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Found 26 results

  1. Okay so a few weeks ago I brought a 2006 cr250 and I want to put the motor out of it in a crf250x frame and register it, note that I'm in Queensland Australia which seems to be the nanny state that doesn't allow much because our bike laws are super outdated. What am I gonna have to do to register it? I want a 2 stroke dual sport but I don't want a ktm and betas are hard to get parts for where I am whereas honda parts are like flies, &%$#@!ing everywhere. I know ill need to change engine mounts, not the y peice out and move it up and drill holes and tap a thread into them for the powevalve servo but what else will I need to do? Will I need a mod plate because of the engine swap?
  2. ashfmxuk

    Honda CR250 rebuild

    Currently rebuilding my CR250R 03 that has been sat not used for maybe 8-10 years so far inspected all of the top end cleaned it up rebuilt the sus everything on the bike looks great i have warnededto keep an eye on the oil seals such as sprocket shifter etc but not heard anyone say to check out the water pump. Should I open th water pump casing just to check for signs of wear or maybe even rust I imagine that could form in there? Or would this just be a waste of time and money on new gaskets? thanks ash
  3. Hello all!! I picked this up yesterday. New to me 1997 RM250. It has Rockstar graphics on it and the guy said it's a Rockstar edition bike. I can't find anything online that would give me any details. It looks to have the correct graphics and the radiator shrouds are purple. Any ideas where to find out the details for these editions?
  4. Hey so I have a Cr250r with a few mods -PC pipe -Vforce reeds -Keihin PWK carb I was wondering what race gas I should use, I am a weekend rider and I do not race or anything like that, I just want to use some race gas on my bike so it runs better. (Don't want to run straight up pump gas) I am looking to mix with 93 pump gas because running straight up race gas is too expensive for me. What gas would be good for me that is not too expensive. Thanks!
  5. 1995 cr250r I replaced the oil in my forks the other day and noticed that the springs are quite a bit out of spec. I think factory is about 19.16 inches according to my clymer manual. When I measured them, they shored up at around 18.5 inches. I've been doing a few google searches and looking at the factory connections website but I cannot find any direct replacement springs for these KAYABA series shocks. 1. Obviously my first option is to buy new forks and triple tree but I really don't want to do that. 2. I'm guessing "stretching" the spring is the absolute worst thing I could do, so that's not an option? (Yes, I'm questioning that...) 3. Which leads me to the PVC pipe/washer question? I know this is done in chinese pit bikes for greater compression because...china, but I'm trying to figure out what all of my options are. There were two washers on top of the spring "inside" the spring collar when I took it apart but they don't "extend" the spring to the 19.16 inches. (It was still shy about an eighth of an inch or maybe one more washer.) I did find these from race tech, but they seem like they would be awful soft compared to stock springs (which is supposedly around .41 or .43 kg depending on the website you go to) http://www.racetech.com/page/title/FRSP-RT Fork Spring List Item Code Description Length (mm) OD 1 OD 2 Minimum Travel Rate (kg/mm) Rate (N/mm) Rate (lb/in) FRSP 394936RT FRK SPR 38.1x487mm .36kg 487 38.1 312 0.36 3.53 20.2 TL;DR If my springs are too short and I can't find decent non-used replacements and I don't plan on jumping the bike (If I did it would be like 1-2 feet in the air not 30 feet like Ronnie Mac) can I do anything to extend these springs to use it as a trail ride/leisure track bike? My apologies if there is a thread on this already. Searching for "front fork stock springs short" didn't bring up any viable threads...
  6. fuelfox4949

