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Found 158 results

  1. ffaemtp82

    clutch Clutch Replacement Nightmare

    So I have a full Hinson clutch kit on 2013 RM-z450. After a fair amount of abuse it's obvious I need new plates/springs. Without going into the lengthy explanation of my problems in replacing (TIP- along with plates and springs, always get new spring bolts, main bolt washer, and clutch cover gasket. Lesson learned grrrrrrrr....) So here I am tightening the main nut that holds the basket on, to the recommended 65lbs, and Pop!!!! Now there is no tension on the clutch lever (at the handlebar) and the lever/arm on the stator side of the case flops back and forth; and I'm nauseous..... What did I break? I haven't opened up the ignition/stator side case yet to see what's up. Looking at the Suzuki schematics it's super difficult to tell what that bolt is connected to. Thanks!
  2. Goon Rides

    Clutch might be bad

    Hey, I have a question. But first let me tell you that I am new to dirt biking, so I don't know anything. I purchased a 2001 YZ 125 in October and the seller said that he just changed the Piston and Clutch. I took it out in Gorman (OHV Riding Area) and like I said I am new, so I kept stalling the bike because I was learning and just let go of the clutch. But then when my dad got on, he said it is my fault for just letting go of the clutch lever, but also the clutch plates are a little bad. I can start the bike, let the clutch out 90%, and ride. Like shouldn't it start to move when I am half way of letting go of the clutch lever? I've seen videos of people holding their clutch lever half way and are moving 10-15mph. I can ride it perfectly fine now... But just wondering, what's wrong with it?
  3. braaap721

    CR250 clutch not working

    Hey all, I'm new to this forum. I bought a 2001 CR250 a couple weeks ago, and it worked great. I bought a new clutch lever off of ebay and installed it. The lever must have been a wrong one, because I no longer had any free play. The lever was clamped tight against the perch, and even after I loosened it all the way (from both adjustment points) it would not loosen up. I took it off and installed the stock lever again, but there is now almost no free play again. The hand adjusted one is almost as far as it goes, and the other one is adjusted as far as it goes. I have enough free play, but I can't loosen it out any more. Also, since putting the stock lever back on, when I try to start the bike in first gear (with the clutch lever pulled all the way in) the bike pulls forwards fairly hard. Why does it do this?? I don't get why it worked perfectly before, but now it's all wack. Any help is appreciated.
  4. riderRic

    Rekluse Clutch Install

    I just installed a new Radius Rekluse clutch on my 2016 Beta 350RR. I'm having trouble adjusting the Free Play Gain so that I can use engine braking. Either I get too much free play or or not enough. I recently installed the same clutch on my KTM 530 and I can get the engine braking so I know it can be done. Any tips? should I use the heavier springs in the Rekluse disc pack?
  5. I had a problem with my bike yesterday and need some insight. I have a 2012 Husky te310 with under 6,000 miles. Mostly used off-road. I've read about all of the clutch issues. Here's what happened. Last Saturday I road all day on trails in 90+ degree humid weather. Bike performed great. I did notice some clutch drag in 1st gear when stopped and difficulty finding neutral unless I blip the throttle. On Tuesday I rode the bike to work on mostly highway. Another warm day, but not as bad. On the way home I was cruising at about 55 mph, which is high revs for this bike, and all of sudden I get a Fail message on the dash and the bike feels a little rough. I slow down and take the next exit. When I pull in the clutch, there is no pressure, it just moves to the grip. However, I can still shift, both up and down but am afraid to stop. Eventually I have to stop and the bike stalls. It won't restart. I push it off the road into a shady area and get of. I hear a weird noise coming from the clutch cover - like gurgling. I let it sit for maybe two minutes and turn on the key. No fail warning and the bike starts right up. Clutch seems fine and I ride home. Today it seems back to normal, but I didn't ride it. What's going on? Just a worn clutch? Over heated? Low hydraulic fluid? The fluid is to the top. I saw no leakage around the clutch cover. Please share your thoughts or ideas. Thanks.
  6. Brandon Swan


