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Found 99 results

  1. I was riding my bike and it started to make this like clacking noise in more of the top end of the motor. I really need some help with this because I have no clue what it is. I put a video on youtube of the noise. https://gaming.youtube.com/watch?v=W8dEhuFLzGo&feature=share
  2. moto_life238

    No spark Please help!!!

    Hello I have a 2012 crf450r that has no spark. I had washed it the night before , and the next day rode it for about 5 minutes it was bogging and backfiring now it has no spark. I had disconnected kill switch and unplugged all connections and cleaned them and it still wont start. I dont have a clue on what else to do. Please help!!!!
  3. I just bought a Magura hydraulic clutch for my 2014 CRF450R. Bought it thinking install would be easy, and I'm not sure that's the case now that I have the product in my hands. I have searched the forums, YouTube, etc for install help specifically for my model year (2013 and 2014 are same really), and haven't found anything specific for the 2013-2014 model install at all. Instructions from Magura are TERRIBLE, and are not specific at all to the Honda - generic instructions - so I'm debating if I want to return the product, cuz I don't want trouble or a big install job. Question: for the 2013-2014 CRF450R install ONLY of a Magura Hymec hydraulic clutch - other model years are different and thus it won't be helpful for other model years - do you have any tips or feedback? My concerns are below... 1. The 2014 model has a sleeve behind the clutch actuation arm that the Magura clutch slave cylinder fits into. Stock, the sleeve holds one end of the cable, with a nut on the other end to keep the cable end tight in the sleeve. The Magura slave cylinder, however, slides into the mounting sleeve - but does NOT have a nut: the tension from the clutch actuation arm pulling on the metal Magura slave cyl tip end is apparently supposed to keep the Magura slave cylinder tight in the mounting sleeve. Q: Will the Magura slave fit in to the mounting sleeve easily, stay tight, and is there any adjustment needed in order to keep the 4-6mm of freeplay that Magura recommends? How easy is it to get the Magura slave fitted into the sleeve and the metal tip in place? Is there enough freeplay between slave and tip end to mount in actuating arm AND the holding sleeve, so that the holding sleeve doesn't need to be unbolted? 2. The stock clutch cable and OEM setup runs out of the mounting sleeve (see pics marked "metal starts", and then runs through a metal sleeve that routes the cable through the engine compartment - keeping the cable away from the hot parts of the engine case, so as not to melt the cable insulation (I believe). That metal sleeve is about 6-8 inches in length. The Magura clutch cable, on the other hand, exits the Magura slave cylinder at an angle - yet has no such metal routing. I don't think the OEM metal routing sleeve will accept the Magura cable either, so a) the OEM metal routing sleeve would have to be removed first before installing the Magura - and then b) you have to hope that the Magura cable can be routed in such a way with zip ties holding the hydraulic line that line will not touch or be close to the hot metal engine casing as you route it through the engine. Q: how easy was it to get the OEM clutch cable and metal routing sleeve out? Easy as unscrewing the nut on the other end of the OEM cable, on the other side of the black rubber cable flange in my pics? 3. My stock clutch pull isn't bad. I just like the feel of a hydro clutch. Any feedback on how much better feeling and easier pull will be with the Magura? What's your feedback on the difference? FYI, I'm leaving my clutch plates and springs stock.
  4. webradley87

    Everyone likes pictures!

    Here is my "new to me" 2006 CRF450R. Just did new valves/and adjustment as soon as i got her along with a new plug, and all fresh fluids. She will kick over first or second time no problem when shes cool... but if i stall it out after I've been riding for a while its an absolute nightmare to get her started again. either way I love the power of this bike. shes amazing. BUT next bike will have an E-start.... Im lazy.
  5. Very disappointed!!! I just installed the major backordered Tusk rear (red) 2016 Honda CRF450R hub. Dropped the bike down off stand and went to push it up onto my trailer to go ripping and hear the dreaded click... click... snap... click.. bind... click.... pinch.... click! WTF??? Yep, as it turns out the Tusk hub I received (exact part# 1437260008 that is supposed to fit years 2013-2017) is 1/8" to 5/32" wider than the original stock hub! I uploaded a rather OCD video because I'm trying to prove without a doubt to the vendor that I'm not a moron (well, at least to prove I am right on this issue, the moron part is still debatable... but I digress). Hub is off on sprocket side misaligning the sprockets and causing the chain to bind then release. The brake side seemed ok it wasn't dragging that I could tell, but I didn't dare ride it. I was super focused on the chain/sprocket problem. So, boys, be careful, I ordered another while waiting for this to be resolved, hopefully it fits, but I have my doubts. I had NO ISSUES at all with the front hub, but the rear hub that has been backordered since April 14th that just became restocked slipped through QA by a gross 1/8" error. The video isn't perfect, has focus issues and audio cutout once, so it's not courtroom evidence worthy LOL, but I hope proves my point. I measured this thing six ways from Sunday. Next thing is to delace it and compare side by side, but heading out camping early in the morning so it'll have to wait. Anyone else experience this? I haven't seen any other mention of it, but like I said, this is brand new right off the press, paint still drying, so I may have one of the first ones. Fortunately the vendor is working with me, so I believe a resolution will come, but this ruins my July 4th riding excursions!
  6. Lucas Hansen

