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  1. Hello, I recently picked up a 2021 KLX300 Supermoto for my wife to learn to ride and she's having a blast. Im interested in buying a wheel/tire set more for offroad when my buddy's take their bikes trail riding. Has anyone done the conversion from a supermoto and if you could let me know what type of wheel to search for? will i need different sprockets? Thanks, any help appreciated.
  2. Hey Guys, I just purchased a 2016 YZ250FX not too long ago, and before I bought it, I had no intentions on converting it into a dual-sport. Now, after riding alot of the trails behind my house, I'm finding myself pretty limited on trail exploration and wanting to drive on some pavement in order to find other cool stuff to go riding on.... I'm wondering whether selling my bike for a dual-sport such as the WR250F/WR450F or Converting my existing YZ250FX using a conversion kit and whatever else you need is the better idea? My area has some pretty rough terrain and some steep rocky hills that im going to need to throw at the bike. Any advice would be appreciated!
  3. I've seen a couple forums about converting an xr600, but i want to ask a few specific questions. First of all i'm a new rider and i'm looking at getting a 1994 xr600r and converting it to a dual sport. I will be doing quite a bit of street riding, commuting back and forth between work most days and some off road on the weekends. 1. Should i change the gearing? 2. Is there a cush drive I can put on the xr600? 3. What other advice do you have for converting an xr? exauhst? suspension? jetting? etc. thanks!
  4. Had sorta ruined my back number plates during a hare scramble last year and i'm thinking about getting a whole new set of plastics and graphics. I was wondering if anyone has tried putting newer plastics on a 2007 kx250. My biggest issue is the front fender, I love the look of the new front fenders on the 250's and 450's. The only other parts is radiator shrouds because the stock ones quite ugly to but the back fender and number plates are fine. If anyone knows if any newer plastics will fit let me know, not scared to re drill some holes or make some small brackets if necessary, just curious, anything y'all know would be a big help.
  5. Hey Guys, just a couple questions: Doing the SSS conversion for my old yz250. I've used 07 yz250f forks and triple clamps, and had the steering stem pressed out. So far the forks fit well, my only issue is the hub and brake. The 99 hub fits the forks with the current 1999 axle and spacers, although the axle sticks out a few mil. Is this an issue? Am I able to use the 99 hub and wheel, or will I need to change it to a 07 yz250f hub and wheel? Obviously I'll have to get an 07 caliper to fit the forks - if i stuck with the 99 hub, would the 07 caliper fit? I'm thinking of just buying a 07 yz250f hub, axel, and spacers so theres no issues, but was wondering if theres a solution using my 99 parts. Thanks in advance!
  6. Hey forum, Hey I'm new here just picked up a running 2006 DRZ 125 with the wrong rear wheel. At the current moment I'm not entirely sure where the rear wheel that is on it is from but the setup is so mangled, I was wondering if it is possible to use the wheel and fabricate rear disc brake with the swing arm that was designed for the drum break wheel? Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  7. I am doing a stunt build on a 2015 DR200s I don’t wanna use the drum brake tbh I don’t trust it and it’s not working to well when at balance point (I tighten it and it just locks up or won’t go where it needs too plus I’m doing a handbrake in the future for seat standers.) I need to know what swing arm will fit the dr200, I think the dr250 swing arm will fit and it also allocates for disc brake because the 250 uses disc, If I am right this conversion will cost me 650, ( not including hand brake. ) I wanna do this because I’ve never seen a stunted DR200s and I wanna be unique. I have the cash to do this I just don’t wanna buy the parts and then be out 650, I wanna buy it all at one time. (Handbrake after I get good with the foot brake after conversion) please and thank you all for the help. I just need to make sure before I buy, if not what will fit?
