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Found 117 results

  1. I picked up a 07 crf250r the other day cheap. I suspected it needed a top end rebuild as it was blowing abit of smoke running okay but was stalling quite easy and making a noise in the engine when slowly kicking over with hand (sounded like piston hitting a valve. so when I got it home I dropped the transmission oil and engine oil (oil seemed fine) Then I took off the magneto side cover to check the oil filter screen and I found a piece of metal stuck in the magneto. (about the size of a coke bottle lid) looked like a squashed bit of tin. Then I went on to check the timing, I noticed that the timing might not be correct, maybe one tooth out. So I took a few pics and was wondering if anyone knows if the timing on this crf250 engine is correct or 1 tooth out? As the mark on the magneto case does not sit in the middle of the 2 marks on magneto. it sit near one side (as seen in picture) Would this mean that the spark timing is out?? any help would be most appreciated!
  2. Hey guys! Im gonna start out with posting all the information i think is needed for you guys to help me with this problem! Stock engine 2007 crf250r. Valve clearances are good and have JUST been shimmed with a double and triple check. Jetting is 175 main, stock needle position, 45 pilot and 50 leak jet. 1000ft above sea level. Im still having a terrible time starting and it used to be a 1 kick bike. I haven't changed my kick routine at all. 3 slow kicks, 3 throttle twist and then kick. Will sometimes start if i give it some gas when kicking. And then it starts 1-4 kicks after its warm. Im lost and dont know what else to look for. Thanks!
  3. Hey! I have a Honda crf250r 2004 the bike runs smoothly but the only problem I have that if I try to start it it usually takes me around 10 kicks maybe more to get it running. When its warm it kicks first try. When its cold I turn the gas on, the choke, twist the throttle maybe 2-4 times am I doing something wrong? or is something wrong with my bike?
  4. I start my motocross challenge with 2011 YZ450F . although i had many years experience with heavy cubic MC , from the first start i underestand it have so much power . and the first try MX track was scary and i decide to sell it . but as i am a stubborn person , i keep pushing and learning whit this bike . + mapping it as soft as possible and now i am getting better . last weekend i tried a rmz250 and was amazed how well i can drive it, but i didnt like it there was no power in it . now i need help : my friend suggest me to change to a 250 2 stroke : so how dose it feel to change from 450 4t to 250 2 stroke !? it is getting even harder !? or should i just not give up and keep pushing and learning with a 450 !? or maybe i just go to 20 4 stroke !?
  5. Hello. I recently bought an 08 crf250r out of Colorado and it's having a lot of problems. The previous owners raced it and installed lots of aftermarket parts but didn't maintain it near as well as they should have. I just put in a high compression cylinder and piston thinking it would fix my compression problem after re shimming twice and figuring out that the rings had been installed wrong and rubbed a groove in my cylinder. I am now thinking I need my head fixed up but I'm on a limited budget. Anyone have ideas on who is good but won't send me into the poor house. Thanks Hayden
  6. I have a 2003 Honda CR125R and am looking to get an aftermarket break pedal. but cant find any that will fit my bike. so I'm wondering if one for a 2004 CRF250R would fit my 2003 CR125. anyone know if it will?
  7. Hi All, I have run across an interesting bike trade that I would really like some guidance/feedback/opinions on. First, let me give you some background on my riding style and type of terrain we (myself and my boys) ride on. I am the type of rider that feels like I can go faster, jump higher and turn better, watching Supercross on Saturday nights only makes it worse, but in reality, I am a weekend basher. We ride mostly at local (Tampa) MX tracks (Tampa MX, Ocala Hardrock, and Spyder Mx) along with some trail riding on our 50 acer property here in tampa. I am planning to add a few jumps and berms to the trail track to make it more fun. My son's are very similar, but less fearful on getting hurt. They can get hurt and not negatively affect the income for the home. 😉 Needless to say, we like to have fun and use MX as a bonding sport for all of us. Now, I would say that my role has turned more into the family/friend mechanic. We have bought a sold 12 bikes in the last 14 months, so I do like buying a bike, resurrecting it, making sure it is mechanically sound and looks good. It then gets sold, and I move on to the next one. Consider it therapy for me! 🙂 I recently picked up a 2011 YZ450f, and I really like the bike. The 450 completed the "Class" trifecta for us (2007 CR125r, 2014 KX250f and the YZ450f). However, I have always has a soft spot in my heart for Hondas. I have found a 2015 CRF250r that looks like it is in really GREAT condition, almost equally as the 450 I have (still have to take a look at it). He is interested in trading for the 450. I know that bikes go through their "great" years and "not so great" years. How is the 2015 CRF250r? Reliable? Good reviews? Is the 2015 a year that was awesome or one to stay away from? 2015 CRF250r - Pretty stock except the full dual Yohsi Exhaust system (rs-9), protaper bars and some ubreakable levers. Other than that, it is mostly stock, minus a few cosmetic upgrades. 2011 YZ450f - Pretty stock as well except the Yoshi slip-on silencer, brand new chain, works connection radiator braces, rebuilt suspension, all new plastics and graphics (arrive tomorrow). Bunch of cosmetic upgrades. Would you personally consider trading a 2011 yz450f for a 2015 CRF250r? Thoughts? Thanks in advance!
  8. Just wondering if anyone has done it? and if it is possible to do so
  9. Hey guys, bought a clean, used CRF250R from a guy. Ran great. Personally test drove it. But hard to start. Could kick over 20 times before starting. Once running, ran like a beast once warmed up. I parked it for about a month and came back to ride and won’t start at all. Check air filter and was dirty as heck, and a mouse decided to make my air box a home and have some babies. So, new air filter and a new plug. Still no start. And btw, the fuel in the tank was put in during the last time I rode it. Non-ethanol 91octane. Pull the new plug and it’s wet. So I clean the plug and put it back in. Nothing and it’s wet again. Check that it has spark. Yep! Has spark. Stator at 17.1 ohms. Check power of spark with multimeter and measures 0.1 volts??? Had the multimeter at lowest setting. Honda dealer said to pull the plug, poor a pop bottle capful of fuel in cylinder and see if it starts... it did but then died almost immediately. But I also didn’t have the fuel tank hooked up at the time. I would think that there would be enough fuel in the bowl to allow it to run for more than a second...? Called them back and they said it’s my carburetor. Basically, pull it and clean it. Does everything make sense? U all agree? No need to “rebuild” the carb? The spark issue...I know spark should look blueish. This looks white to me. Any other suggestions? Thanks. Anything will help.
  10. Hello! I'm new to this. I have a crf250r 2007 and the drive chain went though the left crank case and tore the left clutch lever press off. I got a new left crank case but no shops want to change it for me. I've done a bit of reading on this and wondering if all I have to do is remove the counter balance gear from the right side an leave the rest. Or do I have to completely remove all the stuff on the right side like clutch an what not in order to change the left side?
  11. Im trying to decided between the 2013 or 2014 crf250r . I just wanted your guys opinions on what you think is a better bike. i heard the 13 is weak on low end power but can you fix that with mapping? then i also heard the fuel injection on the 14 is better .Is it really all that much better or does it not make a big difference?
  12. Im thinking about getting another crf250r and wanted some opinions on what you guys think the best years are. I have an 2007 right now but want to know if its worth it to get something newer. The biggest things I would like to know are reliability, handling, and last power. thanks
  13. OK so I have a 2013 crf250r jumped time and as I was putting the can holders back on I cracked the left one I ordered new ones and cracked them too. Im looking to buy either the left cam holder or a set. Or looking to buy a 2013 crf250r complete head. And help would be great. And any info is helpful. Thank you for your time
  14. Hey folks been lurking on here for about two months. Been searching and searching. Before I ask for your advice, let me give you some background. I have a 2006 crf250r and a 2011 crf250r. My son is ready to move up from his TTR125, he enjoys riding my 250's. We mostly trailride. Here's what I'm planning to do, sell or trade the 2006 for a 230x or 250x. But the 2011 I'm thinking about modding it for trail. I'm looking into a recluse clutch as everyone has mentioned. However, I'm not sure which model to get (thinking the core3.0). I'm also looking at getting an 18" rear tire/rim. But I'm not sure what size tire to get. I have a Yosh full exhaust on the 2011 and want to make sure I'm not rubbing. So can someone give me some idea of what size tire to get when I order the rim? Both bike have Renthal sprockets and DID X ring chains. The 2011 is fairly new. So what sprocket size should be optimal for slow to med trail use? Not rocks etc, just ditches and tight turns (Resembling finger lakes if anyone has ever been there). Thanks, I am sure all of these questions have been beat into the ground, but I haven't found any definitive answers yet.
