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Found 57 results

  1. Evan Dodd

    Voss Helmets

    I have a Voss helmet and really like it I was wondering if anyone else has experience with their products and what they think.
  2. Why|did|they|stop|making|XRs

    what bike should I buy?

    Hello, i'm looking at getting a different dirt bike I had a 2004 crf150f for awhile and did not like it at all, the carb was slightly rich and everything was stalk except the bars and grips. and a few months back I got to ride, a 2002 yz85, and I had alot of fun. but i'm doing more woods and trail riding and, and my dad says I would like a upgraded crf150f... but that thing is so heavy and slow I have trouble believing that. so I guess the the question is. should I get a yz85, or cr85 and set them up for woods or would I like a modified crf150f or is there a bike i'm leaving out of the question? the only brands i'm interested in is Honda and yamaha. and i'm 13 years old and 5'1'' Thanks
  3. Hey guys! Im gonna start out with posting all the information i think is needed for you guys to help me with this problem! Stock engine 2007 crf250r. Valve clearances are good and have JUST been shimmed with a double and triple check. Jetting is 175 main, stock needle position, 45 pilot and 50 leak jet. 1000ft above sea level. Im still having a terrible time starting and it used to be a 1 kick bike. I haven't changed my kick routine at all. 3 slow kicks, 3 throttle twist and then kick. Will sometimes start if i give it some gas when kicking. And then it starts 1-4 kicks after its warm. Im lost and dont know what else to look for. Thanks!
  4. crdude

    My new bike!

    Well, I sold my last cr250 back in 2011 or so, and I decided its time to get back into riding... My last one was a 96', loved it, but I had ALWAYS wanted a gen 3 cr250... So I picked this 02 cr250 up! Came with a TON of spare parts. Heres some pics & vids. sorry if I ride like a rookie, its my first time being on a bike in years. Relearning how to ride again has been a lot of fun!
  5. Trevor gray

    KTM 250 MXC?

    I have been riding dirt bikes for a little less than a year and I always ride trails and enduro. I have a crf250x right now and want to get a two stroke to go with it, should I get a Ktm 250 mxc? Or should i go with a yz 250 or cr 250? I've heard good and bad things about all of these bikes, and I need some help making a decision. I am going to look at this bike soon: https://portland.craigslist.org/wsc/mcy/d/2000-ktm-250-mxc/6552466361.html. I don't know if it is a good deal or not. Please help.
  6. Yamaha fan number 1

    yz 250 street legal,conversion

    Hi guys i have some questions and would appreciate any help you guys may have. I have a 1998 yz 250 ive had for a few years thats been in the famliy for awile. I am doing a ground up redo on it this winter. Im geting a used frame because the one i have dosent have a title so i figured wile im at it ill get a 1998/1997 wr 250 frame so i can make it street legal. I know the 98 wr 250 wasent introduced in the us but the 97 was and the yz 250 is the same bike from 96 to 98. So my question is are the wr 250s the same ? Could i find a 97 wr250 frame and swap everything from my 98 yz 250 to it ? I wont realy ride it on the street much considering its not the best bike for commuting (by far) lol, but i figure if im geting another frame with a title miswell be able to throw my street tires on it and rip some twistes with it if i want to. Thanks for any help.
  7. Hey all, does anyone have a PDF service manual for a 95 or newer CR250. Doing fork seals and a few other maintenance items and would like to review the manual. I cannot find anything online regarding the forks on the 95 and older models. Not sure exactly how to bleed the inner fork cartridge. Thanks
  8. ktmyates122

    xr400 wont start

    have a 2000 XR 400 in the shop put new stator, coil plug, new topend, rebuilt carb, and adjusted the valves will spit and spurter wen being pulled but wont stay fully running or wont start wen kick start plz help out were all puzzled about it at the shop
  9. I currently own a 2002 Kawasaki KDX 220R and I'm looking for a new bike. I've been looking at 04 - 08 Yamaha YZ 250s because I think they'd be better for me. Just tell me what bikes you'd recommend. I'm 14 years old, 6'0, 200 lbs, and have been riding for 9 years. And before you say my bike is perfectly fine, I will say this. I ride trails and the street and backyard tracks with my friends. My KDX lacks the power to do much on a track and it doesn't have the power I want for riding on the street either. Just wanted to get that out of the way. All recommendations are appreciated. I can buy anything below $3000.
  10. Lachie carwo

