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Found 24 results

  1. I found a “cr85” for sale that I thought was a cr80 doesn’t say anything about being a bored out 80, it’s a 2002. Did they finish 80’s early 2002 and start 85’s late 2002?
  2. I am 14 years old and am looking for a bike I am 5,0-5,1 I have a friend with an 07 yz 85 who is looking to sell it to me but I am worried about how it handles and its seat height. maybe a kawasaki honda suzuki or ktm I am also looking at the crf 150r. I want to do some racing and trail riding. I currently Ride a xr100 and love the way it handles on the track and on trails but it lacks a little power. any ideas thanks
  3. Hello, i'm looking at getting a different dirt bike I had a 2004 crf150f for awhile and did not like it at all, the carb was slightly rich and everything was stalk except the bars and grips. and a few months back I got to ride, a 2002 yz85, and I had alot of fun. but i'm doing more woods and trail riding and, and my dad says I would like a upgraded crf150f... but that thing is so heavy and slow I have trouble believing that. so I guess the the question is. should I get a yz85, or cr85 and set them up for woods or would I like a modified crf150f or is there a bike i'm leaving out of the question? the only brands i'm interested in is Honda and yamaha. and i'm 13 years old and 5'1'' Thanks
  4. The RM125 seems to be in good condition. It has recently had a full engine rebuild. My CR85R is in good condition and I just rebuilt my top end and put a new rear shock and wheel assembly on it. Do you all think this would be a good trade and why or why not?
  5. I bought a cr85 noticed a little bit coolant on floor next day never thought much of it as when I started bike never seen any leaking went out for roughly 30 min riding and the bike backfired couple times then I noticed coolant leaking out weep hole at bottom of engine would a coolant leak cause my bike to back fire or is that another problem?
  6. Alright so I have a 2006 Honda cr85 2-stroke that was running just fine for weeks, but then I shut it off and tried kicking it on again but wouldn’t start. Pulled plug out to see it was really oil/gas fouled, bought a new plug, cleaned carb to be safe, put it all together and it started up just fine no issues. Ran extremely well until I shut it off then tried to kick on again. Would not start. Repaired spark plug boot to try to see if maybe it wasn’t sparking enough, cleaned plug again, and fired right up first kick, ran great. Once again, I shut it off and tried to fire back up but it wouldn’t start again. Seems to me that every time I mess with the plug and clean it, it starts, but when I shut it off and pull the plug, it’s really fouled. Every time I kill it then try to fire it up it won’t budge. Plenty compression, I am really confused and need some help here.
  7. I recently picked up a 2001 cr85 from a guy who raced it for about a year. He mentioned that he apparently had it on "race carb settings" and that the idle could be easily changed with the idle screw. So I brought it home and tried messing with both the air screw and the idle screw but nothing seemed to work. I have to constantly keep the revs up for it to not die. I took apart the carb and made sure the jets weren't clogged, which they didn't seem to be. The guy said that he's never had problems with reverting the idle back to normal, so I'm not really sure what's going on. The idle screw seems to have no effect at all on the idle speed. I have messed with the air screw aswell but that doesn't seem to be helping with the idle either. I haven't checked the plug yet. The bike runs and rides fine other than the idle. Maybe it could be that the idle screw isn't making contact with the throttle needle?? Any suggestions?
  8. Hi everyone, my 2004 CR85 is making this wierd noise in the top end when it is reved, it’s sounds like there isn’t a piston in there and the Conod is just bouncing of the cylinder walls. I am keeping this bike forever so I am restoring it soon, I decided to start off with a top end rebuild completely oem, and I’ve done stuff like all the suspension bearings, new gearshift shaft and shifter etc. When I did the top end, the cylinder walls looked immaculate and the crank had no up and down play but ALOT of side to side play, I’m thinking that is why it makes the noise. I’m currently restoring a Running 1983 KX80 I picked up for $400 and have torn down the motor for a complete rebuild. My point is the oem crank that’s in it has less side to side play than my CR and the bike is 35 years old. I’ve heard that I could be jetting because the bike also had a hanging idle because of the full pc exhaust so I lowered the Clip on the jet, it is definitely rich now judging by the spooge now coming from the silencer, spark plug and sound but it still makes that noise, does anyone know what it could be?, it also makes a noise coming from the flywheel that sounds like water evaporating as in cold water poured on something hot.
