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Found 38 results

  1. hey fellas, any advice on how to get the most out of a crf 250x (2010) any advice on upgrades would be mint 🙂
  2. I recently purchased a brand new 2015 CRF250X. Since purchasing I installed the JD jet kit, and completed the air box mod. I live and ride in Kentucky, between 800 - 1200 feet above sea level, with the temperatures ranging from upper 70's to high 90's. I followed the JD jetting instructions and replaced the stock main jet with a 158 main, the pilot jet was changed with the 42 that came in the kit, and I replaced the stock needle with the red needle, with the clip in the fifth position from the top. I also removed the stock air mixture screw and replaced it with a R & D racing flex jet fuel screw backed out 1 3/4 to 2 turns. The bike has completely stock exhaust, with the OEM air filter. The bike seems to run alright, but there are a few things that I have some questions on. Before doing the mods to the bike you could pull the hot start lever all the way in and the bike would die. But now since doing the mods the bike will idle faster once the hot start lever is pulled in all the way. The same thing happens with the choke lever. Once the bike is good and warm if you pull the choke out the bike at first doesn't really do anything, but once you give it some throttle it will idle faster. The bike now has a backfire problem, which I never noticed before I did the mods. The backfire isn't necessarily a high pitched loud popping sound, but more of a low sound, almost like a large amount of air is being forced out. I've noticed the backfiring mainly happens when decelerating, or when dropping gears too quickly. My 250X does have the smog equipment attached. If I stall the bike while out riding it seems to be very hard to start, and most times I have to pull in the hot start lever to get the bike started. Before the mods I never used the hot start after I stalled the bike. As I try to restart the bike back it makes the same backfire noise like it does when I am out riding. The idle speed seems to not stay consistent. I'll warm the bike up and check the Works Connection hour meter and it will be reading around 1800-1900 RPM. Once I've been riding for some time, and come to a stop, the RPM meter will be reading more in the 1700 range. The RPMs at idle don't stay constant, I find myself adjusting the idle screw a few times while out riding. I am also having the problem of the bike randomly stalling. For example, I could come to a stop with the clutch engaged, sit still for a few seconds, and when I give the bike a little rev it will stall and die. The throttle doesn't even come open when it stalls, I just barely give it a turn and it will die. Like stated before, when this happens the bike is hard to start back, and backfires when trying to be started. I have tried playing around with the fuel mixture screw, but nothing seems to correct the problems I am experiencing. The bike seems to run fine other than the stalling and backfiring. I am not sure if changing jet sizes or clip position would correct the problems I am having. I have tried researching these topics, but nothing seems to be like what I am experiencing. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Hi, I posted the same question in the crf250x forum, but I thought that I would post here too, since it is related to putting crf forks on my xr400... Could someone do me a favour and measure their crf250x front axle please, if you have one fitted as part of your fork conversion? The specific measurements that I would like are: - Length of the shoulder - Length of threaded part of axle - Overall length I purchased an axle from eBay, which supposedly came from a crf250x, but it doesn't quite work out... I have an axle from a known crf250r, which, in conjunction with my 250x wheel and spacers (one of which for the speedo drive delete) all works out and mounts up fine. When I switch-out the 250r axle, for the supposed 250x axle, and swap out the speedo-delete spacer for the 250x speedo drive, it seems that the shoulder of the axle is about 5mm too long as it hangs out of the fork leg clamp, and not enough of the threaded part seems to protrude from the left hand side of the fork. Thanks in advance. Yooj
  4. I'm tearing down my '06 CRF250X for winter prep. I checked the spark plug (see pics). I've rode with this plug for most of the summer. I'm thinking it's a bit rich, so for the other 250X owners out there, what jetting are you running/what do you think I should run? The only mods I've done is install the JD Jet Kit (165 main, 42 pilot, Red needle 4th clip, and thick o-ring), FMF Q4, and 4" x 4" hole in air box (with No Toil Super Flo Kit). The bike seems to run alright, but should I drop a few on the main jet?
  5. I went for a ride today with some friend and my bike shit on me. The bike ran just fine yesterday but today it had some trouble starting up. after warming it up for a little bit it stalled because my clutch cable is messed up. After it stalled the bike was really hard to start I had to bump start it. We went out for a little ride and came back after the bike stalled again and had to bump start it. We charged the battery and the bike would start with e start (still not easy). Then we went out for a longer ride stalled a few times had a lot of trouble starting and on the way back I started to hear a ticking noise from the head (I think), there might also be a ticking noise from the clutch too. It sounds like this guys bike. I think its the valves but I don't know why they would make that noise.
