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Found 32 results

  1. I've got a leaking radiator hose on my 1997 Honda CR125R. Could I just swap it out for a piece of garden hose and continue riding for a few hours? My bike isn't here right now, so does anyone know the typical ID of those hoses? I figure the coolant gets to about 200 degrees F, so would a garden hose stand up to those temps?
  2. Augoose

    Losing coolant, watery oil

    All, Another question about my 2001 DRZ400e. As detailed in another thread, I recently got my head back from Fastheads for a valve job. I also installed a new piston and rings while keeping my existing cylinder. The bike finally starts and runs! Initially I noticed a frothy white oily mixture dripping from the end of the valve cover vent hose. I pulled the valve cover and didn't see any issues so I was hoping it was something leftover in the hose prior to the rebuild. I went to drain the oil and it was very thin and almost watery- grey in color. I could not see green coolant in the oil and it wasn't milky white, but it was definitely thin. When I ran it between my fingers you could tell it was watery. I drained the coolant and it had white bubbles in it - no evidence of oil. I also removed the hose off the water pump and again, green coolant with no evidence of oil. No white smoke out of exhaust. Runs clean. The head gasket I used was new as was the base gasket. Before I tear it down again I was hoping for some suggestions. thanks
  3. househippo

    Bel-Ray Moto Chill Compatability

    Hey everyone. Decided recently to try out Bel-Ray's Thumper synthetic for my next oil change and realized I should probably get some coolant at the same time. I ordered some of their "Moto Chill Racing Coolant" without too much thought. Has anyone had experience with this particular coolant? I keep hearing the bike requires a phosphate free coolant which this has no indication of, only that it is a silicate free propylene glycol mixture safe for magnesium and aluminium components. Any help much appreciated!
  4. Ondastreet

    Street coolant

    Hey all, I'm getting ready to install my red silicone hoses. What coolant should I run for all street use? Thx in advance, Ken
  5. Alex Seprish

    2005 kx250f Head Coolant leak help

    Hi, I have a 2005 kx250f and it has a fully rebuilt motor and as I was checking valve clearances I noticed that the coolant plug inside the head was leaking. The head is brand new and I never touched the plug and I was wondering if anyone knows whats wrong, should I tighten it, put gasket maker on it, or an o ring, i have never taken it of so I do not know if it needs a o ring or something and if anyone knows torque specs please let me know thanks. I can provide pictures later.
  6. mattmark

    Sweet smelling oil.

    Good evening all. Ever since I got my drz, I could always smell the faint smell of something sweet and I couldn't quite pinpoint it. Later on I found something sticky and sweet smelling down by where the water pump seal is and it clicked that the smell is probably coolant. Correct me if I'm wrong. Anyways, when doing an oil change, I notice that the oil itself smells sweet as well. When I check the rads, they are a little low but don't have any oil mixed into it or milkyness as far as I can tell. So my question is this. Other then a leaky head gasket, how else if at all, could coolant get into my oil?
  7. Hey guys Recently took out my 2005 WR450 for a few hours and came back, parked up, all was fine and have left it for 2 weeks. I went back to the bike today and the oil is very milky and the coolant bottle empty. I started to drain the oil and fill up the coolant but to my amazement the coolant was going down so quickly it was actually pouring straight out of the oil sump.... So my question is, what could be the problem? maybe broken seals or gaskets somewhere? Thanks

    No carbon buildup on piston?

    K so I am getting so frustrated with this bike😕 the problem is when I looked down at my piston with a camera there was absolutely no carbon buildup on the piston and it still looks new. What could cause this? The bike is a 2001 cr80r. (Thanks)
  9. Hello. My CRF450R 2011 have leaking (oil with coolant) from water pump drainage hole: I install new mechanical seal (7), oil seal (16) and new bearing (15): Filled new coolant and run my bike, all was fine, but after 15 minutes I got heavy coolant leaking: Disassembled again and noticed that "head" of mechanical seal is disconnected: What's can be wrong? Looks like problem with slight tightening (torque) (12 N/m) of impeller (part #6)? Sorry for my bad English.
  10. My bike has been running noticibly hot latley, then I noticed my coolant was low. This is the first time I've had to change coolant on my Yz450f and I'm not sure what I should go with. I have some Preston 50/50 lying around, but I'm not sure how safe that is for my bike. I've heard good things about engine ice and water wetter, but I want something that is available locally. Also, I live in south Florida where it is always hot, so I don't need a coolant that goes very low below freezing. Thanks for the help.
  11. Working on my buddy’s 2017 Ktm 250xc-f. With 67 hrs on it. For a while now we’ve been smelling coolant . We saw a drip near hoses above exhaust. So we tighten up or replaced anything that looked bad. .. just last night he started it and we smelled again so we looked closely and noticed it leaking from the valve cover gasket . I pulled the cover and there was traces of coolant all around cams and can caps. Not leaking bad enough to make oil milky though or doesn’t look very low in rads after 1 ride. I was assuming head gasket so we tore it down but I’m now seeing any imperfections that stand out. Anyone got any ideas ???
  12. Hello, today I started to do further research on my issue. I have a 04 yz250f and I feel as if it’s overheating I say this because when the bike is in nuetral coasting or idle coolant flows out the overflow. So now I’m pretty sure I know what’s wrong and it’s that I’m too lean the bike backfires on deceleration but the throttle response is perfect. Also, the motor seems to remain at high rpms after the clutch is engaged. I took the carb apart and this is what I found. (I do trail riding, I know the radiators are getting enough air flow I’m not going slow enough for that to be the issue that’s what I think at least) Main jet—178 pilot jet-72 Jet needle groove position-4th down Pilot Screw Adjustment- The bike stays running at about 2 turns out but to have more throttle control best would be 3-3.5 basically all the way out. P.s I’m not very familiar with these carbs so if you can leave some information on how theses things work and what I should do, the bike starts up first kick clutch engages every time the bike just gets extremely hot.
  13. Zach7018