    redline idle on first kick

    i have a 2002 Honda cr250r, it had sat all last year due to busy life, while it was in my garage/storage i would rotate the kick starter every other month so the piston could move and rotate the crank. today i took it out cleaned it up, changed the crank oil, new coolant, fresh plug, put in fresh mixed gas, cleaned the carb and put a moose rebuild kit in changing all jets and needle. where i ride i am exactly as it is from the factory so all settings are where they should be per the manual. the problem i am having that as soon as i kick it over it revs to the moon! i have to hit the kill switch right away. i have tried adjusting the idle screw but it is almost all the way backed out, and the air screw is 1 1/2 turns out almost 1 3/4 out. i have checked and the carb boots are attached and there not torn or rotted, air filter is clean and sealed up in the box, i took the carb out because when i turned on the gas it poured out of the overflow tube so that is when i put in the moose carb rebuild kit. i checked the throttle cable it is not tight and i can hear the slide moving up and down. i did have trouble taking the cable off when changing the needle so maybe the spring is weak? kinda doubt it though. i do need to get new carb vent tubes because mine are getting on in age and are stiff but this would not cause it would it? so any ideas where to look and start i would appreciate, so i can start tearing back into it.
  7. Like the title says, My carburetor is dumping gas when ever I move the bike and sometimes when its on the kickstand. I just rebuilt the top end, its a 2001 cr250r and the carb was fine before I did the piston and rings. I blasted it with some carb cleaner when i had it out, and that it. Didn't open it. Now it just dumps about 2oz of gas every couple seconds/minutes out of one of the overflows. The bike runs ok and start easy. I know people say an issue like this is float related but it isnt a constant stream its inconsistent. As if it fills up, then dumps, then repeats.
  8. So I am rebuilding my cr250r it’s probably not been started in maybe 5-6 years. I have changed cleaned pretty much everything. My only concern is I haven’t changed the gear box oil as I am not sure this should be started walmed up first to get the oil moving then swapped straight away? Or should I just cold drain it then replace?
  9. meter86

    Lack of Power

    Hey everyone, I am new to the world of 2 strokes and I am having an issue with a 1996 CR250r that I recently acquired. To begin with the bike will bog down when I first hit the throttle and will do so again if I let it sit for a bit. However the problem goes away if I am constantly on and off the throttle. The larger issue however is that the bike seems like it is hitting a rev limiter at 3/4 throttle and the power is lacking for a bike this size. Id appreciate any help in trying to figure this out.
  10. So I have a 2002 cr250r and it has a Keihin PWK 38 carb long body and screw on cap style. I know that a lot of cr250 owners replace the stock mikuni with the keihin. I check the spark plug and it’s black with carbon build up. I am in Dallas Texas and I ride from 510’ to 1100’ depending where I ride, temperature changes a lot. One day it can be 40 and the next day it can be 70, it should stay above 60. What is a good jetting set up for the keihin on a cr250 for where I ride. Thanks.
  11. I have never ridden 2t dirt-bike , i start my dirt bike adventure this year with a 4t yz450 and i love this sport. now am interested to test 2t cross and want to use it for enduro and MX. are this bikes ( yz250) good for both enduro and MX use !? i heard that yz250 is the same from 2006 up to 2016 and have no change . what about honda cr250r !? which year and model of this two brand worth owning !?
  12. i have been looking all over this forum for a definitive answer to this and some have said yes it will work, and some have said no because the shock clevis lengths and mounting bolts are not the same length. Someone please give insight to this. asking because i have a 03 cr250r and found a great deal on a 05 crf450r with a 5.7 kg/mm spring in it ( i weigh 220 lbs) on ebay.
  13. Kaito Sutton


    Hey guys, so cant find much online about cr 250r enduro conversions (nothing recent) so im wondering if it is an option or not. I currently have a crf 250x 2009 and a XR 650r. If i want a 2 stroke enduro but want to stick with the honda line up, is a 2007 or 2005 honda cr 250r a good option. and if so what would need to be done to it to get it up to spec for trail and enduro riding. Thanks very much
  14. cerialsledder

    03 cr250 performance gains?

    What can anyone recommend to help my bike(03 CR250r) climb like a KTM 300 XC? I know what most of you will probably say and that would be to go buy a 300 but that is not in the cards right now as I can't afford another payment right now. The mods that are currently on my bike are FMF gnarly pipe and VF3 reeds, a JD jet kit in it and 13/50 sprockets. It runs good but it won't climb some of the hills the 300 will and I have ridden the 300 and it makes climbing a breeze. I was tempted to try a flywheel weight but I have never tried one so any help I would appreciate. I'm 220lb rider by the way.
  15. Kawasaki_kxRider