    08 crf450r Carb leaking

    Hello all, I’m new to this website figured I’d give it a try. I’ve had this issue before, and want to know if anyone else has experienced it. I have an 08 crf450r that runs great, the carb was recently gone through (R&R, rejet...) by a professional shop. However I found that after storing it for a couple months either when I turn the gas on or start the bike gas starts leaking from the CARB, not the overflow tube, but the CARB Itself. The first time it happened I took it back to the shop and they said all they did was just open it back up, inspect and retighten everything and it ran fine with no leaks. BTW I always drain the gas from the bowl before storing it if that means anything. Anyway this time the bike sat for about 4 months, totally fine when I put it away, and as soon as I turned the gas on it was straight dripping off the float bowl nut. Took a few more kicks than normal to start, but ran fine once it got going. I’m suspecting it could be the combo of a stuck float needle and a bad bowl gasket? But wouldn’t the bike run like crap if the float was stuck? It runs/idles/revs fine. Any opinions? Any similar experiences of putting a bike away totally fine and then pulling it out months later to find a leaky carb? I will be fixing it this spring reguardless, figured I’d just toy around with some other opinions while I wait for winter to be over. P.S. if anyone is really that interested I can email you a video of the leak. Thanks!
  7. Hello guys, I’m Marco from Italy, it’s a long time that I’m reading various posts here in the forum, they are very helpful, so I’ve decide to ask you for some suggestions. . I'm writing brcause ask for advice for the Showa 47 ex CRF450R that I took to mount them on a Beta Xtrainer (which as you it comes with poor suspensions). The Beta as long as you go slowly behaves very well, then as soon as you get up the pace becomes not very stable, so I found these Showa close to home very well placed at an honest price and I decided to buy them. What has been done up to now, as well as a complete overhaul, has been to shorten the stroke from 315 mm to 280 mm to respect the original geometry and replace the springs with 0.42 kg / mm. Now, I imagine that the hydraulics, is quite sustained so before installing them I wanted to put my hands on the shim stack but without spending a lot of money since I use the bike only on the weekend and I do not have to race, the initial idea was to copy the pyramid crf250x but I thought that maybe intervening on the shims present you can do something without upsetting the configuration too much (like removing or moving shims). This is my basic configuration, http://i63.tinypic.com/9qgw48.jpg, if you have any advice on how to move it would be welcome, even combining preload spring and oil to be inserted into the forks. What I was looking for is to get a slightly softer fork in the first part of the stroke and reading around I seem to have understood that already intervening on the bypass something is obtained. To finish weight about 72 kg without enduro garments, so around 80 kg dressed in overalls protectors and boots. Thanks a lot in advance and happy holidays to everyone.
  8. This is my first time posting here. I'm hoping for some help. I'm making the $10 PGM-FI tuner tool following another post. The only problem is I cannot find anyone that has the tuning software part number 38771-N1C-770. I tried ordering it from 3 places online and it got cancelled. They said it's discontinued. I called a few Honda dealers hoping someone would have some old stock with no luck either. Do any of you happen to have this software and not need it anymore? My bike has an annoying issues with flame out. I'm hoping to adjust the map to lean it out off idle as recommended by Dave Simon to see if that solves the problem. I've already done the decompression spring mod, put it +17oz Steahly flywheel, added the Reckluse Core EXP 3.0 and the problem is still there. It flames out about 1-4 times a ride.
  9. I just bought a 2015 CRF450R with youshimura pipe and öhlins suspention . where can i find/buy maps for this bike !? i need at least 2 mapp matcching Youshimura system. 1 for Racing Mx 2. a really good mellow mapp for Wood
  10. Hi everyone, I just bought a used 2008 CRF450R a couple of weeks ago. The bike runs great, starts on first kick every time, pulls very strong and the engine sounds like it's in great condition. One issue I noticed is that the bike 'stutters' while riding with steady 0-1/4 of throttle, i.e it's not smooth. Idle and all other throttle positions are fine, smooth while steady and very strong WOT. I assume that there are some adjustments needed on the carb, haven't touched it so far. But it would be great if someone could point me in the right direction. From the service manual I see the following recommended settings for my environment (Altitude: 700-1000m, Temperature: 18'C-28'C): PS: 1-1/2, SJ: 42, JN Clip: 2nd, JN: NJYR, MJ: 172. What would be the first thing to check? Or does someone think that it's something other than the carb? Many thanks.
