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Found 122 results

  1. Just wondering what you guys do to remove black marks on your seat. My 08 crf450r has the red/black seat, and after each ride there are some black marks on the red from my riding pants. Not scuff marks, more like patches of black residue from my pants rubbing on the seat. I’ve tried the magic eraser which seemed to do the trick, but lately they seem like they aren’t coming off. Also tried scrubbing bubbles with a brush and no luck. Not too worried cuz I have an spare OEM seat, but I’d like to keep this one nice. Any ideas? Maybe I shouldn’t wear black pants?
  2. Hey guys! Im gonna start out with posting all the information i think is needed for you guys to help me with this problem! Stock engine 2007 crf250r. Valve clearances are good and have JUST been shimmed with a double and triple check. Jetting is 175 main, stock needle position, 45 pilot and 50 leak jet. 1000ft above sea level. Im still having a terrible time starting and it used to be a 1 kick bike. I haven't changed my kick routine at all. 3 slow kicks, 3 throttle twist and then kick. Will sometimes start if i give it some gas when kicking. And then it starts 1-4 kicks after its warm. Im lost and dont know what else to look for. Thanks!
  3. Hey! My name is Kyler. So recently my bike overheated like 3 times, then finally one day it quit on me. After draining the oil, it turns out there's shredded metal everywhere. So I tore it all down. Now I'm not sure whats the problem. So far all that I found is the little rectangular reed valve was missing 1 out of 2 screws, and around that area down there is where I found the most of the shredded metal. also, I'm not sure if its a problem but the actual shaft on the crank has the slightest bit of play. Mainly I just don't know what to replace so please help! I don't want to put it all back together and not replace the main prob. Thanks in advance!
  4. Hi guys, I have a CRF450R 09 which I have owned since new which I use mostly for trail / desert riding over here. From new I fitted a Magura hydraluic clutch from which has worked fine for years. Last year I decided to freshen up the clutch and ordered some Pro X clutch plates online. First issue there - The fibres when added toegether are approx 1.2mm thinner than the OEM units - Yes the clutch slipped to such a degree I had no drive at all. I then went to the Honda shop and purchased some OEM units. The spare parts guy said the 09m had an issue with slipping clutches due ot the 4 bolt pressure plate and if I experienced any further issues recommended an extra steel plate added with the plates. The extra plate should take the clutch plates up to level with the top of the clutch basket. He also said that I would need to put another washer in to the parts group including the clutch lifter - pressure plate etc to compensate for the extra steel plate. I tried the extra steel without adding the washer and the clutch is engaged (meaning driving) and the bike stalled immediately once put into gear. The parts guy has now moved on as the dealer closed. My question is - Has anyone else tried this mod and if so where do I locate the extra washer - Under the clutch lifter ( clutch centre side) or on top of the needle roller bearing? Any help would be appreciated. Cheers Leigh
  5. Hey guys! I'm 20 years old and haven't ridden a dirtbike in 2 years. I sold my last one for a four wheeler and a trailer (laugh all you want, it's for farm work and very handy) but I've been riding street bikes the whole time during that gap (boring to me lol) Anyways I now have the means to get a new (or relatively new) dirtbike, and I see the new crf450rx. I don't want the 2018 model because I want the kickstart backup and the 2018 models took that away. The downside to the RX model is price, MSRP is not much more than the R model, but here the 17 R models are $1200 cheaper than the RX. The 2016 model (new, but didn't sell) is $6300 here. Is the 17 R model worth the $8000? Is the RX worth $9200? I was looking at KTM's but when I went to the local dealer they didn't take me seriously so I just walked out. Both Honda dealers near me treated me like a friend, so I know if there's a problem I can trust them, and I don't want to deal with bad dealers. My riding is mostly trails (I ride on friends woodlands) and I plan on getting back into racing but not too often, maybe once a month, sometimes twice, and it will also be a yard vehicle (to quickly go from one side to the other to tell someone something or to go grab a tool or chase coons and coyotes away) I was looking at older bikes but now that I have the funding for a new bike with my current job I think I'd like a new bike for once, get the benefits of modern suspension and stuff. So basically I'm just wondering your guy's thoughts on 2016 vs 2017 and R vs RX. I know the 17 RX is best for my riding style (mostly trails and stuff) but is it worth the extra $2500 ish over the 16 R model? I'd do most of my own maintenance except for valves.
  6. I start my motocross challenge with 2011 YZ450F . although i had many years experience with heavy cubic MC , from the first start i underestand it have so much power . and the first try MX track was scary and i decide to sell it . but as i am a stubborn person , i keep pushing and learning whit this bike . + mapping it as soft as possible and now i am getting better . last weekend i tried a rmz250 and was amazed how well i can drive it, but i didnt like it there was no power in it . now i need help : my friend suggest me to change to a 250 2 stroke : so how dose it feel to change from 450 4t to 250 2 stroke !? it is getting even harder !? or should i just not give up and keep pushing and learning with a 450 !? or maybe i just go to 20 4 stroke !?
  7. I have a 2006 Honda CRF450R and when you squeeze the clutch lever it does not snap back. I have attached a picture of the part that I think may be the culprit. The part circled in red is loose and before the clutch stopped working it would snap back like there is a spring in it. Is there a way to fix this without splitting the case? Anyone ever have a similar problem?
  8. Simple question for anyone with previous FMF+2006R experience. I did a search and turned up squat. My 450R 06 has fmf pc4 slip on. However there is about .250" gap between the end of the slip on and the clamp sleeve thats welded to the head pipe. I just swapped the subframe as prev owner had installed an 05 and there was no place to mount the midpipe mount. Had .750" gap before, now down to .250" with the 06 subframe. Seat fits better too... Am I missing something about the exhaust mounting or are they just cut too damn short from fmf? Also had a buddy measure his head pipe (2007 450r) with dial calipers and I measured mine and came out about 1/8" more OD on mine. Its deffo not a mega bomb and looks very factory with the heat shield and all so guessing its factory. Any ideas?
  9. i have been looking all over this forum for a definitive answer to this and some have said yes it will work, and some have said no because the shock clevis lengths and mounting bolts are not the same length. Someone please give insight to this. asking because i have a 03 cr250r and found a great deal on a 05 crf450r with a 5.7 kg/mm spring in it ( i weigh 220 lbs) on ebay.
  10. I have a CR250 and a CRF450R - I am 6'5" amateur I find it impossible to position feet on pegs in a way that I can easily extend foot to hit rear brake My longer legs result in sharp angle with foot, so I end up standing in a way that the foot does not cover rear brake (toes on peg, nothing over brake) When I try to practice rear brake tap (on wheelies, or in mid-air jumping to lower the front) - I notice my foot has to lift up, reposition, then tap = much slower I am wondering if there are adjustments to my rear brake to make it sit lower - another possibility seems I could bend the rear brake to physically sit lower Not sure if this is a common issue amongst tall riders, did not find much info on brief search - thanks in advance for any help
  11. I have a 2005 crf450r, and I've been changing the oil the same way for years. Just went to change the oil and nothing drains. Anyone ever have this happen? Any suggestions on what to try?
  12. Hey my buddy has a honda crf450r and started making noises recently, or a while ago, we thought nothing of it, thought maybe the chain or something, the bikes always coming up with problems, but they got louder, and so he stopped riding it and is gonna look into it. Does anyone have any ideas what it is? To be specific, it sounds like a clanking that sounds like if your chain is loose, but in the top end like where the cams or piston is. Any idea?
  13. they just announce the first position, i am interested to read their december issue .
  14. Reasons that i loved my yamaha : Two weeks ago I bought a 2013 CRF450R . after riding it for couple of time , i do miss my ex-YZ for couple of reasons: 1. its powerful engine , specially in low end 2.how easy and good the clutch was 3.its easy to change map on yamaha with GYTR power tuner 4.for me its a better looking bike compare to other brands. 5. yamaha forums of course in compare to my YZ , the CRF450R is superb in handling and easy to ride . i miss my yamaha low/mid end torque , but i am still fast with honda or even ridding better with honda. it feel like a 250 in the wood and trails, but the biggest problem for me is how stiff is the clutch ( i have a new clutch cable and OEM clutch spring). one thing that i do really appreciate is this forum, which is more active and i usually get response to my posts and questions .
  15. So I emailed Factory Connection today to see what spring rate I need for the rear as I’m about 6’2” 220 lbs without gear. I also asked for a baseline front fork PSI to start at. This is what I received: Nicholas, The spring series we made for your bike is limited when it comes to larger/stiffer rates. The spring rate you need is 5.9/6.0 range. We don’t sell that over the counter as it requires special installation process. So we can’t sell the spring “over the counter”. It would have to be installed at our shop. Fork PSI I would recommend: Inner 160 psi Outer 11 psi Balance 160 psi Are they blowing smoke up my ass? What kind of ‘special installation’ could a spring take? I’ve changed and removed them before but not on a 16’ CRF before. Also, aren’t those psi settings for the Kawasaki KYB? I don’t think the psf2 have inner/outer/balance do they? Maybe he was having a bad day...or maybe I’m an idiot. FC’s website list there spring as ALS-0059. Can I not just order this spring and install it to set my sag correctly? Help?
  16. Hi everyone , I have checked a CRF450R yesterday with near 150hours on the bike and 70hours on the piston, what disappointed me was the clutch :/ it was really stiff and hard to pull , compare to my yamaha and other bikes that i have tried . is it a normal problem for 2013 and 2014 CRF450 !? how can it be fixed ?
  17. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Honda Broadens CRF Lineup with Expansive New-Model Launch Largest performance off-road release yet includes new models for diverse applications IRVINE, Calif. (May 23, 2018) – During a recent “CRF Collective” unveiling ceremony at Fox Racing headquarters, Honda announced its most far-reaching range of performance off-road models ever, expanding the group by three and significantly improving the four returning models. Leveraging the brand’s unparalleled experience in the manufacture of dirt bikes, Honda’s performance off-road lineup now includes CRF machines for riding applications including motocross, closed-course off-road, pure off-road, and even dual sport. All seven models are based on the platforms of Honda’s revolutionary motocrossers, the CRF450R and CRF250R. Those two machines return for 2019 but with important updates, as does the closed-course off-road CRF450RX. In addition, Honda is offering a factory-replica version of its full-size motocrosser called the CRF450RWE (“Works Edition”). The trail-ready CRF450X is entirely new for 2019, and it’s joined by a road legal CRF450L that enables customers to connect trails via asphalt. Finally, Honda is also introducing an all-new CRF250RX closed-course off-road machine. CRF450L Dual Sport The trails are calling, and the all-new road-legal CRF450L answers, expanding customers’ off-road possibilities by enabling access to the best riding trails, even when that means connecting them via asphalt roads. Street legality is achieved via features like LED lighting, mirrors, and a dedicated exhaust system. Equally at home in the woods or desert, the CRF450L has a wide-ratio six-speed transmission for maximum adaptability, while a lightweight, 2.0-gallon tank offers great range. Compared to the CRF450R motocrosser, crank mass is up for tractability in technical conditions, where a large-capacity radiator keeps things cool. Color: Red Target Price: $10,399 Availability: September Info: https://powersports.honda.com/2019/crf450L.aspx >>> More pictures, video, specs & discussion on the 2019 Honda CRF450L <<< CRF450RWE (Works Edition) For the 2019 model year, you don’t have to be Ken Roczen to enjoy a CRF450R with factory enhancements, as the new CRF450RWE features a number of upgrades based on the bikes in the Team Honda HRC race shop. Rocketing to the top step of the podium through the use of a specially designed cylinder head with hand-polished ports, Yoshimura titanium slip-on muffler, and special ECU settings, this new model offers increased low- and mid-range torque. It also features the same graphics as Roczen’s No. 94 race bike, including a Throttle Jockey factory seat cover. Upgraded black D.I.D LT-X rims are included, along with black triple clamps and a gold RK chain. Titanium nitride-coated fork legs and an updated, titanium nitride-coated shock shaft increase traction and bump absorption. Color: Red Price: $11,499 Availability: August Info: https://powersports.honda.com/2019/crf450r.aspx CRF450R Already the industry’s top-selling motocrosser and the winner of the 2018 Daytona Supercross at the hands of MotoConcept’s Justin Brayton, the CRF450R receives a number of important updates for 2019. Better engine performance is achieved through a new combustion-chamber shape, as well as improved over-rev characteristics through a refined oil-management system. The frame and swingarm have been revised for optimized rigidity and weight