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Found 19 results

  1. The bike has spark at the plug when grounded on the engine but not much. I have a wr250f so I compared the two. The wr has much more, bright blue spark, yz - you can barley see the spark. I switched plugs and coils between the two bikes, same result. The bike will start and run for 30-60 seconds and then die. If you crack the throttle it dies. I have checked the ohms from the stator. It all checks out with my multi meter to be within spec. I have check all connections, disconnected the kill switch. Nothing makes any difference. I have researched and read every article. Before I start buying parts and switching them out I'm open for suggestions. When the bike quit and we got it hope, I noticed that there was a hole on the radiator hose and there was no water in the bike. I figured it had run hot and melted the piston. I checked the valves. They were spot on. Pulled the top end off. The piston and cylinder looked okay. The oil rings showed wear so I put in a new piston and rings hoping. When I got it back together it was still the same. You can get it to start after several kicks but not for long. Could the heat have caused something to happen in the electrical system? Any advise will be greatly appreciated. From all I have read the cdi rarely goes out on these bikes. Thanks, Darrell
  2. I have an 03 drz that will not start, I've checked fuel, compression, and now I'm chasing spark I got a manual and started doing some electrical ohm tests. stator, rectifier, and coil. The only one that didnt match the specs in the manual was the coil. I have two coils for this bike and have tried them both in the bike. They both make spark when they're out of the bike and grounded to the frame. however neither of the coils meet the spec for the secondary coil ohms. The spec is like 13k to 20k ohms one coil gets like 2,500 ohms and the other gets like 5,000 ohms on the secondary Are both coils bad? and.. Is it possible that I'm not getting spark in the cylinder?
  3. Does anyone know how to replace the “Charging Coil 1” on a 2007 yz250f? When using the multimeter, I received the following readings: Ignition Coil Primary coil resistance: initially .8 but settles at .3 - .5 - spec: .08 - .10 Secondary coil resistance: 5.7 - spec: 4.6 - 6.8 CDI Mageto Pickup coil resistance: 293 - spec: 248 - 372 Charging coil 1: no reading on multimeter - spec: 720 - 1,080 Charging coil 2: 52 - spec 44 - 66 Both the stop and neutral switches checked out last time I tested, but that was months ago. Spark plug was good, but I replaced it, anyway. The bike ran perfect last year and randomly wouldn’t give any feedback when kickstarting (no start button) after riding the prior day (last summer). It has been sitting ever since. Would you say the charging coil 1 is the issue here? I am trying to eliminate shop fees, so I would like to replace a small part rather than the whole stator/CDI unit if it is even possible. Any help is appreciated, thanks!
  4. I just bought a new OEM ignition coil for my 1972 Honda xl250. It's near-identical except the secondary wire is way longer on the new one compared to the original coil. Is there any reason to shorten this, or can I just loosely wrap up the excess wire? Thanks.
  5. I have a 2002 Honda cr80. The spark is intermittent. About every 15-20 kicks will create a spark. It’s not the plug or plug wire. That was my first replacement parts. Any ideas would be helpful. CDI box ? Coil? Stator? thanks
  6. Is there any way to run a diagnostic test on a 2018 Rmz 450? I have no spark bike shut down on me in the air.
  7. I have a 1987 XL600 that’s giving me fits. I’ve owned the bike since 1997, and it’s all stock with low miles. I kind of got out of riding for a number of years and the bike just sat. Recently I decided to brush the dust off and start riding the bike again – thus creating a whole new bunch of frustrations. Oddly enough with some fresh fuel the bike originally started right up after sitting so long and ran fairly good, except for a slight bog if you cracked the throttle fast (was never there before when I used to ride it). We took the bike out for a ride on the trails, came out of a turn and rolled the throttle on and it just stalls. Took several kicks to get re-lit, rode a short distance and stalled out again – this time I couldn’t get it restarted and had to tow it home. Here’s what I did: Pulled both carbs, cleaned, inspected/adjusted. Things were completely clean despite sitting so long. Floats are ok and set right, gaskets good, air screw at 1 ½ out. Checked valves, both right on the money. New plug, good visible spark. Air filter, ok; fuel strainer, ok. Now I can’t even get the bike started on a consistent basis! “If” I get it lit, it will idle ok for a while but the slightest crack open on the throttle will stall it out and it won’t start until maybe the next day. My coils are all in spec with ohms, and I get about 37vac on the stator during kick starting. Any suggestions???
