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Found 39 results

  1. Hey guys! Im gonna start out with posting all the information i think is needed for you guys to help me with this problem! Stock engine 2007 crf250r. Valve clearances are good and have JUST been shimmed with a double and triple check. Jetting is 175 main, stock needle position, 45 pilot and 50 leak jet. 1000ft above sea level. Im still having a terrible time starting and it used to be a 1 kick bike. I haven't changed my kick routine at all. 3 slow kicks, 3 throttle twist and then kick. Will sometimes start if i give it some gas when kicking. And then it starts 1-4 kicks after its warm. Im lost and dont know what else to look for. Thanks!
  2. Hi, I was wondering if it's possible to put a crf250x exhaust on a crf250r. The reason is I need a quite exhaust for riding on a small property. And Are their any other products that will do the same (something as quite as a crf100f stock exhaust). Thanks
  3. Hi just wondering if anyone could tell me what the valve clearance specs for a 2011 honda crf250r are? I have the service manual but I am still unsure what the clearance spec is. Any help would be great, Cheers
  4. Just wondering if anyone has done it? and if it is possible to do so
  5. I just bought a 2005 Honda crf250 and I replaced the motor oil but the old motor oil had really small dirt/grit looking stuff in it, it wasn’t magnetic or anything nor did it look like copper. I’m thinking it’s clutch but I’m not sure, I’m not sure what it is so I really need help you can kinda see in the second photo what I’m talking about. the clutch lever was setup really weird where the person riding before me definitely burnt some plates PLEASE HELP
  6. i just recently got a non running 06 crf250, the guy said it just needed new valves or might be able to just get away with shimming the valves. I got home with it tore it all apart, the head seemed good and all the valves seemed to be sealing fine i put small puddle of gas on the head when it was upside down to see if any would leak through. Nothing leaked through it seemed like the valves are sealing fine. i put the engine back together, shimmed the valves and got them all in spec, timed and everything and engine has good compression now. issue im running into now is it wont seem to try to start at all. spark plugs got good spark and everything seems all well. ill be kicking it over and over again and once in a while ill get a really loud backfire. i can smell gas coming from the exhaust so it doesn't seem like its coming through the intake. No clue what could be wrong with it now. I mightve gotten the timing off but ive been messing with timing for 2 days now and still nothing. Also the bike seems to go through every gear smoothly but 2nd gear wont engage its kind of like a second neutral. the guy said he did a bottom end on it and i asked him if he forgot any washers or anything when he did it and he said he didnt mess with the gears at all so not sure whats up with that hopefully i wont have to go through the whole bottom end now. Im stumped on this bike so does anyone have ant suggestions on what could be wrong?
  7. I wrote a different question earlier trying to see what bike could suit me as a 140 pound 5'7 rider. I ride tight trails and usually use more of the bottom end low rpms. I always had a 230. But those bikes feel so luggy to me. Then switched to a 150 rb with a fly wheel (what was I thinking?). So now in considering the crf 250x. I know it's a tall heavy bike. But I plan to lower it and get used to the weight. I'm not much for two stroked. So what are your over all impressions of the 250x? (getting it used 09)
  8. Just bought a 250r 2018 my previous bike was a crf230f. I only ride trail And the bike keeps on stalling. Did I buy the wrong bike?
  9. I know this discussion has been talked into the dirt. I've attempted many after-market tricks, lower foot pegs, taller seat, bar mount rise, taller bars, etc. Obviously these bikes are not engineered for those of us with taller stature. I did not like the higher center gravity of a tall seat, and the front bar mount holes changed the rider triangle too much for me and affected cornering for mx/sx. I am curious however, (brand specific), if in the last couple of years if one provides a little more comfort for us taller guys? I am about 6'2 and find myself struggling transitioning from seated to standing due to past injuries, as well as riding in a crouched attack position. Looking to purchase a new '20/21 250f for this season, and am curious out of the box which provide the most comfortable cockpit. I do know that KX comes standard with the ability to drop pegs, but also appears to be the lowest seat height and smaller bike dimension? I also realize YZ has the tallest seat height, just curious as to whether that should really be the deciding factor? or if other cockpits feel more comfortable for tall guys straight from factory. I am no where near a testing track, and my location has most riders limited to YZ or KX, so most riders in the area have one or the other- so am seeking advice on ALL manufacturer's if some of you have had the ability to test and compare? Any experience/insight would be much appreciated.
  10. I bought an 04 crf250r, it has a wheel from a 98 cr125-250, according to casting numbers. As far as I can tell the hub is a match other than the wheel bearings are a 20mm bore vs the bike is a 25mm. But the outer diameter is the same. My question is if I put the bearings and seals and spacers for the bike in this wheel/hub is it going to work out? It was on the bike and everything lines up, disc, sprocket, I just happened to notice the axle was looking off and discovered that it had the wrong wheel, and axle in it. Just glad I hadn't rode it yet. Anybody every run across this situation before?