    LAMS approved 2t

    does anyone know if a 1997 Yamaha WR250z is legal on your L's/LAMS?
  11. Pissed93CR

    Need radiator help 93 CR 250

    Hey! New to forum and have quick question. I just started a 93 cr250 project and all the parts are original and some are a bit clapped out. The radiator needs to be replaced and I am wondering If the eBay radiators are worth it. Company names on ebay are, MSR Racing, Worley, GPI, and HR Racing etc. Are these radiators any good or am I stuck buying an expensive OEM unit? Should I buy a used OEM? No one really seems to make or carry them except the eBay stores. I also have a hard time trusting eBay purchases. Any help would be much appreciated! Thanks -Peter
  12. lookin to upgrade my suspension on my 06 cr250, curious whats possible with some work.
  13. I've just turned 16 and have just about enough money to buy myself a cr125 i'm 6,3, i wanted to get an 85 for my first bike but i am to tall so i was thinking of getting a 125, so i want to know is a cr 125 too powerful for my first bike, i had a little 125 pitbike so i know how to use clutch but is a cr125 too powerful for a first bike ? Thanks in advance
  14. EXTREMElifestyle

    Repairing bent radiators?!

    So I’m doing some fixing on my 2001 CR 250 R. I’m going through all the issues on the off-season trying to freshen up the bike for this spring. I have watched multiple videos of people repairing radiators that were pretty bent up. Mine is slightly worse than any I’ve seen repaired, it does not leak and does not overheat (haven’t rode it in the blazing summer heat but 60-70 degrees it was fine) I guess I’m wondering has anyone repaired a crinkled up radiator successfully and did it work with no leaks or is repairing something this dented up going to have to be took to a shop? I’m basically just wanting to get it as good as possible without having to put more money in it or take it to a shop and or replace them which is inevitably going to need to be done at some point. thanks
  15. I'm wanting any information on a 94 cr500e I bought last fall. I bought it from a friend of the original owner. It was imported from Italy I think and I believe the company that built it with the ok from honda was called honda Manchester racing. That's about all I know. It came with passenger pegs, stock lighting stator, duel pillar kickstand, etc. It's in pretty good shape for its age but I'm thinking about restoring it and selling it because I want a bike I won't feel bad about beating up a bit. I don't really need a street legal cr500 even though it's a blast riding threw town getting thumbs up everywhere. Any info on the bikes value would be great too. Thanks guys.
  16. Sam Shaffer

    2001 Honda cr 250 power valve

    I recent had in issue with my bike and I need to clean my power valves. Since the Hondas use a cable system that is different than others, will I need to pretty much rebuild my top end or is there a way to clean the power valve without ripping the cylinder head off.. (I really don't want to lol). But I can if need be.
  17. Scheer