  11. just found this article hope you enjoy it as well . GEICO Honda’s Eli Tomac Exclusive Interview (450 Class) Eli Tomac became the first rider to win his professional debut after earning the checkered flag at Hangtown Motocross in 2010 aboard at GEICO Honda CRF250R. The following year, Tomac signed with GEICO Honda, losing the 250SX West title by a mere six points. He came back with vengeance in 2012, earning the 250SX title. In 2013, he lost the SX title to Ken Roczen (then Red Bull KTM), but won the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship. For 2014, he moved up to the 450 class with GEICO Honda, and though injuries prevented him from racing at many SX events, he did earn his first-career 450MX win at Spring Creek. Tomac returns with GEICO Honda in 2015 to take on the 450 class aboard the CRF450R. Ultimate MotorCycling’s Andrew Oldar: What are some of the main things that you learned in your rookie season of Supercross last year? GEICO Honda’s Eli Tomac: First off, it’s a long season, so it seems like it’s easy to get impatient early on. You don’t realize it, but there are 17 rounds, so it’s a lot of time to make it through the whole season. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to do that. But you learn to be more patient as time goes on. UMC: You have traveled overseas for some Supercross races during the off-season. How have those results affected your confidence leading up to Anaheim 1? ET: I got to race in France and Italy and ended up winning both of those events. For me, any time you race against a few of the best U.S. guys and some top Europeans – and you beat them – it’s always a confidence-booster. Those were good for me, and it’s good to see our motorcycle is working well. I’ve enjoyed racing. It burns up some of the off-season time, instead of spending lap after lap on the practice track for a full month. I enjoy those races. UMC: What have you changed in your training regimen to prepare for this season in comparison to last year? ET: Honestly, I haven’t changed that much. For me, I feel stronger on the bike this year. I think that comes with age, getting stronger, getting older and maybe a little bit wiser. But I haven’t changed that much on my actual training program. It’s just building that base. UMC: You made the switch to KYB suspension. In what areas are they better than the Showa units? ET: I can’t say specific areas where it’s better. It’s just been really comfortable for me and I’ve been liking how it feels on the track. It’s definitely good. UMC: How much better is your 2015 race bike in comparison to your 2014 race bike? ET: I can’t say how good it’s been or how awesome it is yet because we haven’t gone to race it. But for how it was in Europe, I’m pretty satisfied with our base setup right now. I think we’re at a good starting point. UMC: You have been on the GEICO Honda team since you turned pro in 2010. How does it feel to have been on a team for that long and now be able to continue in your 450 career with them? ET: It’s nice to stay with a brand and a company and build that relationship with them and make it better and better throughout the years, if it is a healthy relationship. For me, it has been a good ride so far. I’ve got no complaints. UMC: You earned your first career 450 win at Spring Creek over the summer. What is it going to take to achieve the same result in Supercross? ET: There are a lot of good riders, and a lot of guys who are healthy this year, so it looks like we’re going to Anaheim with a full-packed gate of awesome riders. It’s going to take good starts because you can’t start in the back of the pack now and expect to get to the front because everyone is so fast. Good starts, good bike setup, being strong, and making through those 20 laps. UMC: Being that you only raced part of the 2014 Supercross season due to injuries, where have you set your goals for the 2015 season? ET: My goals are to win and be in the championship fight by the end of the series. I also want to stay healthy and stay consistent and hopefully be battling for a points title by the end of the series. https://ultimatemotorcycling.com/2014/12/30/geico-hondas-eli-tomac-2015-sx-exclusive-interview/
  12. Hi all, first time posting. Have read many, many posts. Im buying a used bike and have maximum $3500 to spend. What should I get? Last bike I owned was a 96 rm250. Bought bikes for my kids beginning of last season now looking for mine. I'm 40yrs old I used to race motocross (novice) but have been out of the scene for 15 years. Plan on riding with the kids and occasionally hitting a track. Torn between 2 stroke & 4 stroke & year & mfr. thanks in advance for opinions.
  13. it seems they have totally different opinion that the other shoot outs . you can read the full article here : i like the way they described each bike http://www.motorcycle.com/shoot-outs/2018-450cc-motocross-shootout
  14. what is your normal time schedule for engine/ gearbox oil change !? so here is my schedual for future : 15hours , for engine oil and oil filter change . 7.5 hours , for gearbox oil change . is this schedule good for honda engine maintenance !? or should i change the oil every 5hours !? I had down the first oil change on my 2013 CRF450F and i got shocked. the oil was in good condition, still brownish and had a good viscosity !? compare to my yamaha that even after 5hours the oil look black and no viscosity like water . as the oil looks ok i didnt change the oil filter and just put some new il and continue . the gearbox was another chapter ... unfortunately i had a gray oil and i need to change my clutch plate soon . but i keep changing the gearbox oil every 5hours, till i replace the plates .
  15. KeyKeeper