  8. Hi, Earlier this year I put a Lifan 125 with an automatic clutch into an XR70 for my 9 year old son. Now he's learnt to ride the automatic clutch had become a problem as he's unable to pop the clutch to do wheelies and donuts etc (although he taught himself to slightly depress the gear lever slightly to disengage the clutch and pop the front wheel). I know I can swap the motor out for about $280 AUD off ebay, but I was wondering if it was possible to do a conversion. I've found the following parts on ebay Clutch case Manual Clutch I know I'll also need a lever and cable, but what other parts do you think I'll require? I've also seen a conversion kit for $165 USD, but it's for 88 to 108cc engines and once I convert it to local currency and pay for postage I might as well buy another engine, which won't go down well with the wife. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
  9. I know the title doesn't really explain it much, but here's the basics. I have a carbureted 2018 TE250, and I have been wanted to make my motor alot more lively. I made a thread asking people how I could acheive this, and most of the replies I got told me to swap out the head and cdi to those of a SX/TC motor. After doing a lot of research, I decided that I wanted to make my engine as close as I can to a TC250 motor. By looking at a ton of owner and shop manuals I have found that the primary differences are: head, cdi, jetting, flywheel weight, and gearing. I have already decided to do the head and cdi (ordered and going to be installed before the next trip). The gearing I am thinking about going from 13 to 12 teeth on the front sprocket, event though I know this won't get me anything like the SX gearing, at least I can link the powerband a bit better. The only other mods I have done are a lectron HV carb, vforce reeds, fmf turbinecore silencer. So my question is what can I do to make my motor as close to the SX motor as possible?
  10. Do you have a 200exc, xc, or xc-w? Do you want it to rip like a 125sx bike; have the engine scream like an eagle; hit jumps wide opened and soar through the air like a pheonix? Welp, the standard 200xc/w setup does none of those things. You might be saying to yourself - I already adjusted the PV arm for more top end. I already tried the 'langston setting' and my bike still sucks... 😞 Maybe you can't turn the 200xc/w, a purpose built tame offroad lugger, into a true SX style bike. or maybe your just not good enough to ride the bike that hardcore... Well your wrong, more wrong about anything in your life. Just look at this shinning example. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- First off here is some anecdotal info that I have learned as well as other people on the internet regarding the PV timer. Adjusting the PV lever arm up increases top end. True-ish, but this largely dependent on what type of pipe you have. With the standard 200xc/w pipe this works. But its not going to make into an 200sx. Softer PV springs increase top end. False , The 250-300 did this (mild/medium/aggressive PV springs) but I assume this was to have the same effect as adjusting the lever arm up on the 200 models. The 200sx actually used a stiffer PV spring. Don't worry I'll expalined why. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I'll start from the begining. ACT I I was using the KTM powerparts pipe and had the PV arm adjusted way way up for more top end. During the winter rebuild I switch to a FMF fatty for (2003-2004 200sx). The new bike ran like crap, no top end power. I adjusted the PV arm back to the stock position just to see what would happened and boom-shakalaka I had power again. With some adjusting, the ideal PV position was actually below stock. Why? FMF fattty was signifantly shorter than the KTM pipe. Which means... The suck-action is shorter, (pipe pulling mix through the transfers into the combustion chamber and pipe) The stuff-action starts and ends sooner, (pipe stuffing mix back into the combustion chamber while piston is traveling upwards). *If the stuff action happens to early in the cycle it stops mix from entering into the combustion chamber. I suspect this is what was happening. By lowering the PV arm the exhuast port open time is shifted later in the cycle... which also delays the pipe's suck & stuff cycle. So the shorter pipe cycle can correctly sync up... The negative & positive pressure waves occuring at the right piston position. I hope I explained that well enough, It's hard to put into words. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ACT II The fatty pipe wasn't great becuase this kept happening everytime I hit something. So switch to the DEP pipe. The DEP is a top-end wot pipe, best performing pipe I tried so far. It sits high up out of the way rocks. I've had mine for at 2 seasons and it has only 1 dent. But heres the catch; the DEP is short, shorter than the FMF, waayy shorter than the powerparts pipe. To get it to make power I had to move the PV arm down (like I did with the FMF) but like all the way down. More so than the adjuster was designed to do. The pictures shows were I had it, the arm is nearly touching the case and I had to use 2 washers to get the screw cap to fit. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ACT III I remembered from this post that the 200sx timers were stiffer. This got me thinking, a stiffer spring may work better with the DEP pipe; I wouldn't need the PV arm adjusted so far down. I did some research and bought all 3 springs. There where 3 types of springs made: 52337050044 CENTRIFUGAL TIMER CPL. 200'98 *SOFT* 52337050144 CENTRIFUGAL TIMER CPL.200SX 03 *STIFF* ^^^*!! No Longer Available !!* 50337050044 CENTRIFUGAL TIMER CPL. 125'98 *STIFF* The 125 spring is identical to the 200sx spring from what I can tell, and is still available brand new from KTM. So there are 2 springs, soft & stiff. Lets see what bikes KTM used them on. 200 EXC - SOFT SPRING 200 XC -SOFT SPRING 200 SX- STIFF SPRING 150 SX - STIFF SPRING Look closely, all the bikes using the stiff spring have a much shorter pipe length than the soft spring bikes. Makes perfects sense, If the PV opens too much too soon the power drops out because the return wave is actually restricting mix from entering in the chamber- The issue I experienced with the fatty & DEP pipe. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ACT IV (its almost over) I installed the new PV timer during the most recent rebuild. I used the CPL. 125'98 because it was brand new. I adjusted the PV arm back to the stock position. Bike ran great, had power throuhout the range and loads of top-end like a true mx bike (like in the video). I did a little bit of adjusting to see if there was any more power to grab and heres where it ended up... ^^^ Thats pretty dang close to the 'langston setting'. If I remember correctly the langston setting was for 125, which means he's bike had the stiff PV spring. It's no coincidence that my bike with the same hardware would react similarly. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Conclusion The ideal PV arm position is extremely dependent on what pipe is on you'r bike. Just adjusting up does not always translate into more top-end power. If you'r running a 200sx pipe in an attempt to convert you'r bike you need the stiff spring to get it to work correctly. The EXC soft springs opens too soon and makes the engine out of tune. Full disclosure there is otherstuff done to my bike to increase top end. -Engine ported by Ken OConnor Racing -Carb bored to 38mm & Suzuki needle -Vortex CDI
  11. Hey all, new to the group. Just bought my first xr. '91 xr 250. Im hoping to do a few mods, mostly for aesthetics at this point(thinking tracker). What tanks can be fairly easily swapped to the xr? I live in cambodia so options are fairly limited (no ebay etc.). There are loads of old cbs and cds out here though, any luck with those? Thanks
  12. Hey everyone I know I'll probably hear some sh!t for this post but whatever. So the deal is I need to know if I can put 16" on the rear or maybe even a 17". The bike I have comes 17/14 and I'm looking 17/16 or 17/17. I think it'll be possible with swingarm extensions and I realize I might have to mess with the gearing. Has anyone else tried this ? If so please post some pics. Thanks
  13. Hey guys, So I’m about to go to college in the fall, and I’m not ready to give up dirt biking. Since I will have to buy my next bike = very slim budget, I’m thinking about buying a blown out (or running if I could find one) yz 250 and converting it to an enduro bike. Has anyone done this? If so, are there other bikes I should be looking at? I feel that for the price of a used off-road bike, I could potentially have a converted Mx bike that is taylored to my likings. And riding that ex Mx bike may make me a better rider if I learn it correctly. I’m coming off an xcw-f 350, so I’m not entirely new to riding, but I still have a lot to learn. Another plus to this is that I will learn my bike well (from a mechanical aspect). So what do you guys think? Is it worth the time and money? Thanks for any input you can give
  14. Last Christmas I received a KTM 1998 Ktm exc as a gift and I’ve loved it but I’ve noticed the headlight is just not a thing I like. I was wondering if a swap with something like the 04 triangle headlight would be possible?