  11. sup guys, i got a bit of a story. a few days ago i bought a 2004 crf250r for 800 bucks off a guy who didnt know much except a few things... 1. has an oil leak (shift linkage seal was half out ) 2. had a 'full rebuild' by the previous owner 3. had a hard time starting so i snatched it up, hoping it would be a quick fix. its not exactly going that way. i brought it home, cleaned out the carb, and fired up after several kicks. the idle was pretty high, but wouldn't come down without completely dying on me. so as the bike is running and im trying to get the idle down, i noticed two things; 1. the thing backfires practically every 2-3 seconds and 2. the exhaust pipe was so red-hot, it looked like it was about to turn into a damn puddle of molten metal. realizing there was something seriously wrong with the bike, i shut it off. this brings us to my first question. why in the frick is my pipe getting red hot and shooting flames after 60 seconds or running ? and whats with the back firing ? now for part 2 of story time. with a bit of research my dad's opinion, i assuming that there was some sort of problem with the exhaust valves. long story short, the exhaust valves were perfectly fine. my next thought was to check the timing. take a look at the pictures in the link below and let them speak for themselves. https://www.pinkbike.com/u/Ziggypop14/album/nothing/ as you can now see, the notch on the magneto cover does not completely match up with the notches on the flywheel. i noticed there are two notches on the flywheel, where should the notch on the cover versus the two on the flywheel? im assuming in between the two? i researched and found a few things that could be at fault. 1. the cam cog slipped on the shaft. which really cant be it since at TDC the two notches on the cam cog are still completely level, and if the cog slipped, the notches would be off. Right? 2. the flywheel slipped on the crankshaft. this one makes the most sense because how else can the flywheel notches be off while the other notches are dead on. but how the hell is that even possible? the flywheel nut is so tight that i cant even get it off to see if the keyway is still intact. (still trying to get it off, jamming sockets in gears) unless the idiot who rebuilt the bike didnt put the keyway in (which is entirely possible), i cannot see this as the solution. this brings us to my 2nd and final question. Why aren't the flywheel notches lined up even with the piston at TDC and everything else lining up ? any help is is appreciated, i need my garage back!! cheers, Riley
  12. Hey guys, I've recently purchased a 05 crf250x and noticed a loud noise coming from the top end. It looks like it is the auto decompression thing. From the 2 videos (linked below) does everything look good? When riding if I am low rpm, the top end makes a horrible noise but it seems to go away once I open it up. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Also it looks like it is running aftermarket cams, Hot Cams it says on them which I presume isn't standard. Video 1): Video2): Thank you! -Sean
  13. So I have a 2006 crf250x I rebuilt the engine myself, had a maintenance shop trouble shoot it to see if i did it right or if i did something wrong and they said everything was perfect. So now i just rebuilt the top end and had the maintenance shop perform a leak down test to check if i resurfaced my head correctly and if i had good compression. Results came back to me saying that yes indeed i have no leaks and i have good compression... They also said my exhaust valve clearance was good but my intake had 0 clearance, they quoted me for $250 to have them do it so i instead just took it home and did it myself the bike reads (.003"in) to large from the spec clearance on the left intake and my right intake reads in between the specified clearance (.005"-.001"in)0.12-.03mm) my question is and ive already tired, will it not start with one valve having too large of a clearance? Yes its getting fuel yes it has compression(or at least its capable of sealing compression), yes it has spark and yes the timing it 100% correct.
  14. hey everyone, new to forum, i have some questions about setting up my forks. my bike is a 2006 crf250r, im 65kg 175cm, i mostly ride enduro, the suspension has stock springs 0.45kg/mm. so my question is what to do to soften the forks? for my weight the bike's suspension feels waaay to stiff, i got the clickers on full soft both rebound and compression. i just opened the forks to change the oil. should i change the mid/base valve stacks? if yes which shims should i remove? should i aim in getting more float by removing some shims from midvalve? or should i go for softer springs maybe? my shims stacks: base valve: 11 30mmx0.10mm 1 30x0.10 3 30x0.10 1 25x0.10 1 29x0.10 1 28x0.10 1 27x0.10 1 26x0.10 1 25x0.10 1 24x0.10 1 23x0.10 1 22x0.10 1 21x0.10 1 20x0.10 1 19x0.10 1 18x0.10 SPACER 30,5mmx2mm 1 16x0.20 1 11x0.20 1 12x0.10 1 13x0.10 1 14x0.10 1 15x0.10 10 16x0.10 MID VALVE REBOUND: 3 16mmx0.30mm 1 11x0.20 1 12x0.10 1 13x0.10 1 14x0.10 1 15x0.10 1 16x0.10 1 12x0.10 1 18x0.10 2 20x0.10 COMPRESSION FLOAT=0,35mm COMPRESSION: 6 20mmX0.10mm 4 17X0.10 3 10x0.20 Thanks a lot in advise! 🙂
  15. So my mate called and said, I'm fed up with riding road bikes, especially with all the new speeding laws in England now, lets sell our road bikes and buy dirt bikes. So I said, yeah, ok and without doing anywhere near enough research or knowing which discipline I wanted to get into I sold my fireblade and bought a CRF250R. Fast forward 6 weeks and armed with 2 MX practice days and 2 enduro days experience, and a ton of reading about dirt bikes, I have realized that enduro is more my bag and I've probably bought the wrong bike. My decision now is, do I make my Honda trail friendly by doing mods like a G2 throttle tamer, heavier flywheel, bark busters etc orrr, do I sell it and buy an enduro. I've already decided that I'd probably go for a 2 stroke if I did go down the enduro route as I'd be happier to work on it myself in the garage. My budget isn't massive, maybe 2600. I've been looking at the KTM 250 exc. Any thoughts or advice is welcomed.
