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Found 16 results

  1. Anyone else running a Lectron carb on their CR500, how does it run, any problems? I have a fresh rebuilt 1998 500 and after trying to set the pj I decided to try out a 40mm lectron. Not sure if it’s just me but it slips on and doesn’t seem to fit the inlet or outlet too great. It goes on but looks like it could go on more. Anyone know if there’s a bigger inlet manifold I need? Nothing mentioned about this on their site or set up pdf. Plus could be me being picky. Seal good all round and looks fine through the air box side just not from the outside. I understand it’s 2mm bigger than stock and a lot of guys use 39mm pwks just thought I’d see if it’s me being picky or if I need to see about getting a bigger manifold.
  2. Here is my year end video folks I hope you all enjoy it was a ton of work to make, a blend of motorcycles and scenery! Please share it if its worthy happy new year!
  3. i got a mint cr500 that was set up for low end.. i feel pretty slow on the bike because the front tire never really touches the ground. I run a lot faster times on my 250 4stroke anyways thats not the point. The top end feels pretty flat on the cr500 and was thinking of changing the carb and the pipe. It had a pj carb on it now with a fmf gnarly on it btw its a 96 motor. I have a cr500 parts bike i got for $100 as part of a deal and it had a 38 or 39mm airstriker carb and a brand new pro circuit pipe. If i changed the carb over and the pipe what adjustments will need to be made to the carb. Does anyone think it could keep that front tire a little more on the ground and give me more rev out on the top end. I do not wanna change the sprockets. I def want to have more of a top end was planning on doing a super moto but i might just make the parts bike the super and have 1 dirt 1 street any help would b appreciated
  4. Evan Dodd

    Cr 250 high rpm fluttering

    My 1989 cr 250 flutters at high rpm. It sounds like your holding it at the rev limiter when your just getting to the meat of the powerband like 4000-5000 rpm. Has new reeds, powervalves have been checked, carburetor rejetted and has new top end with 180 psi of compression. What could cause this?
  5. keith179150

    98 XR 600 wheels fit 98 CR 500?

    I have a 98 cr500. Looking for another rear wheel to keep set up with a paddle. Found an xr600 wheel for sale from the same year. My question is will the xr rear wheel for the cr? Or even fit with just a bearing change? Thanks for the help
  6. TrailandTail

    91 CR 500

    I have a chance to pickup a cr500 for 1900 I was wondering if they make decent trail bikes and if they are an OK street conversion bike. The price seems a little high for a 20 year old bike, should I try to get it for less? If I do get it what should I look out for?
  7. This aluminum frame CR500 2 stroke conversion was constructed with the help of AEO powersports. They used the engine out of an old motorcycle and used the chassis of a 2017 CRF450R. All the major frame modifications were done by Edge Finder. Dual exhaust system from FMF was added and yes it a fully functional exhaust system. The suspension was revalved but also was modified to make room for the dual exhaust and air boot. TM designs, SXS, P3, Scotts, and more added to the build with some of the products. To see the full story pick up the March issue of Dirt Bike Magazine.
  8. Terminator69

    What is my 500 worth

    Lots of good knowledge on here, and I would like some advice. Got a 1997 CR500 in extremely good condition, other than a few dents in the pipe and a few scratches. Total rebuild- wheel bearings,neck bearings all rear suspension bearing and seals. rear shock rebuilt and charged with 145lbs of nitrogen. Forks rebuilt completely. Radiators flushed, all new hoses filled with Engine Ice. V force reeds, JD jet kit, new top end(.010"), minor cylinder porting, head squared. Rod checked, crank trued. new clutch, trans disassembled everything cleaned and deburred, fork rods replaced and polished. Reassembled with all new gaskets and seals. FMF Fatty pipe and FMF powercore. Newish tires( it only takes a couple rides to round the back tire a bit lol).Pro tapers(CR high), Skidplate and bark busters. 14-49 gearing 92mph- gets there quickly. The bike was my only dirt bike for 18 years till I got a 450X, I am older now and dont know how often I will ride this bike anymore. I love the bike and have a nearly air(and bug) tite shed that it just sits in with my street bikes and looks pretty. Dont need to sell it, but reading on 2 strokes here I would be curious what it might bring, I would let it go for the right price. Not looking to gouge someone just want a fair deal for both of us.
  9. jnr450r

