anyone know what else it could be?. Does any one know of a good place to get jets or a replacement carb for around 35 or less preferably just some jets
  15. 2008 crf250r. Just installed new gaskets for top end and new rings. I also adjusted the valves since the exhaust side had tightened up. I cleaned the jets in the carb prior to the top end work (which took about 3 weeks) It is still as difficult to start as before and i have to give the throttle a slight twist when i crank for it to start up. It will not idle and feels like it's significantly slower. I didn't ride it much before the top end work so maybe I'm just used to my 450 but it seems like it's sluggish. It doesn't pop at all though so what could be causing this?
  16. Dale Crabtree

    2009 CRF230f idle problems

    I have a 2009 crf230f that I recently bought. It starts great other than being cold natured. When idling it will be fine then it will blow air back through carb and into air box. You can hear this happen and fill the air come out of the top of air box. This causes the bike to lose rpm's and will eventually kill the engine. Can someone please tell me what is causing this? Intake valve issue, carb adjustment or other? Thanks
  17. Guys, Pulled the bike out of storage and runs, but is acting up a little. 1. Hard to start 2. Won't idle without choke until it's very warm. 3. Throttle lingers on release - so RPMS stay up. And if I adjust the idle higher, this becomes VERY noticable. 4. Lurching forward slightly. I figure it's time to clean the carb. Now, I've done carb cleans on Honda's, but this is my first KTM. Anyone have any how-to videos (Model specific). Searching YouTube and it looks like nobody has done one for this specific model... or least none that I can find. Any tips are greatly appreciated.
  18. CarlosCampos450rx

    Carburetor problem / issue

    Hey guys, I hope you can help me. I have a crf450r 2007. My carb have problems when I want to start my dirtbike, most of the time I can't start it with kickstart, someone needs to pull me with a car, and when I'm using my bike if I'm on a curve, and I slow down the bike, it goes off. Some people tell me the reason what it happened is because the "valve, throttle" part: 16112-MEY-A11 is not working as it should. Some one can tell me if it is the reason why my carb isn´t working as shloud? or what else can it be? I really appreciate your time! thank you.
  19. I bought a 1997 YZ250 a little while ago knowing it needed some work. Clutch was bad but it ran fine. It got into the powerband great and it idled fine. I replaced the clutch plates and basket and I rode it a few times and then it just bogged out and fouled a plug. I went through the carb multiple times, rejetted it, tuned it, and still no fire. Has great compression and spark, but it is getting too much fuel. I flipped the reeds over as a test and it fired right up. I put in new reeds and now it wont start again. Same issues. I am thinking reeds yet but was not too sure. Any suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Kyle.
  20. Hey! Bike: KX250f Carb: Keihin FCR 37mm So, I took my carb apart to clean and I think I did some damage with the carb cleaner..My slide plate seal was definitely damaged and it seems I may have did something to the slide itself. Hopefully someone in here has some advice. I have a new seal but when installing it I noticed that I cant get the slide to fit back in the carb, even without the seal inserted. I can get it in if I take the slide plate off, but it's too tight with the slide plate on. Did I probably damage the plate? Is there something I can do to fix this outside of ordering new parts? I have heard of people lightly sanding things that were too tight in their carb and was wondering if maybe that would be a good enough route to try. These things are pricey, so if I can fix it somehow I would prefer to try before buying new parts. I don't even know if a new plate would fix the issue. Looks fine to the eye but I know small changes can make a big impact with the carb. Thanks for any advice!
  21. So i never owned a fuel injected dirt bike, I got a 2016 yz450f for a steal at an auction. It ran great every kick since this last ride, it started dying when i wasn't on the throttle. I got it home and now the second i put the choke in it dies/ it runs/rides when im on throttle but if im not on the pipe it dies. I went check the valves all in spec, found a video how to flush fuel injector with a battery, flushed it still doesn't idle with choke in. Now im clueless what to do usually a problem like this I clean out the carb and that fixes the problem (get a fuel injected bike they say...) ha, I only run non ethanol fuel through all my machines. so what are my next steps? and is the upgraded ecu with the tuner worth the $? any specific tips/things to do to make sure thing runs like a top every time/ things to know when Im out in the field to trouble shoot a injector? thanks
  22. Pierre Legrand

    CRF450x Throttle Response off of Idle

    Using this short video that I have cued up to make a point. Is it possible to get a CRF450x to respond off-idle like this Husky? Just want to make sure that I have a realistic goal for my CRF450x...put in a JD Jetting Kit last week and have a Boyesen Quickshot3 and RD Fuel screw...all of these items have gone a long way towards cleaning up the bike's goofy EPA jetting. Have also gotten rid of backfire screen, pink wire mod, opened up airbox,...but my bike still isn't this clean off of idle. Is this just a feature of the CRF? Or can I reasonably expect to get it running as clean as this Husky? Thank you for any help.
  23. jason0827

    yz250 carb problems

    it only stays running when you give it gas, if you let off it cuts out. i tried adjusting air screw and choke screw and they dont do anything at all the only one that does anything is the throttle screw but i have to loosen it all the way out to keep it running. None of this was happening untill i did a top end rebuild with wiseco. and its fouling plugs in a day of riding if that. please help cant figure this out.
  24. I just bought a 2012 xr650l and it starts and runs great until about 4000 rpm give or take (I’m guessing) it feels like it spits and pukes. Also when releasing the throttle the exhaust pops and hiccups. I am calling the dealership to ask if they are willing to fix the problem as I just purchased from them yesterday but I am curious as to what the problem could be in case they do not offer to help for my “as is” purchase. I have read a couple other topics on here that talk about the vacuum lines being hooked up to an air cut diaphram but I don’t know what that is. The smog delete has been done on this bike as well as a slip on dg exhaust and the side cover has a bunch of holes drilled in it exposing the air filter. The battery has also been relocated. My question is what jetting should I have at 2000 feet? I am planning on opening up the carb to see what the idle jet and main jet are and if they were even changed from stock. Also if someone knows about the air cut being hooked up to vacuum and can supply pictures that would be very helpful. I know that the smog block off kits just plug the vacuum holes and the air cut usually gets disconnected. Thanks.
  25. flynn chibnall

    1985 xr250r carb clean

    Hi all. carb was leaking a lot out of overflow and had problems idiling , taken it off and seems like the right float is sticking a bit, what do I need to do to fix it? Many thanks . Bike was sitting for 2 years, should I clean whole carb or what? Just trying to learn my way round bikes, many thanks is it sticking on that brown pin? I'm not sure.. need to fix this so I can sell it . Thanks for eveyone who will help