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Found 22 results

  1. I recently saw someone mention that we do way too much talking on this forum and not enough riding. Well, it warmed up a little bit yesterday, so I decided to get off my butt and do something about it...
  2. So we took our friend dirt biking for his first time, he's an excellent street rider, but has never been in the dirt before. He did quite well. Here's a little clip I made to highlight his day, hope you enjoy! Link: Abe's First Enduro Ride
  3. Anybody ever use a Mikuni TM28 flat slide on their CRF150 (or 230) and have some jetting specs?
  4. Pictures are great, but I figured it could be fun to have a thread that is strictly dedicated to riding footage of our almighty girly bikes. There's been several people posting footage lately, so if this takes off and stays near the top of the forum for people to keep watching when we're bored, awesome. If not, then I guess it was worth a shot. I have quite a bit of footage, and some of my videos are rather long, so I'll just post 3 videos for now of 3 different areas that I went to last year with my new favorite trail bike. Nothing nearly as extreme as some of the riding others here are doing on their 230's, but still plenty of smiles to be had. This first video is from August and was basically my first week on the bike since buying. I had spent the previous months slowly getting the suspension and engine set-up, along with other trail-worthy mods. Fortunately, and not surprisingly, it felt fairly comfortable to ride from the get-go. This second video is from a trail riding event in southern Minnesota. They are actually horse trails but they hold this event on two weekends out of the year (1 in Spring, 1 in Fall) for us dirt bikers. Most of the trails are beginner/intermediate, but still very fun when the conditions are good. The third video is from some state trails that are more towards the northern end of the state. It was another trail ride event put on by our local district. Thankfully it wasn't a week later because we got dumped on with white stuff that is still here in April with more on its way...
  5. Ok guys my cam and rocker questions: 1; Is it normal for aftermarket cams to have the base circle ground smaller than the stock diameter? 2; Does measuring the lift by subtracting the base circle from the lobe height give an accurate measurement? or,,,, 3; Is the rocker ratio an exact 1 to 1 (or do you get more lift at the valve than the actual lobe height measurement)? The reason I ask is because I have a stock and 2 aftermarket XR200 cams of unknown provenance and I'm trying to figure out what they are. The reason I'm asking on this forum (the 230) is because this is when the knowledge is deepest 👍 (no offense to Chuck and a few others in the 200 forum. I'm hoping you'll see this and chime in)
  6. My crf230 rear tire is almost as bald as one could be. I don’t really know what to look for in a tire so here I am. What should I look for in a rear tire? What tire would you suggest? It’s almost only used in trails, both tight and wide open, only time we are in a field is when we are going to the trails or messing around.
  7. Recently purchased 2003 CRF 230 for my wife. Came with a Big Gun Race exhaust and pipe. She was super stoked with bike but not the noise. She wants it as quiet as possible. So searching everywhere for stock exhaust and pipe and nothing... The question is -what years stock exhaust and pipe are the same, and will fit on the 2003? Honda wants about $600 for new. Saw the FMF setup for $300. Going to put add out for stock WTB. Any thoughts and expertise is super appreciated. Thanks in advance
  8. Hey! I'm looking at getting a new set of black Excel rims for my 2007 CRF230F and I found the front rim (21x1.60, currently on) but the rear that I'm currently running is 18x1.85 and for the life of my I can't find a black Excel in that size. BUT I did find a 18x2.15, black Excel rim. Now my question is will that work for my bike? Is anyone running one or can you run a 18x2.15 instead of the 18x1.85? My only thought is really if it'll rub the swing arms. Thank you in advance! And sorry buying rims is new to me 🙃
  9. Hi I have a crf230 and I just noticed today that the front right fork has slipped upwards. I have a sticker on both forks, neither have moved, so I know the fork hasn't slipped recently, so its been there a while. The front right fork slipped up and is almost touching the handle bars. Can I just loosen the clamps on the fork then push the fork down into place then tighten the clamps? Here's a photo:
  10. So I’m trying to replace my fork seals, every video ever everyone just slides a little screwdriver between to outer fork tube and the dust seal to pop it off, but the dust seal on this bike looks nothing like every other one I’ve seen. Is the metal actually attached to the dust seal? Am I just an idiot? Please help me lol.
