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Found 25 results

  1. Cammanvideo

    dr650 DR 650

    Just wondering if DRZ400sm Wheels would fit My DR 650? anybody tried this? Thanks
  2. Here’s some footage of me and a buddy on our DR650’s out messing around.
  3. RiderOfTheNight

    DR-400 or DR-650?

    Hello guys I'm new here. I just want to get more information before I decide what to buy. I like the drz400 but the seat height is like 930mm or 950mm ? I'm 5ft8 (33in inseam) 35.5in with boots My friend got drz400s and I tried to sit on the seat Like this one there is actually no issue but I can barely touch the ground with my full foot I stand with my toes Is there anything I can do to decrease the seatheight by 2in's or more? that would be cool Or I should get drz650 which is the seat length is 880mm ? I really didn't like the 650
  4. so I live in colorado and I ended up buying a KLX250. seems it struggles to go passed 65MPH on 5th gear (my klx has 6 gears).....so im in search of another bike!! kinda.... now..for my klx250 its awesome on trails want to keep it...but cant barely travel on highway. But what if, I add a 15T sprocket in the front? can I then cruise at 75MPH? or should I even down the sprocket to give me more torque and maybe my 6th gear can be my 75 - 80mph? since it seemed my klx was stuck at 60mph on 5th gear giving it full throttle @ 8000rpm out of the 14,000 it has or am I better off with a drz400 or even a dr650 and adding a 15T? i dont plan on doing advanced trails...just service roads and chilling out in the mountains. maybe the most technical would be something like this below...... Any recommendations?
  5. Ud_Luz


    From the album: Ud_Luz

  6. Hieu nguyen

    Would dr650 tank fit on drz?

    Hi all, i was wondering if the dr650 tank would fit on a drz without any mods? Many thanks
  7. so I am undecided between DR650 DRZ400 anyone has any experience how much I can get it below MSRP? the DR650: BASE MSRP◊ $6,699 + DESTINATION CHARGE $365.00 the DRZ400: BASE MSRP◊ $6,699 + DESTINATION CHARGE $365.00 can they remove destination charge and even go below MSRP? if so how much do you think? I was hoping to get it @ about $6100 OTD so that would be removing destination charge and getting the MSRP to about 5800. is that too little for a dirtbike? I can understand for ATVS that cost 13k 14k and shed off 1000, but unfamiliar with this low (negotiating wise)
  8. Mitchell B

    dr650 dies when given throttle

    I have a 2001 dr650 that dies whenever I give it a little gas. The bike has a procycle jet kit, along with the modified air box and a DG muffler. The bike ran fine until I drilled the slide and slightly clipped the spring (conservatively on both). After re-assembling, it will start fine and idle fine until I give it gas. I checked to make sure the small o-ring for the vacuum line was still there and it is. I've took the carb apart and put it back together a few times now looking for anything but it all seems clean and in good shape. I have also checked the small fuel filter and it is clear. Any help would be appreciated.
  9. When your DR650 starter motor starts to squark like a rooster, it's time to get some grease in there. This often happens during the warranty period because Suzuki tries to save a few cents on grease per bike. Some dealers try to say this sound is normal - it isn't! Insist they fix it under warranty, as Suzuki only fixes the known issues on the DR650 when it could actually cost them money. Watch this vid for a basic guide to fixing a noisy DR650 starter motor (1996 and on), or see the basic steps below. Please note, some guys do this differently. You can do all of this without removing the exhaust and cam chain tensioner if you don't mind squeezing your fingers into cramped spots. Remove your exhaust header pipe. Unbolt the clutch cable bracket. Unbolt the engine oil cooler line. Remove the cam chain tensioner (excellent video guide here) Disconnect the wiring to the starter motor. Pull the starter motor out. Ensure drainage hole in engine case is clear. Disassemble and grease both ends. Check your brushes and rubber seals etc for wear. Consider drilling a hole to make regreasing easier (see pic below!). Grease the rubber seals then reassemble. Check cam chain tensioner gasket is intact. Insert screwdriver into cam chain tensioner to take pressure off during reassembly. Ensure copper washers are in place when tightening oil cooler line bolts. A hole drilled and a self tapping screw inserted. Makes regreasing much easier. I know this has popped up in various threads but figured it was worth putting the basic tips into one post. Let me know if anything is missing and I'll add it in.
  10. What do you guys think of this guy's conclusions?
  11. Takotony911