    FMF PC4 slip on question

    Simple question for anyone with previous FMF+2006R experience. I did a search and turned up squat. My 450R 06 has fmf pc4 slip on. However there is about .250" gap between the end of the slip on and the clamp sleeve thats welded to the head pipe. I just swapped the subframe as prev owner had installed an 05 and there was no place to mount the midpipe mount. Had .750" gap before, now down to .250" with the 06 subframe. Seat fits better too... Am I missing something about the exhaust mounting or are they just cut too damn short from fmf? Also had a buddy measure his head pipe (2007 450r) with dial calipers and I measured mine and came out about 1/8" more OD on mine. Its deffo not a mega bomb and looks very factory with the heat shield and all so guessing its factory. Any ideas?
  16. i have been looking all over this forum for a definitive answer to this and some have said yes it will work, and some have said no because the shock clevis lengths and mounting bolts are not the same length. Someone please give insight to this. asking because i have a 03 cr250r and found a great deal on a 05 crf450r with a 5.7 kg/mm spring in it ( i weigh 220 lbs) on ebay.
  17. Hi guys, I have a CRF450R 09 which I have owned since new which I use mostly for trail / desert riding over here. From new I fitted a Magura hydraluic clutch from which has worked fine for years. Last year I decided to freshen up the clutch and ordered some Pro X clutch plates online. First issue there - The fibres when added toegether are approx 1.2mm thinner than the OEM units - Yes the clutch slipped to such a degree I had no drive at all. I then went to the Honda shop and purchased some OEM units. The spare parts guy said the 09m had an issue with slipping clutches due ot the 4 bolt pressure plate and if I experienced any further issues recommended an extra steel plate added with the plates. The extra plate should take the clutch plates up to level with the top of the clutch basket. He also said that I would need to put another washer in to the parts group including the clutch lifter - pressure plate etc to compensate for the extra steel plate. I tried the extra steel without adding the washer and the clutch is engaged (meaning driving) and the bike stalled immediately once put into gear. The parts guy has now moved on as the dealer closed. My question is - Has anyone else tried this mod and if so where do I locate the extra washer - Under the clutch lifter ( clutch centre side) or on top of the needle roller bearing? Any help would be appreciated. Cheers Leigh
  18. So I emailed Factory Connection today to see what spring rate I need for the rear as I’m about 6’2” 220 lbs without gear. I also asked for a baseline front fork PSI to start at. This is what I received: Nicholas, The spring series we made for your bike is limited when it comes to larger/stiffer rates. The spring rate you need is 5.9/6.0 range. We don’t sell that over the counter as it requires special installation process. So we can’t sell the spring “over the counter”. It would have to be installed at our shop. Fork PSI I would recommend: Inner 160 psi Outer 11 psi Balance 160 psi Are they blowing smoke up my ass? What kind of ‘special installation’ could a spring take? I’ve changed and removed them before but not on a 16’ CRF before. Also, aren’t those psi settings for the Kawasaki KYB? I don’t think the psf2 have inner/outer/balance do they? Maybe he was having a bad day...or maybe I’m an idiot. FC’s website list there spring as ALS-0059. Can I not just order this spring and install it to set my sag correctly? Help?
  19. I have a 2005 crf450r, and I've been changing the oil the same way for years. Just went to change the oil and nothing drains. Anyone ever have this happen? Any suggestions on what to try?