  11. OK here it is guys. I know, I know, it's not a CRF but since I hold a bunch of you guy in such high esteem for your technical knowledge (seriously, no kidding) I thought I'd reach out to you all for some council. Behold the 82mm Wiseco piston out of the rear cylinder from my brother's Hawk GT. This seems to be the obvious 'smoking gun' that caused his bike to lose a bunch of power and start blowing smoke out the crankcase breather. He was riding it at a track day at a track outside of Vegas, in the desert. Temp was 95-100 degrees. I asked him how hard he was riding it. He said, "pretty hard". I said, "how hard? Like redline every shift?" His response. " Uh, pretty much". The bike has a Two Brothers built motor: 700cc (the 82mm pistons), ported big valve head, Carillo rods on a re-balanced crank, megacycle 174 cams, T.B. pipe, HRC jet kit. It dynode at 70ish HP. Yeah, it's a blast to ride. But not now It has a STOCK cooling system set-up: Coolant from the pump to the front cylinder, then the coolant (already hot) goes to the rear cylinder. I'm figuring he over-heated the rear cylinder (a not uncommon problem with 'built' Hawks that are run hard). Check out the piston. Whadda ya think guys? Detonation? Pre-ignition? There's obvious burning on the piston crown and it's pushed down, locking up the top ring.
  12. Hey all, New to this forum because it seems like one of the best. little backround, I grew up trail riding and raced mx a bit with my cr80 (some of my favorite childhood memories)... hiatus for a number of years besides rippin around at the cabin, had an R6 for a 2 or 3 years and then I've been traveling for 4 years.... planning to settle back down in Mn for spring summer falls and want a bike to get around and tear up as much dirt as possible as I explore. goal is to enter some hare scrambles next year to start getting back into racing a bit but till then it will be my way to get around and my bike to train. I am probably looking for the impossile and so my heads spinning with all this information... but something around the 400cc seems like a good size bike but pretty much no options on cl at the moment. 250cc would be a blast and great to get back to dirt but when I cruz to see family and friend in other states, will I hate my life after an hour on the highway? I'm drawn to the xr650L with the mods and available parts but is it going to be a monstrous challenge to bring back and hone in my skills with a 350lbs bike? I'm 6'1" 175 lbs and train 3 days a week rock climbing, so I am in good health and great shape so I feel up to the challenge but maybe someone similar could share their experience/expertise? Massive failure jumping to a brh or were you happy to have something to grow into? budget is flexible but looking to spend 1-3k on something ready to go, reliable, street legal, and can hang off road. I'm looking to beat it up quite a bit so dont mind something older if it can hang. Pretty much sold on the Xr650L but thought this would be a good place to check myself before I wreck myself... literally... 2003 xr650l $2400 (is 20.5k miles too high??....they seem to run forever) I like that some of the mods I want are done already and it seems like a reasonable price if the splines on the countershaft sprocket are in decent shape? figure when the motor needs major work done on it bore it out and do some of the other more intrusive mods? 2007 xr650l $3300 extra parts and some mods, newer, lower miles crf230L $3000- fun size, but its it going to be a slug without spending a bunch more on mods? Am I going to want something bigger soon after? 03 KTM 625 SXC - $3300 seems like a solid option as well...??? Thoughts? comments? Thanks all!
  13. hi all. my girlfriend whos getting more serious into racing this season has started to outride her klx140 suspension wise and was wanting something a bit bigger and maybe with some more power. we found a nice looking 09 230 with a lot of mods done to it. most of my issue with the bike itself besides that its a bit heavy for her is the cold start. it plain sucks. it runs like its jetted properly plug color is about as good as any air cooled fourstroke i've owned. has an fmf pipe on it and a powerbomb looks like an older twin air or moose air filter cleaned and reoiled. fresh oil change with yamalube. and a fresh plug. i have to flutter the choke more than i would think on it. (no i havent checked jetting) this is literally my only complaint on this bike and curious as to what anyone else did with it or just dealt with it? im only concerned with it is if she wants to ride it sometime with one of her girlfriends she cant just pull the choke and press the button like her klx, just like to make it as simple as possible for her. the thing was a steal of a price and rides awesome! and she loves it too has a rear disc brake and a hydro clutch too anything else you guys have to these? its been on a pretty good diet so far but do the lowering links make them feel a hair less heavy up high etc
  14. Okay so I'm new to this forum as well as dirt bikes in general so I could use some help. So I bought a basically brand new 2014 crf230 a few weeks ago and I've been having some issues with it. It absolutely refuses to idle, it starts right up but if you don't constantly give it throttle it'll die in about 5 seconds. The choke on, choke off, or half choke it makes no difference it still won't run. I've messed with the idle screw some but unless it's turned enough to were the bike literally moves it's idling so hard it still won't stay running. So I'm pretty sure that's not a fix. I've looked around on the internet a lot and from that it seems it might be that the air filter is dirty and or the jetting is clogged up. So I've taken the air filter out and am in the process of cleaning that but I have no idea what the jetting is or how to fix that/clean that. So is the air filter and the jetting most likely the problem or if not what else could it be? If those are the problem(s) what do I do about the jetting part then? How do you clean that or even get to it to clean it? A lot of people seem to suggest changing the stock jetting but I don't know what that means or how to do it so any advice on that? This is my first experience with a dirt bike and to be honest it's really starting to ruin the whole thing for me and is just making me want nothing to do with them. I just want to fix my bike, I've had it for almost 3 weeks now and haven't even been able to ride it for more than a few minutes the one time. So I really would appreciate some help on all this.