    2001 CR125 Rebuild

    Thought I would share my bike rebuild I did on my 2001 CR125. The bike was in a rough shape when I bought it. Here is the only pictures I have when I bought the bike. I didnt take before pictures. The picture does not do enough justice on how bad this bike was. Sorry about the quality it is the picture the guy send me and he had a filter on it. Got the bike back and started working on it right away. It would start only by bump starting and would not go into the powerband so I started to tear the bike down.(I did a compression test and it was at 60PSI cold) after i pulled the motor I found the cylinder to have a crack in the exhaust side and pits all down the cylinder. It had a Wiesco piston and crank. The pits down the cylinder, the walls were scored. The steering kept grabbing while turing so I tore apart the steering stem and found the shape of the bearings... Took the dremel and cut out the bearing it would not break loose due to being rusted bad. On the frame and swingarm I took the sand paper to and sanded it down from 600 grit to 800,1000,2000,3000 grit. Then on the pipe it is a pro circuit pipe that was black and I took a sandblaster to it then sanded it down. I used a torch on the seams to give it the blue tint. Have the bike completly tore down cases were not split this time the crank seemed fine no slop in it move freely figured it would be fine for awhile... front and rear shocks were rebuilt no shock oil was in either front or rear shocks, soaked the chain in gear oil for 2 weeks and let air dry for 2 days, cleaned up the case halves with wd-40 and a scotch brite pad. I wish I would of took before pictures of everything the cases were caked in cow manure and grass took a long time to get the stains out of the cases and swing arms. Was time to put the bike all back together piston and cylinder came got a oem cylinder and wiesco piston. I did not put in a new crank more to that later. Got the bike back together did not buy any plastics or look good things yet I planned within a month after the build to get all the plastics and graphics. I wanted to focus on all money going in to the bikes motor and more important things. Went to do a break in cycle on the bike ran great had no signs of anything going to fail started first kick, clutch worked great after I used it a bit but then was riding down a gravel road still during the break in cycle and the bike locked up on me that ended the break in cycle. Took it back and started to pull the motor and found that the crank locked up on me. Split the cases pulled the crank and decided to split the crank apart to see out of curiosity what it was and found the big end bearing to be shelled. The marks on the crank were from splitting the crank used a air hammer to split it. Ended up going with a OEM Crank and another Wiesco Piston. scored the piston bad with the chunks of the bearing, cylinder was fine no scoring. Big mistake not replacing the Crank after the crank locked up I looked up wiesco cranks and they say they do not last at all. Got new plastics, seat cover and graphics also and finished up the bike project. I spent plenty of time on the bike making it look good and cleaning it up. It was my first bike rebuild I ever have done.
  18. So im looking at two bikes, a 03 kx 250 and an 04 cr250r both have Some aftermarket parts and are about the same price, which should i buy?
  19. I have a 70's Honda CR tank that I'm restoring and I want to buy some wing decals, but I see all different sizes being sold. I'd like to get the exact measurements of the original wing decals, but i have no idea how to find that out. Could somebody help me out? Thanks.
  20. hi need help what seat covers from different bikes fit oN MY RM 125 2001
  21. My rm125 leaks gas when sitting there on the stand with gas off. I've tried cleaning carb to make sure no dirt or anything! Please help! Also my kickstarter is tight when pulling out?
  22. WhyZinger28

    1990 cr125

    Going to be rebuilding my 1990 CR125, only doing the top end for now. I know this is the first year honda put the HPP exhaust valves on the 125's. Anybody know if im going to have to mess with the HPP valve at all?? Here are some pics of the bike
  23. ashfmxuk

    Cold start choke or not?

    Just wondering if anyone who owns a honda cr250r, "mine is an 03 super clean". When cold starting I am having to use the choke, I am sure back in the day about 2004-2008 I had no issues starting from cold without choke how ever maybe I always used the choke and forgot. But since refurb the bike with out choke when cold will not fire as soon as choke is on first time start. I have recently changed the plug still no difference. Is this normal or should this bike be starting from cold without choke?
  24. Hey y'all first time posting, I tried searching pretty extensively for this topic, but I couldn't come up with any results. Excuse my ignorance if this has been brought up before I have a 1984 cr125r that I'm trying to do a rider quality restore on. Things are starting with making sure it runs well enough before I tear it down and start the process. I managed to acquire a 35mm PWK air striker for a good price, and now I'm setting out to install it. I have a macgyver setup right involving some old cut up intake boots and hose clamps. Already runs much better than what I could tune the old round slide PE that came stock. Now I would like to clean things up. My current intake insulator is cracked and too small for the larger PWK diameter, and the air box boot is too small too so I'm trying to figure out alternatives. So first question is about the intake manifold insulator boot. Does anyone know what year Crs have the same insulator mounting bolt patterns as the 1984? And even better does anyone know what intake insulators will work with the 35mm PWK air striker (I picked up a used off craigslist "cr125" boot that fits the carb and in intake bolts, but for some reason it is straight and I need an angled boot to clear the mono shock, maybe this boot came off of a converted kart???) The '84 has the 4 hole mounting pattern. I know the '85 have the newer PJ carb with a slightly larger (air box side) diameter and I think an airbox boot of a 85 would work, but it looks like the carb output (motor side) is still going to be 41mm instead of 42mm that I need. Bonus questions what would be the best air box side boot to match with a PWK air striker. I think the 97-99 have the double flanged airbox seal, but would it work for a 59mm carb and my 84 air box? Carb dimensions Honda model year | kleihin |Model | motor side | air box side 1984 PE 34MM 41mm 58mm 1985 PJ 34MM 41mm 59mm 2000?? PWK 35mm 42mm 59mm Thanks! _aaron