  16. I have a crf250r that whenever it dies without me pushing the kill switch is utterly impossible to start until 4-5 hours later. For example I just drove across a muddy creek and it died, wouldn't start till 5 hours later. I am about to take it trail riding in the woods with some friends but I don't want it dying on me and not restarting. Please help!
  17. Just wondering if anyone can help I have a 2009 crf250r just got a engine rebuild after 40 to 45 minutes of driving it cut out and has low compression there isn’t a complete loss of compression it builds up a bit but just not enough to kick it to start I was just wondering could anybody tell me could shims,timing,valve clearance cause this as the bike just a full rebuild that’s why I am thinking it could be one of these any help would be great thanks
  18. my 06 250x is in for a rebuild and I'm not sure what crank to use. I rode mostly trails with some roads, never at or near rev limiter and maintain it well. i got over 200hr out of the stock engine (valves,piston,rings etc) and i am only rebulding it because its winter and its smoking. valves are still good. i run a stage 2 cam and a jardine full exhaust, ccc mods and backfire screen removed. the stock crank has a little bit more side play than id like and for peace of mind i want to replace it and all the gaskets and such. i have a top end already to go with kibbklewhite ss valves a and cam chain as well as every other little gasket and oring and clip i need. with the cam and pipe should i run an 08 13.5:1 r piston? I've heard these are better. also im not sure which crank to use. will a 2mm stroker add much power? is OEM better than hotrods? I've heard hotrods are poorly balanced but that was on old posts and I've heard nothing recent. I'm mainly concerned about longevity and reliability. the bike won't be getting driven all that much but as my second bike i don't want to have to work on it all the time. its the classic "do it once and do it right". overall i would like a little bit more power but mainly more bottom end torque. it will be my bike for traveling with slower quads and maybe a couple big trips (>800km) and friends to drive. sorry for the long post but i can't find much recent info on this.
  19. I am currently in the thought process of purchasing a crf250x and converting to supermoto to get it registered for road use. Just wondering if anyone has converted and what tips you would have for me to maybe make it easier? I already have a set of SM wheels off my drz that will fit with new spacers. Any advice will help!
  20. Hello all!! I picked this up yesterday. New to me 1997 RM250. It has Rockstar graphics on it and the guy said it's a Rockstar edition bike. I can't find anything online that would give me any details. It looks to have the correct graphics and the radiator shrouds are purple. Any ideas where to find out the details for these editions?
  21. I have a 2019 crf250 with 13 hours on it with an oem Honda filter. Everytime I put a clean filter in and go ride, oil keeps puddling up inside. I replaced the stock filter that came with the bike with a new oem Honda filter and the same thing keeps happening. I’ve even tried to apply very little oil (literally hardly any) after cleaning and it still somehow gets puddled up in airbox. Checked engine oil level to make sure it wasn’t over and getting some sort of blowback but that does not appear to be the issue. Anybody else notice anything like this??
  22. i have an 05 crf250r that started first kick every time perfect running machine, i was riding it making sure everythings fully functional since im selling it, i let it sit for an hour and a half and when the potential buyer arrived the bike wouldnt start, it wouldnt pop start nor kick start, i kicked it over 100 times, that was yesterday now today i checked timing which was good valves are in spec it has very good compression i sprayed starting fluid into it and it wont start, its not even attempting to start i have yet to hear it fire, and also theres a brand new carb on it so i know that its not clogged and i also just put a new honda brand spark plug in it. any suggestions on what to do? im baffled by the situation how it went from first kick to not running in wn hour and a half
  23. Hi guys I’m 5’7 155lbs 13 years old by the time I get a new bike I’ll be around 14. I am more muscular than fat , I was wondering if a 250f or a 125 would be a better fit. I can easily start a 250 I start my dads 450 with a brick under my foot. I have riding experience not expert level but I’m okay. Let me know what would be better. Thanks.
  24. I recently bought a 2007 crf250r and it takes at least 20 kicks to start off cold start just wondering if this could be a problem with the valves pleas let me know
  25. So I’ve seen a lot of helpful things on here about shims just not what I need to know this will be my first shim so I have a 04 crf250r and on the Honda Manuel it says the specified valve clearances and I’ve done all the measurements Left in needs a 1.713 right in needs a 1.243 left ex needs a 2.322 right ex needs a 2.238 in the Manuel it says + or - .001 I was wondering how to figure out if it needs to be +.001 or if it needs to be -.001 it’s kinda confusing to word... all of those shim sizes are what I need to get for the new ones but there all in .05 so would I + or - to get the right size?
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