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Found 89 results

  1. Hello all, WOW, I have missed the community during the upgrade, but I am glad we are back up and running. I am in the process of replacing the top end on a YZ125 and going over my CRF250r and replacing all the items that need to be replaced. Let's get back to the CRF. The right muffler had a big dent in the cone tip, enough that it was driving me crazy, so I bought a used one off Ebay to replace it. When I installed it, I noticed that the diameter of the hole was much smaller than the left muffler. The guy who sold it to me said it was pulled off an 07 CRF250r, just like my bike. So, is the right muffler hole (at the end of the muffler) smaller than the left one? I just want to make sure I was sent the right one. Here are some pics of the new one installed.
  2. I have a 2007 CRF250R, and when the bike first starts up it runs perfectly. Absolutely zero issues, but around 15 minutes into riding, the bike stutters a bit and stalls when given a small amount of throttle. It still runs well in the high end, its just the low end that is giving me trouble. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you
  3. Okay so the title is a little vague. So it was having trouble idling and even starting when I first bought it about a month ago for $2k. So I did a rough clean of carb, looked up on YouTube, Forums, Etc on how to do it. I only cleaned jets with carb cleaner and sprayed around the float bowl area and such, so not too extensive. Did that and I took it out to a park, It would start up right away mostly, few kicks sometimes, but when I got it started, I had to keep the choke on. Right when I was ready to go fast and go up to 3rd and 4th gear I'd switch it off and it would work fine and sound fine and everything, but when I slowed back down and coasted around 1st gear i'd pop it back out again because it sounded like it was going to do. I have some videos if people would like me to link to them. So after that I decided to take it apart and replace spark plug with OEM NGK R0409B-8, replace main jet from a old 170 to a new 170, replaced pilot jet from a old 40 to a new 42, and kept starter jet the same just made sure that wasn't clogged, ordered a new adjustable fuel screw and used that. and it was still having a little bit of problems! I just started up today and the day before today. It would run only with choke on, if i twisted throttle in neutral it sounded pretty good, no gun shot noises or anything, pretty smooth. If I tried to take choke off it would die immediately. So I started it back up again, took around 6 kicks.. So again with choke on it sounded like it was starting to lose power and RPM's would drop so I'd twist throttle a few times and it would stay idling.. then after a small amount of time, start to sound like its about to die again... so I would rev it up again, and repeat.. Fuel line isn't clogged, flows fine. I tried fuel screw everywhere between 1 and 2 turns out.. I checked valve clearances, and I'm no expert but from the videos I watched the slipped underneath intake and exhaust with only minor force. So I'm lost.. Maybe float bowl is messed up? Should I just do a COMPLETE carb rebuild from videos I've seen on youtube, like this one -> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3AXb9UprT30? Or what? It's getting annoying taking it apart all the time, I jsut want it to start up quickly and run well!! Thank you! Austin, TX, Elevation 600ft, where I ride its around 900ft
  4. Zac.W

    oil in the wrong side oops

    hi quick question I accidentally put the transmission oil in the motor oil side and the motor oil in the transmission side after that I ran it for about one and a half hours over the span of two days will anything bad happen or are they close enough that I wont have to worry if I just change the oil properly? BTW i am using Honda 10-40w and Honda 80-85w
  5. UwotM8

    Swingarm compatibility

    Hello fellow thumpers, I got a question for y'all. So basically I am not very smart and forgot to tighten my sprocket on my 2010 crf250r. This ended terribly as my back hub is now mangled, and my swingarm is ripped apart. Also, since I didn't have my riding boots or pants on, my chain whip lashed into my leg and created a 4 inch deep gash in my Achilles. So while waiting for my leg to get sewn back together, I need to prep my bike for some ass-whooping again. What I needed to know from you guys is what year swingarms are compatible with my bike; I don't feel like buying a new swing arm because they are expensive.
  6. jay373