  15. I was wondering how would I go about converting a KLR650's single exhaust tip into dual twin tips for under 200$ (example picture below). Is there a pre made system already made?, are there converters and other pipes pieces I can put together to build it?, or is something I have create entirely on my own by cutting and bending pipes? thanks
  16. So I can get a 1986 cr250 motor for a good price and I also know a guy that has a 2005 crf250r that needs work. I have the idea of just swapping motors. Would this motor fit in the newer frame?
  17. *pic is my goal if I can or at least as close* Hi there, I'm currently looking at buying a second hand KTM EXC 450 and converting to supermoto. I have converted a DRZ400E but everyone knows they are piss easy. I have read a bit about exc sumo rim sizes and have found a few people struggle with chain rubbing on rear with 4.25x17. Just wanting any tips or advice from someone who has done it before and what works best. Also any other tips or advice for converting to sumo (etc. exhausts, steering dampers, handbrake setup, frame sliders/protection, hand guards, any thing else that is a must for this model). I live in New Zealand and don't mind spending a bit on parts but would like to buy the rims here as it would be faster/a lot cheaper. Any advice is appreciated, cheers.
  18. I am currently in the thought process of purchasing a crf250x and converting to supermoto to get it registered for road use. Just wondering if anyone has converted and what tips you would have for me to maybe make it easier? I already have a set of SM wheels off my drz that will fit with new spacers. Any advice will help!
  19. I have a 2014 yz250f frame with a yz250 motor in it. Trying to figure out which way or how to run the intake. Factory four strokes in this year frame have it in the shrouds and I can't seem to find a good way to run it back up in that area. Would like to use stock air box and location if possible. Just have a uni filter on it as of now. Anyone else doing the same or similar conversion that could help me out? Or anyone smarties out there with some good advice? Thanks
  20. Hello everyone, I have a 2006 yz450f and I am looking to make into more of an enduro/trail bike. I am looking to make the clutch lever a little easier to pull and anything else that would help with enduro. Any suggestions for modifications would be greatly appreciated.
  21. Just got done converting my 2007 CRF250r front end to a 2014-15 front end.. Just a different fender and number plate but what a difference IMO!! Super simple to do took maybe half an hour, definitely recommend to everyone if you wanna make your old bike look new!! Let me know what you guys think and if you're thinking of doing it I'll answer any questions you may have!! -C
  22. Alright gentlemen, Last night I picked up a CLEEEEEAAAAANNNNN 2003 CR250 for $1500. I've read that the forks were stiff on this model and the suspension liked heavier people. I am 5'10 165 lbs with gear. My question is, I have a set of forks from a bike I had in the past, 2008 CRF450r. Is there a difference in these forks? Would it be worth it to swap the forks around? For all I know, its the same forks. That's why I am here. Any help is appreciated, I can answer anything I didn't provide.
  23. Hi, does anyone know where I could get dual sport or supermoto tires for a crf80? I have looked absolutely everywhere and can't find them! Is it possible to put 100 wheels on an 80 without doing any extensive suspension work? I can find wheels for the 100 for days!
  24. Hi guys, I am trying find a 420 front sprocket for my CRF230 engine. I contacted a couple sprocket companies & they said they do not have it. What I have been doing in the past is grinding the 520 sprockets thinner @ the teeth section & they work, but I would like to be able to find one if they are available. Any ideas? Thank you
  25. I've been on TT for a few years. I have an '01 400 EXC-R. She's been meticulously maintained and runs beautifully. I'm considering the 453cc with the 520 cam that I've read Travis and Dave and friends do. Most of the posts I read are old for the conversion. BTW, Travis, thanks for teaching me how to change the cam bearings, waterpump and adjust the valves. Couldn't have done it without you. Your videos are spot on.
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