  15. aminem

    2011 CRF250R

    Hi every one, i have a chance of buying a very nice 2011 crf250r , is this year model of bike worth buying !?. r should i opt for another model/year 250 four stroke ?
  16. OK here goes... Picked up an 04 200 EXC few months back, needed some work to say the least, wont go into detail of all the things i've fixed on the bike just the current and most present issue I cant seem to fix... it is smoking IE blue smoke/lots of splooge to the point that at the end of a few hour's ride, it's out the tail pipe, running down the back and dripping onto the swing arm/rear break caliper and blue smoking quite a bit. When I first got it, it smoked more and smelled like shit. So first things first went to the carb, I live on the Oregon coast (elevation/temp reference) it's old dirty/stained but inside looks good, came with jetting pilot-45, main-178 needle: no idea what brand guessing stock in the 3rd clip, adjusted the float height due to it leaking gas when bike was upright no tilt with the gas on, Bought JD jet kit and running pilot-45, Main-185 and Needle is blue 3rd clip (JD's recommend specs for my bike @ my attitude). I have also replaced my Inner crankcase seal twice (First time I thought I messed up the O-ring so redid to make sure). I've rebuilt the top end/new piston (same thing) cleaned the PV, NOTE HERE that the PV has some issues, it seems to work fine but the screw that goes on top of the cylinder, down into the PV/flap would not come out preventing me from removing the flap to clean it, however it move's/ function's correctly, and has minimum clearance on both sides. One of the PV cover bolts that also works at the exhaust spring holder, was over torqued at some point (impact driver prob), or a result in a hard impact, the hole the bolt goes into is flailed/jared open a bit, not bad, not in the way of any function/ PV Gearing/hinge, it is not needed for that area to be air tight as their is also a breather that goes out of the PV so will not result in an "air leak" or loss in Top end PSI.... anyway... it's still smoking.... quite a bit.. now the bike itself rides fine I feel, the carb does puke gas when tilted over slightly/ hard to start (kick start) after flooded (like all bikes tho) I don't have any stalling/low idle issues outside of user error on clutch control. Honestly outside of it smoking as much as it does I would think nothing is wrong with it.. I have also tried raising the needle Clip to 2nd clip and it changed nothing at all, not even feel of the bike/response and have a new Spark plug I have yet to put on the bike. I have also "compromised" the crankcase Gasket (new one in the mail) while I was putting the Crankcase back on but that should do nothing with the exhaust just a little gear oil leak not relevant but throwing it out there. So I am at a loss... I've been toying with the idea of getting a Lectron carb... However... would hate to drop $400~$500 and the issue still persist, if it's a jetting/carb/float issue that would fix it and improve MPH/fuel consumption Or something with the PV? but I don't see the PV causing that much smoke/sploogee... I've ridden the bike normally/hard and nothing's happened but I don't want to keep pushing it and possibly clip the bike. Any ideas? "Oh help me 2 stroke community you're my only hope"
  17. Hey all, im shopping for my first two stroke. I’m a woods rider and I’ve found what looks like a great deal on an 250 sx. Changes in bike thus far are lower gearing on chain and softer spring on shock, bark busters and handlebar risers. I will certainly need an xc gas tank and probably work on forks. Anything else I can/should do to make this single track worthy?