reduction, while the braking system has been updated with a lightweight front brake caliper featuring a large-piston design. As a result of the weightsaving measures, the CRF450R is 1.76 lbs. lighter than its predecessor. For added performance and increased comfort, the 2019 model features new ECU settings, HRC launch control, a Renthal Fatbar® handlebar and adjustable handlebar position. Black rims and redesigned fork protectors are also new. This is how you convert the “Absolute Holeshot” into moto wins. Color: Red Price: $9,299 Availability: August Info: https://powersports.honda.com/2019/crf450r.aspx CRF450X Having featured heavily in Honda-mounted teams winning 20 of the last 21 Baja 1000s, the CRF450X gets a complete overhaul for 2019, based on the modern CRF platform but with off-road-appropriate features. A true off-road machine that’s ready for racing or trail riding, this model features a headlight, taillight, and side stand, as well as an 18” rear wheel and lightweight 2.0-gallon fuel tank. For maximum versatility in challenging terrain, the CRF450X also features a 49mm Showa fork with dedicated settings, wideratio six-speed transmission, and higher crank mass than the CRF450R. Color: Red Target Price: $9,799 Availability: October Info: https://powersports.honda.com/2019/crf450X.aspx CRF450RX Currently campaigned by JCR Honda’s Trevor Bollinger and Trevor Stewart in GNCC and WORCS competition, respectively, the CRF450RX inherits the same performanceenhancing features of the 2019 CRF450R, including an updated cylinder head and refined oil-management system, while still featuring off-road-specific features like a 2.2gallon resin fuel tank, 18-inch rear wheel, and aluminum side stand. Suspension is specially tailored to the CRF450RX and uses low-friction fork oil. For added performance and increased comfort, the 2019 model features new ECU settings, HRC launch control, a Renthal Fatbar handlebar, and adjustable handlebar position. Black rims and redesigned fork protectors are also new. Color: Red Price: $9,599 Availability: September Info: https://powersports.honda.com/2019/crf450rx.aspx CRF250RX Based on Honda’s successful 250cc motocrosser, the all-new CRF250RX joins the CRF450RX as a weapon for closed-course off-road competitions throughout America. Equipped with a larger-capacity, 2.2-gallon resin fuel tank, 18-inch rear wheel, and aluminum side stand, the RX makes quick work of challenging situations, its dedicated suspension and ECU settings helping the rider work through even the toughest trail sections. As with the CRF250R, HRC launch control, a Renthal Fatbar handlebar, and black rims are standard. Color: Red Target Price: $8,299 Availability: September Info: https://powersports.honda.com/2019/crf250rx.aspx CRF250R Newly introduced in 2018, the CRF250R has seen the GEICO Honda and TiLube Honda teams earn multiple wins in AMA Supercross and Arenacross competition, respectively, while also achieving success in amateur national races. For 2019, the model is revised with increased low-to-midrange engine performance for improved corner exiting. Inspired by the factory version, the Double Overhead Cam engine features updated cam profiles and intake- and exhaust-port profiles, a 50mm shorter right exhaust pipe, and a 2mm smaller throttle body. Riders can select from three engine modes for ideal performance depending on conditions, while HRC launch control has been adopted for improved race-start performance. A Renthal Fatbar handlebar sits in a four-position-adjustable top clamp, while the braking system has been updated with a lighter, CRF450R-inspired caliper with larger piston for optimum braking performance. Black rims are standard. Color: Red Target Price: $7,999 Availability: September Info: https://powersports.honda.com/2019/crf250r.aspx CRF150R / CRF150RB Raced by Amsoil Honda hotshot Hunter Yoder on the amateur national circuit, Honda’s smallest motocross machine returns for 2019, featuring a Unicam four-stroke engine thatoffers a spread of ample, useable power and torque across the rev range. Suspension duties are handled by Showa, with a 37mm inverted fork and Pro-Link rear link system. In addition to the standard version, Honda offers the CRF150RB, which features larger wheels, a taller seat, a longer swingarm, and more rear-suspension travel. Color: Red Target Price o CRF150R: $5,099 o CRF150RB: $5,399 Availability: August Info: http://powersports.honda.com/2019/crf150r.aspx ABOUT AMERICAN HONDA American Honda Motor Co., Inc., is the sole distributor of Honda motorcycles, scooters, ATVs and Side-by-Sides in the U.S. American Honda’s Motorcycle Division conducts thesales, marketing and operational activities for these products through independent authorized Honda retail dealers. For more information on Honda products, go to powersports.honda.com.