    2016 CRF450R First Ride

    I decided to post to the web my thoughts of my new 2016 CRF450R, mainly to give a basic review for comparing different bikes from a basic weekend warriors (me) perspective. Because most people I know aren't buying a brand new 450 every year. Background- before this bike I was on a 2008 CRF250R mostly on moto tracks and occasionally I'll rip on a 1994 CR125R. Some basic points I want the internet to know are all of the above bikes are great weapons for training for a entry or even intermediate level local MX rider. The CR125R is still a very powerful bike when ridden properly, which is all top, make that thing SING and it will GO. You work a little harder, but it's really not slow. My only other major point here is that the CR125R is 'softer' than new bikes. So it's not very forgiving if you come up short etc, but for the woods, trails what have you it feels like a Cadillac. The 2008 CRF250R was a good moto bike. That bike too liked the top a lot, although it had some mid. Suspension was revalved by Factory Connection for moto and felt good. The 2016 CRF450R has a great suspension for moto, feels better than the 08 250R that was revalved. This is important, something to remember is that all the bikes have improved a lot in the past ten years, and the STOCK SUSPENSION, feels awesome to me. So just because the suspension gets shot down in reviews, doesn't mean its worse than 2001 CR. Also this bike feels just as light as the 08 CRF250R. The ENGINE has the best power delivery of any performance machine I have ever owned, or ridden. Hands. Down. I bought the CRF450R because my 250 was wore it, and actually on a dollar per hour of ride time basis, the NEW 450R made a lot of financial sense, being I'll get a lot of 'pain free' hours out of it, and I was able to pick it up for 6900 hundred - 'year old model'. Whereas I'de have about 3-4k into rebuilding an older bike into tip top shape. Details, 33 psi in the forks couple clicks harder on all rebound and compression. I'm 175# with gear. Aggressive setting on engine mode, mild had what I felt like was a long delay on throttle response. Good bike. End Review.
  7. BRAAAP_Man555

    Worn Valve springs = less power?

    So i have this 06" crf250r new high compression piston in a new cylinder and i recently changed all of my valves. I did not change the springs. I found a small piece of valve spring in my flywheel. Could this make my bike have less power? How do you test valve springs to see if they are still good? Is it safe to ride as is? Feels like carb is a little off but thats a different topic.
  8. Alright so i recently had my bike apart for changing shims for about a month due to lack of time but after I put everything back together correctly(I'm fairly certain I did) it would not start so I checked timing etc and it's all correct so I started bumping it and whenever it did finally start if it was below 4000-5000 rpms it would just die any advice on what to check or try would be greatly appreciated!! (always maintained very well with oil, filters, air filters, cleaning after every ride, etc not just a pos I throw around)
  9. Bruce Martens

    2008 crf250r head on a 2006

    I have a brand new 2008 crf250r head and I want to put it on my 2006 engine, from what ive researched it should fit fine right? what gasket set will I need to use? I shouldn't have to use a 2008 cylinder right? 08 piston? The engine is fine as it is but I just want to avoid further valve/valve seat/hard starting issues in the future
  10. TPA-MX

    Back to a CRF250r

    Hi Guys, Well, I am back to a CRF250r (2014). After owning an 07, then going to a 2013 RMZ350, then to a CR125, my son wanted to get back on the 4-stroke. The first thing I am doing is to check the valves. I noticed on the unicam setup, the rocker arm that controls the exhaust valves has little "feet" the extend down to hit the shims. I noticed when trying to measure the clearance with feelers, due to the feet on the rocker, it seems to make it hard to get a good measurement. Any tips here? Thanks!
  11. Hi, I have an 04 CRF250R that's puking coolant only when it's not running. This only started happening after I had gotten back from a week long vacation I noticed a sizable puddle of antifreeze on the floor, the bike had be sitting for about 2 months prior to the vacation only being started up every other week. I'm super confused since it was super sudden, before I tear it apart I wanted to know if someone else might know what might be going on, it has to be either the water pump seals or radiator cap.
  12. Rhino USA