    Coolant drip help!

    I recently bought a 2002 YZ125. I just rebuilt the top end and took it out on the first ride. When I got to the trails and went to unload my bike I noticed some drops on coolant on the bed of my truck and a little bit on the frame.(the bike had not been run at all that day). When I started riding I would check every couple of minutes and noticed it was still happening. just a couple of drips a minute coming from the bleeder hose that runs from the top of the radiator. After a little while I stopped and let the bike cool and checked the coolant level to make sure I wasn't losing too much. After checking I went back to riding and it seemed to have stopped so I figured maybe it just had something to do with the radiator cap and somehow taking it off and putting it back on had solved the problem. However today I had the bike in the bed of my truck and once again found coolant dripping from the bleeder line coming from the top of the radiator(bike had not been running). Has anyone else had this happen? Is it a problem? If so how much is it going to cost
  14. Hello, I have an issue with my 2006 DRZ 400s. This is the first time posting. I have notice that when I am riding my bike at 60 to 75 MPH, I will start to get coolant going into the overflow bottle. In a 3 mile trip at 60 to 65, I will have about 5/8 " of fluid in the overflow bottle. At 40 miles or slower i never get coolant in the bottle. Fan comes on and off. I have checked, Fan works good, T-stat opens when it should, No air pockets in the radiator, did a test on the head gasket at top dead center and its good. Water pump is working good too. check in the radiators and both are clean. Running with the new stock radiator cap with 1.1 bar. The hot light works, but it's never came on. When i let the bike just idle, fan come on and off and i might get a spoon full of fluid in the bottle. I bought this bike used. I do not know if the carburetor as been re-jetted. Please help
  15. I just got done replacing the head gasket and rings on my 2008 ktm exc and when I started it up for the first time it was blowing a lot of white smoke out the exhaust and even continued for a minute after shutting the bike off. I know thats typically a sign of a bad gasket but I just replaced it. I torqued all the bolts down corrrectly and I saw no problem with the head. Could it be something with the water pump? Or maybe i still screwed something up when putting it back together.
  16. ferdiRMZ 250

    RMZ 250 coolant leaking ?

    I flushed my Suzuki RMZ 250 2006 air coolant to change to a better brand coolant. But when I pour my new coolant in it started leaking out of a air hole under my engine ? I don't know what's wrong or what I did wrong any advice on how to Fix ?
  17. Bradley Evans