  6. Hey everyone, Needing some help after removing my 250X carburetor and now trying to reinstall the air boot to the carb. I can't seem to figure out the routing for the smog pump hose to the air boot and the crankcase breather hose to the air boot. The hoses are either getting in the way of reinstalling the air boot or they are pinching and binding. They came off the air boot when I put the subframe into "upright position" and I didn't get a good look at how they were routed. Any help would be awesome. I will likely get the smog pump removal kit, but today, I'm just hoping to get everything back together to ride before rain comes in.
  7. Over 10k people and several thousand bikes camping in a field to set the stage for an epic desert event. Has a great time. https://youtu.be/yOITGtenqZY
  8. I'm considering swapping my stock cam for an R cam or Stage 1 Hot Cam. I did a bit of research and found that the R cams vary from year to year, some having more broad power, while others have a punchy mid to top. The Hot Cam seems to have the best bottom end, with not as much up top. My question: what cam would you guys recommend for someone who rides mostly trails (hare scrambles and enduro) with little to no MX riding? Is it even worth swapping cams? I wanted something with more mid to top, but I also don't want to lose all of the beastly bottom end that this bike has. I heard that the '05 R cam is pretty good for overall power/torque. The Stage 1 Hot Cam looks the most promising, but is it that different from the stock X cam? Anyone have experience with these cams?
  9. Hey guys, I've recently purchased a 05 crf250x and noticed a loud noise coming from the top end. It looks like it is the auto decompression thing. From the 2 videos (linked below) does everything look good? When riding if I am low rpm, the top end makes a horrible noise but it seems to go away once I open it up. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Also it looks like it is running aftermarket cams, Hot Cams it says on them which I presume isn't standard. Video 1): Video2): Thank you! -Sean
  10. Just wondering if a larger honda crf250x fuel tank will fit a 2011 crf250r without any modifications Cheers
  11. So I have a 2006 crf250x I rebuilt the engine myself, had a maintenance shop trouble shoot it to see if i did it right or if i did something wrong and they said everything was perfect. So now i just rebuilt the top end and had the maintenance shop perform a leak down test to check if i resurfaced my head correctly and if i had good compression. Results came back to me saying that yes indeed i have no leaks and i have good compression... They also said my exhaust valve clearance was good but my intake had 0 clearance, they quoted me for $250 to have them do it so i instead just took it home and did it myself the bike reads (.003"in) to large from the spec clearance on the left intake and my right intake reads in between the specified clearance (.005"-.001"in)0.12-.03mm) my question is and ive already tired, will it not start with one valve having too large of a clearance? Yes its getting fuel yes it has compression(or at least its capable of sealing compression), yes it has spark and yes the timing it 100% correct.
  12. Recently I was riding my 2005 250X and the headlight quit working. The bulb appears to be fine so I checked the voltage at the headlight plug in. I got a reading of 3.5V which does not seem right. I also do not have the tailight in because it does not work and was wondering if this would cause problems. My starter does not always work either, sometimes it starts right up and other times it just turns over but will kick start first try. Lastly is there any brighter headlight bulb that can be put in without modifying stator? I have looked at the PIAA 70023 but did not know if this was a good option. Any help is appreciated.
  13. I recently bought a 2005 crf250x, and am looking to get a lexx exhaust. Does anyone have experience with jetting these? I will be riding from about sea level - 1,500 feet. Bike has top of airbag cut off, Boysen accelerator pump, and all stock motor. I was thinking starting with 155 main jet, 42 pilot, and 2 turns out on fuel screw. Also what is the procedure for getting the idle jet out, will i need new seals for the carb? And how should I proceed with needle? I was wanting to just buy individual jets to save on price or is it worth it to get a JD kit? Any help is appreciated, thanks.
  14. Hi everyone, I just recently bought a 2005 CRF250X with 96 hours on the stock motor. Rode it allele bit when I got home and began realizing its got some issues. When I got it it was harder to start than it seemed like it should have been, and I just figured it was the carb needing cleaned as it hadn't been ridden very much the past two years. I have put about 4 hours on the bike since I got it, and gradually it has been getting harder and harder to start. It is mostly harder when hot but also when cold. The people told me the valves had been adjusted in the last two years but did not have any proof of it. Is the hard starting a sign of the valves being shimmed enough to sell then after I've ridden it for a few hours going out completely? Or could this be that the carb is in fact very dirty and needs re-jetted to make it run correctly, the people did say it was running rich and can tell as once and awhile it blows black smoke. And it blows a slight bit of blue smoke start up so wonder if ultimately it needs a full rebuild and if so what the cost of this would be? Any help is appreciated, thanks.
  15. Hi everyone, I just recently bought a 2005 CRF250X with 96 hours on the stock motor. Rode it allele bit when I got home and began realizing its got some issues. When I got it it was harder to start than it seemed like it should have been, and I just figured it was the carb needing cleaned as it hadn't been ridden very much the past two years. I have put about 4 hours on the bike since I got it, and gradually it has been getting harder and harder to start. It is mostly harder when hot but also when cold. The people told me the valves had been adjusted in the last two years but did not have any proof of it. Is the hard starting a sign of the valves being shimmed enough to sell then after I've ridden it for a few hours going out completely? Or could this be that the carb is in fact very dirty and needs re-jetted to make it run correctly, the people did say it was running rich and can tell as once and awhile it blows black smoke. And it blows a slight bit of blue smoke start up so wonder if ultimately it needs a full rebuild and if so what the cost of this would be? Any help is appreciated, thanks.
  16. I just bought a 2005 Honda CRF 250x. It hasn't run in 5 years and has been sitting in a garage. I cleaned the carb very well (the pilot hole). I compression tested the bike and got around 55 psi with the auto decompressor on. The spark plug is new and has good gas and fuel filter on it. The oil and oil filter has been changed as well. The bike will sound like it wants to start and when you give it throttle and kick it it will back fire and the kick starter will ram back up. I took the air filter off and put fuel right into the intake to the carb. after a few kicks the bike started and ran pretty good. once it was warm it started right back up. i tried to start it again the next day and it wont. it sounds good but then i give it throttle and it gets a different pitch. I was thinking low compression but i have 55 psi (i read i should be their). Could it be my valves? i need help!!!!
  17. So I've got 2015 crf250x. I did many of the ccc mods and now it runs like a champ. Starts on first kick/push and I love the suspension and feel. What I hate about the bike is how hard it is to work on. Specifically the carb. For anyone who doesn't own a 250x/450x the carb sits right behind a large portion of subframe and is nearly impossible to access. I have a after market fuel screw and I still can barely get to it with my hands. If you actually wan't to clean the carb you have to lift the whole sub frame to get it out. Now my throttle cable is seized up (probably from sand) and I am going to have to replace. I'm not mad that the cable seized, it happens, things go wrong grit gets in places its not supposed to be and parts wear out. However where my throttle cables attach to my carb is completely inaccessible. So I am going to have to lift the sub frame again! This is not that big a deal but the last time I tried to get the airbox boot back on the carb it took 5 hours and a shit ton of grease. Carb work is something that is common on all dirtbikes. Even just for maintenance. It should not be that difficult to access it. It seems like honda doesn't want owners to work on their bikes anymore. Don't even get me started on trying to find a current service manual (because the bikes don't come with them anymore). I looked at several buddies bikes because I was curious as to how they are layed out, and for the ktm, yamaha, and suzuki the throttle cable fix wouldn't take more than 30 minutes. But its going to be an all day process for me. I'm so pissed right now I'm thinking about selling my bike and switching makers because I feel like this is going to become a recurring problem. What do you guys think? Any honda guys out there gonna convince me otherwise?
  18. Hi everyone, I am a 5'5 150lb 16 year old. I have ridden 4 wheelers all my life and just recently sold my 400ex and am looking to get into dirt bike riding as thats what most of my friends ride. I cannot decide a good bike to get as a beginner because of my height. Two of friends have WR250f and two of them have CRF150R. We ride mostly trails and some Motocross. I like the size of the 150r's as I can easily touch, but do not want the high strung high maintenance motor. The problem with the WR is I can hardly touch the ground which scares me everytime I go to stop. I would like a CRF250X, but do not know if it will be too much to start on or if it will be too tall, I am not afraid to buy lowering links, shave seat foam, and slide forks up until i get more comfortable on the bike. I have considered 230's but think i want better suspension for hitting jumps. Any input is greatly appreciated, thanks.