  8. Long time listener, first time caller here. I have a 1989 Honda NX250 that has a no-spark issue after idling for about 10-15 minutes, or sooner if the bike is ridden. I believe it first developed the issue in the summer of 2018, but it was inconsistent and I attributed it to flameout + flooding. The bike would usually start back up with no problem after no more than 30 minutes. Later into the 2018 season the problem was happening more and more often and taking longer to start afterwards. At this point I still thought it was a carb issue and, perhaps, flooding. Over the winter I pulled the carb to clean, inspect and set float height. I also checked compression, valve lash, cam chain and swapped in a new plug. All were up to spec and the bike has always run great, so it was at this point where I started thinking it was a spark issue. I have since confirmed that each time the bike dies it is also losing spark. I thought "ok, hmm, cdi is a common problem for this era of Honda" and, even though the stock CDI tested good, I decided to buy a new one (Ricks). But, of course, the problem has not gone away. I started going over everything with a multimeter (to no avail) and have since, one at a time and in order, replaced: -pulse generator (OEM) -cap and ignition coil (OEM) -stator (Rick's) I replaced the stator today and the problem persists as described. I am pulling my hair out from frustration. I'm guessing perhaps the rotor signal passing by the pickup may be losing magnetism, or there is a break somewhere in the harness that is getting resistance buildup after warmup. I've attached a wiring diagram image and one of the bike in question. Any positive input is appreciated, folks! Love the forum! Great update!
  9. Hi I'm Shelby, and new to the mechanic world. I just shimmed my valves, cleaned the carb, and rebuilt my water pump. Started it up and it fired up first kick. Ran for ten minutes and died. Wouldn't start for about ten min. Once I let it sit, it started back up and ran fine. Then died when it got got again. I checked the stator and it reads 17 ohms. The other wire read 240 ohms. What else could it be? Could the stator still be shorting out when hot? thanks for the help in advance!
  10. I have a 2002 Ktm 125 sx here the stator keeps burning out on it, I first bought the bike with no spark and thought it was the cdi that was making it have no spark so I bought a cdi unit for it and the bike still had no spark so i bought a brand new stator, then it burnt out, I read online that the coil can back back too much current causing the stator to burn out so I then got a new coil for it and had to purchase a new stator ?and then tried them all together new cdi new stator new coil and YES the stator burnt out again ? does anyone know what to do from now I am debating to just take it to a shop ?
  11. I have an '86 CR500R with what appears to be a 2-piece split alternator winding. I'm evaluating the possibility of adding a small light to the existing system, or possibly modify the system to be able to. I need answers to the following questions: - What is the stock Power (Wattage) rating on each of these two coils? - Which coil is used for spark? Which is for the ignition module control power? - What is the operating voltage? Does it vary? Does the module have a built in voltage regulator? - Does anybody have a circuit diagram of the stock ignition module's internal circuitry? - How many wraps of wire are on these two windings?
  12. I was trail riding, possibly some puddles deep enough to soak all electronics.. it died - could not get it started.. no spark! I tried to test all electrical components but i am without service manual ... and do not know specific SPECS. I def. dont want to spend $500 on new CDI box - if it might not be that.. so What sort of readings should i be getting for the coil ?? and also the rectifier and the stater and anything else i need to test ?? Youtube is not really helpful. :/ Can anyone point me in the right direction? or does someone have a Service Manuel they would be willing to email or show me a link? thank you in advance!!! I JUST WANNA RIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ESMX786@gmail.com
  13. Hi folks, I bought a bike about half restored. '78 XT500E. Many new parts, but the previous owner said he couldn't get it to spark. The coils look brand new, points and condenser as well. I haven't actually removed the flywheel to see the stator coils yet. Previous owner removed: battery, rectifier, and kill switch to run as a dirt bike only. Key ignition switch is still intact. I unplugged the key ignition switch for these tests to eliminate that possibility, and I did a few tests. When I kick the bike, and hold the spark plug to the motor or other ground I get ZERO spark. When I remove the plug and cap, I got zapped when holding the wire and kicking. When I take the Black/White wire leading to the coil and hold to a ground I get a noticeable blue and rhythmic spark. So power is making it to the coil. I got the following readings with my multimeter, though some of these jumped around a lot. Black wire from 4-wire stator loom to ground = 2.5ohm --- can't find spec Primary Coil (Black/White wire male blade to ground) = 1.2 ohm -- spec is .75, so high...maybe too high? Spark Plug Cap to ground = 11.73k ohm Spark Plug wire w/ NO cap to ground = 7.03k ohm - spec is 5.75K ohms, so again, high. Also, new plug, and even bought a new Emgo universal coil to test. Similar results, tho I think it’s got lower resistance than the other coil I’ve got which appears to be a newer after market unit. The gray one that it seems everyone has and sells for XT500. Also, attaching a pic of my points for reference in case something is majorly off there. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  14. So last time i went riding, my bike (2006 KTM 400 EXC Dual Sport) was completely fine. No problems. Came home, parked it in the garage and plugged it into the trickle charger. Sat for about 4 days or so, and when i go to start it. Im getting nothing at all. So i did the spark test taking out the plug and putting it against the bike while kicking it and there is no spark at all. Tried 3 different spark plugs and got nothing on any of them. So does that just leave me with the coil being the issue? Anyone know why it just crapped out like that? completely fine then sitting it dies on me? Are there any other tests to do? Money is a little tight right now, so i dont want to buy a whole new ignition system. Is there any way to test the coil?
  15. So my old thumper has an interesting issue. It has been having problems lately fouling plugs (jetting issue I suspect), but Im not sure if that is directly related to what is happening now. I was riding it around the trails when all of a sudden I just had a complete loss of power. I figured it had just fouled the plug again because it was the same symptoms as last time. I pushed it back to my truck (yeah... the whole way) and pulled the plug that was in it once it cooled down and replaced it. After attempting to start it again (usually starts within 5 kicks when cold, doesn't like to start warm ever), It wouldnt start. So naturally I went to check spark with the new plug and NOTHING. This bike has a brand new coil and a stator with less than 5 hours on it. I checked all wires and connections. I am at a loss and lacking in electrical knowledge to diagnose it further. Any information would be great.
  16. I have a 1990 yz 250 that just stopped running. Can bump start and get a few revs, then dies. Cleaned carb, checked gas and spark. Can’t tell if perhaps spark is weak? Would like to check electrics but not clear on procedure or resistance readings for the model bike. Can anyone help me out? Thanks.
  17. Hi folks. Just FYI, I did do a search on this subject and found nothing so decided to post the question. I have two of these 1985 250 XR's and both have the same problem...no spark. I am wondering if anyone knows the correct ohm readings for the alternator/stator test, the pulse generator coil test, cdi test and coil test and more importantly, the procedures to test them? I have swapped out all the parts (except the pulse coils) between the two bikes and still nothing. The stators "look" good. I am leaning towards it being the pulse coils on both bikes but what are the odd's? Tried Google with no luck on any worthwhile information. Thanks for any help. Sure would hate to part them out on fleabay but may need to. Pulse coils are hard to find and ain't cheap!!
  18. I currently have a 80' yz50 for my kid he has been riding it for a year and I've been fixing as we go. The coil that is originally in it still works but I've got it band aided pretty bad currently as the lead to the plug was severed and I soldered back together. I ordered a new one, supposed to be for the yz50 but wont give any spark, the old one reads 10ohms, and the new one 2.8. I imagine that the one for 2.8ohms is for cdi. if someone could give me some specs for these original coils and why the lower ohm coil wont give me any spark. View full article
  19. hello everyone. I have a 2006 suzuki ltz400 that im having some issues getting spark. I took the bike on trade (not running) i was told it needed a wiring harness because the one on it was a mess. i managed to get the harness fixed but can not get spark! I've tested the coil, stator, pickup coil, off/on switch, battery, pretty much everything besides the cdi. the issue im having is both of the wires (ground and power) wires running to the coil are grounding. I've looked the harness up and down several times and can not find any splits or anything that would cause the power wire to ground/rub on other wires... any help would be greatly appreciated. i believe the cdi box must be burnt up inside. ive attached a photo of the wiring diagram and circled the wires.
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