    86 CR 500 Owners

    I have a great 1986 CR 500, I truly luv it. But I've been trough a couple clutch side covers. Magnesium just break down around the impeller area. So now I just drain it all the time, if its going to sit for awhile. Which it does, because as much as I luv it, I only ride it at a couple of events a year. Just wondering if any one had any tips or tricks they have pick up over the years, with these cases falling apart. BTW, put a rear disc brake on my mine best thing ever. Stopping is important on these beasts!! Thanks
  10. ThrottleTwistFilms

    Exploring Trails

    Made a little video of me riding some new trails we discovered, I had no clue where I was going. But I found out a way to ride a pretty fun loop to practice for woods races on. Check the video out, feedback is appreciated
  11. 2strkPINGAS

    cr125 flash red CR frame paint

    for anyone one that needs i have the frame code and paint went into my local paint shop and they perfectly matched the paint and wrote the code down I am writing this because i couldn't find anything online about frame paint or colour so i hope this helps some of you out, I will update later for paint code,
  12. Hi everyone. I pick up a running road legal Cr500r supermoto. First day I had it I got the kick process bang on all ran fine, decided to rebuild the engine after I sore the state of the cylinder and rings. It's been rebuilt with 99% Honda parts and now it's all together I have no spark. Been trying most of this year to find out what's happening. I done all the tests by Haynes and it come back fine. After a clean up of grounds (frame wasn't repainted) and connectors different sparks I decided to replace the ignition parts cheapest thing first. Now I've had a new ecu, stator rewind (shop test shows it needed doing), new coil pack, new spark boot, new plugs and got the pick up tested while it was rewound and it's still coming back ok but I don't seem to be getting any spark. I closed the air gap between the pick up and stator to .01" so it's definitely picking up. My hour meter is reading the starts but I still have zero spark. If anyone can give me anymore advice as I'm about to pull my hair out. All ohms tests are in the middle of where they need to be and it was sparking before the rebuild, weak but still good enough to run the bike. I've been on the Cr500r riders forum but not had many responses so I hope some one on here can give me some ideas of what to try next.
  13. Eckseedoubleyou

    88 CR500 kickstand

    So iv recently purchased an 88cr500 and as you all know there's no kickstand. I came across a company making kickstands but there for 89-01..... go figure. My question is, how different is the 88 frame from the 89? I'll post a pic of the kickstand on an 89 and let me know if you think it would be possible to put it on the 88.
  14. Hey guys, Just came across all of these old school slide shows. They take awhile to record and upload to youtube. But I'm trying to get the good ones done first. Full of info and fun to watch. This one is all off road models cr500r cr250r cr125r cr80r cr60r as well as xr200 xr250 and xl600r. Also there is a test at the end of part 2 so make sure you study hahah. part 1 part 2 I'm about to do another from 84 street bikes going to be fun enjoy!
  15. I'm wanting any information on a 94 cr500e I bought last fall. I bought it from a friend of the original owner. It was imported from Italy I think and I believe the company that built it with the ok from honda was called honda Manchester racing. That's about all I know. It came with passenger pegs, stock lighting stator, duel pillar kickstand, etc. It's in pretty good shape for its age but I'm thinking about restoring it and selling it because I want a bike I won't feel bad about beating up a bit. I don't really need a street legal cr500 even though it's a blast riding threw town getting thumbs up everywhere. Any info on the bikes value would be great too. Thanks guys.
  16. vicxr400

    new cr500 still in the crate

    hey guys, was just on e bay and there is a brand new cr500 still in the crate never used! it was up to $20,000 au when I saw it if your looking for a genuine cr500 un touched https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Honda-CR500R-Unused-Never-Unpacked-Still-in-Crate-With-Original-Box-Packaging/152847794359?hash=item23967040b7:g:Cn0AAOSw6MNaRKCr check it out I was stunned to see one this new I think it said it is a 2001. wishing I had some money