    Converting DR 650 to keyless but need help

    Hi guys and gals, converting my 2007 Dr650 to keyless, but there is a anti theft resistor in the keyed ignition. Anyone know what resistor is in there?
  12. I know it just snowed 8"/20cm but this was a week earlier. Oh the great, white, north. Are ya coming up? https://youtu.be/-uB8i_UHXUc
  13. 2006 DR650 The issue began suddenly one day when I was running the bike in the garage. I started the bike with a battery tender attached, it ran for a while, then I turned it off. When I tried to restart, nothing happened. Everything seems fine, all the electrical works fine, the battery is fine (I tested it), the 30A fuse is also fine. I bypassed the starting solenoid and the bike starts right up, so I assumed the solenoid was bad and replaced it with a new one. It still won't start. I may be missing something obvious, but I'm stuck. The only thing different is that I started it with the battery tender attached, which I've never done, but I read that's ok. Why will it only start when the solenoid is bypassed?
  14. Allforhonor

    Looking at buying an old low mile DR650

    I'm looking at picking up a used DR650/KLR/690 Enduro for the lady friend and there happens to be a cheap DR650 in my area for sale right now. The potential problem? It's a model year 2000 with less than 4500 miles on it. I have a 2013 DRZ-S that has about 6000 miles on it and I feel like that's borderline neglect so a 2000 with even less has me concerned. What should I look for or be concerned about that I can check in someones driveway. Would it be worth it to trailer it somewhere and have it checked out professionally? I'm new to the area and therefore don't have a "trusted mechanic" and the nearest Suzuki dealer is ~2.25 hour drive away. Edit: I should add that I've got probably 30 hours seat time on a 2007 DR650 so I know roughly how they should feel.
  15. Hi all, new to DRs. Sold my RMZ450 and stopped racing motocross a few years ago and the motorcycle itch is killing me. I've been looking at XR650Ls and DRZ400s but haven't found one I liked. Came across this DR650: https://minneapolis.craigslist.org/ram/mcy/d/2004-suzuki-dr650/6295722542.html I spoke to the brother of the owner (who is selling the bike); he is very knowledgeable about the bike and the many mods. I researched the mods a bit an they all look like stuff I'd like to have done but would probably never get to, so they're a plus. A few questions: 1) Should I be concerned about the 24k miles? What kind of work will need to be done in the next 10-30k miles? 2) Thoughts on the price? I can't find much to compare it to. Cheaper than comparable XR650L's by about a grand....makes it very tempting. I assume as long as it's in good shape it will be worth at least $2k? Thanks for any and all comments. Love these forums!
  16. So I've been riding a crf230f road legal conversion done, but I need something a little more powerful, and able to ride longer distances on asphalt to get to a trail. I want something light weight and reliable, but also road worthy and inexpensive. Narrowed down to: Suzuki Drz400 BMW G650X challenge Dr650 (although too heavy) Xr650l (heard it lacks bottom end) Ktm, Husqvarna, ccm, husaberg etc are out of bounds (due to price or maintenance issues.) Note: buying second hand
  17. L Nelson


    Hey, long time rider, new to the forum...I came across a 1990 DR650 at a warehouse. The bike had 400 original miles on it. The owner couldn't get it to run, became frustrated with it and sold it to me. I took it home and serviced it, did the valves and built the carb and was riding it the next day. Starting this guy is a chore. I know the prime, kick and start drill but dang is this guy hard to start when its cold. Once it is warmed up it is 1 or 2 kicks. Any advice as to what I can do to help with cold starting??? The bike is bone stock. Has about 800 miles on it now. I am almost 60 and my knee will thank you!
  18. Chris Shough

    First gen Dr650s...

    Hey all, new here. I’m going to look at what I believe is a 95 dr650s. The owner said it’s a 96 but it’s a kickstart bike. I thought 96 started the e-start generation. The bike has 12k on the clock and has a fer aftermarket goodies. He’s the second owner and the first was his buddy. All the maintenance was done at a local Moto shop. I’ll be getting as a trade and Im just wondering what I should be on the lookout for when I go check out the bike, common issues that should be addressed, etc... Thanks Chris
  19. I'm currently considering a 2000 DRZ 400 with 31,000 miles on it. The owner wants $2500 for it but I think I could get it down to $2000 since it's so old. It seems like the owner knew what he was doing and took care of it well since he knew to install a manual cam chain tensioner, a radiator guard, 3x3 mod, etc. I know the DRZ has a solid motor so I feel like if the bike itself has been well taken care of, it should at least have another 20K miles in it, right? Am I wasting my time with this bike or do you think it will last me if I take good care of it? What would you offer for this bike? Here's the post: https://dallas.craigslist.org/dal/mcy/5989999685.html
  20. yxrbqdk1


    I recently purchased an 04’ Suzuki DR650 that already has the normal mod for the rear fender & smaller streamline trail/brake light. Like from another Suzuki model. The brake light work properly but the tail/running light doesn’t. I started w/the easiest fix and changed the dual filament bulb, even though it looked fine, to know avail. Next I checked for voltage at the closet connection point to the bulb, which is under the LH side panel. No voltage there so since the wiring harness is mostly sealed throughout & after looking at a wiring diagram, I’m still not having any luck so I was wondering if anyone else has experienced this issue that could offer some pointers?! I also sprayed some electronics cleaner in the ignition to no avail. Thank you
  21. TY REX

    Who knows what this is?