  15. After many hours testing 230 with xr4 forks with mods and 1990 xr250r shock with mods. V my cr85 forked fox shocked bike. who is the winner sad to say the xr4 forked bike better over the rocks than my cr85 forks. How is it everywhere else every bit as good as my bike. No surprise as xr4 forks hard to beat.
  16. Ok guys, for all of you for all of you who have been wondering; "what's up with this Doogee guy, here's my 88 XR200:
  17. Greetings all, Headed up June 22nd till Sunday from SD. Looking to ride on Friday and sunday with hikes and exploring in between. Anyone heard of a swimming hole up there or rad place to cool off? Feel free to PM me if you don't want to share secret spots. I can keep my mouth shut and am a respectful leave no trace type person. Any suggestions for easy/moderate fun trails or loops out of Crab Flats? I am an intermediate rider battle hardened in the desert and rocks of Jacumba, Ocotillo, Oco wells, plaster, painted gorge etc. I will be either on my drz or my ktm 250 smoker. My lady is getting better every ride, training her out in Ocotillo on a 2005 crf230. I watched some trail vids and pretty dang sure she is not ready for 1W17 or 2W01 as much as I would like to ride them. I was thinking cruz down 3N16 to Big pine flats, then hit 3N17 if you guys think its not too crazy for her, then tool around and come back the same way since 2w01 would be probably too much for her. Or head the other way on 3n34 towards arrowhead, then head all the way to silverwood lake. Are these possible with OHV routes and keeping skill below black diamond? Going to call out to the ranger station or camp host and ask about current conditions or ride suggestions. Wish I had a dual sport for her so we could explore out to bear and back. All suggestions/comments etc are welcome. Cheers, Timbo
  18. I have a 2009 crf230f that I recently bought. It starts great other than being cold natured. When idling it will be fine then it will blow air back through carb and into air box. You can hear this happen and fill the air come out of the top of air box. This causes the bike to lose rpm's and will eventually kill the engine. Can someone please tell me what is causing this? Intake valve issue, carb adjustment or other? Thanks
  19. I just bought my first CRF 230 (2008) a little over a week ago. It didn't take long to find my first mod, uncorking the power deprived beast. So I ordered my new needle and jets before ever taking apart my carb. I knew they were all stock since the snorkel was still in place. When I cracked the carb open I noticed the baffle plate was missing. (Pictured here) So I did some reasearch and found that some people do this on purpose. The reason the plate is there I read is because of G forces while over jumps, but this bike isn't made for monster triples. So my question is, what are the pros and cons of having and not having this plate?
  20. So I was riding my bike and I ate shit. When I went to go and start my bike up again the electric start wouldn’t work and would not even turn over. So I had to bump start it and ride back to my camp. Then I was checking everything over and I couldn’t find anything wrong with it. I checked the battery connections and they were good. Oh, btw I have wrap around bark busters, but the person who owned the dirt bike before me put the wires for the kill switch and the electric start underneath the clamps that hold the bark busters on and when I fell the bark busters twisted with the wires in it. I cut open the protective rubber coating for the two wires for the electric start and I didn’t see anything wrong with the wires. When I bump started my bike I pressed the electric starter button to see if it would do anything and it made a buzzing sound but not the sound it normally makes so I think there might still be a signal going to the starter motor. If someone could tell me what might be wrong with it that would be super helpful because it really sucks not having electric start. Thanks.
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