  9. what is the best big bore kit for a Honda cr85 to a 105?
  10. I have a 1989 cr80 with a 2004 cr85 engine in it bored to 90 ish and it seems to run fine when it’s in the power band but in the low end it has no power and idles for about 20 seconds or when you open the choke it loses the pop in the idle and just sounds boggy. You have to get it into power and and feather the clutch to get it moving without a stall. I’m thinking it has something to do with the exhaust leaking at the flange off of the cylinder and the expansion chamber. I got a new metal gasket ring thing and the spring and put the orange high temp gasket maker on it and it still leaks. Anyone have any advise on sealing it?
  11. i am looking into buying a dirtbike. i have a coleman mini bike and i might trade it for a cr85. i’m not sure if it will be too small or not have enough power, i’m 14 years old 5,7 140lbs.
  12. I’m guessing the problem is either that my reed valves are bad or that my float is sticking. My reed petals were starting to get bent so i recently flipped them around. My jets are clean so its not that those are clogged. Does anyone know how to tell which one is the problem?
  13. Today I was riding my CR85R when I noticed it’s running weird. It seemed like i was hitting the rev limiter when I should have been in the meat of the power. So I put in neutral and slowly reved it up while looking around the bike. It smoked a little more then it usually does before it died. I tried kicking it over a few times but it wouldn’t start. So I pulled the plug that was pretty fouled up. Then took of the head to look in the cylinder and saw the normal cross hatching. I checked the air filter but it was fine. Any thoughts I want to have it fixed by Friday for one last ride with my bud before winter comes. Thanks ps I do have spark.
  14. Hi everyone, I was riding my CR85 today and I washed out and landed on the left side, the shifter side. After getting up and collecting myself I tried to get the bike in neutral to start it and it wouldn’t go. The shifter moves but the gears don’t change. I’m thinking it’s the shift shaft or shift drum. Anything helps, Thanks!! Rick
  15. Hello everyone i have a 1993 Cr80r and it blew up i just replaced the bottom end and am now working on topend. the thing is my topend cylinder is gouged pretty bad, so with that being said would i be abke to run a cr85 cylinder and head on my 1993 cr80r bottom end. and if so what years for the cr85 would i be able to use. i seen a post that someone ran a 04 cr85 cylinder on a 95 bottom end so i am assuming it should work for me too. i just want some extra opinions before i go ahead and do it.... Thnx in advance
  16. I am 14 years old and am looking for a bike I am 5,0-5,1 I have a friend with an 07 yz 85 who is looking to sell it to me but I am worried about how it handles and its seat height. maybe a kawasaki honda suzuki or ktm I am also looking at the crf 150r. I want to do some racing and trail riding. I currently Ride a xr100 and love the way it handles on the track and on trails but it lacks a little power. any ideas thanks
  17. I’ve got a 2004 cr85 engine and it does not run, I’m thinking it is because of the top end, there is a chip and a small score on the cylinder wall, I’m just going to fix it and sell to buy a kx100 but I don’t know if it can be just honed or if it needs a resleeve. It is already over bored to 49.5 instead of 47.5 so I can’t really bore it anymore. Any thoughts?
  18. I am currently rebuilding my rear shock on my 2006 Honda CR85R and I was wondering if it is worth it to continue rebuilding my shock or if I should buy a new one. I am not able to get a $200 plus one as of now and I was wondering if there were any other good options for a shock that would fit a 2006 Honda CR85R. If I continue to rebuild it, does anyone have any ideas on how to get the center piece Schrader valve out without a special tool or super skinny pliers?