  19. I have a 2008 CRF250X, it is my first dirt bike. I feel like there is something wrong with either the clutch cable, its adjustments or the clutch pack/pressure plate. Here are the symptoms from different scenarios: 1) Bike is cold, it is in first gear, moving the bike forward or backward is extremely hard while the clutch lever is pulled in. Rear tire is trying to move the piston it feels like. Once I get it going it gets a bit easier to roll. 2) Bike is cold, it is in neutral, when I start the bike and let it run for a minute or two, get on the bike pull the clutch, hold the front brake and put the bike in first gear the bike instantly stalls while jerking forward. 3) Bike is cold, it is in first gear, I try to start the bike with the clutch pulled in, it jerks forward a bit but starts. Once the bike starts and oil is flowing around it does not jerk any more and bike can be almost freely pushed around while it is in first gear and clutch is in. So to me it feels like when the bike is cold and engine not running, no matter how much I pull the clutch, it does not fully disengage the drive train. Once the bike starts it looks like the clutch starts to work fine. Is this normal? Is it a worn or badly adjusted clutch cable? Is the clutch bad and needs service? Not enough oil in the tranny? Wrong oil in the tranny? (Shell Rotella non synthetic)
  20. my 06 250x is in for a rebuild and I'm not sure what crank to use. I rode mostly trails with some roads, never at or near rev limiter and maintain it well. i got over 200hr out of the stock engine (valves,piston,rings etc) and i am only rebulding it because its winter and its smoking. valves are still good. i run a stage 2 cam and a jardine full exhaust, ccc mods and backfire screen removed. the stock crank has a little bit more side play than id like and for peace of mind i want to replace it and all the gaskets and such. i have a top end already to go with kibbklewhite ss valves a and cam chain as well as every other little gasket and oring and clip i need. with the cam and pipe should i run an 08 13.5:1 r piston? I've heard these are better. also im not sure which crank to use. will a 2mm stroker add much power? is OEM better than hotrods? I've heard hotrods are poorly balanced but that was on old posts and I've heard nothing recent. I'm mainly concerned about longevity and reliability. the bike won't be getting driven all that much but as my second bike i don't want to have to work on it all the time. its the classic "do it once and do it right". overall i would like a little bit more power but mainly more bottom end torque. it will be my bike for traveling with slower quads and maybe a couple big trips (>800km) and friends to drive. sorry for the long post but i can't find much recent info on this.
  21. I am currently in the thought process of purchasing a crf250x and converting to supermoto to get it registered for road use. Just wondering if anyone has converted and what tips you would have for me to maybe make it easier? I already have a set of SM wheels off my drz that will fit with new spacers. Any advice will help!
  22. I have a 2011 CRF250x, I've always been on top of maintenance, never really flogged the bike. From about this time last year the bike developed a sort of rubbing/scraping noise coming from the left side of the motor only when it was 3/4 throttle or more. I thought it might have been drivetrain so I pulled over, put it in neutral and did the same thing (3/4 throttle and more) while sitting still and it did the same thing. The bike sat in the shed for about 6 months and then I took it out to see if I could figure it out. I pulled the valve cover off and everything seemed normal, nothing loose, valves still in clearances. I also pulled the cam chain tensioner out, I wasn't game enough to go further so I put it back together and started it. No noise. It was fine, I rode it for about 1-2 months with no noise at all. I had to get a friend to ride it to get it inspected for road worthy and the noise is back. I've tried taking the cam chain tensioner out again and it hasn't worked this time. The noise has also become worse and at lower RPM (more like 2/3 throttle now). I'm wondering if this has been experienced by anyone else also and how they fixed it. I'm not game enough to continue riding it as I'm not sure whether the noise is something going bad. I'm keen to fix the problem as I've been without a bike for so long, I just don't have the money to pay someone to dig around the bike for me. Thanks in advance
  23. Hey I’ve got an 05 crf250x I was wondering what engine/transmission oil I can put in it cause the manual says ether 10w-40 or 20w-40 I don’t really know what the numbers mean anyway I wanted to know whether I could put 15w-40 in it cause I have access to it at home but I don’t know if I should put it in the bike or not.
  24. I recently did a valve check on my CRF250X. All the valves were in spec except for one exhaust valve, which was WAY out of spec. I think there is supposed to be a .010-.012 gap to be in spec, but mine is at .018, which is much too loose. I think there might be some carbon build up on the valve, so I was trying to research some decarbonizing methods. Right now I'm trying to decide whether: A. use some sea foam and add that to the tank B. take off the air box and use a spray bottle of water with the bike at high RPM's or C. take off the head and check/clean carbon manually. Last riding season I checked the valves and all were in spec. I then installed the JD jet kit (much richer jetting), which is why I think this is probably a carbon build up issue. Any advice/suggestions?
  25. I have a 2009 CRF250X. It was in dire need of a new piston, rings, valves, springs, and reshimming; the bike had zero compression prior to doing this work, I let it go far too long. I couldn't get valves back into tolerance by just shimming either. I did the job myself and this is the first time I've done any of this, just teaching myself from YouTube and the service manual. I did have the valve seats done by the local shop to make sure that was done right since the valves ate into the seats pretty well. I finished the job and it runs again. It will only start by using the kick start though. The electric start turns the engine over, but it won't start even after the bike is warm. Also, it stalls after sitting idle for a little bit in neutral. I tried adjusting idle screw and it will stay running if I have the idle high enough, but then it is set too high for normal use. Other than these 2 issues, the rebuild seems to have been successful! I'm looking for help on what you guys think the issue could be that it doesn't want to start with the electric starter, but will with the kick start??? And also reasons it could be stalling at idle after a job like this??? Where should I start?
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