    Old to New Front End Conversion

    Just got done converting my 2007 CRF250r front end to a 2014-15 front end.. Just a different fender and number plate but what a difference IMO!! Super simple to do took maybe half an hour, definitely recommend to everyone if you wanna make your old bike look new!! Let me know what you guys think and if you're thinking of doing it I'll answer any questions you may have!! -C
  13. Hey TT, I have a 2009 CRF250R. She's a pain in the ass to start and keep running, won't idle with the choke off. Carb is stock (Main Jet #185, Slow Jet #42, Clip is on 3rd groove down from the top). No airbox mods, bike is stock. I've dismantled and thoroughly cleaned the carb, ensuring everything is correctly reassembled. Tried the fuel screw at 1 1/4 turns (stock). She'll run a smooth high-idle with the choke on. Dies immediately when choke is turned off. I'm positive the pilot jet isn't clogged or damaged. It looks perfect. I'm also positive I have no air leaks around the card. What else should I be looking at? It ran okay a couple days ago (just okay, not great). I have to use the 'pump twice then kick' trick to get it turned over. Usually 2-3 kicks. - Matt
  14. So i was about to get a crf250r until i went to the ktm dealership and checked out a 2017 ktm 250sxf. i just wanted to know what thoughts people had on these bikes. I have always ridden honda but would like to know more about the ktm. reliability, handling, resale, and any known problems .
  15. Hi all, I have recently bought a 07 crf250r that came with a brake light attached to a little white cylinder thing (3 inches long). I was wondering if I could run a light or lightbar off the same thing? please let me know. cheers
  16. Hey guys, first post here. My bike is a 2009 Honda CRF250R which i bought in August 2017, i have only ridden it twice since then due to mechanical problems. When i bought the bike i didn't know as much as i do now unfortunately, nevertheless ive spent more on it than what i paid for originally. i Took the bike to my local Honda dealership and they said its a common occurrence where the bikes wont turn over it just needs clearance adjustment and shimming, i brought my bike to them and told them to do a full inspection on it. Initially after the inspection they said; Tyres are worn, front brake pads worn, clearance need to be checked and 4x shims needs replacement. i told them to continue with their work and do whatever needs to be done to get my bike running again. A week go by and no luck, according to them they got the bike starting but heard a knock from the engine and the cam chain and tensioner needs to be replaced as it is in correlation to the bike not turning over, few days later with a new cam chain installed the bike started first kick according to the mechanic but didn't want to turn over for a second time no matter how many times they tried. After them inspecting the bike again they phoned me and said the flywheel is demagnetized and the stator is burnt, but there are no new parts available anywhere in South Africa and it would take 6weeks to get the new parts. Their initial quote was R1100 to get my bike running again, it totaled to R7000 without the flywheel and stator which was an additional R6800. This Honda dealership clearly don't follow procedure and cant comprehend the concept of what a full inspection means otherwise there wouldn't have been that much trial and error on their part. i took my bike back almost 7 times more than what i thought it would cost only to get a bike still in the same condition as before, not running. a local mechanic supplied me with a second hand flywheel and stator for R3000 which made the bike start with much struggle (cant cold start, 20-30 kicks when warm plus it had a massive bog) meaning Honda never even bothered to look at my carb, there was a stripped leak jet which is very visible and they never mentioned it once. i had my carb dipped in acid and rebuilt as the acc bypass nozzle that squirts fuel into the engine was also blocked and spraying mist, carb cleaner, compressed air and thin wire couldn't clear it up but the acid bath made it look brand new and working perfectly, they also drilled out the stripped leak jet and replaced it for me. a different local mechanic had a look at my bike and the shims had to be replaced again... the Honda dealership clearly knows what they're doing. My bike can finally start but the power delivery is super jerky. if i punch the throttle there is a delay before it kicks in and you can hear/ feel there's something wrong. slowly opening the throttle is when its worse, i attached a link to a YouTube video of my bike. i would greatly appreciate any assistance to resolve this problem. thanks in advance the idle sounds a bit high but after a few seconds itll drop down for some reason. not shure if its a related issue.
  17. Can you Run 93 Gas with Race gas jetting? I just got a 2005 Crf250r has a full tank of race gas in it....just don't wanna use all the race gas and put 93 gas in and it locks up or something bad happens !
  18. Howdy! I want to get a 21 oz flywheel for my 2006 crf250r but trail tech telling me I have to get the lightning stator. Is this true or can I run my stock stator with the new flywheel?
  19. Hey Gents, My CRF250r (2007) is backfiring a bit on 0 throttle / deceleration. I have read that there are 2 main factors that can contribute to this behavior. First, valves or timing is off. I have recently checked them 2X and they are good. The second factor could be lean on the pilot. Could there be any thing else that would cause the bike to back fire a bit? Can I just richen up air-mix screw a bit to see if it goes away? Thanks!
  20. Before I put my 05 CRF250R away for the winter it was running weird. I noticed it was leaking oil out of the engine cover. It was understandable because i had just put a new stator in. The bike had been running oddly for some time before i realized it was leaking. I just took the bike out for the spring and now it doesn't even start. I bought a new engine gasket to try to fix the leak. I am currently installing it. I am wondering if the low compression could've messed up the top end? I rode it with low compression for about three weeks before it started to bog so bag i couldn't ride it anymore. Will replacing the seal fix my issue or have i created a whole new one?
  21. Hello all, I have seen several posts recently with similar issues. My issue started after a simple slow right hand turn lay over. May or may not be culprit Background: I never had a real issue with starting, but I have a remapped ecu by Eddie, aprox 8 months ago. This definitely reduced amount of kicks needed from starting. I recently installed a complete rekluse auto exp 3. I had to slightly adjust the idle to reduce the "creep". This didn't cause an issue with starting or before and after it warmed up. During my last race, had a slow tip over in a right hand turn. Nothing major, nothing broken. I tried to restart and it puffed some white / blue smoke each kick. Most likely from the breather tube from the head to the air box. It took about 30 min to restart my bike. Ran great, and idled great.... no issues Since then I have not been able to start my bike quickly. Approx 20-30 kicks cold, 40+ when hot. Troubleshooting: Valve clearances are dead nuts perfect New spark plug There's no coolant in the oil, or oil in the coolant, or coolant in the tranny f There's spark and fuel, checked both Mind you, when she starts, she sounds and runs perfectly so.... It can't be a bent exhaust valve, no spark, or no fuel problem, or bad ecu. Those are the solutions that are "provided" by the ol enterwebb. The bike is at a local shop currently, because I just don't have the time to spend hrs and hrs tearing this thing apart. Any suggestions or shared experience would be greatly appreciated.
  22. dirtbiker2091