    YZ250 coolant leak

    Hi everyone, I have a 2002 YZ250 2 stroke that has recently had its top end replaced (within past 6 hours of riding). After taking it out of the garage to run it, I kicked it over and noticed a coolant leak coming from the cylinder base gasket towards the exhaust port. It had no problems prior to this. Two rides previously it may have been flooded by water a little; however, after a new spark plug and oil change it ran just fine again for another ride. What is your opinions? Should I change the base gasket, rebuild the top end again, or is there a simpler solution that i am missing? Thanks.
  18. So, looking for a little wisdom. I just rebuilt my bike last night and finished at 12:30 this morning. Last night i wanted to make sure i could get the bike to fire up and make sure everything is okay and begin the break in. As luck would have it, the HG is leaking coolant. what would y'all recommend i do. I have a cosmetic gasket because i have a cylinder works 269cc. P.S. it was running for 15 minuets with me modulating the throttle when i noticed it. It was a VERY small little line but its still leaking coolant with less than 20 minutes in the the motor. Thanks -Brandon
  19. First-time poster here. I have a 99 YZ125 that's been causing me a whole lot of headache trying to dial in the jetting. I've given up and since ordered a Lectron Carburetor (waiting for it in the mail). After last weekend's ride I was doing some research into why my bike smokes a lot even with how much I've leaned it out (per JD jetting recommendations and then some). I learned that sometimes a faulty clutch-side crankcase seal can leak transmission oil into the crankcase and cause excessive smoking. This would make sense as last time I changed my oil a very small amount came out from the transmission. I've ordered a seals kit. With that knowledge, I decided to tear down the bike and inspect the top-end. Here's what I found. What is this milky, white substance? Coolant leaking? I've also ordered a water pump rebuild kit. ALSO, I discovered that the cylinder bolt next to the power valve linkage was completely off the dowel and wedged behind the power valve linkage. I torqued this bolt to spec using the Motion Pro torque wrench adapter. Do these need to be Loctited? Could this loose bolt be causing coolant to leak into the cylinder?? Other info: – Always clean air filter – Low (20ish) hours on the piston, rings, and gaskets – FMF pipe and silencer (packing looked good when I removed last night, will replace) – I did give the bike a good pressure wash (with muffler plug and airbox cover), so maybe it's water? – 91 pump gas with Maxima Castor oil – 10w-30 oil
  20. I have a 2008 Yz250f used so I changed the coolant and went with engine Ice and now my bike is overheating. I realized though as I drained out the engine ice coolant that it came out without a chugging affect even though I had the cap on. This is not right am I correct? could this be causing my bike to overheat or is it something greater?
  21. So I purchased my 05 Husky TC250 off Craigslist and went out and bought some Engine Ice, oil, filters etc. off the bat without really seeing what was in it. I'm replacing some radiator pieces that are reccomended (weak crossover hose and plastic "T" fitting with aluminum "Y" fitting) Anyway...my plan was to do them both and do a flush and fill with Engine Ice, but my Y fitting might not make it in time before this weekends ride. When checking the ignition coil for no spark a little while back I removed a hose and saw the coolant was a nice clean blue color. Is it safe to assume the color means that it's propylene glycol based coolant? I just need to top up a little bit that was lost when changing hoses until my last piece arrives and I do a full flush. I was going to just add a little Ice from Engine Ice from my jug but I don't want to mix coolants if it's not really the same formula. Not really a big deal...just wondering how many colors of coolant are out there and if it's an indicator of what type it is. I think some AGIP coolants that Husky's ship with are blue...not sure though,
  22. I've over heated my bike a couple of times this year and noticed (not surprisingly) that the coolant isn't reaching the top of the radiator when cold. I presume it should. Can I just add coolant or do I need to flush and add entirely? It's a 16 with around 55 hours on it. My issue with flushing is what to do with the used coolant. I certainly don't want to put it down the drain and I'm not sure my recycling center takes coolant, they don't take a lot of stuff besides engine oil.
  23. Jdowling74

    Coolant overflow

    I recently bought a DRZ 400 that had the coolant overflow removed. I am putting it back on the bike because I keep it outside and I ride it around the city in traffic so I want the cooling system to work properly. Can any of you give me some info on how the piping is routed or post some pictures. Thanks
  24. FatCowKiller

    Wr450f coolant leak

    So the new head I bought is leaking coolant from the bolt that attaches the tube for the antifreeze to get to the engine head. I tried using copper washers as nobody by me sells crush washers but that did not work. I picked up these viton o rings at harbor freight, does anybody think they will melt? I don't race so I won't be redlining it but idk how hot the engine head will get as the o ring will be pressed up against it. I know the coolant won't go above the 250 range so that's not the issue. I believe these are rated for roughly 440 farenheight?
  25. 06/02/2017 UPDATE: WINNERS ANNOUNCED BELOW! WE'LL BE REACHING OUT VIA EMAIL TO EACH SHORTLY WITH INSTRUCTIONS. THX TO ALL THAT ENTERED! For the month of May, we've teamed up with the folks at Evans Waterless Engine Coolant to bring the ThumperTalk community a giveaway! Evans will be giving away a total of 12 Powersports Coolant kits, each consisting of Prep Fluid and up to two 1/2 gallons of waterless coolant (depending upon the winner's vehicle). Let us help you get your ride ready for battle in those hot summer conditions! Evans prevents boil-over, maximizes horsepower, and eliminates corrosion. Update 05/04/2017: Evans contacted us to let us know that they're sweetening the giveaway by adding in a Grand Prize of one cash card loaded with $250.00! That's a lot of gas money or whatever the winners wants to blow it on. Absolutely no purchase is necessary to enter the giveaway and you do not need to be a ThumperTalk member. Please note that the giveaway is limited to US residents. Our apologies to those excluded! International giveaways are legally complicated. Enter below and watch the Evans Waterless Coolant video to get your Secret Code. Want more chances to win? Complete one or more of the optional tasks! Hint: referring friends offers the most bonus entries. CLICK HERE TO ENTER THE GIVEAWAY Still curious about how Evans Waterless really performs? Here's some reviews from fellow riders right here on TT: