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Found 44 results

  1. Need to replace a crank on a 2001 RM250. Are the crank end shafts the same diameter through 2007, or was 2001 a one-off size?
  2. Hello, I was rebuilding my bottom end in my 1999 wr400 because the crankshaft broke on it. Bought a 1998 yz400 crank to put in it and after measuring them, the can chain timing gear on the crank is ~0.5mm different between the two along the shaft. The rod bearings on the yz are also bigger but that shouldn't be an issue. Should I be ok or do I need to buy a wr specific crank off of fleabay? Thanks for the responses!
  3. I bought this bike 8 months ago and it ran like a champ since I got it. The guy I bought it off of had the bottom end completely rebuild right before I bought it off of him, he had receipts showing the bottom end was only done 2 weeks before I bought the bike. Well I went out riding yesterday and in the middle of hitting a hillclimb it locked up and shut off on me. I was reading that wiseco makes garbage crankshafts but I wasn't sure if it was just because it was a wiseco crank is why it failed or if I was doing something wrong. The synthetic looking stuff they put on the crankshaft melted and seized my connecting rod. It's a 1999 KX250
  4. hi im new on this 4stroke engines i like to ask few question the crankshaft main pin how Manny millimeter have ? where i can find used part for crf80 and crf100 other than ebay ? how long is the piston of crf80f from the pin to the top ? thank you
  5. Hey guys, I just put the cases together on my 2005 kx250f, it has a new crank and bearings but when I tighten the case bolts the crank gets a little hard to move is this normal? I put it together last night and it was hard to move so i thought i did it wrong so i took it apart and did it again but it is still a little hard to move. When I put the bearings in I heated the cases (not to much,but to were you could not relay touch it) then i froze the bearings and they slid in with ease. The first time I put it together it was hard to get the cases together but the second they slid right together. Anybody know if it is normal for it to be a little hard to move the crank? This is my first time tearing into a four stroke bottom end but I had a 125 and I cant remember if it got harder or not but i dont think it did. Any help appreciated, Thanks
  6. Hello I am looking for a set of cases for a 05 KX250 2 stroke. Part # is 14001-0021. From what I can tell cross referencing parts, 06-07 are practically identical to 05 and have all the same internals. the part # for 06-07 is 14001-0065. Anybody out there who might have some lying around collecting dust? Kawasaki discontinued manufacturing these apparently
  7. My output shaft on my 2007 klx110 was broken so I split the cases replaced the shaft and put the cases back together. Every turned smoothly, until I tightened the crank case bolts. When I tightened the crank case bolts, the crankshaft became hard to turn. The more I tightened the bolts the harder it was to turn the crankshaft. I can’t seem to figure it out and I think I have literally split the cases 15 times by now! Any possible solutions would be much appreciated, Thanks!😶🤔
  8. So I've 3d printed the crank truing stand, I'll upload that to thingiverse soon, may make some improvements first. It uses skate bearings. The crank is well within spec. maybe .04mm max at the very ends of the crankshaft. I've never trued a crank before, this is my first time measuring one even. The manual shows where to measure it. I'm curious if it's even worth the trouble to try and get it perfect, probably not obtainable. Obviously I can't smack the crank on these PLA stands
  9. That’s &%$#@! up ..... And that’s &%$#@! up So as you can see my first rebuild has come to a halt just as I was buttoning it up as I was going to install the stator and saw that I installed the crank backward.... yup ... and the engine is torqued and red loctite’d to the frame .... yup... I did that. So I’m just wondering what parts I should replace to be safe or if I can just rip it apart flip the crank throw in a new gasket and call it a night? Thanks for any advice guys I feel real dumb right now lol
  10. Hello. WR250F 2003, when I press, it plays (backlash) about 1/16″ (1-2 mm). It's ok? Sorry for my bad English. Video (enable sound):
  11. Struggling a bit with my first transmission rebuild of a basket case 125 I picked up for cheap. Does it make a difference which way the crankshaft bearings are installed? Service Manual does not indicate a preference and pictures look like the markings on crank bearings face toward the center of the case. Clymer does have a brief mention of orientation and they claim that the bearings text should face towards outside of cases. In regards to mainshaft bearing I have the same question. Does the closed side face the center of the cases or towards the outside. Thanks for any help.
  12. So as I was putting my bikes engine back together, I forgot to align top dead center of the crankshaft with the camshaft. When the flywheel is in top dead center, the camshaft is not. Is this a serious issue that I will need to reopen my engine to fix, or can I get by without it? Sorry if it’s a bit of a noob question. My guess is I have to re disassemble the engine, but i just want to make sure. Best regards, - Brandon
  13. So my negligence has left me with several hooked teeth on the balancer drive sprocket (directly behind the flywheel on crankshaft). I need some help on replacing it. 1.) The manual states that i need special tool 09917-23711 (ring nut socket wrench) in order to remove the old one and torque down the replacement. I've seen the Suzuki branded tool for $114 - 180. There's also an undbranded one on ebay for $60. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Suzuki-Cranksh ... 2630!US!-1 If I can help I'd rather not have to purchase a tool I'm only going to use once. Does anyone have one they can lend me if I put a deposit on it? 2.) The manual also states that I need a Conrod Holder #09910-20116, I'm guessing that would stop the crank from spinning during removal and reinstallation. Is there any way I could get around this as well? I've seen a youtube video of someone locking up the piston by feeding a shoestring through the sparkplug hole. I'm not sure I trust that not to go wrong and have dirt/fabric in my cylinder. If I put the bike in gear and ratchet strap the rear wheel to the frame or something more stout, like a tree, would that prevent the crank from spinning? 3.) Also part # 12662-37402 Suzuki balancer drive sprocket usually runs about $130 new. Does anyone have a used one in decent condition they'd be willing to cut me a deal on?
  14. I just traded for a 2004 crf450r that has a bad crank. I am new to 4 strokes and their engines, so i am a bit scared to try to do this myself. If i were to send it to a dealership, about how much would that cost to get a crank replaced? And if i were to do it myself, would i need any specialty tools?
  15. Hello great people of thumper talk. Well I've been having some problems with my old 2002 YZ250F. I was riding a few days ago when my bike just sputtered to a stop almost like it ran out of gas. Well gas was not the problem and I couldn't get her to run she would only fire for a second then die. I found that one of my TPS wires snapped, so I figured the reason it wasn't running was because of that wire. After soldering it back together it was still doing the same thing, so I just left it for the night. When I came back the next day whilst kicking it over I noticed all of a sudden the kicker stopped. the motor was seized. I tried turning the crankshaft at the flywheel and it would not budge forward at all but it would turn backwards or clockwise, so from here I figure I'll start taking the bike apart and figure out whats locking it up. Once I removed the cylinder head I was at a surprise when I saw this relatively large piece of brass sitting on top of my piston. I was thinking where in the hell did that come from. It was getting too late for me to go any further tonight, so I figured I would post a picture on here to see if anyone can tell me what they think this piece may go to. Is it something in the crank maybe up by the valves, from the carburetor I have no idea. It just amazes me that the piece is so intact since it was sitting on top of my piston. Also after that I did try turning the crank again, and it did turn but it felt horrible. It was very clunky and it sounded like shit might be grinding in there so I stopped. Well thanks for taking a look and if you have any insight as to where that piece might have come from please let me know. Other than that I'll be breakin her down further tomorrow.
  16. Alright good news. Had saved up a bunch of money expecting to owe a significant amount for taxes.. Turns out I don't owe nearly as much!! Time to put the money to good use and build a nice performance motor for my drz. I am planning on doing a full 470 kit from ebay (Stage 2 cams, +4mm Crank, 94mm Piston/Jug) Has anybody else done this big of a displacement change? If so how bad will this hurt my reliability? I know it wont be nearly as reliable as stock, obviously.. just wanted to get a few opinions before I jump into ordering everything. Also, if I follow through with it I would be doing the MX39 carb swap. I am running a new Yoshi RS-2 full system, but will swap to MRD if it will make a significant difference. Thank you guys, Brad
  17. I have ktm 125 exc. And now im looking for a new crankshaft. What you guys recommend. My first choice is Hot Rods but i have heard bad things about that so what you guys think is that good? Im looking lighter crankshaft as the exc original.
  18. Hi guys, thinking of buying an 05-07 crankshaft for my 02 cr 125, and wondering whether they are interchangeable, i´ve seen that hotrods sells complete cranks and claim they are compatible from 90-07, so im assuming it will fit. Has anyone ever used these newer cranks in the older models? If so are there any benefits to using these cranks i´ve heard they are lighter and easier to service? Thank you in advance.
  19. Im rebuilding a pitbike I don’t know if it’s Lifan with genuine thump star pieces but same engines pretty much I cannot figure out why my timing chain has gotten about 5mm shorter I’ve turned the cam to try release any kinks but still even when I pull it fully tight on the tensioner it still doesn’t reach, any ideas?
  20. long story short 5th gear started making grinding noises (sounded like metal on metal). first to second was extremely difficult and notchy. bike was surging as well. decided to take apart the bike (stopped short of removing the motor and splitting the case), noticed that the countershaft sprocket was lose and that the clutch basket was making this noise. based on other youtube videos im assuming my crank shaft bearing is done? thanks in advance for any advice.
  21. Hello all, Thanks to Thumpertalk I dared to plunge into the deep and do a rebuild of the top-end of my 2012 YZ250 myself. 10hrs and still going strong. But the reason I did the rebuild (other than that the time has come), was that there was also another issue that I was hoping to fix. I'll walk you through the symptoms: Start up of the bike (cold) in cold or hot weather w choke. (PS: I think the problem is a little better in cold weather) Bike starts up in one kick if kicked correctly. The bike smokes, but normal amount to a 2stroke. After a 10 or so seconds, when I blip the throttle, ALOT of smoke comes from the exhaust (white smoke). It also doesn't ping but bogs (bwaaa) when I go on the throttle. Sometimes its so severe that it dies during the bog. When I start my ride on the track, the bike doesn't ping and I don't have much power + still excessive smoke. But when I hold the throttle WIDE OPEN for 10 or so seconds, then it starts to 'clear out' and begins to haul *ss. The smoke also disappears and the engine starts to ping again. The bike runs fine after that while its cleared out on the track. I thought this was a sign that I should change the top end (30hrs, novice) and clean the carburetor. What did I do: Completely clean and dissasembly the carburetors and jets. Change the piston, rings, gaskets,.... Replace spark plug. The problem seemed to be gone the first time that I started the bike after the rebuild (first kick yeahah!). But it quickly came back and is even identical to before the rebuild. Now I thought the cause is the following: Crankshaft seal leak at the clutch side. --> But I just checked my transmission fluid after 4-6hrs of riding and it's 650cm³ after the 750cm² I filled it with. That seems to be about normal consumption, no? Coolant leakage somewhere inside the combustion chamber --> Triple checked: not losing coolant. The following suspects: Float height Crankseal leakage Pilot jet wrong (I checked that the standard one is installed). I'm at a dead-end here. I don't have the friends with the knowledge to ask these questions to. But I'm laying my faith in the hands of thumpertalk :). If there is something I can do to test something for you guys, let met know. Kind regards, Dries This is the me, my bike and the issue (it got a bit worse over time :p). Yes I know I shouldn't be so hard on the throttle when I start it, but for one time its not bad and it was necessary to show the problem.
  22. Last week I found a guy who was selling a 2008 kx450f that had no compression. I needed a winter project so I picked it up. Fortunately im able to get a deal on parts since my brother works at a Kawasaki dealership. While I was dismantling the engine last night I found the problem, the piston was cracked. It’s an easy fix to replace it but since I don’t know how many hours are on the motor I’ve decided to split the cases and completely clean the motor. I’ve never split cases before but I will be doing it at my brothers shop so I’m fairly confident. Heres my question though. At that point, which prices should I replace? Is it really necessary to rebuild/replace the crankshaft and bearings? Should the cam chain be replaced aswell? like I said, this bike is mostly just a winter project. I do intend to ride it in the local tracks abut next year to see if I enjoy it but I will likely flip it at the end of the season to get a new project. Thanks!
  23. Hi TT.. Does anyone have in the possession a 2003 Genuine OEM Yamaha WR450F Crankshaft assembly. Part No. (5TJ-11400-01-00) - Alternatively, would you know where I could source one ASAP. I am located in AUS. Thanks
  24. So my 2002 yz250 has a high idle and is surging. I have gone through all the basic stuff which checked out fine. I took off the ignition cover to check for any evidence of a crank seal leak, although there wasn't any pre-mix or odors of pre-mix I did notice a very very small amount of up and down play when jiggling the flywheel. Does this mean crank bearings are toast?
  25. Heres the noise. Sounds like its coming from my top end..,
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