  18. Hi guys, I need to fit a tether kill switch on my crf450r 2009. Just wonder if anyone could shed some light on how I need to fit this as the standard kill switch on the bike has four wires (2 for the MIL light I guess). The one I have only has two, so which wires do I have to cut into in order for it to work? The 4th wire we don't see in the picture is the black one. Thanks a lot! Sam
  19. #crf450r#hondacrf450r
  20. Hey guys me again...! Rebuild is complete, bike runs flawless! However when trying to re adjust my subframe to line up with the frame the air boot slipped off the carb!! How the heck do you guys go about getting those on??? I was able to get it over just barely, enough for a quick heat cycle in the garage, but of course I want it on all the way up to the lineup tabs on the boot! I saw something about heating it up? It’s either one side goes on and the other doesn’t, or bottom goes on and top won’t! Also any suggestions on mounting an hour meter? Bought a works connection one and mounted it with the provided 3m tape and it fell off within 10 minutes.
  21. Hi guys, been reading TT for years, first post on here. I just picked up an 06 crf450r. has a fresh top end with 10hrs on it,(bottom end was inspected) new cam chain and kibblewhite valves. everything was perfect on the test ride. Now that its home i've noticed when its started it makes a loud clank noise at super low rpm that goes away the second a little gas is applied and doesn't come back until bike is restarted. In messing with it I found that when its idling in neutral if I drop the idle very low the clanking occurs but if i raise it slightly its gone. Im new to honda 4 strokes but after doing some research my two guesses would be cam chain tensioner or hot start positioning. I hope its just as simple as the tensioner but im not sure if the chain is capable of making such a loud deep clank. Here is a video
  22. Whats up everyone, i figured i would make a post on my 450L build, experimentation etc, and contribute back to the forums. Normally I dont post stuff and instead do research finding what i need, but i havent found anyone that has done what ive done yet, and see lots of people have questions. Ill post my build as i go. If anyone has questions feel free to ask. A little background info: i bought my bike end of 2018 and put maybe 15 miles on the thing. I came from riding a 2012 crf450r and wanted something for trails. I originally was looking for a 2019 husky te300 with the new efi, but seeing as they had a street legal 450L for the same price i figured i would much rather have that instead. Here are pictures when i first brought the bike home
  23. We have a 2016 CRF450R with about 11 hours out. never ridden hard always check the oil and change when needed along with the air filter. Took care of the recall that was required as well. Well when riding the bike was stalled out. Went to try and kick start the bike again. the kick start lever just back up jamming my knee into the handle bars and some how ended up cracking the case right by where the kick start goes through the case. Has any one had this happen or heard of this happening? What is the cause?
  24. Recently got this bike and it was pretty neglected by previous owners. I decided to do some maintenance due to the fact that I broke my wrist. I noticed trying to replace the fork seals and bushings that the left side damper compresses and stays compressed fully while the right side pushes in and back out. Any reason as to why? Also the bushings on the dampers are different on both sides. Is that normal?
  25. I’m looking for some opinions on a noise my bike is making. When shifting into first from nuetral my bike slams into gear which is accompanied by a “ping” noise that sounds like 2 swords hitting each other. I can faintly hear the “ping” noise ringing out while rolling around in first gear. Upshifts are all smooth however downshifts seem to slam pretty hard from 3rd to 1st. I have also found that while shifting to nuetral while stopped with the bike running, my gears will grind and not allow me to shift to nuetral. This is only on occasions. Any ideas? All new clutch last year with forged clutch basket. I did notice my chain was pretty loose on this last ride, which I have head can cause noises and hard shifts. However that “ping” noise sounds like it’s coming from inside. Any advice is appreciated.
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