    kicker gets jammed

    on my 2004 crf250r then every time I try to start it the kicker gets jammed, but as soon as I relieve the pressure a little bit and try again then it goes down all the way down. any ideas?
  23. pro dirt

    2006 crf250r for $900

    hey guys I just bought a 2006 crf250r for $900 and it needs a carb clean but thats it. I was wondering if it was a good deal. I was browsing craigslist and found this listing 8 minutes after the guy posted it, I was looking for a nice 4 stroke and i heard crfs are super reliable. its in good condition and runs fine, the carb is just leaking so i need to clean it and the side plastics are cracked but thats it. i was just wondering if i got a good deal
  24. Hi guys, I have a 2011 Crf250r that I’m going to pull the top end since I don’t believe the previous owner did any matinence on anything on the bike so I want to freshen up the Motor since I’ve replaced almost everything else on the bike. Now since I’m replacing piston I was wanting to try the JE 14:2:1 HC piston along with a cam , hot cam or anyone that suits it best. I’m aiming for low end to mid power increase. I figured if I add these mods to it I’ll be getting my ecu remapped and dialed into run vpU4.4. Just curious by adding these mods will I be adding a lot more stress on the engine? I understand by doing these mods I’ll have to be checking the piston and valve clearances more often which is no problem at all but just trying to figure out if it’s going to be adding more stress by doing this or just more matinence. thanks!
  25. smugs

    Won’t start hot

    I have a 2007 CRF250R, just got the head rebuilt, new piston and cylinder, new timing chain, shims are in spec, air fuel mixture is correct, carb has a boyeson quickshot3, just found out yesterday when I tore it apart, the leak jet was turned all the way in, could that be the problem? timing is perfect, new ignition coil. Starts first kick when cold but once it gets to operating temp and I’ve been riding for a few minutes it is nearly impossible to start back unless I bump start it...any tips or ideas on what could be wrong with it? Thanks!