  20. Hey guys! Im gonna start out with posting all the information i think is needed for you guys to help me with this problem! Stock engine 2007 crf250r. Valve clearances are good and have JUST been shimmed with a double and triple check. Jetting is 175 main, stock needle position, 45 pilot and 50 leak jet. 1000ft above sea level. Im still having a terrible time starting and it used to be a 1 kick bike. I haven't changed my kick routine at all. 3 slow kicks, 3 throttle twist and then kick. Will sometimes start if i give it some gas when kicking. And then it starts 1-4 kicks after its warm. Im lost and dont know what else to look for. Thanks!
  21. Hey my buddy has a honda crf450r and started making noises recently, or a while ago, we thought nothing of it, thought maybe the chain or something, the bikes always coming up with problems, but they got louder, and so he stopped riding it and is gonna look into it. Does anyone have any ideas what it is? To be specific, it sounds like a clanking that sounds like if your chain is loose, but in the top end like where the cams or piston is. Any idea?
  22. Hey guys! I'm 20 years old and haven't ridden a dirtbike in 2 years. I sold my last one for a four wheeler and a trailer (laugh all you want, it's for farm work and very handy) but I've been riding street bikes the whole time during that gap (boring to me lol) Anyways I now have the means to get a new (or relatively new) dirtbike, and I see the new crf450rx. I don't want the 2018 model because I want the kickstart backup and the 2018 models took that away. The downside to the RX model is price, MSRP is not much more than the R model, but here the 17 R models are $1200 cheaper than the RX. The 2016 model (new, but didn't sell) is $6300 here. Is the 17 R model worth the $8000? Is the RX worth $9200? I was looking at KTM's but when I went to the local dealer they didn't take me seriously so I just walked out. Both Honda dealers near me treated me like a friend, so I know if there's a problem I can trust them, and I don't want to deal with bad dealers. My riding is mostly trails (I ride on friends woodlands) and I plan on getting back into racing but not too often, maybe once a month, sometimes twice, and it will also be a yard vehicle (to quickly go from one side to the other to tell someone something or to go grab a tool or chase coons and coyotes away) I was looking at older bikes but now that I have the funding for a new bike with my current job I think I'd like a new bike for once, get the benefits of modern suspension and stuff. So basically I'm just wondering your guy's thoughts on 2016 vs 2017 and R vs RX. I know the 17 RX is best for my riding style (mostly trails and stuff) but is it worth the extra $2500 ish over the 16 R model? I'd do most of my own maintenance except for valves.
  23. Hi everyone , I have checked a CRF450R yesterday with near 150hours on the bike and 70hours on the piston, what disappointed me was the clutch :/ it was really stiff and hard to pull , compare to my yamaha and other bikes that i have tried . is it a normal problem for 2013 and 2014 CRF450 !? how can it be fixed ?
  24. Samuel Trepanier

    What wire to cut?

    Hi guys, I need to fit a tether kill switch on my crf450r 2009. Just wonder if anyone could shed some light on how I need to fit this as the standard kill switch on the bike has four wires (2 for the MIL light I guess). The one I have only has two, so which wires do I have to cut into in order for it to work? The 4th wire we don't see in the picture is the black one. Thanks a lot! Sam
  25. We have a 2016 CRF450R with about 11 hours out. never ridden hard always check the oil and change when needed along with the air filter. Took care of the recall that was required as well. Well when riding the bike was stalled out. Went to try and kick start the bike again. the kick start lever just back up jamming my knee into the handle bars and some how ended up cracking the case right by where the kick start goes through the case. Has any one had this happen or heard of this happening? What is the cause?