    Just did a cam rebuild strictly by the service manual and now there is an intermittent ticking coming from the cam cover area. Does anyone know what this is?
  22. Hello all! My name is Miles and I need some help gauging what to expect for condition/"reliability" you could say, of my DRZ400E for cross country travel! I am looking into traveling the Trans America Trail. I'm from Rhode Island and found an alternate rout where I can start on the West border of Connecticut. Ending in Colorado, to Nevada, then California; and cruising something along the lines of RT66 back. [just for reference, don't mean to ramble] The Machine: 2003 DRZ400-E ~6k miles total - 5k lightly ridden, never seen dirt - 0.8k %100 hard off road [past year] Frequent Oil changes, Air Filter changes {I ride with the guy I purchased it from nearly daily. He was good about maintenance on the regular, but also pushe the bike in the woods just as much!} Front and Rear Suspension rebuilt, carburetor rebuilt all last year Stock everything except FMF power bomb header and exhaust muffler, and Vapor Trail Tech, lights + fork socks Expected Maintenance: Top End Rebuild, Timing, Valves adjusted [Have not done compression test, but i would expect new top to be necessary] obvious things such as Brake Pads, Fluids, Chain/Sprockets, Tries, Heavy Tubes From this information, And Any You Can Think Of To Ask, does this DRZ have potential for the Trans America Trail; a ~6'000 dirt, then ~4,000 road return trip?! Or would I be better off selling it for a newer model? Thanks! -Miles
  23. Here’s a video of me running the trans Missouri Trail last season. I’m ended up skipping several portions of it because I’m GPS illiterate, but still had a great time. My buddy only ran with me for one day due to a rear tire not being repairable. I’d like to run the entire route again sometime. This is my first real video I ever edited so please keep that in mind. It’s a little long, but if you’re bored feel free to check it out.
  24. bryanseeee

    DR650 No Start - Stumped...

    I’ve got a 2000 DR650 with 23k miles that I’ve owned for the last 4 years. I consider myself pretty capable mechanically (rebuilt/restored other bikes as well), but this problem has me stumped. Here’s what happened: The bike was running normally, then sat for two months while I traveled (a friend was supposed to ride it, but oh well). I got back, put on some new brake pads and took it for a spin to bed-in the brakes. The bike was running well, I was having fun, and I sped up to 90mph on my way back home (it’s got a modified airbox, rejetted BST40 carb and GXSR exhaust…normally does 90 easy). All of a sudden the motor starts cutting out, I back off the gas and pull in the clutch, and the motor dies. Tried to start it again on the side of the road, no luck. When I try to start the bike, the starter motor cranks, the piston cycles, I have spark, but it will only fire for a millisecond and then die (maybe on just one stroke) after cranking for 4-5 seconds. Here’s what I’ve done so far: - Did a leakdown test, looked great at 95% - Changed oil, no metal shards found on magnetic drain plug or in pan - Cleaned carb - Drained old gas from tank, replaced with fresh gas and added fuel stabilizer - Adjusted valves (they were a tiny bit loose) - Replaced spark plugs (checked them on the bike, getting consistent bright blue sparks) - Tested resistance of pulsar coil, power coil, and ignition coil (both primary and secondary) - all within spec - Battery tested and in good shape After all this, I still have the same result when starting the bike. I haven’t tested the CDI box yet, but I think that’s the next thing on my list before tearing into the motor. Any ideas of where else to go from here? This really has me banging my head against the wall...
  25. Rhinothumper

    DR650 Exhaust

    Hi guys. I recently found a 40F0 muffler for my DR650 and I'm buying a pro-cycle mid pipe kit for it. My question is, will there be much benefit to using an FMF power bomb header or will stock do just as well? Also, if anyone has a line on a mounting offset bracket for the 40F0 I would be interested. I know the pro-cycle kit has a strap, but i like the idea of using the existing mounting bracket. I have no welding skills to be able to reposition the bracket on the 40F0.