    Honda 2 stroke talk

    Would anyone know the best gearing for desert, long ranges, I have 13/49 and I feel I can go faster, anyone know what I should use for more top speed?
  16. I need some new reeds and want to go with v force, however when I shop I can’t understand why sometimes the reeds are caged and sometimes not? Heres an example caged https://motocrosspartsuk.com/honda-cr250-vforce3-reed-valve-system-cr-250-v-force/ not caged https://www.24mx.co.uk/v-force-3-reed-valve-membrane/honda-cr-250r-2003#?p are these diffent products? Or like did they lose the cage in later versions no idea? Just want to know what I should buy thanks
  17. New rebuild. Less than 5 hours too and bottom. Ride the bike last weekend had some idling issues. Idle would jump especially when the bike was hot. Got it home tried to start it the next day and got nothing. I'm getting fuel, spark and air. Bike is all stock and I can't find and leaks or possible air leaks.
  18. So I started my bike today and a lot of smoke came out from where the air boots clamp on the carb (both sides) where the air boot meets the air box, and where the pipe meets the cylinder. I can also hear a leak but I am not sure from where. It also bogs. What could this be??! I started it yesterday and it ran fine, no leaks, no smoking, bike revved up good and everything. i should point out that I did take the carb off, disconnected the air boot from the air box. I put some grease on the air boot so it would seal against the air box when I put it back together, it was a pain in the a$$ installing the carb but I made sure that the air boots clamp all around the carburetor. After I was done I started it and it was completely fine, no issues. UPDATE: well it turns out that I still had the exhaust plug....(Facepalm) should I be concerned that the air found a way out??? If air can find a way out then air with dust can find a way in. Also, could this mean bad reed valves?? It has the vforce reeds but the cage is grey with purple lettering (not the normal black cage with yellow lettering) thanks
  19. ashfmxuk

    Chain and wheel base

    For as long as I can remember when running 13 48 or 49 standard chains will only fit my Honda cr 250r 03 at either the ass end or by removing links to 114 and then it’s over tight and at the shortlist measure on the swing arm!!! Am I missing something? sure the ideal position would be centre?
  20. cerialsledder

    03 cr250 cylinder worth anything?

    Is a cylinder off a 2003 cr250 with a crack in the exhaust port bridge worth anything? I have one sitting on my shelf that I never did anything with. Thank you
  21. BabyGroot69

    Which silencer should i buy?

    Hello, I could not seem to find a similar thread so if one exists I apologize. I have an 02 cr250r with an 01 motor. I need to buy a new silencer with a spark arrestor because the current one does not have one. I am not sure if the owner before me used an 01 or 02 silencer because I have read the frame had significant changes from 01 to 02. Any thoughts? Thanks!
  22. cerialsledder

    Think this pipe is repairable?

    What do you guys think? would a pipe repair shop attempt to fix this or am I better off buying a new gnarly pipe? Thank you for any replies.
  23. SmithMan95

    Spooge VS Tranny Oil (cr250r)

    Took this cr250 i just got out to the desert for the first time since buying it and after rebuilding the top end. Bike runs great, feels like full power (as far as I can tell, its the fastest dirt bike ive ever been on), no loss in the high or low end. The previous owner had it for 10 years and said he did a lot of "putting around" on it. I got on it and started flying through some gears after break in and when i come back to the truck my swingarm is covered in black oil. It leaks from the screw on the bottom of the silencer (where you unbolt to repack), not at the connection to the header. Pretty much no smoke coming from the tailpipe after warm up. I realize this question has been answered many times, but I'm posting again for someone who maybe in my specific situation in the future. My assumption is that the last owner rode it so light that the spooge just stayed in the muffler, and that I am now blasting out spooge with higher rpms. Opened the silence and it is indeed a solid black log saturated with oil. Gonna repack it today. Going to continue posting updates till I rid the bike of this issue, hopefully it just needs a repack after 10 years of not being opened. My most concerning question tho that i would like the community to chime in on is: If my issue was a crankseal, would it definitely be obvious due to excessive white smoke?
  24. ben streener

    cr250r fowling problems

    hi I have a 2001 cr250r I am currently running it at 40:1 and it is fowling plugs any suggestions?
  25. Hey guys, Could someone please explain the numbers on a needle jet for a mikuni carb? I'm currently running a 38-73 needle but a lot of the people I talk to say I would be happier running a 38-70 needle. I don't have a problem with going with what other recommend but I would like to understand the numbering for the needles first. I understand the nozzle sizes, main jet and pilot jet it's just this damn needle thingamobob Thanks a lot