    From the album: Brandon Swan

  7. ross_co

    Clutch not engaging

    Hi, I have a CR250 and went to get it out for the season to find when I pull the clutch lever in, the gears are still engaged. I tried adjusting the cable with no luck, so I trained the bottom end oil out and removed the clutch cover and plates to inspect it. There are some grooves in the clutch basket, but they don't look too bad (see attached). Any ideas on how to trouble shoot this issue ? Thanks
  8. So I took my txc to the sand dunes for the first time and I made sure that my bike was ready, by that I mean antifreeze was checked, air filter cleaned and so on. But when I was riding there my bike was overheating in the first 20 minutes. The fan was working it's butt off and I could hear a swishing noise when I put my ear up to the radiator which I don't know if that is normal. Also my clutch wouldn't engage so I couldn't shift when I was riding but as soon as I stopped the bike died and the clutch would engage again. And my friends bike was doing just fine, his fan didn't even turn on and I want to know if anyone else with Husqvarna is having the same problems or even anyone with the same model?
  9. TPA-MX

    Hard to pull Clutch

    Hey Everyone, I am having an issue with a hard to pull clutch on a YZ125. I have inspected the lever, all good. I have tried to lube the cable, check. Next, I pulled the clutch cover off and uninstalled the clutch basket, inspected the springs, etc. I torqued the springs/bolts back down to the 7.25 ft/lbs, reassembled and still pretty much the same pull force is needed. Should I just purchase a new clutch cable and hope that fixes it? It is much harder to pull than the last YZ125 we just sold. It works just fine, but just harder to pull. Thanks in Advance.
  10. Dth0006

    07 230f

    I'm sorry if this is something I could of looked up just didn't know exactly what to look up. I am new to the dirt bike world and am having a problem with my 07 230. I recently bought the bike and installed a power up carb kit on it. Yesterday I was herding cows and somewhat noticed the bike was acting like i was never in the right gear. I put the bike up to mess with it later. That afternoon I pulled the bike out for a little ride maybe 15 min and had a straight away coming back to my vehicle and decided to stretch it out. I guess it was rev limiting and by the time I got back to my truck it felt like the transmission wasn't pulling at all. Tried to put it back on my truck and it didn't have enough power to drive up the ram in first on the bed of my truck. I am guessing it's the clutch/clutch plates because I can move through the gears easily just didn't have power. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  11. jwimberley

    '96 TTR-230 no go (clutch issue)

    Hi everyone! I've been reading posts for several years and normally I can find the answer to the current issue or modification I'm digging into with the wealth of knowledge here. That is until now. Here's my issue. At the end of last riding season my chain broke going up a hill. The chain then got wedged in the front sprocket (my fault for running a bigger sprocket to get a more usable 1st I'm sure). I let the bike sit over the winter and recently got the itch to get back on the trail so I put on a new chain, rear sprocket and changed the oil. Got ready for a quick little test ride around the block and when I let the clutch out.................nothing, bike won't move. Starts and runs normal, no noises, clanks, etc. I can feel it go into gear, but when you release the clutch there's no movement. I can get it to move a little on it's own if I'm off the bike and on a flat surface. Here's what I've done so far: - verified the clutch cable is working (ie, moving the leaver on the top of the engine) - adjusted the cable just about as far as it would go. - pulled the disks out and they look fine with plenty of life left From here I'm not sure what to check next. Any suggestions? Thanks!!
  12. Will I Am

    2006 CR125 Stiff Clutch Pull

    So, I am about to embark on a major tear down of my 2006 CR125 and have one more "problem" that I need to resolve during this rebuild. My clutch is a pretty firm pull and it fatigues my forearm pretty quickly. I'm not sure if that's simply how it is on these bikes, having pulled the clutch lever on other bikes such as the yz125 and rm85, my clutch is very hard to pull in comparison. I just replaced the cable with one that the guy I purchased the bike from gave me, so maybe not stock? Would that make a difference? Also, could it be my springs? I've never had problems with the clutch such as lurching and the clutch is smooth, just hard to pull. Thanks, Will
  13. 49cc lifan clone clutch is stuck and electric start isn’t able to start engine. Drains oil and removed cover. Now how to pull clutch. Anyone have a rebuild video? Just for the record the screw adjustment on the cover was lose when I got it. When I pulled the part that was attached with the three screws. The gasket on the back of that part seemed torn. Is this needed to build some pressure? This bike is a single gear automatic with no clutch levers.
  14. zgarrett16

    04 yz450f clutch issues

    i have a 2004 yz450f and i am having issues with my clutch, i have to float the gears to ride it because the clutch wont work at all, i dont know whats wrong with it, i tore apart the clutch basket and all the friction plates look fine
  15. Mastermerc

    Clutch basket installation

    Hey guys, been reading the forum for some time, as i started riding a wr450f 2008 a year ago. My clutch is veryy graby so i took it apart and filed the basket and boss grooves and did the swiss cheese mod to the boss. Now the thing is that i want to assemble it back and I cant get the basket to enter enough to lock basket and boss with the nut. Is there a trick to put the basket right?
  16. windkind