  19. I don't think there's a rev limiter on this here 2003 CR85. It kept revving higher and higher and did not want to stop, and no you will not get to hear that cuz I'm afraid it will blow if it's done again. How can I tell if the rev limiter is working
  20. I’ve got a 1989 cr89 and am using it for trails and whatnot and need to install a kickstand. There seems to be a mount behind the left foot peg for a kickstand but the only mounts I can find are in Australia. Does anyone know where to get one of these mounts and the kickstand with bolt and spring? Or any better ideas? Thanks
  21. Hey so i have just ran into a problem with my dirtbikes clutch. i have a 04 cr85r stock everything. also let me say im not to firmiliar with dirtbike terms like "slipping clutch" and stuff like that *please don't judge we all start somewhere*. SO now to the issue i'm having, i just got the bike and the guy had said it had been sitting for 3 months ish. so i took it out for a little 20 minute ride after we had bough it, and then i take it for another ride and i think maybe half of the way through the ride i noticed that something was wrong with my clutch. I am starting to shift without the clutch when going faster so i don't know if that's an issue or not. So while i was going back to my house riding it i decided to try and pull in the clutch lever and rev the bike to see if it was engaging. now at this point the clutch lever feels super loose, like i could pull it with my pinkey loose. also it wont cock back like it usually does. It wont snap back i have to push it back. now back to me trying to rev it with the clutch in, it just went like the clutch wasn't even engaged when i clearly had the clutch lever pulled in. if someone could help me with this it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  22. Am i missing a rear wheel spacer?
  23. Hi, I am 13 years old and I am trying to decide what bike I want to get (two stroke of course). I'm 5'2 - 5'3 tall, and I weigh 125lbs. I'm a beginner at this, meaning this is my first bike but, I have ridden a dirt bike a few times. My choices are the yz85, cr85, kx85, kx100, sx85, and the sx105 (Yamaha, Honda, Kawasaki, or Ktm). I am not interested in the rm because I just don't like it. It seems like a cheap crappy (sorry if I offended you) and it doesn't seem to have the speed and power that I want ( at least that's how people describe it to be). So please don't include it in. I am going to buy a used bike on Craigslist or somewhere because this is my first year and I'm not the richest of families (in case that helps.) Right now, I'm confused about which bike to get because they're all good brands. I want to be fast on the track (obviously) and I want to be aggressive. Which bike will fit that role? Can some also explain what top end and bottom end power is and what it helps with when you are listing a bike? Can you include the pro and con of it? I'm also not sure if an 85 is the right size for me, as I want to grow into a bike and have it last me. Maybe I should get a 125, if is so, which one (again, no Suzuki rm)? I'm going to a dealership to sit on some and try some (not too sure about trying some) Saturday but I just want thoughts about this. I don't know ANYONE with a dirt bike so the internet is my only friend here so I am really counting on you. My mom doesn't know anything about dirt bikes or the sport so I have to really look at this stuff myself. If you have any tips, please leave some as they will be helpful for me or any other onlookers in the same situation as I am in.
  24. Alright guys so I have a 2003 cr85 that has Very weak spark. It feels like it’s a tickle when I kick the bike and keep my finger over the plug. I checked the kill switch, Changed the coil, changed plug, changed spark plug boot and wire, changed CDI box and changed pickup/pulse generator. Still nothing, I tried testing it with a meter and to be honest not 100% sure what to look for; I figured I need to have continuity so I checked for continuity within wires and everything seemed good. Nothing seemed to be grounding itself out. only things I can think of that might be causing the problem is a bad stator, bad magneto/flywheel, possibly the gap between the pickup and reluctor on the flywheel. Unfortunately I do not have a service manual so I’m not sure what the spec should be, I know I should buy a manual but If anyone could help me out, point me in the right direction or if you have a online manual, etc. anything helps thanks
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