  18. I recently bought a 05 crf 250r and it's been making a slight ticking noise. I checked the timing and it's perfect. I also checked the cam chain and it was pretty snug. I haven't checked the valves however. If someone has any idea what it is I'd appreciate the advice. heres a link to the vid
  19. Hey Thumper crew, I'm new to the dual sport world, and looking to buy a bike to commute and zip around on in the next couple months. I live in Brooklyn, NYC, and plan on bouncing around my borough and possibly commuting to work. I'd also like to be able to take a bike upstate and out of the city to do some camping, hiking, and eventually do week trips home to Ohio and back. I'm wondering if y'all think all of this is attainable on a WR250R or a CRF250L? I know I'll be hardpressed to keep up on the highway, but back roads to Ohio and back should be okay, right? Thanks!
  20. What are your general thoughts on this plug? Is it telling me something? This is after a 20 min ride of all rpms and throttle openings. The bike is new to me 08 crf250 and runs very good jetting wise with no bog or pops (175, 42, clip in 2nd). My worries is the black ring and the color of the plug is gray. Not tan at all. Your thoughts appreciated. -thank you
  21. I'm quite new to the moto scene and I've got a '09 CRF250R in need of what I believe is a top end rebuild. I've never gotten a rebuild before so I'm unfamiliar with the process and the steps to take in getting this done in a safe and efficient manner. I was wondering if anyone knew of any reputable shops in or near Vancouver, Canada (where I live) that could look at my bike and help me out with my situation. About 6 months ago I got an inspection on the bike and the shop told me that my cam bearings had "spun in their journals", requiring the installation of a new cam along with the rebuild. I haven't had anything done to the bike since the inspection so the motor is still in this state. She's running but I'm afraid that the motor is a ticking time bomb and would like a shop to take a look at it, let me know what needs to be replaced and get the rebuild done without me worrying about getting taken advantage of. I'm currently out of the country in school but have plans to get this done once I'm back. Any tips, recommendations, or help would be greatly appreciated!
  22. I’m wanting to powder coat my bike but it’s all new to me. I’ve got a powder coater picked out that I’ve heard is good for what I’m doing. I’m not 100% what kind of sand blaster I need and what kind of media. I have also heard you can’t cook in the oven after you’ve baked your parts is that true?
  23. Hi all, I have a 2004 honda crf250r and it wont start hot at all. The motor was just rebuilt with a new cylinder and piston. The valves were just adjusted. It will start cold in 1 or 2 kicks with choke but as soon as it gets hot it wont start. If you bump start it the motor will just turn over without starting. sometimes it will start. It runs great until you shut it off. im thinking its either a fuel issue or an electrical issue. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  24. Over the last year or so I've been having issues with the bike cutting out, and so far they have all seemed to be fuel related. The first time it happened, I pulled the pump and tested it for flow on the bench. It was right on the edge of being too little. I replaced the filter and that fixed the issue for the next 30 hours or so. Then it started happening again. This was right around the time, I normally do a full tear down so while I had everything apart I checked the what the spray looked like out of the injector, which looked great, and made sure the throttle body and everything was perfectly clean. I checked all the electrical connections of the injector, the fuel system and the ignition system. They were all good. As the bike had around 200 hours on it at this point, I figure it was worth it to replaced the ignition coil, and plug wire and boot as well as a new spark plug. Everything went back together, and not surprisingly it was still cutting out. I decided the 200 hour pump was probly getting weak so that got replaced next. However as you seem to only be able to buy the oem pump as an entire assembly for $300 I used a Quantum pump that came with a lifetime warranty. The pump fixed the issue and the bike became much easier to start. Now recently I was getting ready to go riding, and went to pour gas in the bike. I started pouring gas in and realized the gas was a darker brown color. Turns out my dad had poured gas out of a recently acquired project bike that had been sitting for a probably 30 years into that container. I drained all the gas out of the tank and filled it back up with new, clean gas. The bike had never been run with the bad gas in it. I started riding and it started cutting out immediately at higher rpm. I put in another new filter, but same problem. I would think this has to do with the bad gas that I put in but I wouldnt think any dirt made it past the filter without running the bike with the bad gas in it. Could dirt have really made it past the filter and clogged/damaged the pump or the injector?
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