    Hard clutch pull

    About 6 months ago my bike started acting up. I found it hard to get the bike in neutral while it was running. No matter how I adjusted the clutch. Sometimes it would get better but only for a day or two. The clutch got harder to pull as well. I then read on here to replace the clutch cable before trying to fix anything else and that solved my problem for about 4 weeks. Nice and light clutch pull, gearing wasn't clunky and I could get to neutral with no hassle. The past week the clutch pull stiffened up so much that I think I pulled a tendon in my finger from riding it. Neutral issue is back and worse. I can adjust the cable so that I can get the bike in neutral at least but my hand is taking a beating. So apart from a new cable. What would be the next step in trying to fix this problem? It's making riding really miserable.
  17. Whats up everybody, Just want to hear everyones preference on clutches. My clutch is gone, and in looking to replace am trying to figure out OEM vs Aftermarket. I see a lot of good things about Barnett but would love to hear about what TT riders think. I am a woods/trail rider and will probably never do MX, which I am not sure would affect which clutch would be best for me. Thanks homies
  18. Nathaniel Branting

    Magura slave cylinder failure

    I purchased a 2018 TX 300 in November and I been hearing about the magura slave cylinder failure on FE/FC/FX 450/501 but I was wondering if the 2 stroke models were having the same problems
  19. Was out for a short ride today to try out my new proshotcam gopro mount and on the way back, close to home luckily, the bike (2015 yz250f) acted like I accidentally clicked it into neutral. Thinking this was the case I pulled in the clutch and clicked down to first, and went to start going again and it revved with out moving, or barely moving if that, hard to tell I was in sand. So I shut off the bike and while there I tried to click it into a different gear or neutral which didn't work the first couple tries then it did but felt different than normal. When the bike was in gear it could be rolled without the clutch in but made a funny noise coming from the tranny area. The bike seemed fine in neutral so I started it. It idled fine and revved fine, all normal noises. Then upon clicking it into gear it started to make a funny noise in the tranny area again so I just shut it off right away. So it shifts into gears fine but will not engage the engine and the wheel, so it won't drive. I'm going to split the cases and see what the problem is, but was just wondering if anyone had any idea. Something wrong with the gears, shift fork, shift cam, or did the tranny bearings go? Thanks
  20. Anthony Mahoney

    Clutch not working properly

    Hi, so basically I own a 2001 KTM 250exc and when I pull in the clutch, kick it in first, and continue to leave the clutch in the bike wants to move forward, if I put my feet up it moves very slowly as if the clutch is not all the way in. I bled the system and put in new oil (maguras blood) but that did not work.
  21. I am in the process of replacing the clutch plates and springs on my 2014 YZ450. I noticed that there are quite a few visible grooves /notches on the hub and basket. What do you guys think, are they bad enough that I should replace both parts? I dont want to ruin new plates but also dont really want to drop alot of money on hub and basket, if i dont need it. Thanks!
  22. When my bike is not running, I noticed if I put my bike in gear and squeeze the clutch all the way in and roll the bike, the clutch is not fully disengaging and it is turning the engine over. Last week I took it out for a ride and noticed I also cannot start it in gear without giving it a good amount of throttle and if I stop in gear with the clutch squeezed all the way in, the bike will stall. I have no clutch slippage issues or any other problems I can recognize other than the clutch not fully disengaging. I figured it was likely a stretched cable and they're cheap so I put a new motion pro cable in this morning and adjusted it properly and I'm still having the same issue, I have not rode the bike with the new cable but I put it in 1st gear and tried to roll it with the clutch squeezed all the way and it was still turning the engine. What else could be my problem???
  23. I had a moment of jackass and broke a dog off my clutch basket on my RT180 trying to break the crank nut. To my utter disappointment there are none of these available online that doesnt come without the whole engine. So what can I do? I guess I'll stitch it back together let the chips fall. Anyone ever do this? or would you?
  24. Alex Cornett

    Yz gear gone wild

    Hello all. straight into it. I bought a 02 yz 250 a few months ago, got it home and realized it wouldn't stay in first gear. i stripped it down and replaced the 3 shift forks. Got it all back together but it still popped into neutral. The clutch fibers and plates were all stuck together so i replaced those and its still doing it. Ive got a arc perch and lever coming just because the one on there is a cheap piece of greatness from china. Any ideas on what could be causing this issue. Im at a loss. attached are pictures of the progress. And i added a couple pics of it together just because who doesnt like looking at a beautiful dirt bike.